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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Wouldn't matter to Buckeye fans
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie, Orlando, Chris Speilman, Eddie George, and a thousand others
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Didn't play for OSU so doesn't matter here now does it?
  • NFL TEAM: K.C. Chiefs - nuff said
  • NHL TEAM: Bruins, Rangers
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  • MLB TEAM: Reds of course, Red Sox in the AL
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Comment 5 hours ago
I want to comment but I would violate 11W policy. Just read paragraph six in that story and you'll know where her attitude comes from. Plus, Udub coaches are state employees, making their salaries part of the state budget.
Comment 03 Oct 2015
Just wait for TCU to tell you how great they are, after all they won big. :')
Comment 03 Oct 2015
People who think they're a better coach than the one who's won three national championships. That's enough.
Comment 03 Oct 2015
He also has a lot to learn about checking down. Misses too many blitz sets. That penalty by Miller was him trying to cover a corner blitz. He couldn't,t move because there was already a man in motion.
Comment 03 Oct 2015
That whole defense was exhausted. Spent way to much time on the field today.
Comment 30 Sep 2015
Still outsourcing?? Those son of a bitches. I guess the comforting aspect is you have some time to work out some things. Like Mike insurance can be a major player in these cases. Hope it works out for you.
Comment 30 Sep 2015
Good point on the head hunter etc. Can I add Linked-In? I know some people will frown on them but I continue to get HH calls and emails six years after posting my first resume there. Lots of companies and opportunity in there.
Comment 30 Sep 2015
You're obviously young and uninformed. If the DV were still available i'd hit it hard.
Comment 30 Sep 2015

Mike,  Late getting here so maybe this is too late but I know where you are, been there done that too.  Almost as old too. One comment above suggested to take the severance and double dip.  Check that out carefully as many packages come with strings that reduce beni's if you take other employment. Most are connected thru the state unemployment bureau to monitor such 'abuses'.

You're not wrong to feel this way.  It's natural, some might say organic.  It's also good from the stand point that it wakes us up to the reality of where we are in life.  I won't B.S. you, sixty is a tough age to start again from.  It was hard enough at 54 back during the '09 housing/job market collapse.  But with good friends (11W folks included) and family and all the contacts you've made over the years I'll bet you'll find your network is stronger than you think. 

Start writing or polishing up the resume.  Don't forget the additional training you may have gotten, various duties you did over the years that give you more experience than others.  Things that let them know you can hit the ground running.  IF there's room add any civic or volunteer work etc.  Stay away from dates that might infer age and anything having to do with religion or those so called hot button issues.  I know it's obvious but you wouldn't believe the ones I've seen that have too much info on them.

Lastly, and not to begin to tell you what to do financially but if the severance includes your insurance without a COBRA then that sounds like the best deal.  A clean break from them.  A 'lesser' job would just build on that lingering anger.  Who needs it.

Not sure where you live but if I can help send me a private message.  Good luck sir.