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Comment 01 Oct 2015

Agree really strongly with this, as someone who's involved in a lot of hiring (I run a good part of the operations side for my work - so pretty much from entry level folks all the way up through VP-level).  My experience is limited to legal and tech in California, so take all this with a grain of salt.

You're going to carry a larger pay expectation, and with the economic shift towards automation especially on the backend, employers are going to be looking for more skills that tend towards force multiplication rather than 1:1 (mainly tech skills/ability).  If you feel like you have those, stop reading and aggressively start looking.  Those kinds of skills coupled with your experience in one specific industry is super rare.  You'd actually be a diamond in that kind of scenario - hand your resume into recruiters and watch people begin to fight over you.

Otherwise, there are things out there, but agree with the above that it's at risk.  Now that's shitty.  It's unfair.  In some cases it may be illegal (and very hard to prove).  That's all true.  But it also is the reality.  So I'd take the guaranteed income in.  How does it work in terms of hours?  Two things here: a) what are the posted working hours?; b) what are the "real" working hours (i.e. the time you're still thinking about work or work is de facto preventing you from other activities?).  Warehouse feels like it'd generally be less than the ops role you had.  If you're getting time back, use that to put into a search in the area.  Leverage online resources and recruiters like plenty of folks above have suggested.

You can also take the severance like some folks are suggesting.  On one hand, that gives you way more time to dedicate to the search up front.  On the other hand, the problem may not be how many hours you can put into the search, but when the right opening comes up.  I'm guessing you're not very mobile from the family situation you described, so you're probably tied to the immediate area.  That cuts in favor of a patient approach, which is why I'd go with the warehouse job.  You can still draw income, spend plenty of time on a job search that will likely "cap" out the offerings in your area at any given time, and you're not under a 29 week time limit to figure out cash flow or feel pressured to take a job that's even worse.

I'm sorry this is happening to you man.  I see a lot of people above blaming singular factors, and I get how that's tempting and easy, but it's a little more complex than that.  Politicians play a role, but monetary policy set by non-partisan, appointed officials may actually impact your bottom line more.  You may blame the business practices of one company, but they may be squeezed in their industry from more cut-throat companies or companies who're simply beating them, and they're taking these measures to stay alive. Ultimately that doesn't matter.  You're here, and it's all about what you do next.

If you want help with resume review, happy to get you my personal email and I can give feedback.  I've seen a ton of these with my role: good, bad and ugly.  Hang in.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Defense played great.

Anyone who tells you that our current level of play will get us through the season undefeated and everything is peaches and cream - yeah, they're insane.  But at the same time, the sky isn't falling either.  This team stocked with talent has a quality coaching staff with at least a good probability of fixing issues on offense AND improving a pretty sturdy defense.  They may ultimately not, but the odds don't seem poor.  Don't be naive in either direction.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Absolutely, but the shit fit that people are throwing right now isn't because they're not "naive".  There's entitlement, there's a lack of understanding of how difficult consistently winning at this level can be...  there's a lot of bad stuff here.

To be clear, I'm not going after you.  Your critiques seem balanced with some basic things like actual data from the game and sanity.  I'd rather have everyone be rational, but right now I just think the irrational supporters are a lot less nauseating than the irrational haters.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

In fairness, kicking Bert's ass can't be very hard.

Pretty large target to work with.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

But remembering that requires some tough stuff...  like basic use of data and a balanced emotional state.  Both are in rather short supply at the moment.  :P

Comment 23 Oct 2014

I read a few...  beginning to think the value of a PSU degree may be inflated.  At least it reminded me of one of the better scenes in Mad Men.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

I'm not sure.  There was a pretty strong push in Europe to try and open an easier water route to Asia and India.  Other ships were going west.  I don't think it's a case of he was a necessary component of discovering the Americas.  Maybe he jumped it a year or two.

I'm down with recognizing that he was the schmuck who arrived first, but celebrating a day in his honor?  Do we really have to do that?

Comment 11 Oct 2014

I think DJ was offering up that as a joke rather than a relative comparison.

That said, rather than look at the twerking thing negatively, you could say she's going from a normal job with a subsistence salary to six figures, taking advantage of that exact kind of dude who finds twerking "cool".  I don't know, if I had a daughter and she went from in debt teaching assistant to that, I'd be ok.

Comment 02 Oct 2014

The company I work for has an office in Dublin, and I have to head out there a few times a year.  Your only hitch is there's a major rugby game starting two hours earlier.  The Irish are batshit about rugby, so you'll probably have to compete for screen time initially.

Four options I can think of:

1) Fitzsimon's (Temple Bar) - Tons of giant plasmas, plenty of  typical US beers (read: the bad stuff, not craft), rooftop bar...  it's the closest thing that vibes to a large American sportsbar.  It also turns into a drunken shitshow at night.  Best atmosphere for a game by far.

2) Porterhouse (Temple Bar location.  For the love of god, do not go to Centre) - Not a sports bar per se, but good TV coverage and they should get ABC.  Food is decent, and they actually do have, in this 11Wer's opinion, the best craft beer options in Dublin... if you're into that sort of thing.  I doubt they'll get as much rugby traffic, so you might be able to score a win there.  TV coverage is mostly by the bars (three levels), but a view shouldn't be too tough.

3) Bruxelles (Inner South, Grafton Street) - Definitely not a sports bar (more of a hipster place).  I can confirm they have ABC, though.  Probably no rugby traffic to speak of, so likely your easiest bet to get beer and a TV.  Their selection on booze is kind of weak, but a safe pick.

4) The Woolshed (Five minutes' walk north of Temple Bar) - It's an Australia/New Zealand bar, but they have a ton of TVs and show a bunch of college and NFL games regularly.  They usually pre-schedule games, and I didn't see OSU on there when I checked, and they're sticklers about the schedule.  The two times I've gone there, OSU wasn't on "the menu", and I got the game, but with serious hassle.  First time I had to haggle down the bartender for about ten minutes; second time I had to buy a round for some dudes to get them to clear a TV for me.  It's a good place, but knowing what I know now, I'd keep it as a safety.

TLDR: If you're watching the game with people, definitely Fitzsimon's (or if you're solo and feeling sociable).  Otherwise, try Porterhouse - they're three minutes apart.  If that strikes out, Bruxelles should be safe and is about ten minutes' walking south of Temple Bar.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

It's unacceptable?  What exactly is it that you feel you're owed?  I'm genuinely curious.  Did you pay for the waterfall in the locker room?  Are you Les Wexner?  If yes to either, then ok, I'm beginning to see your argument.

Otherwise, I have to admit I'm a little mystified what Urban Meyer, or anyone else on that team, specifically is obligated to provide you.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Far superior TLDR to my own.  It's not my fault, though.  Steak's way tastier than anything high fiber.