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Comment 09 Apr 2014

Love it as a play to run once in the game(s) directly before scUM/SpartyPSU to give them something to think about and hopefully take valuable time out of practice to prepare for....nothing more.

Comment 06 Jul 2012

I would choose Ohio State no question. The mix of academics, athletics, big city with so much to offer but still a college town feel is really unrivaled. I've visited many schools before I made my choice and after I left Columbus, and I have never once thought "man, I should have gone here over OSU". 

Comment 17 Mar 2012

We need Deshaun to show up today, not eshaun, because that Harris kid can score. The Zags point guards haven't seen anyone like Craft though, so that will help on D. We need good Sully show up and Willie Bu to hit a few shots, and we should be fine.