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Comment 27 Apr 2015

He didn't run well against indiana which lowered that QBR.  But he only passed for 300 yards on 25 of 35 with 4 tds for a passing rating of 170.2.  What an awful performance.

And lets ignore the Michigan State, Minnesota, and tsun games to fit your skewed narrative.  But if you say he got worse, it must be true.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

What?  After gutting out the Penn state game, he went on a tear.


I think your memory has failed you.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

I think the NHL refs are the worst in all of sports.  No consistency, swallow their whistles in the third period of playoff games, lack of enforcement of existing rules (interference is back at an all time high).  They are a joke. They are backed by the dinosaurs who would rather see 2-1 games with a bunch of muckers out there than watching skill dominate.  Its a shame that not one player could reach even 90 points this season.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Add to that Narduzzi has put together a staff that is very tied to Ohio and its hard not to like him.  I know the Pitt fans already love him...instead of cancelling their spring game like Chyrst, he brought Larry Fitzgerald and Aaron Donald in to be the 'coaches'.  He is trying to do what Tress did at OSU - bring back the NFL guys and reconnect the football alumni with the team.

His staff includes former OSU coaches John Peterson and Tim Salem, and former buckeye players Rob Harley (Chic's nephew) and Dave Andrews.

Think he wants to recruit in Ohio?   

Comment 23 Apr 2015

I love Pat Narduzzi (youngstown guy as well) and Darrell Hazell, even if he is overmatched/underperforming at Purdue.  He looked to be a star on the rise at Kent State.  Then again, I am not sure anyone can win at purdue at this point.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

He also owns a ton of commercial real estate in Detroit, recently purchasing another sky scraper.  He has a high tech security room that his own private security firm monitors his buildings (really cool to read about).  If Detroit ever recovers, it will be largely because of GIlbert.  He has put over $1B into downtown Detroit.



Comment 20 Apr 2015

Thats part of it, but there are a lot of factors at play.  One of which is the change in abilities between JT and Cardale with the read option.  Second, they were breaking in a new oline without an established back early in the year - Zeke didn't lead the team in carries until the 4th week, and then 2 subsequent games he had less than 12 carries.  As Ross pointed out during the season, Zeke also was running with a forward lean to generate power that somewhat stripped him of his big play ability (how many times did he look to be one step from breaking it but fall forward).  I think the turning point was definitely the MSU game, when he started running more upright and broke off some runs.

Look at what he did starting with Sparty:

11/8 @Michigan State  23 car 154 yds 6.7 avg  2 td 
11/15 @Minnesota  18 car  91 yds 5.1 avg  0 td

11/22 Indiana 13 car 107 yds 8.2 avg 1 td
11/29 Michigan 17 car 121 yds 7.1 avg 2td

At the same time, Barrett was carrying the ball 14, 17, 20 and 15 times. 

Minnesota was the outlier over the last 7 games where he didn't lead the team in rushing (JT had a fantastic day with 17 carries for 189 yards and 200 passing; 4 total tds).

I think with more carries, he would have had world-beater numbers in those games.  That being said, the workload that JT took on definitely kept Zeke in better shape for the run at the end of the season.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

I believe he was hired to be the Mark May for Fox, but his trolldom started long before it.  He is an alleged attorney who is an SEC schill who writes for a crappy website and tries to troll Ohio State.  And he couldn't be more arrogant.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

Personally, I liked when Tressel split captains and let them conduct a draft by position.  It oftentimes provided some insight as to who the older players thought were better.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

The fact that he said Alabama would beat OSU AFTER OSU won the national title says it all.  I ignore him as he has nothing worthwhile to say.

Comment 16 Apr 2015

You and I are always on the same page, Ramzy.  There indeed is a lot more to this that will never be publicly known.

I still firmly believe he addressed the issue with the players and they bold face lied to him.  Instead of hanging them out to dry, he protected them (as well as others in the AD).

Comment 16 Apr 2015

One big mistake that JT made is that he allowed Pryor to live under different rules than the rest of the team...he somewhat 'sold his soul' to have TP.  Had they not lost the 2 BCS championship games, I doubt he allows that to happen, but he was so driven to get back to winning a title.  And after the fact, when all is said and done, he never turns his back on his former players, even the ones who scortched the earth to get early entry into the NFL (Pryor).  Although I doubt he would take a call from Rob Rose or Ray Small at this point.

Alas, the good far outweighs the bad that Tressel ever did.  People forget the dumpster fire that he inherited from Cooper - a group of undisciplined, rogue and immature athletes.  Its a shame some 'fans' allow a mistake to define his career.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

You won't find many people that don't come away impressed after meeting the man.  Thanks for sharing your experience.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Ramzy, I cannot believe you neglected to mention how Tressel rigged a raffle.  That's obviously where the real outrage over Jim Tressel should be directed. 

Comment 10 Apr 2015

My sole point was that there are better ways of roster management than the theory being put forth that the medical hardship waiver was in any way not genuine.  Everyone is getting upset over a hearsay statement by Dean's high school coach alleging Dr. James Andrews 'cleared him', which is very much up for debate.

And not advocating for a medical redshirt is not 'kicking a senior off of the team'.  Hale played for 4 years.  They could have parted ways and not fought for a 5th year if they really had a numbers issue.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

I don't think twitter has anything to do with it.  Maybe its just the fact that he is very solid/productive but doesn't have many 'splash plays' in his highlight reel, whereas Bosa, Bell, and Lee have made numerous huge plays .  Watch the 2 last games and you see the aforementioned three making huge game changing plays while Perry is more of a player who was making tackles 4-6 yards downfield.  And don't take this as hating on him...he is a solid LB but the others get the attention due to the highlight making plays.