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Comment 4 hours ago

Release from team references that it was based on preliminary findings of the external review done on the program.  The obviously did not like what they found out.

Edit: much better description below.

Comment 8 hours ago

I'm not going back through months worth of Twitter to find your link, but this is the play in question.  They used it multiple times in this game and throughout the year on short yardage to gain situations.  (Embed is being odd, play is at 5:53)

Comment 9 hours ago

Coach Meyer telling the world that they are splitting reps 50/50 tells me both are in a competition, we don't really need you to drop that knowledge on us.  JT's runs are based on making the correct reads in the read option game as well as designed runs that are called for him. Zeke is not a better runner when he has a few DTs meeting him near the mesh point, so the keep is the right call. I don't remember the outlet, but in their analysis, the short yardage keeper they ran with JT was one of, if not the most effective, short yardage play anyone in the country ran all season.  

If you have issue with that, you can write the offensive coaching staff a letter.

Comment 9 hours ago

Where is the "ton of disrespect"?  I think people are making their own arguments for who should be the starter based on a combination of a lot of factors.  Saying that Cardale wasn't asked to make all the reads isn't disrespectful.

A lot of people get hung on this word, disrespect.  Saying "Cardale's a real piece of shit and his tweets are f'n stupid" is a disrespectful thing to say.  "I think JT runs the offense better than Cardale and here's why..", is not disrespect.

Comment 9 hours ago

So that automatically means any discussion around it needs to crumble into juvenile jabs and,what some would call, a misrepresentation of stats?

Comment 9 hours ago

I hope he picks one and sticks with him.  I don't think running a 2 QB system works in this case.  And before you get all uppity about UM having run a "2 QB system before", the situation to Florida in 2006 is apples to oranges (as much of your statistical analysis has been).  Tebow only threw 33 passes and had 89 rushing attempts in 2006 while "sharing" time with Chris Leak.  

Comment 26 Aug 2015

I did skip the Mirror Lake jump in 2003 because I had an exam early the next morning that I absolutely had to do well on.  Of course we went on to lose the game days later.  Learned my lesson.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Business Major at tOSU.  Flirting with the idea of going into accounting.  I successfully got through Accounting 211 and was taking Accounting 212 in Spring Quarter, knowing full well that this string of 2 courses were the "weed-out" classes for this partcular major. I believe I am 21 or 22 years old at this point.  It was a beautiful spring day, Oval Beach was rocking, the (now defunct) sand volleyball court on North Campus was packed - all was well.  I'm probably 3 blocks from the Fisher College, getting ready to into class.  I, of course, made the foolish choice to schedule this class on a Thursday afternoon.  I got a call from one of my buddies saying that nearly my entire group of friends were at 4 Kegs and they had a few tables outside locked up and that I should join them.  I gave the half assed line that I was going to class and I couldn't skip.  I was called a few choice names, and I reacted like Marty McFly being called "chicken".  Long story short, I ended up at 4 Kegs in my backpack and heading straight toward a D in Accounting 212.  I won't be doing anyone's taxes anytime soon.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Location bias for me would love to see a home and home with Louisville.  Lord knows they are (overly) confident down here in their football team.  They were talking this morning on sports talk about how Gus Malzahn and Sweet Bobby Petrino are the "two best offensive minds in college football".  It would be fun to put a hurting on them and it would still be considered a respected opponent.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I hate a Harbaugh coached Michigan more than an Hoke coached Michigan.  So I will pulling hard for the Utes if for no other reason than Harbaugh meltdown gifs that will come from this season.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

Also against Michigan St on the road he threw for 300 yards, rushed for 86 and was responsible for 5 TDs - so not like he racked up all those stats against garbage teams. You play the teams on your schedule - not particularly his fault that he pwned a lot of lesser competition.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

I hate wading into the stats pool and it can be misleading as evidenced by this entire thread, BUT

JT was 25-35 for 302 yards 4 TDs 2 INTs and had 78 yards rushing against Indiana

Against UM, 13-21 for 176 yards 1TD 0 INTs and had 89 yards rushing and 2 TDs without playing the 4th quarter.

There were stalled series in both games, not unlike Cardale had against Bama and Oregon.  "Struggled bad" probably isn't the correct phrase to use there.