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Comment 26 Jan 2013

I just got home from Bryce Jordan, and wow did OSU fans represent today. I'd guess that maybe an eighth of the crowd, which only filled maybe two-thirds of the arena (there's a math question) was wearing scarlet and gray. My whole section was OSU fans, mostly from New Jersey and (like me) Pennsylvania. The "(clap clap) O H (clap clap) I O" cheer after each Buckeye free throw was loud and clear. If Pat Chambers doesn't turn things around, we got potential for a Columbus East here.

It was quiet enough in the second half that my young son fell asleep until PSU hit a three pointer and the crowd woke him up. I could occasionally hear Chambers and Matta from the second deck. North Korea probably has louder arenas.

Comment 19 Jan 2013

Hey, I care.  --Probably The Only Person On This Site With Degrees From Both Pitt and Ohio State

Comment 02 Jan 2013

Amen, Purgatory, from a fellow Pennsylvanian Buckeye. This is a blatant political ploy by an unpopular governor to try to win some votes. His taking it away from the just-elected Democratic Attorney General before she was sworn in is telling.

How could this suit be allowed to succeed, though? If it did, any state containing an institution that drew NCAA sanctions, no matter how justified, could sue on behalf of the innocent citizens and businesses that were impacted. The NCAA would become powerless.

More to the point, though, who in Centre County was negatively impacted? Penn State still enjoyed the fifth highest attendance in college football this year. Sure, attendance at Beaver Stadium sagged, but it did just about everywhere else too. It's the economy, stupid.

Comment 01 Jan 2013

By the way, thanks to Dr. Jane Goodall for asking, immediately after being presented for the coin flip and handed a coin, whether or not she should flip it. I know she's British and all, but I'll bet she knows some chimps that could have figured that out.


Comment 21 Dec 2012

I don't like the Value City logos or any implication the map may send that Ohio State is just for Ohio. Ohio State draws students and athletes, and impacts the world, far beyond the state borders shown on the court. Why limit ourselves or even risk the implication?

And yes, this is nit-picking. The word "Ohio" is right in the institution's name. So I'm being a little silly about the map. But hey, I've spent my entire life in Pennsylvania other than the few glorious years I was able to attend and graduate from the America's greatest land grant school.

Nitpicking aside, go Bucks. Just keep the Schott glorious, and our hoops program will be fine.

Comment 16 Aug 2012

As an alum of Ohio State's Urban and Regional Planning program, I've been waiting for the first Urban planning joke for months now. Thanks for ending the suspense.

Comment 14 Jun 2012

I've never got the Ohio is hell thing either. And I'm not from Ohio. The only time I lived there was while I was a student. It's industrial midwestern. So are Indiana and Illinois. But whatever. There were some chuckles in there, but they could have got OSU better than that.

Comment 16 May 2012

Living at a distance with small kids, I wind up watching most Buckeye games in TV. That 2000 Penn State game was the last I saw in the Shoe. I still have the rain poncho I bought that day from concessions -- I'll occassionally wear it to irk the local PSU fans when its raining. I still have the plastic soda cup from that day here in my office. I was way up in C Deck, but I distinctly remember three things: the crowd cheering the rain, the PSU fans complaining about Coop running up the score afterwards, and the dead silence while Taliaferro laid there. C Deck was silent, except for the occasional shouted question to the guys who had field glasses if they had seen any movement yet. There were no jerks in my section. Just fans worrying for a kid.

Yeah, I'll get back to a game soon... 

Comment 30 Apr 2012

I hereby apologize to Purdue fans for making fun of your new logo last week. At the time, I didn't have sufficient perspective of the extent to which a logo can suck.

Comment 25 Apr 2012

The new logo looks a little... um... phalic...

Comment 20 Apr 2012

I so wish I could be in Columbus tomorrow. But I'll be watching on BTN and savoring the fact that Ohio State will be shown live here in the shadow of Beaver Stadium, while Penn State will be on tape delay at 8 PM.