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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field at Ohio Stadium after Ohio State beat Wisconsin and to cap off the Perfect Season.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: James Laurinaitis
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: David Lighty/Evan Turner
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Comment 01 May 2015

I saw that too.  I hope it is a joke or something.  Especially when neither of the other two QBs have fully recovered from their injuries yet

Comment 30 Jul 2013

Are you all even sure that that is Hyde there?  I mean, I know he is 6'0'' 240 lbs, but the guy doesn't really look like him to me.  One of the guys along the wall looks more like him to me.  Even if that was him that was on the stage, it is REALLY hard for me to tell if he even touched her but I can tell that she hit him.  This is so inconclusive that he shouldn't get more than the same as Roby, if anything at all.  Just my non-professional opinion.

Comment 24 Jan 2013

The only ones that I actually like in the set is the Texas unis.  I don't know why but I like the way their logo fits on the jersey and almost points to the number on the front.  I would prefer us to do a red camo jersey like the one we were supposed to wear on the carrier game.  Maybe even just replace the white in the camo with red and make everything that is red in the picture white

Comment 22 Jan 2013

I could understand increasing the price of tickets for the UM game, but every game?  Look at this year's schedule: we get Buffalo, San Diego State, Florida A&M, Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State, and then Indiana to close out the season.  I am personally not willing to pay $125-$150 to see Wisconsin unless it is a game like the 2011 game.  I am a student for another year, but this is giving me another reason to forego buying the season ticket and take the trip to AACC.  Even paying $79/ticket for Indiana or Iowa is overboard.  I would love to take in all the games I can during my senior year, but with these increases I won't be able to take in a game any time after that.

Comment 04 Jan 2013

Clemson just got another good DE.  As a position, I think DE's tend to be overrated, mainly because their skills don't seem to translate perfectly.  Especially when they don't play in a big time HS division.

Aside from that, Marshall and Conley seem to be doing great and showing off their skills.  That huge pass that Marshall reeled in was AWESOME!