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Comment 29 May 2016

Williams is probably going to be one of the tougher targets for Ohio State to land. He spent much of his life living in the Athens area so the connections with the in-state Bulldogs are difficult to ignore.

But if Meyer and Coombs can pull a kid from the shadow of the big house there's no reason to believe they can't get this one done too.

Comment 28 Apr 2016
So they didn't see any real first round talent remaining, so trade down add picks and collect those 'value picks'. Still plenty of quality in round two. Go Chiefs.
Comment 28 Apr 2016

I read last night on another thread where one of the victims has filed a lawsuit against Baylor under the title IX provisions.  I'm not clear on what the basis of this is as it relates to title IX, but that's a tangent for a different day.

BTW, references are made to FSU, NC, PSU but those thugs and their enabler in Knoxville seem to be all but forgotten.  And there are a dozen more just not as infamous.

Comment 03 Apr 2016
Had to look up the Blackwell reference, didn't know about him or his misdeeds. I was being a bit tongue in cheek but knew there would be some who wouldn't get it. Still none of those in your reference are forever immortalized along with Eddie, Archie, Cassidy and company. With positions of greatness come much responsibility.
Comment 12 Mar 2016
Just blew out the speakers on my headphones. As much as I love karnevil #9 I think this is my favorite ELP piece. Thanks for the post NB91. RIP Keith.
Comment 08 Mar 2016

As long as he doesn't don a black & gold or black & silver jersey I'm ok with where ever he ends up.  Was thinking how would he fit in the JETS backfield running behind Mangold & Co.?  Would give billachick nightmares and Zeke would love the challenge of going up against the Buffalo D twice a year.