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Comment 20 Jan 2017
  1. Archie
  2. Eddie
  3. Zeke
  4. Keith Byers
  5. Robert Smith
  6. Beanie Wells
  7. Carlos Hyde
  8. MoC
  9. Raymont
  10. Pittman/Montgomery/Wiley

I am sure I have forgotten someone.  I started at Archie, which was the era when I was born.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

He also didn't have his own staff in 2011.  Its wholly unfair for anyone to base their opinion on his coaching acumen based on that season.  He didn't even get a full year. 

Here is another great video:

There are several others on Youtube that can be easily found. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

A ton of hype...and actually was better against the run than as a pass rusher (which was the reason for his hype). 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

I will actually be seeing Vanilla Ice in Ohio very soon...I couldn't pass on this sh!tshow.



Comment 12 Jan 2017

Preach on!

Lets not forget that JT has his best passing game of 2015 the week prior to his DUI.  All momentum/rhythm he had gained to that point seemed to be lost when he had to sit out a game.  He didn't look comfortable in the 2 weeks following the return until the Michigan game, which was definitely not won by his arm.  Neither was the ND game.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

2014 - JT was surrounded by 3-4 NFL WRs, a top NFL RB, 2 NFL TES, and protected by an NFL offensive line.  Those facts can mask a lot of issues, such as an inability to throw open his receivers.  Cardale stepped in on week's notice and the offense goes to even greater lengths.   

JT might have a good 2017, because anything is possible, but I believe a lot of his 2014 success was a result of the talent around him.  There was nowhere near that talent on the field this year (especially in the WR room) and JT isn't a good enough passer to make average WRs look good to great.  Hopefully the young WRs are able to open up the offense again and the coaching changes, as unfortunate as I think they are, will fix the issues. 

I wish Ed and Tim well.  I don't think either guy is an idiot and both served the university to the best of their abilities. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Great list, although I would take Jake Ballard at tight end.  Was under used in college but was the prototype TE that was on his way to NFL stardom when injuries derailed his career. 

Holmes left after 2005, Ginn after 2006, so I am not sure they fit in the parameters (Holmes definitely not).  Devier Posey was a stud that just couldn't get it all together.  I think Devin Smith, Michael Thomas, and Posey would be my 3 WR with Jalin as my H-Back/KR (if we lost Ginn to the 10 year rule).

If we are allowed to put a FB into the lineup, may I suggest a position change for one Beanie Wells.  Imagine him and Zeke in the backfield at once.

On the other side, no way can you leave off Malcolm Jenkins, whether you put him at safety or CB.  Curt Coleman is definitely on my bench too. 

Special Teams:  Nate Ebner. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

It didn't work out at OC, but I am not sure that is all of his doing.  I cannot blame EW for the lack of development in the QB and WR room, as well as an underperforming offensive line.  He has shown to be a very good coach in the past and I will not celebrate him leaving, because without him, there is no 2014 championship. 

I also find it funny that in this coaching regime Urban gets a consistent pass on the offensive issues and its always his assistants' faults.  Wasn't Urban involved in the gameplanning for that Clemson game?