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Comment 23 Jun 2015

I for one think it's good that we have this conversation about the relative danger and benefits of marijuana here, but for those who don't think so, can we all agree then that DJ would have made a mistake by adding what appears to be his opinion (equating selling ounces of marijuana to dying [...dying? really DJ?]) after the reporting the story?  

Comment 21 Jun 2015

I hope the Bud Light part is artistic license.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Great comment.  Also, if you sit at a desk, your setup can be super important.

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Gladiator - decent movie, eye candy, but FAR from great or oscar-worthy

Goonies - all people my age seem to love it, I didn't see it until my 30s, guess I was too old when I finally saw it

Raging Bull - good but not top 20 all-time good

Chinatown - love Nicholson usually, but this was meh for me

American Graffiti

Agree with Blade Runner - very interesting story, movie doesn't do it for me

Toy Story 2 - good but not great.  1 was great.

There Will Be Blood - fantastic performance from DD Lewis, but overall movie notsomuch

Children of Men - cool idea, but...

District 9 - see above

Ratatouille - fun but not as good as I expected

Pan's Labyrinth - very disappointed

Kill Bill 1&2 - good and have their great moments, but far from Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction level for me

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Strongly disagree about trying to avoid mortgage debt.  With a mortgage, someone is giving you the opportunity to invest THEIR money, for a small fraction of your own (say 1/5 for a 20% down payment, or even much less if you use the smaller first-time home buyer program).  Let's say your 30-year mortgage is at 4% APR.  Well, you can likely count on more like 8% return from an S&P 500 index fund over the same period, so if you choose to pre-pay your mortgage, you're GIVING UP 4% compounded interest each year for 30 years on that amount.  Every dollar you give up to prepay that mortgage is a dollar that could be invested in your retirement account.  As long as you actually do that with the money :)

Just as you'd be silly not to maximize your company's 401k match, if you're a disciplined saver, in my opinion you'd be silly to pre-pay your mortgage.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Is it not true that, barring transfer etc, we still have both Warren Ball and Brionte Dunn for two more years, right?  Either of those dudes could put up a 1500 yard season on this team in 2016, if featured.  

Comment 15 Jan 2015

However, our offensive line, as well as they played at the end of this season, was significantly better LAST year.  Braxton is no doubt a fantastic option behind center, and can create big plays with his feet where there are none like very few in the game.  That being said, in my opinion:

-JT has much better reading of the passing game,

-JT has much better instincts at evading the rush (many, many more times I saw Braxton jump around the wrong direction under pressure vs JT), Braxton also 

-JT has MUCH better touch in short and intermediate routes

-and perhaps most importantly, JT is light years better at making the correct decision on the read option than Braxton is.  

Of course, it doesn't matter what I think, but I'm confident Urban sees all this as well, and will make the same decision as I would.  JT, if healthy, is the starter next year.  Cardale, in two seasons, could be even better because it seems he has many of these qualities, plus that frame and cannon.  Unfortunately, that will be in the NFL.

Braxton has just not shown me that he can be an elite passing quarterback or decision-maker, much as I like him, great as he is.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Exactly.  If you're going to spend time worrying about a young man, why not become a Big Brother and worry about someone who really needs your concern?

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Beautiful, and beautifully written.  Thank you.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I love the OP's excitement, but UCLA under John Wooden won 10 titles in his last 12 years there.  Given the depth of the talent pool in the SouF, I wouldn't think that's even reasonable to HOPE FOR here.  That being said, I wouldn't trade our situation for anyone else's.  Great time to be a Buckeye!

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Though he does a lot of run support, Tyvis is a safety :)