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Comment 28 Mar 2016

Pop quiz: what do these guys all have in common?  Wes Welker, Steve Smith, Henry Ellard, Antonio Brown, Desean Jackson, T.Y. Hilton, Golden Tate, Julian Edelman, and Odell Beckham.

If you said they were all NFL Pro Bowlers, you'd be right.  If you also said they were all less than 6 feet tall, you'd also be right ;)

Comment 08 Mar 2016

Well, color me very impressed.  Can't trust HS coaches 40-times and he plays in a mid-sized division (4A-D2 -, so hard to tell exactly how fast he is.  Regardless, even if he's a step or two slower than McCoy, I'll be excited to have him.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

This old thread gives some background (...and entertainment):

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Looks like there Urban and staff have been high on him for some time:

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Agreed that Waters is a douche, but I'm not going to punish myself by not enjoying some of my favorite music of all time ;)


Comment 06 Jan 2016

Astronomy Domine is outstanding for its time (maybe the only Syd track I actually love) but I'm mostly and eternally thankful to Syd for giving birth to Pink Floyd, the later version of which immeasurably shaped and expanded my musical and creative life.  

Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and The Wall are all masterpieces beginning to end, and some of the other stuff ain't too shabby neither ;)


Comment 28 Dec 2015

C'mon, it's obviously not the hydroplaning that would be the reason.  He drove with a suspended license, and that's a crime.  Not a moving violation, but an actual crime.  Whether he deserves to be suspended for it is another question, but let's not play games with the reason.

Comment 15 Dec 2015

Perhaps overall, Clemson is not far behind, but when it comes to business schools (Gary said he wants to study business), I believe OSU is considerably better regarded.

Comment 03 Dec 2015

"time to fire Urban"??  Who said that?  Links please, or you made it up :)

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Umm, were you watching the same game I was last week?  That O'Connor kid looks like he's ready to step right in with very little drop-off.  They have a very good history of developing QBs.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

I'm totally on-board with the OP's sitting/standing beef, but I'm disappointed that he was rude, IMO, to the PSU folks.  They may not be our MAIN rivals, but they are certainly rivals.  

You don't get a special black-out theme for Rutgers or even Iowa, know what I mean?  They've beaten us a fair share over the years, and in my opinion are tied with Wisconsin and MSU as our second level rivals in the conference.

OP had a chance to be classy and missed it.

Comment 09 Oct 2015

It seems crazy to think they might be, for the reasons you give, but we KNOW there are winning plays we saw many times last year that just aren't being called.  How about that counter play where the QB follows Zeke outside the tackle, or like someone said, Braxton throwing from the Wildcat, etc.  

Late in the Indiana game, we shut it down essentially and played Tressel-ball to drain the clock.  If we hadn't, that's where I think we would have seen some of the "money" plays they've been saving.  

I agree that it's super-risky, but I do think that's part of what's been happening.  The other parts, I'm afraid, are less easily fixable.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

Finebaum's not talking about who should be ranked #1.  Definitely it should be us.   But what Finebaum's saying. which is what the OP posted, is that OSU is historically, epically good.  And Pfaff and Fromthe18 are making the point that it's WAYYYY too early to start with that stuff.  And I agree with them.  Stacked OSU teams have blown it against inferior competition many, many, many....many times.  

Let's enjoy this stacked squad but not get too far ahead of ourselves please.