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Comment 09 Nov 2012

I do not believe a National Championship will be coming to OSU in '13.  I do not believe the team will be good enough and I also feel that if this current team goes 12-0 we really expect to win every game in '13 as well.  Urban goes 26-0 in 2 his first 2 years?  Thats a stretch.  I believe '14 is the year.  Alot needs to happen for a title run.  THe rankings need to be Top 5 and of course the fact that you truely need to win out and some other BCS non-sense.  I believe the '14 season will look like the '06 season if you substitute Miller for Smith and Urban for Tress.  And then we all celebrate.

Comment 25 Oct 2012

I would cheer.  I spoke with Clarrett before the Nebraska game and all I could muster up was that play when he took the ball back from Sean Taylor in the championship game how great it was because frankly that was a great play.  I have meet Jimbo (close friends call him that) a couple of times.  He stopped in a spoke with my mother when she had he hip replaced and as big of a football fan she is they only spoke about education (she was a math teacher).  They are always welcome here

Comment 02 May 2012

In the HBO speacial they stated the best football to watch was the OSU offense vs. the OSE defense in '69.  Woody probably punched the Clemson player in anger over the '69 loss to "That team up north"