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Comment 15 Mar 2015

Tony Bennett should be at the top of the list.  He gets the BEST out of his players and his teams have been competitive for the ACC title for a few years in a row now.  That's not easy to do at Virginia when there are many other programs in that conference with much bigger brand identity and with more accomplished coaches.

I'm not a Matta hater, but I am firmly in the camp that believes it's time to move on - for the same reasons that have been laid out on this board over and over again.  I stopped buying season tickets four seasons ago and won't go back until I see a marked change in the program.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

That one and the Bennett OR Schutt were both shocking.  Assuming that the first person listed is the one who will start, then Bennett being listed first is a little less of a shock, but I would've never guessed Burrows would start over Bell.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

This is a really great article.  Not saying he should be in the top 10, but JOHN Harbaugh deserves to be honorable mention over his brother, Jim.  He, at least, played college football in Ohio (Miami) and has won a NFL title.

Comment 11 Oct 2013

Right on, GABUCKEYE.  For this sport and this rivalry, I cannot root against my beloved Redhawks.  Go Miami!  Love and honor.

Great article, Aubrey!  I'm happy to see the quality hockey coverage.  Should be a good game tonight.