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    Rushing the field after The Game of the Century in 2006.

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Comment 15 Apr 2016
I didn't say anything about talent either, other than loving your school won't win any games. I won't deny anyone's passion for Ohio State, but it shouldn't really be a major consideration when choosing who you recruit. If they love the Buckeyes and the coaches feel they can be a major contributor as well, then it is a win win. If someone comes along with interest who is a top 20 overall guy, you can't really say "sorry we have the 211th ranked player already comitted". Birm would be the first to tell you that nothing is consistent in recruiting other than it is inconsistent. Players change over the course of time, so I agree with others that maybe you don't take commitments from players 2 years in advance unless you know they are can't miss guys.
Comment 15 Apr 2016

Similar to what others have said - this is very simple.  If we demand the most out of this team and want to talk CFP appearances every year, we need to compete at a national level.  This means we have to accumulate the best talent, period.  Is it a bonus if some of these elite kids are from the great state of Ohio?  Absolutely.  But if there is legitimate interest in a player who the staff has evaluated and feel is a better fit for their team, and you can get that player to sign on the line, you take him regardless of his address.  You don't let absolutely elite Ohio guys like Josh Myers (No. 3 overall in 247) get away.  Harris is currently No.1 overall, Akers is No. 19 overall and Dobbins is No. 54 overall.  Sibley is No. 211 overall and the 17th RB.  If you can get 2 of top 54 overall players - not RBs but overall players in the nation - you take them.

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Again, it's not an apples to apples comparison.  Zeke ripped on his coaches directly after a game during the season.  That could be perceived by GMs and coaches as being a distraction or causing issues in the locker room.  So, of course, I would expect there to be questions about it.  Urban also came out and said he agreed with the content of his message, not necessarily when the message was delivered.  Based on his lack of falling down the draft boards, I'd say Zeke's answers to those questions were satisfactory.

Cardale sent tweets about a governing body that he has no longer has any ties to.  He isn't tweeting about the NFL before the draft and probably has learned enough from his play school tweet to avoid doing so after he is drafted - unless of course he wants his paycheck to be a little smaller.  In my mind, again, the comparisons between Cardale and Maurice or EZE are not the same.

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Is it really bad timing though?  I'm no GM, but this wouldn't even make a blip on my radar if I were considering using a draft pick on Cardale.  He didn't get a DUI, he wasn't arrested for domestic violence, he didn't swear, he didn't call anyone out by name.  He's taking on the same platform that many before him have taken.  I don't see this as any different than current coaches and even recruits speaking out on the satellite camp issue.  Both have issues with the way the NCAA conducts business.  Is someone who was considering Peoples-Jones going to pull his scholarship offer because he tweeted about camps?  I doubt it.

Comment 11 Apr 2016

By all accounts, Cardale has been impressive in all of his interactions with NFL personnel.  He didn't go to court to challenge the NCAA after essentially being booted out of school after 1 year.  Comparisons between Cardale and Maurice are not even in the same ballpark.

Edit: Maurice obviously took the NFL to court, not the NCAA.  Point remains that behaviorially, Cardale speaking out after he has completed his career does not equal all that went on with Maurice during his tenure.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

Having spent most of the 2002 season with my student tickets directly behind a column in B deck, word of eliminating some of these seats sounds excellent.  Not worried about overall capacity as they obviously will cram in as many people as humanly possible when it is necessary.  I don't quite understand all of the loge box/luxury suite business though.  What is being removed and where are new ones being constructed?  

Comment 25 Mar 2016
I'll bite. I saw it this afternoon. I didn't LOVE it but I also didn't hate it either. The main purpose is obviously to set the stage for the Justice League movies and I think it accomplished that. I'm actually all for the dark aspects of the movie and dont believe that it needs comedy, etc just because its a comic book movie. I think Affleck actually did a good job and I enjoyed his portrayal of Batman. Yes, the plot is definitely disjointed at times and they probably tried to squeeze in too much into this one movie, but I ultimately enjoyed the story arc and the potential for the future movies.
Comment 25 Mar 2016

Yeah but by all accounts Dean was a higher rated corner than Arnette via all recruiting services.  He was a long term commit that enrolled early.  We didn't gain any numbers advantage or open up additional scholarships by letting him walk.  He is obviously talented if he is ready to start at corner in the SEC.  I don't think any shady business went on here - just some hyper sensitive and potentially incorrect medical diagnosis.

Comment 24 Mar 2016

To be fair, Tate is the #1 ranked dual threat QB and #29 overall by 247.  Danny is the #12 pro style QB and #267 overall.  If Martell and OSU have a mutual interest and he wants to visit on his own dime, you don't say no.  The same holds true for the RB situation - JK is the #4 RB and 54th overall while Sibley is #17/#211.  Visits don't equal comittments and they definitely don't equal signatures.  Everyone needs to pump the brakes.

Comment 23 Mar 2016

The squishy point makes a whole lot of sense too.  Other than maybe Giddens, these guys just look soft and that appears to translate to the court. I realize it isn't football and being huge isn't a necessity, but where's the weight room?