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Comment 19 hours ago

Good for Joey!

Now I hope he never resigns with this organization! And I hope other FA players avoid signing there too! The only way to change behavior is to have negative consequences. If future FAs don't sign, maybe the Chargers will change.... probably not.

Comment 25 Aug 2016

Hold firm Joey!

People are motivated and driven by different things. Money is often one such motivator, but it's not always the case.

By reading some of the comments from this board, I'm going to assume (never the greatest idea) that many on this site also assume that Joey should be motivated by money too. Or maybe they assume his motivation is year-one success or even career longevity.

We really don't know. It could be that Joey knows NFL players are pawns to the NFL owners. Maybe he wants to make a stand, while he has one of his only opportunities, to do what he thinks will benefit players for the next few decades. And to have his named mentioned by every sports analyst in the future when discussing player/owner negotiations.

I don't know why he is doing it, but I fully support his decision to do it. I hope it works out the way he intends.  

Comment 24 Aug 2016

I'd love to see something like this. Anything the NCAA can do to stick it to the NFL is okay by me.

Have it be some crazy arrangement, player must get drafted, must have an offer, and if sides can't agree, player is permitted to sign/play for team and not count against scholarship limit but must enroll in classes (set number), get grades (min gpa) and pay tuition. Just spit balling here, but something that would give a player some leverage against the bullysome NFL.

Its a players only time to get what the want/need. The NFL knows careers are short lived and everyone gives in. Part of the reason NFL players union can't or didn't hold firm last round of negotiations.

Comment 14 Aug 2016

Sometimes a person's movements pre-dispose them to knee injuries. The way they land, or the way they plant, If the hips are not aligned properly over the knees. So, if they tear one ACL, and it heals 100%, they still could be more likely to tear it again or tear the other one. Not from favoring it, but by simply doing the same thing and not landing or planting properly. Having torn both ACLs during my glory days, and having althletic daughters has opened my eyes to specific training for girls as they go through "womanhood" and their hips change position. 

Comment 13 Aug 2016

The UsWNT was out coached. There are matches to entertain (FA Cup, She BeLeives Cup) and matches to win (World Cup games, qualifiers, Olympics). They should have changed the attack style after the first 15-20. 

They needed a win in this one regardless of how it looks to fans. 

This should be a wake up call to over all strategy. No longer do they have a dominate player in the air. Abby is gone and Alex doesn't win many in the air. Bringing Johnson up from the back opens them to quick counters. They have the skills to dominate technically and the younger players are even more talented. Capitalize on thier strengths. 

Comment 09 Aug 2016

I always thought that when Tressel locked down the top talent in Ohio, then the bigs, TTUN, MSU, PSU, had to go elsewhere, then the others had to go elsewhere, and third tier etc. It rolls down hill. With everyone taking something less than what they wanted/normally got, the big ten suffered as a whole. 

Now that Urban brings in top talent from a national footprint, the bigger big ten teams get the better Ohio kids, etc  and the big ten rises a bit.

Of course I have absolutely no stats to back up my theory. 

Comment 01 Aug 2016

Its Sunday night, 9:47, my wife, girls (13 and 11) and I come home from a family dinner to watch arguably the best 13 minutes of replay football. ESPN(2) is playing TTUN vs. MSU from 2015.  

We watched, we cheered, we laughed a lot. I hit rewind and we laughed even more at the announcers pre-punt and the fans reactions to the ending.

What a great ending to an otherwise average weekend!!

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Ticket prices, expensive concessions, parking costs, etc, etc etc.... vs a HD DVR version watched 30-45 minutes later with limited commercials but replays, my own ulimited snacks and a few beers. 

Its hard for me to justify spending that amount of cash too frequently. 

I'll go more frequently when my kids are away at college, or married. But then wife will have blue hair, and the millennialist will complain I don't stand or cheer load enough. 

Comment 19 Jul 2016

that's right Jim, most universities have had player cover-ups for murder and violence against women....

Comment 09 Jul 2016

This is where the NCAA should take control and do what makes sense for their players. 

if the dates don't work for the NFL, who cares? Extend the dates for NCAA players to return. Or put on their own combine for players and invite NFL teams to attend. IMO the college football administrators should stop relying (or caring) what the NFL thinks or says.