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Comment 24 Apr 2015

I like the NBA. Basketball has gone so global, that is is amazing to watch the best players in the world go at it every night. I think the no defense thing is completely over stated. Defense is being played, but you have a 24 second shot clock, the best players in the world ( watch the difference between NBA and NCAA when they have an open look, its a layup in the NBA), and you can't park a dude in the middle and play 2-3 zone. 

The biggest problem the NBA has is the regular season. By the end all the good teams are resting players and all the bad teams are trying to lose. 


Comment 21 Apr 2015

This isn't the BCS bama. If you lose you are out, no rematches and tainted national titles, only undisputed champs now. 

Comment 17 Apr 2015

Football is the only sport that matters to the people completing the athletic budgets, so whatever they did, the rest would follow.

It would make the ends of the season great! But obviously this will never happen.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

I believe I heard something about him not being enrolled

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Has Wallace enrolled yet

Commented on TG
Comment 07 Apr 2015

I am so torn on the topic. The fact of the matter is, every locker room in america has literature about how you can not bet on the game. He bet, he lied, he continued to lie, he ACCEPTED a lifetime ban, and then told the truth years later. I hear all the time that he never bet against the Reds, well I would argue every game he didn't bet on the reds he was betting against them, managing for another day. 

That being said - Pete Rose was a great baseball player, his playing career should be immortalized in the hall. I would like to see him get let in with a * on his plaque where you could go to the back of the hall and get a history of what the * means. I feel the same way with Bonds and Clemons who I think would of made the hall without roids (especially Bonds who was a for sure pre - roids)

Comment 07 Apr 2015

Completely disagree, in fact I would argue it gave them a competitive disadvantage. 

Lets say you are managing a game that you laid 10% of your salary on. Would you manage it differently? Would you not manage it like it was the 7th game of the WS and tax your pen etc?

Same question if you know you are betting on tomorrows game. Would you save your guys?

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Waited 200 days to watch a damn soft tossing lefty mow us over. Just like every year., let's push one over! 

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Just hope he can field, but im with you, he is ready to bust out at the plate 

Comment 01 Apr 2015

Agreed - wish I would of had it on my list. Also the open court foul is a great tool to stop players from just hacking someone on a break away 

Comment 01 Apr 2015

Lincoln's fixes for college basketball - not that anyone cares - but I have time to kill at work today.

1. Tell NBA to get rid of ridiculous 1 and done rule. Instead give a kid REAL advice from a league agency on about where they would be drafted if they were to go to the league. Lets not act like these Kentucky kids are there to play school. Kids that go to school are not eligible to get drafted for 3 years ( like NFL or baseball ) This would create better overall play because of continuity. 

2. Indefinitely suspend charges. Offensive fouls can still happen because of push offs, chicken wings, etc. but if some dude slides in the lane and doesn't try play defense its a play on baby. Also make sure the law of verticality exist. If a player jumps strait up with arms strait up and gets hit in chest - play on, not a block.

3. Shot clock - 28 seconds. Mid-court - 8 seconds

4. Something with zone D's. I hate just sitting a big ogre in the middle so coaches like Boeheim and Patino can get some raw talent from overseas to sit there and have no other basketball skill other than being very tall and athletic. Maybe defensive 5 seconds or something like that where its a tech if you are standing in lane of D for too long

5. Call fouls when cutters get bumped and held as they move thru the lane

6. Call less fouls when the ball handler gets touched (barely)

7. Waaaaay less timeouts. TV already has 4 built in stoppages per 1/2, why do coaches need so many?

8. Outlaw Tom Crean's face

Comment 01 Apr 2015

I was mostly talking about the shot clock. In the men's game it would force teams to go into offense earlier, which I think you would see more ball movement ala some of the better teams in NBA  like SAS, Hawks, and GSW. (don't tell me you hate the NBA, watch a game with better teams playing and you will see its a good game, but they do have major flaws like teams tanking and making 1/2 the games unwatchable) Also I would love to see them decrease the time to cross the 1/2 court line, making teams push the ball more.

It's not a rule change, but I have heard in WCB they call many more fouls for holding cutters and bumping them as they move thru the lane. MCB has an epidemic of players getting held as they they  move without the ball.

Also women's college basketball doesn't have all their best players leaving after 1 year. Teams grow together and make it much more of a team game than just an athlete game. I seriously do not think Kentucky even can run great offense since these guys have only played 35 games together, but they make it work because they have the 10 great players. I'm a huge Cav's fan, but I can tell you that I prefer watching the games where they move it and run offense over when LeBron and Kyrie play hero ball all day. Team basketball is just better on the eyes. 

Don't mix this up with liking WCB haha. I just used to love the men's game, its just getting bad imo. November - Jan games are awful.

Comment 01 Apr 2015

If men's cbb would adopt some of the wcb rules it would go a long way. I'm a sports nut and outside of the Buckeyes I cannot stomach college basketball until March.

30 seconds of passing 3 seconds of offense fire up shot, bail out foul, repeat. 

Comment 01 Apr 2015

I'd be far more worried if Braxton would of played every snap last year and we were starting an unproven JT or DoloDale ( they would quickly ease my mind after watching them play). I remember reading the Braxton news last year thinking we would go 8-4 at best. This is is better.

Also can you imagine not completely freaking out every time our QB runs and gets hit. For years I have been on the edge watching a running QB's.  WE NEED YOU, PLEASE SLIDE Craig/Troy/TP/Braxton/JT/Dale or our season will be ruined! Now its going to be like, please don't get hurt because of your draft stock and your general likeability, but not worried at all about the season.