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Comment 01 Aug 2012

With all of the LB issue, I say move Simon to LB and bring in some freshmen talent. He will most likely play LB in the next level.

Comment 04 May 2012

Ok, who let's a scumbag like this around recruits, how incredibly dumb.

If this guy is a perv, than cut off his buckeyes, and send him to prison.

Comment 04 May 2012

I am not worriedin the least, Craft will be wiser, and DT will unleash Hell on the conference 

Comment 29 Apr 2012

How odd that Micheal Brewster goes undrafted and current Pot Head and Tathead do.



Comment 23 Apr 2012

Talk about a nose for the football, he must have some sort of magnet in his brain for the football. Wow

Comment 13 Apr 2012

This will seem odd to some, but I am thinking addition, by subtraction. Next years team will be better than this years.


Go Bucks

Comment 02 Apr 2012
Another great athlete from CCHS. Love seeing kids from my almamater go to The OSU
Comment 23 Mar 2012

Notsure what I am more suprised about, that they did not press until the last 2 minutes or that there was onl three fires set on campus. 

Comment 23 Mar 2012

Last year, I thought Thomas was a selfish player, this year, I think he may be my favorite player next to the Thief AKA, Aaron Craft. Sure hoping Thomas stays another year.

Comment 05 Mar 2012

I must admit, I did not think they would win this game. Sully needs to grow a pair, Thomas growing into his shoes has me looking forward to another year of basketball.

Comment 11 Feb 2012

Kind of reminded me of the former #2 and his drama... save it for your momma


Comment 03 Feb 2012

Robbed, really robbed. He robbed himself. If where ging to be fair, the line didnt really block that well this past season, and Braxton was a true freshmen, making freshmen mistakes.


Good Riddance to the Tat Bastards


Comment 01 Feb 2012

Forget the offence, have you seen some of the films from the defense side of the ball. Holy smoke these kids are fast. Great day to be a Buckeye

Comment 30 Jan 2012

That size and speed should look great in scarlet and gray


Comment 17 Jan 2012
As exciting as this seems, I think we should remember that these are only recruits. Let's see how Meyer makes men out of them
Comment 02 Jan 2012

It was not that long ago, when we had an Oline and DLine that was tremendous, I do want to thank JT and the Tats from all they have done.

Comment 29 Nov 2011

I am looking forward to see them put a few pounds on Shazier, I think he has the potential to game changer on every play.