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Comment 50 minutes ago

Song Girls on the left, Spirit Leaders (aka cheerleaders) on the right

Comment 4 hours ago

No condemnation involved at all. Merely pointing out the era and the and using irony to highlight that the whole ":Michigan Man" image is pure fiction

Comment 8 hours ago

This, in a nutshell is why I think Penn State is simply reprehensible as a fanbase and why they deserve the hell they've created for themselves. The discussion was about the band...this was from a ~30 y/o Alumnus in Civil Engineering. No one else on the board got on him....silence is concurrence

The red really makes it easy to draw a bead on them and deliver that bag of piss with pinpoint accuracy. 


Comment 8 hours ago

There is a product idea; "QB Floss....with a hint of mint to kill the taste of Nitty Kitty"

Comment 19 hours ago

None of your examples incorporate the fact that players from the other team are trying to knock you into next week while you are "trying to identify a throwback screen" ... Football is a violent collision sport and constructive use of anger gives you the energy to deliver more pain to them than they can deliver to you. Sustained anger lets you wear down an opponent til he quits. Anger and intellect are not mutually exclusive on the field.

lol....look at the expressions on the faces of players delivering hits. As the stud linebacker said in "The Program," "hit the tight end so hard his girlfriend dies." Yep, that about covers it. 


Comment 20 hours ago

This is Rutgers 2.0...will be another curb-stomping. Urbs has a recruiting message to send

Comment 20 hours ago

If you can't summon a lot of emotion as a player, you'll lose every individual battle to the guy that can. Anger on the field that is well channeled is an incredibly powerful weapon. This is why rivalry games are so unpredictable.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Ask, and ye shall receive...


Comment 18 Oct 2014

A couple more Michigan Men weigh in. God I love Hoke

The coaching staff is probably the worst collection of coaches i have ever seen on a major college football program..

Watching how improved OSU's O-line has become as the year has gone on and ours continues to make zero strides with pass pro is completely pathetic..

Especially how they use JT Barret...  Rolling him out constantly, instead we force gardner to stand in the pocket like a retard so he gets slaughtered..

Dumbest fucking coaches in college football and they happen to be at Michigan

And finally...

I would love to see how the aggregate recruiting for OSU stacks up against M for the current roster.  And, I think you can be pretty confident that our aggregate average was probably 20 places higher than mighty f-ing Rutgers who we gallantly lost close to AND who got absolutely rolled from the get go by the buckeyes.  You need no better example of the entire coaching vacuum we have on our hands than this.  The Hoke regime is a talent killing machine.  It is crap to think that Hoke being on the bubble is a negative recruiting issue.  Talented kids can't watch other talented kids go to a program and then suddenly become worse than Rutgers, and think, "Hey, I wanna try that"!  Just make it stop.

Seriously, we need some sort of "Save Hoke" movement....

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Here are two more great back to back posts...

OSU only has 12 seniors on its 2 deep! How could they possibly be doing well???

The immediate reply...

*sigh*... Ill say it...  Urban Frank Meyer 

I wish I could be the Prozac distributor in AA

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Me too...not gonna lie....I went through the whole thread at MGo. It's like having dessert after a fine meal at the Shoe

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Pellini knew.....he played here...all bullshit

Comment 16 Oct 2014

I was wondering when the butt-hurt trolls from the University of Jersey Shore would show up. With a point spread like this, you should hock the 'ol double-wide and go big with you Atlantic City bookie! In the mean time, here is a question for you

Q: Why is New Jersey called the Garden State?
A: Because Oil, Petroleum, Nuclear, Land Fill, & Toxic Waste State Didn't fit on a license plate!

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Worst behavior I've ever seen. Granted, at first glance he does not look like a 15 year old, but all he did was return a taunt that they started. He said "Scoreboard, dude" or something very close to that

Comment 13 Oct 2014

There is a special "asshole magnet" in State College which when activated on game day, pulls in every last one of their so-called "fans" within a radius of 200 miles...which pretty much covers the entire state. I think the magnet was hidden in the Paterno statue, but may have been moved to the lion. Two drunk PSU students managed to grab my 15 year old son and try to pour a pitcher of beer on him after the game when he responded to their taunts. Unfortunately for them, Kyle is a Krav Maga Black Belt and nearly removed their hands.

Worst fans I've ever seen

Comment 09 Oct 2014

One or two guys over there seem to have a reasonable view...the rest have selective amnesia and forget about the Felon (Clark was convicted), the rapist (who Hoke lied for) and the thug (girlfriend ratted him out) waiting for trial. 

Sanctimonious ass-hats

Comment 08 Oct 2014

Yeah, I'm no fan of Morris, but 55 should have gotten his ass tossed for targeting

Comment 08 Oct 2014

Simply an inwardly focused administration which is concerned with its own turf, perks, positional power and politics rather than the core issue: the quality of the product and how it competes. The only way to deal with problems like this is a clean sweep of the whole group, but I'm betting they don't do it.

Works for me. "Fail, Fail, we missed again, we're always second best"