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Comment 25 Jul 2013

You are correct on that front sir!  The instant access to information makes the world like a classroom full of 14 year olds spreading rumors, doesn't matter if it is even correct information in most cases.  While the rest of the normal world is held accountable to own our bad decisions, the media is in a place today where they can ruin anybody's life/reputation with poor judgment in reporting, usually stemming from an attempt to be the first on the next "big" story.  That's why I love this sight, while the rest of the world spreads rumors, these guys wait for facts and let us average die hard fans spread the rumors amongst ourselves, which is where it belongs!  Good insight crimson, much appreciated!

Comment 25 Jul 2013

I don't want to be labeled an apologist for this thought, but.........I couldn't tell you how many successful people (accountants, doctors, etc) I know that were arrested for one minor reason or another while in college (underage drinking, acting like idiots in bars or house parties getting out of hand),  I know these individuals were not superstar athletes, and understand that a responsibility comes with being in the public eye and representing a team/university that is providing the education and exposure a Roby is receiving.  Whatever he receives from the legal stand point will be handled, he will be punished by the team, and if he learns from the mistakes and thus learns to keep himself out of these types of situations in the future, I would lean towards saying chalk it up as a young immature man learning to become an adult that is responsible for his actions.  It is likely that these guys have been in these situations many times and made the right choices, but it takes only one lapse of judgment to ruin a lifetime of good deeds.  I hate what it gives the media an opportunity to do to my beloved buckeyes, and even more so hate the possibility of losing our best DB.  However, this is part of young men growing and I often grow tired of people judging college kids character based of one mistake that in the scheme of life is a blip on the radar.  Most of us and the media included have a skeleton or two in our closets.  Hope it doesn't seriously hurt this young mans future AS LONG AS HE LEARNS AND OWNS UP AND TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS ACTIONS.....sorry for being so long winded! I'm long time silent stalker on the site and just decided to begin adding my two cents! Also, thanks for the legal insight and update!