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Comment 19 Aug 2014

I said it in another thread, but JT was handpicked by Coach Herman after he was hired.  A committed unknown to Buckeye fans named Dontre Wilson was one of his other targets as well, so Coach Herman knows what he is doing.  With that said, Urban has already said the goal this year was to minimize QB runs, rely on the stable of running backs who are hungry for playing time, and utilize our skill players on the edges in the short passing game.  Certainly any QB able to receive a scholarship from tOSU can work the screen game and intermediate routes. When the time comes, then you can beat them deep when the safeties start to creep.  Like other posters, I don't think we are better off without Braxton, but I also don't think we'll see throws going 10 rows deep in the stands either.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I'm 30 years old.  Barely old enough to vividly remember the Cooper years, at least the early portion.  2004 was smack dab in the middle of my time enrolled at tOSU.  A freshman year with a national championship? Sign me up for 3 more years like this one.  I can vividly remember sitting in my friends' apartment on the night of the Northwestern game feeling like it was the lowest point of my life. Losing to Wisky and Michigan the year before was bad enough, but at least those teams were quality conference opponents.  But Northwestern?? We didn't really know what to do with ourselves.  Quickly, though, we found out what we were dealing with with J Zwick and Slydell getting the majority of the touches.  I don't know if I've had more of an emotional swing than from the end of the 3 game skid to watching Ted Ginn return that punt in The Game. Dispair to euphoria.  Definitely a bizarre season.

Comment 10 Aug 2014

I was on the course yesterday and can assure you the stache is still out in full force.

Comment 01 Aug 2014

I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that Louie has been an advocate of steroids and other performance enhancers in the past.  Even if he is not a proponent of those subtances now, he's probably not someone the university would want to associate with.  There is no doubt he was ahead of his time in the power lifting area and could possibly lend some knowledge, but likely wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't be directly involved with the program.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Is it me or is he ripping off OSU's actual graphic designer, Sammy Silverman?

Comment 24 Jun 2014

Is going to Buckeye Corner or a similar place really that much more expensive/not worth it than getting a knock off from across the Pacific?

Comment 24 Jun 2014

Someone posted this on the other LeBron thread - but the brakes should be applied a little bit here.  Disclaimer, I am not a Cleveland fan.  If both Bosh and Wade opt out as well, the chances of LBJ returning are pretty slim.  At that point, they are all going to be discussing reworks of their contracts in order to add more pieces to Miami.  If neither Bosh nor Wade restructure, then the Cavs hopes could jump up considerably.  Say what you will about Kyrie Irving - and I agree he is extremely talented - but having just him and the #1 pick arren't enough to get LeBron to return.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

I don't disagree with anything you've said.  BUT...I think there are a lot of teams that need to trip up for UCLA to get into the playoff and then win two games.  But again, we are talking Tim Brando and he is bat shit crazy.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

That might even be worse because by that logic he has UCLA winning the national title? In football?!?

Comment 20 Jun 2014

Only other B1G stadiums that I have been to are Michigan and Penn State (both in 2005).  PSU atmosphere for that game was absolutely insane and dwarfed the crowd effort at Michigan.  I'm with others that Michigan Stadium is impressive it's size, but it doesn't hold crowd noise well at all and the fans didn't appear to be into the game, which was shocking.  Based on accounts from those here and what I've seen on TV - I would have to agree with the list.  Personal experience maybe gets PSU up to 3 on my list.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

I think Gene Smith has done a pretty good job.

I lived through the "gray sleeves" era and I don't miss those uniforms at all.  It makes sense to have all the stripe patterns coordinate and I think the current standard uniform set is great.

With that said, I also really like the most recent Pro Combat uni.

I also dislike the OH-IO chant, even on game days.

I do not miss lining up  and running (predictably) Dave on 1st down. (And sometimes 2nd down) (And every so often, on 3rd down)

I'm happy that Ross and ADV went pro.  Not that I'm necessarily happy for them, but I was over having them on the team. ADV was not the second coming of Jon Diebler.

I know that 11W staff cannot police everything and that we all should ignore it, BUT... I hate how downvote trolls can really disrupt/hinder/stifle conversations on threads that otherwise could go in a good direction. Maybe we all might have been better off without Helmet Stickers.


Comment 17 Jun 2014

Without doing any research whatsoever, is it because the skillset of the players at Wisconsin is at a higher level than SDSU, Iowa State or Arkansas?  You can utilize any coverage/technique combination you want, but if your players aren't up to task, you probably are not apt to perform high nationally.