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Comment 19 Aug 2014

If you are looking for a club, Fulham has had a nice string of Americans on the team. Brian Mcbride of Columbus crew and the USMNT played and was a fan favorite over there. Same with Clint Dempsey. Just my two cents. I would stay away from teams near the bottom of the table (or projected to be) you don't want your new squad to get relegated!! that would be Bullocks.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

So much truth to this. I was certainly a buckeye fan growing up on the outskirts of Columbus, but it took my college experience at UK to really galvanize that passion.

Comment 26 Jun 2014

Certainly helps that Muntari is out as well. He had been a catalyst in midfield. He is the bigger loss compared to Boeteng, who has had a marginal couple games.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

For some perspective, I would say it would be really hard to gauge true viewership with so many outlets to watch the World cup. ESPN's numbers don't take into account the large fanfest type events, bars, mobile streaming, online streaming, and the really huge numbers of Univision (an over the air Spanish channel that is broadcasting the games). I'm not saying it's getting close to the superbowl in America, just saying the viewership numbers are always going to be skewed lower than actual. Still pretty great numbers though.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

My preferred starting lineup at this point: a 4-3-2-1 (I'm partial to this, since I played it in HS to great results)

GK: Howard

D: F. Johnson, Cameron, Besler, Beasley

M: Zusi, Beckerman, J. Jones

M (attacking): Bradley, Dempsey

F: Altidore

Obviously not a lot of controversy with this lineup as it was actually what was played in our last friendly, but I love having Beckerman protecting our back 4 and Bradley is going to go box to box anyway. Build from the back and get an opportunistic goal early from Clint or Jozy.


I'm getting the pregame jitters and I'm not even lacing up today. Go Go USA. One Nation, One Team.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

Luckily for me, my boss is also a former soccer player, I told him I would be out of the office this afternoon so that I could drink and cheer on America. He just gave me the nod and said drink two for me.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

I'll watch every minute I am able. I understand it's not everyone's (world) cup o' tea, but I would hope everyone can agree and pull for the USA at the very least. Haters gonna Hate sometimes, no need for us that are soccer fans, let that get under your skin.

As a side note, I have never, and will never, try to "convert" someone to being a soccer fan. There are plenty around to watch/appreciate the game. If someone happens to become a fan, great. But just like most stuff, if you try to force someone into it, they aren't going to like it anyway.


Comment 05 Jun 2014

As tough as our group is, at least we are playing the teams in the order I would prefer. Ghana, Portugal, then Germany. If things shake out in our favor, and with a little bit of luck, we can get out of the group. I think the expectation for this team, in this cup, is merely to put up a fight. If we get out of the group, I will consider that a great win. If we advance from there, I might cover my entire body in an American flag tattoo. I'm going to enjoy the ride, enjoy the games, and pull for my country. One nation, One team. Go Go USA.

Comment 21 Apr 2014

I was at a bar in Lexington this winter, I walk upstairs and the entire UK basketball team is there (minus the walk-ons and white guys, a little redundant, I know). There are no 18+ bars in Lexington. All of them are 21+... I saw some interesting things going on to say the least. This goes on everywhere, and didn't bother me. If we call out college kids for going to bars underage, no one would field a team.

Comment 17 Apr 2014

They should consider bringing poncho's or big trash bags to cover up. Like a vintage Gallagher show, or more appropriately, going to see Shamu.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

That's a fair point. Living in KY is painful enough, I can't imagine going any deeper into enemy territory.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

There should be a hashtag started just to troll the SEC. Something like #B1GvsSEC #CivilWarChamps #Undefeated. With how angry these crazy southerners get about "rising again", I could see this getting a pretty funny response.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

If by " little funk" you mean, "most of the season funk" then I would agree. I'm not a fan of his fading away from the basket jumpers either. He needs to jump into his shots. His line is fine, it's the distance that is off by a small margin. I have always been a streaky shooter when playing basketball, but getting back to basics almost always cures a slump.