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Comment 16 Oct 2010

I think you just described Indiana.  I agree about Moeller, that is a huge blow to the D.  

Gotta go watch New Mexico St now, see if I can find a few O-linemen to scout and convince to sit a year...those guys are coming around.  We could use the help. 

Comment 16 Oct 2010

sorry, please assume we is (they).  I didn't realize we were literal.  

Comment 16 Oct 2010

Joe (at 10:06PM) is right on.  For the last decade we haven't taught our lineman how to block!  (pretty amazing when you think about that being a key responsibility)  We have survived on pure talent and a weak big ten.  These kids have come from all over the country as stud blue chips and don't get any better at blocking the guy in front of them.  We were exposed tonight.  Also exposed, TP's embarrassing mechanics.  If this kid was six foot and 180, he would be playing second string at Minnesota.  Thinking back to my HS days, I  remember this kid in gym class that threw a ball like TP.  I saw him a few years back at Wendy's, he was on the frosty's....pretty mean frosty actually...but no Heisman's to my knowledge.  

I don't know enough about special teams b/c I'm not a football coach and don't spend my time studying something we have dominated for the last 95 games.  That said, what is happening at practice?  I'm just confused about this phenomenon.  

groundhog day, please.