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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being in Ohio Stadium for: Chris Gamble's pick 6 of Zach Mills and Will Allen's game clincher against scUM in 2002.

    Rushing the field after The Game of the Century in 2006.

    OHSAA Division II State Basketball Champs - 2001
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Comment 03 Feb 2016

Interesting to see if anyone changes positions on the OL.  Pridgeon seems like he is ready to roll in at OT, which makes for an interesting prospect with both Happy Jamarco and Prince seemingly penciled in at those spots recently.  If, and a big if, Jones potentially moves inside, you've got to wonder how what kind of effect that could have on Meech, or Burrell who seem primed to start at the other OG spot.  Will be very interesting, but whatever combination brings the best 5, I'm on board with.

Comment 02 Feb 2016
Sources say he is a #lock
Comment 02 Feb 2016
Birm knows all and has essentially said the ship has sailed. Mostly a #teen having fun on social media...0%
Comment 29 Jan 2016
One of those movies that I will watch to the end whenever I catch it on AMC or any other cable channel. Gets me every time.
Comment 29 Jan 2016
Blasphemy that it took this many comments to get to Shawshank...probably my favorite of all time.
Comment 29 Jan 2016

Exactly - and somehow the odds of a player coming out of nowhere with a breakout season hitting 73 HRs seems impossible.  McGuire and Sosa are littered all over the top all-time lists and clubbed a bazillion homers over the course of multiple seasons, but we all know why.  Griffey Jr, arguably the only "clean" superstar in modern times, hit nearly 60 in back to back years in 97 and 98 I believe.  History shows that if you aren't juiced, the high 50s seem to be the maximum achievement with Roger Maris being the exception.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Offhand, I can't think of too many unbreakable football records, though Georgia Tech's 222-0 win over Cumberland seems safe. I guess you never know with Baylor's out-of-conference scheduling, though.


Comment 29 Jan 2016

As long as it stays in the record book, I don't think anyone is going to sniff Barry Bonds' home run record - especially with all the additional testing they do in baseball.  I'm too lazy to look it right now, but has anyone cracked 50 HRs in the past few years?  I think Jose Bautista was close to that, but that is still over 20 HRs short of the record.  Just doesn't seem plausible in today's environment.

Edit: Ryan Howard had 58 in 2006 and Bautista had 54 in 2010.  Chris Davis had 53 in 2013.  All impressive numbers, but still a long way from 73 in a season.

Comment 26 Jan 2016

Me too.  I had a pretty disgusting response to your picture, followed by a chuckle.  It was way easier to sneak a few handles into the dorms than cases of beer...so this was often our freshman year drink of choice and it was usually shots.  Just a terrible idea all around, but I think a handle was, what, like $9?