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Comment 22 hours ago

Spring "games" don't count because they are practice.  It's a split squad, the plays are limited, QBs can't be hit, etc.  It's been covered before, but spring game performances are not indicators of future success.  While some players stand out and then live up to the hype (a la Jerome Baker this last year), there are plenty of others who don't.  I care about what the coaches see and evaluate for the entirety of the offseason and into fall camp when they are clearly working 1s vs 1s. 

JT led us about 75-80% of the way to a pretty significant national goal in 2014 and we were back in final 4 teams in the country last season.  Of course it could be "better", and I'm willing to see how JT can perform under a new (his 3rd) offensive coordinator this year.  As Kyle mentioned in a comment on his film study piece yesterday, the backups have been under the exact same teaching/coaching as JT the last 2 years, so who's to expect that all of a sudden they would stroll in and perform to the same level or better?  I think we will always agree to disagree on a backup having predetermined snaps.  2 headed QB systems suck in my opinion, and although the backup needs to have reps and be prepared, I don't think intentionally working them in just because is beneficial.

Comment 22 hours ago

Nope, but a lot went wrong in the early going that went against the team.  JT didn't play well - that's a given.  Play calling did him no favors.  It was mentioned in film study (maybe) how often all 11 of our offensive players were visible in the frame.  We were too compact and didn't stretch the field in either direction.  We abandoned any inkling of a run game.  The offensive line was owned pretty significantly.  Jordan going down in the first half changed the course of a few drives.  Knox not getting off on the snap on the 3rd and short in Clemson territory stalled that drive.  If he is on point and holds his responsibility, we pick up a 1st down and keep the drive (and confidence) going.  2 missed FGs on short fields didn't help and the defense just got worn down by the time the 2nd half rolled around.  JT deserves criticism, but not all of the blame.

Comment 22 hours ago

Right next to career starts for every other QB on the roster combined.

Edit: Spring Game starts don't count.

Comment 23 hours ago

I love that 2nd and 3rd stringers are "clearly" better based on 28 career passes and some bowl prep. 

Can we add a JT Barrett Thread Counter to the front page somewhere? 

Comment 23 Feb 2017

Had to slip in a picture of Tank so that we could all yearn for days when we had an uber aggressive offensive star.  We don't have a guy who we can rely on to get us a bucket when it matters.  DeShaun was definitely that guy and then some.  D'Angelo had a little bit of that, but outside of him, it hasn't existed on this team for a while.  Recruiting, coaching and development all play into that. 

Comment 15 Feb 2017

“We just have to keep striving to want to win games,” said senior forward Marc Loving

I know it's just post game talk, but this quote summarizes this team to me.  You are a Division I college athlete.  You shouldn't have to keep striving to want to win games.  It should be inherent to everything you do as a competitor - which is what the problem with this team is.  They don't have anyone who truly steps up in all aspects and takes the team on their back. No killer instinct, no emotional leader, no one who strives to do their job on both ends of the floor consistently.  But this talking point has already been beaten to death this season.  Sad state of affairs that with this Big Ten, the Buckeyes aren't sniffing relevance.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Terrible and disgusting. 

With that said, I think we should all tread lightly about looping Penn State into this latest piece of news.  Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken, but the son never worked at Penn State and this abuse appears to have absolutely no affiliation with the university other than this guy is the adopted son of a convicted criminal who used to work there.  It's an even uglier turn for that family, but this new development shouldn't put the university in any negative light.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Caught this on SportsCenter last night.  Feel good that Greg has accepted everything and appears to be moving on in a positive direction.  After the story, Buccigross (I think) mentioned that Greg has been smart with his money and is financially stable as he figures out the next steps in his life.