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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 95 World Series. Sandy Alomar walkoff double in extra innings. My old man cried his eyes out.
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Comment 30 Mar 2014

What's that I hear?

lots of people in Dayton running back to jump on THE ohio state  bandwagon. They will be saying "we" again soon after Braxton runs in a 75 yarder, like none of this ever happened 

Comment 29 Mar 2014

I'm rooting for a sinkhole


Comment 09 Mar 2014

Aaron Freakin Craft man. I am going to miss him so much.

Those back to back to back defensive plays to end the game were a fitting end to his career at the Schott. Also that dive to secure the loose ball rebound and then NOT calling timeout because he knew we had the arrow. So much mancrush.

Really hope he can figure out some kind of shot and go on to have an Eric Snow like career in the NBA, I would kill to see him get a shot at guarding Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Darron Williams, John Wall, and all the other great PG's in the NBA.


Comment 07 Feb 2014

Yes. Living down here, after they beat Purdue at home, all I heard was how bad the B1G was, and they would own this conference.


Well.. what happened next?

Comment 22 Dec 2013

How do you not love this site? Wake up feeling great after a crazy bball game last night. Already 3 very good posts, 4 or 5 buckshots, and now a reason to hate an obscure program a little more.

Let me start:

How about you try actually playing in a BOWL game before you throw shade on our bowl games, you state university of crappy corn state. ALSO that was a charge last year you idiots, you know why? Aaron FREAKIN Craft, that is why! Suck it Cyclones, go back to preparing for you stupid caucus and leave the sports to Ohio State. (Except for that baskets win over MeatChicken, that was cool)

Comment 07 Dec 2013

I've done many things my parents think are embarrassing, but they always have your back. Guarantee you Marcus Halls parents were pissed at him, but 10 times more pissed at these idiot chuckleheads talking about their child on national tv like that.

Comment 21 Nov 2013

What I lacked in real basketball play, I made up Nerf basketball. My kids have no idea how much practice I got in college when I make it rain on 'em.

Comment 06 Oct 2013

I can't even read the whole thing, terrible. So many thoughts and prayers to that family and community

Comment 01 Oct 2013

I watched that video followed by his first appearance on the news following losing his daughter. I felt some dust in my eyes in video 1 and during video 2 I got a crazy amount dust in my eyes and they watered a little (maybe a lot).


Comment 17 Sep 2013

Is anyone at all shocked that Bo Pelini would have a f bomb laced rant against anyone or anything? I would be shocked if there was not a tape like this out there.

BUT I find this very dirty. He obviously should not have said these things about his own fan base, but this sounds like it was a private conversation. I know I have said many things over the years in a private setting that I would not say to openly. We all have, but we are not all public figures. I  think at some point taping a private convo by a public figure should be just that .. private and should not be able something that can be consumed as media.

That being said, I waste a lot of my time on Dead Spin and probably will not stop, so I must not be that appalled.