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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Winning the International Silver Sticks hockey tournament in 1983.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie, Chris Speilman, John Frank, Mike Doss, Tim Fox, Nick Swisher
  • NFL TEAM: San Francisco 49ers
  • NHL TEAM: New Jersey Devils
  • NBA TEAM: Who gives a rip about the NBA?!?!?!?!?!
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees

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Comment 14 Feb 2012

If they knock down St. John's Arena, the Skull Session will never be the same.  Is there any way to start a petition to save the place for this reason alone???

Comment 05 Oct 2011
By the way...feel free to publish my email address guys. I have already bought enough male enhancement supplies that I need a wheelbarrow to carry my junk around and I am the holder of 74 online degrees in horticulture. Bwahahahahaha!!!!!
Comment 05 Oct 2011
Even though we will be big underdogs, I still think we have the talent on defense to keep it close. Time to shock the world! So glad you are on our side, Sarah! Love your writing and keep the footnotes coming!
Comment 01 Sep 2011

I don't totally understand everyone's reasoning that Appy State beating scUM was bad for the B1G.  I get it that they are/were a D-II school, but they had just won the D-II National Championship the previous year and they had a heck of a quarterback and a pretty good defense.  Appy State beating Michig@n is nowhere near as embarrassing as Toledo beating them.  When Toledo beat them, I was MUCH more shocked.

Reminds me of a joke from that season...

Didja hear that Michigan is cancelling their trip to Columbus to play the Buckeyes this year?

They just can't seem to get past Toledo.

Comment 01 Sep 2011
I am in Findlay. Definitely Buckeye country, but too damn many Wolverrat fans in the area.
Comment 29 Aug 2011

Just when I think that this site can get no better, you go and totally blow me away. 

Ramzy, you have just made 9/11 an even more personal experience for a lot of us here and I thank you for doing that.

No words can express my profound sadness at the pain that Kris' family felt that terrible, terrible day.


Commence slow clap.

Comment 25 Aug 2011

Well done, Jeremy.

Also, I would be remiss without reminding everyone that we are David Boston days away from football!!!

Comment 23 Aug 2011

If Sarah has a husband or boyfriend, then she has balls.


She keeps them in a mason jar above the fridge, just like my wife does.

Comment 14 Aug 2011

So now the big question is...........

How do I get my free swag?????

Comment 14 Aug 2011

HELLS YEAH!!!!  T-shirt winner, bitches!!!!


I feel so like me!!!  You really like me!!!

Sorry, my inner Sally Field just had to get out!

Comment 09 Aug 2011

Fickell needs to don a kilt and hold all of his pressers while waving a chair, a la Rowdy Roddy Piper.  Call it "Fickell's Pit"



Comment 05 Aug 2011

I made no categories...I think I should win free swag for just being an uninteresting commenter.

Comment 30 Jul 2011

I went to the prom.  Of course, my mom drove me and my date wound up going to the after party with my biggest enemy...but, still I had a good time sitting alone at the table.


Bitter????  Never.