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    Rushing the field after The Game of the Century in 2006.

    OHSAA Division II State Basketball Champs - 2001
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Comment 18 hours ago

1. Just because Birm moved on to a new role that, by the staff's accounts, is better for him personally and professionally - doesn't mean that recruiting is no longer "this sites thing anymore".  How about give them maaaaaaybe a few weeks to correct course before writing it off.

2. I'm not a Cavs fan or a Cleveland fan, but when a major Ohio city wins it's first pro championship in over 50 years they should be allowed to celebrate and bask in the glory.  LeBron has been, and will continue to be a great advocate for Ohio State and having him on campus during high profile recruiting weekends is a benefit to Urban and Thad's programs.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

And is that chant said as "Bee - One - Gee" or "Bee - Eye - Gee" due to the spelling/graphical choices of the logo?

Comment 22 Jun 2016

Birm never got the unfollow button from me, so I will definitely follow his work at this new site as well.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

1 minute ago (around 1pm) - Birm officially announced that site as his new place of employment.  Doesn't show up on the first few pages of Google search for me, and first post on the site was 7 days ago.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current.

This is perfect and something I am going to steal for future encounters.  Another way I like to look at things revolves around intent.  Lot of vitriol and anger about unforms and the like.  If we really think the reason for alt uniforms is to step on, or dimish the great legacy of Ohio State football, then sure, get fired up and write/call Gene Smith about it.  But on the other side, if the intent is to mix it up, provide the players with something new that they can look forward to and then make some money while doing it?  I'm ok with that because there isn't an attempt to disparage the university or it's history.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

The sooner we accept that there will be an alternate uniform every single year, the better.  Some will like it, some will hate it, some will fall in the middle and none of it will matter to the University or Nike.  The uniform doesn't adversely affect the team's performance, so wear whatever you want.

Just carrying over my thought from the other thread here.  Gene said we will wear an alternate every year, so let's just get on board.  No one will ever win in this battle.  They try an alt with chrome helmets, wide stripes and black face masks? Too modern. All whites? We look like Penn State. All blacks? Terrible/bandwagon/Oregon. Throwbacks?  Cheesy, remind me of the Steelers/Michigan, not our helmet. 

With these alts, I see Scarlet and I see Gray.  I see a distinct connection to an Ohio State team of the past with arguably it's most famous player of all time who doned a similar uniform 100 years ago.  The school colors and a legend are both connected here.  Wear the uniforms, win the game and I'm a happy camper.

Comment 26 May 2016

I only list Mack because, by all accounts, he is a freak.  Being in the building for almost 6 months, getting winter conditioning and spring ball under his belt and losing his black stripe gives him a huge leg up on anyone enrolling in August.  I am in no way attempting to dimish Victor and his skillset, but that is a lot of ground to have to make up, especially in order to jump some guys who already have years in the program.