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Comment 3 hours ago

I don't think anyone is saying OSU is academically superior to _ichigan (not yet at least), only the joke is that the _ichigan football players aren't on the same level as the Buckeyes academically.  Fans are only following suit from what Urban and crew have promoted before.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Ross was on twitter making comments on the plays, stating that they were definitely designed to beat the coverage OSU was running and I imagine he will definitely address it this week in his breakdown.

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I really think he has found his destination at YSU.  Since the last president bolted after 8 months, he built a clause in his contract that he would forfeit his pay if he leaves before three years.  While its a pittance compared to what he made at OSU, I don't think he would leave the school in the dark.  

Comment 23 Sep 2014

Found out why:  he is a veteran.    

Practice squads are considered to be for developmental purposes. Therefore, veterans are not eligible to be signed to the practice squad. Here is a closer look at the eligibility requirements.

A player is eligible if he does not have an accrued season of NFL experience. Players gain an accrued season by being on the active roster for at least six games.
If a player has one accrued season, they can still be practice squad eligible if they were on the 45-man active gameday roster for less than nine regular season games.

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I honestly haven't found the rule, but it might be that he signed a 4 year contract after being drafted in the supplemental draft.  Practice squads are 10 deep now across the league and are not locked, so there is no real explanation why he wouldn't be on a practice squad but for being ineligible for them. I will try to find the answer.

Comment 23 Sep 2014

On pryor, I read he is not eligible to be on practice squads, hence he isn't in the league right now.  Even if he was willing to do a position switch, no one is going to use a roster spot on a pure project.  He may have to follow Troy up north in order to have a full career. 

Comment 23 Sep 2014

Us folks up here in youngstown just hope he is content being a president instead of a senator.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Well, when I was at the Vtech game, I had hokie fans asking who 47 was, because they saw the jersey everywhere.  I think Hawk is definitely in the top 5 and would say he would be above Troy and MoC just based on their immature decisions while in college (not saying they haven't redeemed themselves).

I haven't seen Santonio Holmes name anywhere...without him or Gonzo, I am not sure Ginn gets the touches at WR.  Ginn much more explosive athlete, but Holmes was the man at WR on those teams.  Then again, he was another one with questionable decisions off of the field.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Agree, and Eddie George has aa short blog post regarding actions of JW:


Comment 12 Sep 2014

Add to it that the initial visit to the St. Louis Children's hospital was during Eze's spring break.  The dad was tweeting with Eze's mother and told her he was going to be there with his twins.  Since he was home on spring break, she sent Eze down to visit them.

How many other 18-19 year olds visit children's hospitals on spring break?  Gotta pull for him to succeed.

Glad to see Urban also host the family.  I believe they live in NY but dad is an OSU graduate.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Do we really think our LB play would be worse with Grant, Raekwon and Perry on the field at the same time??

I do.  It would mean taking the best linebacker that has been starting off of the field in Darron Lee and moving another guy out of position.  I don't want Grant playing outside and I am not sure McMillan is an outside guy either.

I get you want McMillan on the field, I agree he should play more, but linebacker positions aren't just interchangeable in this system (nor most other defenses).

And I would defer to Larry Johnson on defensive line rotations.  He seems to have it handled.   I don't think I would consider Grant a better pass rusher than Michael Bennett, but what do I know. 

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Well, as Ramzy once put it, take Tressel out of Tresselball and 2011 is what you get.  He was the defacto QB coach and OC.   When Gene Smith wouldn't allow Luke to hire anyone except his own replacement (Vrable), the offense was doomed from the beginning.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Really?  Tressel inherited every bit of the dumpster fire that Urban had to take over, less the scholarship restrictions.  Cooper's last team was a total mess.  While the talent was there on the defensive side, Tress had one of the top defensive staffs in America to develop that talent.  Tress also had to move a sophomore safety to corner along with play an underclassman WR two ways in order to field a secondary...so I wouldn't minimalize it so easily.

And no matter the coach or schedule, you don't go 24-0 without some inherited talent, lest you forget that the best linebacker on the team in years was inherited from the prior regime.  I think the 2002 defensive staff would have made the last 3 defenses much better.  Hopefully this is the year of improvement on that side of the ball.

Both are top 5 coaches and we are lucky that we were able to bring in Urban after losing Tress.  We need to embrace it and hope Urban can replicate his magic that he  performed in Utah and Fla.