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Comment 01 Feb 2013
Am i correct that larry grants team was on the losing side in all 4 college championship games?if so,i would say he is due(or cursed)but i'll go with a bengals fan,i never thought i would say this but.....go niners!
Comment 31 Jan 2013
Monteroso is from my old high school and i think he is going to do good things at Purdue.really good athlete.his teammate Ferns(*ichigan verbal) gets most of the press but doesnt impress me that much.its nice to see some st.clairsville kids doing good things though.a lot of talent for such a small school...go devils and go bucks!!!!
Comment 22 Nov 2012
I agree and also love that Sabino stayed with it,practiced,got better and became a valued player and teammate....Go Bucks!!!!!