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Comment 13 Nov 2014

Users who read a forum topic, don't like the topic or read something similar last week, but continue to read all the comments and complain about duplicate threads or relevancy.  

Comment 27 Oct 2014

Regardless of where she works, I commend her for commanding that type of salary. 

Wouldn't we all like to get paid more? Why beat her up for being able to negotiate a top dollar job? 

Comment 17 Oct 2014

I thought Sanchez's best Pro moment (side-line or the field) was the nose-pick then wipe-on Brunell.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

one of you Xs and Os guys can tear this comment up... but here goes

What if an Offensive Cooridinator (in this developmental league) worked on a new offensive style. One that used all the dual-threat, athletic college QBs all at the same time. Line up 4-5-6 players in multiple positions, all that could run, pass and catch. Imagine Denard Robinson, Terrelle Prior, Keenan Reynolds, Jeremiah Masoli and Jordan Lynch (first five that came to mind) lined up as QB, RBs and WRs. Design a few custom plays that takes advantage of each one's skill set, and every play could be a run/pass option or read/option based on how the defense adjusted to each play.  You could have 8-12 (or how ever many a normal offense has) on your team and play the best ones. The team would be able to find replacements each year, as guys retired, and new college QBs get cut from NFL teams

no one would/could attempt this in NFL as the stakes are too large.

What do you think??

Comment 13 Oct 2014

I work in N. Kentucky and have to deal with the UK radicals all day long...

The yokals are suddenly talking football (???) and they were concerned that Stump and Harris were very close and were worried that if one went to OSU, then they both would.

These guys talk a good game about being connected, and they're likely NOT,  but just maybe, for once, I want them to be "in the know."

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Football rules today. And likely for a long, long time. But, maybe the vision is that LAX will continue to surge with all the concerns about concussions.

Comment 02 Oct 2014

If we want TSUN to continue to struggle, then hope Hoke gets fired first. Then Brandon will screw up the hiring process and we'll have a few more years of bad football in AA before Harbaugh is brought in. But, if you desire to see TSUN revive their program quicker, then hope Brandon is fired first. This way the new AD will instantly can Hoke, and likely do a better job of negoitating with Jim.

Comment 10 Aug 2014

Horrible tragedy. I don't know racing or cars, so someone with more exp chime in... Would Stewarts engine rev if he downshifted upon seeing driver on track. Doesn't the engine help brake without losing control of the car? 

Comment 04 Jun 2014

I couldn't agree more. Finally some writer not taking the easy road and bashing a great decision by JK.

Watch some of the US March to Brazil episodes and look how FAT Landon appears. I love what he has done for US Soccer, but his time has past and his lack of dedication shows. He quit and the team survived. There is no place for him on this team.

Comment 09 May 2014

Sorry if this was posted in another place, but given yesterday's article and draft...

What scenario is worse?

A) Favorite Buckeye goes to favorite NFL team and flops?

B) Favorite Buckey goes to archrival NFL team and stars?

C) Least favorite college player goes to favorite NFL team and stars?

C2) Any player from ttun goes to favorite NFL team and stars?


Comment 11 Apr 2014

it's great they reduced the price, but for some it's too late. I live 2 hours away and would love to bring my girls to the game. But for the cost, we made alternative plans. Now we won't be in attendance. If the cost was more reasonable (charity or not) earlier, we would have likely attended.


Comment 08 Apr 2014

I work in KY, and the office is deadly silent this morning. I love it. This place was a buzz last night. The yocals were all talking smack to with each other...

I'm still trying to decide if last night was better than Robert Morris' win in last year's NIT first round.

Comment 31 Jan 2014

I hope he is able to do whatever is asked by the coaching staff to get on the field next season! The team would benefit from an additional playmaker.

He already seems to have the receiver attitude.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

It might also help us keep some perspective about incoming classes.

Comment 01 Jan 2014

Not a caption to the picture, as I'm not funny, but someone should turn this into weekly contest during the season. Some of these comments are hilarious. 

Comment 01 Jan 2014

I don't care what the players do, have fun. But, I believe skim boards are made/designed for younger children. It's kind of a "gateway" toy for those that can't swim strong enough in the ocean to surf. (Or for tourists) but once a local is too heavy for the skim board and takes to surfing, they look back at skim boarding like riding a bike with training wheels.