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Comment 01 May 2014

I believe you are missing the point of the investigation and of the DOE actions. The purpose is not to kick certain individuals off campus or to punish schools.  The purpose of the investigation is to motivate schools into setting up systems to appropriately handle sexual assault reports on campus in order to protect every student.  The Gibbons and Winston cases are both perfect examples of what the DOE is trying to prevent.  In both cases the university botched the investigation.  (to understand what I mean read this or this) And in the Winston case the police botched their investigation too.  That is the issue, the fact that school are not handling/investigating these reports correctly and by doing so they lack the ability to properly punish or exonerate the accused based on the facts collected (because no facts are collected in many cases)  

Many schools lack the resources, competence or desire/will to adequately handle these cases. Most administrators at universities are educators and academics that studied once subject and do not have training to handle these very serious and difficult situations.  What the DOE is trying to do is force schools to put the proper resources in place to handle and properly investigate these cases and to create a safe environment for all students.  

Comment 18 Jul 2013

Working in education I can tell you that this is on the minds of many people in higher education.  I work at a large, incorrectly directionally named state school in Florida and I can attest that this is something that scares schools like mine. While this article is a bit of an overreaction there will be some casualties and some schools will suffer.   Schools that will suffer are those without stellar academic reputations and those without a strong alumni base that are motivated by athletic program that they take pride in. 

Comment 10 Jun 2013

The home and home with FSU would be fun.  I went to the FSU vs Oklahoma game in Tallahassee 2 years ago (my friend works for FSU now) and it was a blast.  The atmosphere was electric.  Tallahassee is a fun lil college town and there are some pretty nice bars there.  Also there will be plenty of girls in short cut off jean shorts, cowboy boots and cut off t shirts.

Comment 07 May 2013

Is it just coincidence that Sarah leaves right before the new season of Arrested Development becomes available on Netflix? 

Comment 07 Mar 2013

I know the the University of South Florida sometimes wears green jerseys and green pants.  But, USF - like most D1 teams - has a bunch of jersey/pants color combos.  They have both jerseys and pants in each green/white/black.   I went to the FSU at USF game (I work at USF) and USF wore the green jerseys and green pants.

Comment 19 Feb 2013

The ACC was doomed the second they signed their contract with ESPN.  That contract pays the schools less then the B1G, SEC, PAC and Big 12 and it gave ESPN the conferences 3rd tier rights.  FSU realized that the ACC left a ton of money and the table and that is why they flirted with the Big 12 and it is also why FSU and MD voted against the 50MM opt out fee.  They both realized that the ACC left money on the table and they wanted to have an option to bolt for greener pastures if the opportunity presented itself.  I think when MD jumped it opened some eyes in the ACC.

Comment 18 Jan 2013

I also love watching him play.  He reminds me a lil bit of Lighty.  If he continues I could see him kind of filling the do a lil bit of everything / glue guy role Lighty had.  He is not as skilled or polished as Lighty was at this stage but he is more athletic. 

Comment 17 Jan 2013

Agreed.  Why didn't ND respond to Deadspin right away if they have known about this for 3 weeks?  They could have gotten out in front of this when Deadspin called by making a statement right then.  Instead they ignored Deadspin and by doing so ND let Deadspin shape the narrative. So either ND has a PR dept that is completely incompetent or they are full of crap. There are so many things about this that don't make sense. 


Comment 16 Jan 2013

Wow, that right there really puts it in perspective

Comment 11 Jan 2013

I agree that Halsam/Banner did themselves no favors with all of their big talk when they took over and now they have to kind of eat those words.  Because Chud is not the high profile guy with a championship resume that they all but promised.  That being said I am still pretty optimistic about this hire. 

The thing that stands out to me is that while Chuds offenses are not the machine that Chip Kelly has at Oregon, he has adapted to the talent he has in place.  The Browns had a successful offense in 2007 with Derek Anderson as their QB, fast forward to the past 2011/2012 in Carolina - Chud has made Cam Newton into a solid NFL starting QB.  He shows that he can adjust his schemes and play calling to fit the strengths of the players he has.  Shurmur was never able to adjust.  He just kept running the same West Coast Offense over and over again.  No imagination, no adjustments and he would completely ignore the running game.  So while this hire is not the splashy one the Haslam promised it is a lot better then 2 years ago when Holgrem hired his old buddies nephew.