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Comment 31 Aug 2013

Jordan Hall is living up to his bidding.  The amount of optionality Herman will have on play calling with Hyde back and Hall also in the backfield is just crazy.  The good kind of crazy.

Comment 31 Aug 2013

I'm not ready to sell Decker down the river just yet.  In his first real game he gets absolutely exploited by a future (high) first round pick.

Did his start-to-finish performance today stink?  Yes.  Is it conclusive enough to say he needs to be benched and can't possibly be coached to where he needs to be?  Hardly.

i think we are forgetting just how young portions of this team are.  Not trying to defend today's performance, but I also think the predictions of doom and gloom are, well, a little nutty.  Too soon to tell, and if I am going to trust any coaching staff in the country to drive improvement...  Let's just say I feel pretty good.

Comment 30 Aug 2013

And I finally stop lurking just so I could hat tip this piece.  Moby Dick into LotR capped off by Dark Souls.  Literary gold for the nerdy football fan.

To me the most impressive part is that you finished Dark Souls.  That's the closest gaming comes to masochism, IMO.