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Comment 30 Nov 2016

Salty...you've completely missed it about Peppers: he's a "Michigan Man."

He's capable of giving the same girl the clap twice, spitting on "Block O" as he scuffs his feet in the pre-game, taunting fans during the game and punching them when he's trying to pout after a loss. About the only thing that he can't do is break a headset or throw a clipboard like Harbaugh.

But Harbaugh is coaching him up on this....so dont worry.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Maybe there's hope that Pridgeon can come back. This from around Halloween

"2. Malcolm Pridgeon suffered a major injury during fall camp and his time out was roughly three months, so there could have been a chance that he could come back this year. Meyer said that Pridgeon may be back for bowl practice, but he won't play this season."

Comment 29 Nov 2016

You (singular collective for the great OSU conspiracy illuminati) seem to be the only one focused on butt-patting. I have no idea whether there was any reciprocity in the butt-patting category, but I am sure that one of you has the time, and will expend the effort to scour the entire game tape in search of same.

But in all seriousness, Harbaugh has done UM a great disservice, and has dishonored the institution with his puerile actions. You guys (you seem like a UM alum) are much, much better than that. Don't devolve any further toward the whiny, bitter, blame-someone-else Penn State-state.

At the risk of being self serving, I'll close by saying that UM is our rival and when you guys act like spoiled brats (with you meant in the singular collective again), you make us look bad too.

Go Bucks! Beat TTUN again, and again, and again, ad infinitum

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Well, a quick check of the academic calendar says that the fall semester is over on December 15; the last day of fall exams. Graduation is on Sunday the 18th. Spring Semester classes actually start in the dead of winter on January 9th. My understanding is that a student that is registered for classes in the Spring Semester can start participating in athletics after the previous semester ends.

I think that there's a loophole if TG gets re-admitted for Spring Semester

Comment 19 Oct 2016

The best part of being a Buckeye?

1)  Im an alumnus that went to two different graduate schools with better "names." My buckeye engineering training was easily as tough and thorough as my MSEE at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.

2) My friendships from OSU have lasted me a lifetime. "How firm thy friendship" is an understatement.

3) Two of my girls are Buckeyes. One in Med School and the other an Undergrad. It is yet another bond between us.

4) My son just applied to OSU; I hope that he ultimately chooses this great University.

5) Football Saturdays are always a blessing no matter where I am if I can watch my Buckeyes: win or lose. I come out to CBus at least twice a season because "I want to go back, I've got to go back to O HI O"

6) The crazy things that happen to me when I wear Ohio State logo-wear. I have had people "OH" me everywhere from Costco to the lobby at the Burj Dubai.

7) My girls were able to convince two of our neighbors (Both Soccer Players) to play for OSU. Their parents are now huge buckeye fans.....as Doctors (both are) they now realize Buckeye Spirit is infectious.

I simply love everything about being a Buckeye and being a son of the Great State of Ohio

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Well Played.....clapping twice would be more accurate I think

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Bring and wear a stout raincoat to protect yourself against bags of urine. They take great pride in throwing them at OSU fans

Comment 26 Sep 2016

(Purple Haze of dope smoke in the background as the LSU AD ponders his choices)

"pass the gas-mask bong back to me along with the bag of cheetos....I'm gonna call Urbs"

Comment 21 Sep 2016

Central Foundry Defiance....life experiences

Junior year and 20 years old. I was assigned to be a maintenance supervisor on 3rd shift for the environmental equipment on the roof on Plant 1: we did heavy repair on the ventilation, scrubbers and HVAC. This was a huge assignment and I had about 30 guys working for me. One guy (lets call him Tom) in particular was a real problem...lazy, and incredibly elusive: hiding in the 1M square foot of roof and equipment sheds covering Plant 1. 

One morning starting at about 4:30 AM I went looking for him and systematically covered every inch. I was scratching my head, trying to figure out where he was and was completely confused....normally, they never leave their assigned areas, because that would draw the attention of another supervisor, who would radio me and ensure that he got written up. I finally realized that the Plant 2E supervisor was out...the mice will play and all that...so I started on the west side and gradually made it all the way to the east part of 2E, just as the sun was coming up.

The roof was asphalt and very quiet, and I could see someone laying in a wheelbarrow near the edge of the roof. So I snuck up and saw a six pack of empties on the roof and my "guy" pleasuring himself in the wheelbarrow with a Playboy magazine. I started laughing hysterically, shocking the hell out of "Tom" as he tried to pull up his pants, falling out of the wheelbarrow in the process.

As he finished pulling up his pants, he turned around and said "you're not gonna tell anyone are you?" 

"Well" I said, "That depends on you....the way I see it, I've got 6 weeks to go on this rotation....you can either be my hardest worker, or I'm going to repeat the story in the break room, every single day, until I go back to school" 

Needless to say, he was quite cooperative