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Comment 26 Sep 2011

Hey wait a second, if Luke does not start Bauserman against Akron, then Ramzy does not get to write his "Return of Good Throw Joe" blog.  (Sorry Ramzy, had to say it)

Comment 26 Sep 2011

I find it hard to pass any judgement on Luke Fickel "The Head Coach" until he has a handful of B1G games under his hat.  I know we all wish he had HC experience at another University (Although Brady Hoke has that, and would you want him as HC?).  The two HC's that Luke has to draw experience from are Cooper and JT.  I was in the "Shoe" for the 98 MSU game and can tell you, JT does not lose a game like that, ever.  Closest thing JT had to that was 07 Illini, but JT was playing the Illini and the refs in that one.  If Luke draws his coaching style from JT over Coop, in my opinion he will be just fine.


Comment 26 Sep 2011

If there was a timeout left, it changes the situation completly.  If we had kicked the field goal with a time out in our pocket, then I agree that is way to conservative of a decision.  In this case, without the time out, there is little upside to taking the risk of getting 6, and losing the easy 3.  In regards to Tressel, the bellyaching would have been far worse if he continually went for 6 and missed then taking the easy 3.  Our offensive lines have not warrented that kind of trust for many years.

Comment 26 Sep 2011

Your whole post was based on the fact that there was one timeout left, and there wasn't.  All 3 were used after the run to the 1 yard line.  Kicking the field goal is the right move.  If Brax tries to throw something to the back of the endzone, and time runs out without a field goal, both QB and coach are second guessed and CU dodges a bullet after a brain fart on the punt.  I love your work Ramzy and always think you have a unique view on our beloved Buckeyes, but this spews of hate for Luke, even when he made the correct call.