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Comment 08 Jul 2014

I wish we had choice.  My friend has WOW - his dad TWC and both seem ok with their choices, but they live in S. Cbus.  At least they have a choice.  If I had known (or bothered to find out) I may not have bought this house.  Surely the local POL's are getting kickbacks from TWC to keep us locked up.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

YES it is.  If I'm on the jury and the cop says he didn't then says it was in between the seat & back after he's been removed I want video proof they swept the car after the previous arrest.

Not saying it wasn't his, just that the law says (in criminal court) beyond a reasonable doubt.  Looks like plenty of doubt to me.  And sloppy police work.

BTW, FIFTY idiots figting and only two arrests?  Hmmmmmm

Comment 04 Jul 2014

I need to add that Trey Depriest is NOT from Cincinnati.  He turned down Tress to go to 'bama. He is from Springfield which is closer to Cbus than Cincy.  For evidence read: "Trey DePriest is an American football linebacker. He currently attends the University of Alabama in his junior year. A native of Springfield, Ohio, DePriest attended Springfield High School, where he were he played linebacker..."

Comment 03 Jul 2014

"Lack of AAU membership is another nail in the coffin."  ???  Then how is it that Nebraska, which also promised to work toward that goal, was allowed to join in the first place?  Their name still is not on the list.  Just curious - how long does this process take?  I seem to remember it was a hot topic when PSU was admitted and WVU was supposedly under consideration.  The stories went that WVU refused to join and as such were rejected by the other B10 schools, yours and mine included.

Comment 01 Jul 2014

Great article on a trend happening across all sports; professional, college, revenue generating or not.  Sorry folks but I barely see anything in the story or posts that address the real issues.  Gametime hit the nail best but still no discussion on the real reasons why.  Basically it boils down to technology, costs and accessability.

Long & short - Why drive half way across state, hassle with traffic & parking, pay outrageous ticket and food prices when I can watch the game on my 56" flat screen HD tv with all the bratts, beer & nachos I want in the comfort of my lazyboy?  But this problem exists in NFL, MLB, Nascar... not just CFB.

Comment 29 Jun 2014

Greatest QB in OSU history?  While you didn't 'get under MY skin' I have to respectfully disagree.  OK he may be the only OSU QB to win a Heisman but to put his whole career over the likes of Schlister, Germaine, Hoying, Greene, Tomczak even the oft hate Pryor is unfair to them.  Now if you want to compare to Bauserman, Boekman and Herbstreit now that's a different subject.

Bleacher report has this interesting story:

Comment 28 Jun 2014

Point taken BadOwl, but when you write for a major media outlet (USA, FOX, ESPN etc.) you're expected to write factual, well researched and well reasoned articles.    Problem is too many writers these days get to write opinion pieces as journalism when they're clearly not, and editors don't control the content.

Comment 26 Jun 2014

AC will get a chance to go to  the D-league and improve.  In a year or two with some hard work, which we know he'll do, if his shooting improves he could find his way to a roster.

As for LQ maybe he can call up his former teammate and find a spot on an Italian squad cause he ain't got what it takes to be in the NBA.  Like Thomas he needed to stay and listen to the scouts and work on his game.

Comment 22 May 2014

Trevor Thompson (6-11), Anthony Lee (6-9), Keita Bates-Diop (6-7), D'Angelo Russell (6-5), Jae'Sean Tate (6-4), David Bell (6-9), that's six incoming, all with good size but two likely to redshirt.  Leaves Williams, Slamin' Sammy, Scott & Loving as the core of a team that had trouble scoring.  Seems like a big time scorer, someone who could draw attention to the perimeter and open the middle is just what Thad needs.  To me it's a no brainer.  Counting the current returners and the four not redshirting make twelve.  I believe there's still room for another.  Get him before Bill Self does.

Comment 19 May 2014

JPFBUCK - I couln't agree more with this last comment.  "Child exploitation" is a good way to phrase it.

Now for the part all of you and especially many on the 11W staff don't want to read.. If the NCAA wants to promote itself as truly being for the 'student atlete' then maybe, just maybe, they actually act like it.  Try protecting ALL student athletes at all levels.  Maybe they put in place some legislation that says a kid has to reach a certain point in their life before they can be recruited.  Age of 16 or after the end of their sophmore season seems like a decent point.  Plenty of time to pump up a kid.   I know that means many of you think they would be doing more of that controlling thing you all hate, but isn't protecting the student athlete what their charter is supposed to be about?

Comment 16 May 2014

OR is UFM's statement "we don't redshirt" a message to new recruits that may be looking at depth charts and thinking they might not see the field their first year?  Here he's telling them you will (can) play from day one - with the right talent and hard work of course.