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Comment 25 Jul 2015

I think it's important for Braxton to have success at WR.  Not just for him or this seasons team, but for future athletes that play QB in HS out of necessity. If there is a great athlete that is "just ok" as a QB, maybe they can review this situation and make a decision earlier in their career that helps their long term plan/goals. My mind shifts to one former player and one current. (Other than Braxton)

Comment 25 Jul 2015

Can Cam redshirt if he starts all 15 games but isn't on the field enough plays? 

Comment 21 Jul 2015

There are a variety of reasons I stopped watching ESPN, but one main reason was the inaccurate "preview" on the side of the broadcast. I realize shows are taped and cut and adjusted throughout the night and into the morning, But if they change a broadcast and don't care that the upcoming segments are wrong, then I don't care enough about them to watch. 

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Long story made short (kind of), my grandma loved ND. (Cincy Catholic, etc) Loved them. So much, one time she had eye trouble in her advanced years (80+). She went through a 3-4 month period, during football season, where couldn't wear her glasses. She was almost blind with out her glasses. She watched that season's ND games from couch with binoculars... she could only see a helmet here or there. This was during the Holtz era at ND. My dad and uncles tell this story to some friends and somehow this story made it to south bend and to coach Hotlz. Coach ends up sending her a hand written note about her support of their program.   

Comment 21 Jul 2015

I carry the glock 43 with extended mag. Only holds 6, but i'm okay with that. I don't carry with one in the chamber. I know others don't like 9mm or low round count. But for me being intimately familiar with the mechanics of the gun was the highest priority item. I shoot one glock 17 in steel "events" and have another tucked away for home defense. I didn't grow up with guns and have only been shooting for 4-5 years.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

I have just ordered an end-table from Secret Compartment Furniture.
Hand made to match bedroom furniture, i.e. color stain and design, but with compartment for handgun. 
Hidden in plain site. 
Compartment requires knowledge and specific pressure points to open. You can't just pull a drawer open. 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Diplomacy. It was RISK with no dice. All back room deals via conversations and agreements on where you would move troops. Would you attack someone or support another opponent? What would the countries around you do, attack or support? Great game, lasted forever, literally forever. A sealed envelope would capture last moves so you could delay game from one day to the next. The last unfinished game's envelope is likely still at parents house in game-box. 

Comment 15 Jul 2015

I want to sit in my underwear in my living room, drink a beer and watch an UNCUT rerun of a great collage football game. I want to watch every play again, and feel the anxiety and emotion again. I don't want to skip ahead because of programming limits. Don't  waste the left over turkey dinner, just don't trim the fat and make it fit a piece of bread. (Or 2 hour time slot)

Comment 10 Jul 2015

I supported Hackett's recent decision on the staff member's DUI.
But IMO this one appears to be short sighted. While TTUN might lose a home game and millions (if the stadium were filled) in revenue, the exposure created for a big-time neutral site non-conference game would surely be more than that of the typical non-conference game in Ann Arbor. He should ask for a piece of the revenue pie too. 

Comment 07 Jul 2015

I shoot sporting clays a bit. (I don't hunt) I also belong to a club that has "5 stand". Multiple shots are taken from 5 different spots or stalls. 5 shooters rotate through each of the different spots, so after the round each shooter has taken 25 shots, each from the same spot as the others. Fun to compete with friends. Its similar to sporting clays and gives the shooter more types of shots, but without the walking through the woods. (The club doesn't have the acreage for sporting clays.)