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Comment 31 Oct 2011

Congratulations on raising $5K for the Stefanie Spielman fund - truly impressive; you have to feel so great about that. I'm still beating myself up that I didn't make it, but have the Nebraska game circled on the 2012 calendar. Good to put faces with "names" vicariously!

Comment 10 Oct 2011

Hotel - The Lofts - boutique hotel across the street from the Hyatt Regency. 

Eats - Basi Italia, Marcella's, Hyde Park and Eleven in the Short North. Lindey's (old stand-by, still great) and Barcelona in German Village - gorgeous patios in warm weather. Katzinger's. North Market (the Pho at the Vietnamese stand is the best anywhere, and Firdous - yum). Jeni's, of course. Third and Hollywood in Grandview.

Drinks - Mouton, Bodega, Surly Girl Saloon, Matt the Miller in Grandview (decent eats at all, too).

Comment 29 Aug 2011

A work colleague walked up to speak to me the second I finished reading this. “Are you ok?!” “Ummm, yeah; I was just reading a really moving article about ... err, college football ... kind of, but not just that, and ..." He thinks I’m nuts, but c’est la vie. Absolutely brilliant, Ramzy. Thank you for sharing this story.

Comment 20 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday. I have absolutely no idea how I found the site, but I’ve been visiting almost daily since some time during the 2006 season. And, while I’ve probably commented less than 10 times, I’m always happy to be here. Your posts and the comments make me feel like we have one of the more rational, intelligent fan bases around (you also always, but always, make me laugh). So while that’s perhaps not universally true, the community you’ve built here is comprised of just such fans, and it’s a great place to be. Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you for all that you’ve contributed to Buckeye Nation. Looking forward to much more.

Comment 14 Jun 2011
I agree with Pam. As I'd prefer to *just* be angry, this irritates me, but I found it a little bit heartbreaking.
Comment 09 Feb 2011

Totally off topic, but Jared looks exactly like JJ in that picture. Had to do a double take.

Comment 22 Jan 2011

This was the first thing I saw this morning, and it put me in the best mood. Diebler's "YEAAAHHHHH!" = tears of laughter. Awesomly terrible.

Comment 06 Sep 2010

Jerseys: For strippers and children under the age of 10.