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Comment 27 Mar 2016

Landon quit on the team. Go back, read the articles at the time and understand where the team was in trying to qualify. The were in a tough spot. Then he quit. The situation was dire. The team rebounded and got hot without him. The WC announcers are like the ESPN/ABC announcers doing Buckeye football games. They talk to the 90% of casual fans, and really don't know the details and nuances like the 11w family. They know the stars. They don't know Collier and Burrow squared off in the circle drill during spring practice. The easy comments are to disagree with Jurgen because of the Landon name and his success. Jurgen told Landon, if you quit now, I won't consider your past history and success in evaluating you for the WC team. It will be strictly what you bring talent wise. Then Landon shows up fat and in poor form for the final camp, he's out. Tough call, but absolutely the right call. 

Comment 26 Mar 2016

Landon quit on the team in the middle of WC qualifying. Quit. Left the team when they were in a tough spot and not sure of qualifying. Then wanted back in after the other guys qualified the team. Nope. He then showed up fat for camp leading into WC. Watch the videos of the road to Brazil, he was very much out of shape. Juegen had no choice but to leave him off the roster. Best thing for the team. 

Comment 26 Mar 2016

As Arsenal stated, the players have regressed. They are technically deficient. MLS has helped the second teir CONCACAF countries and HURT the top US players. The US players get lazy, but still have sucess in MLS. They don't train against the best, so they pick up bad habits ( I.e terrible first touches.). 

I put most on this on players. Our top players took the easier path to personal success in the MLS. And it has hurt the national team  

I love the MLS for games and player exposure, but it doesn't come close to Euro leagues. Same can be said about South American leagues. Best players leave for better competition and to get better.

Comment 15 Feb 2016

My interpretation of Fans post that it was negative in nature. 

He asked, how's the progress? Perfectly fine question. But then clarified and asked if "he hasnt lived up in the weight room or practice" I took that as a negative tone to the question. Just my opinion and interpretation of how the post was slanted. 

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Sometimes investors make decisions that don't make financial sense, but make preceived improvements to something THEY value. As an example, I don't think it made financial sense for Phil Knight to build a multi million dollar football complex then donate it to the university. Would Knight pay $500k for a player to be in Nike commercial? Maybe. Not picking on Knight, he's just the only rich dude I know that opening donates to his school. There are hundreds of others.