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Comment 27 Aug 2016
Expect a lot from Mr. Webber. Also from Mr. Gibson though some seem to think he hasn't enough experience. Frankly I think he's had that aha moment (which corresponds to maturity). That will drive him, along with his athletic talent to be an important part of the zone 6 room.
Comment 13 Jul 2016

Navy I couldn't agree more.  Improve the overall product first, then add those with merit ( just not ND).

Comment 17 Jun 2016

To paraphrase a well known quote "Miss a day of Birm's Hurry Up you miss a lot".  Now we'll simply miss you. 

A couple years ago a friend told me to check out 11W.  Not normally one for blogs or the like I gave it a try.  I quickly found myself checking in daily and suddenly realized I needed my daily dose of J.B.'s inside recruiting knowledge.   Now 11W and your column are the first place I go to when online. 

Thank you sir for sharing your knowledge and your time with us.  Much luck in your future endeavors.

Comment 29 May 2016

Williams is probably going to be one of the tougher targets for Ohio State to land. He spent much of his life living in the Athens area so the connections with the in-state Bulldogs are difficult to ignore.

But if Meyer and Coombs can pull a kid from the shadow of the big house there's no reason to believe they can't get this one done too.