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Comment 10 hours ago

Wow. I'd be interested to learn the context. I can't imagine he'd transfer unless he has some major personality issues with Franklin. Oh, and to find a team with an offensive line that doesn't resemble Swiss cheese so he can maintain what's left of his health.

Comment 12 hours ago

Of course Gator Fan is the most dismissive. The notion of Urban Meyer having success anywhere else is more than they can handle. If Ohio State were to win it all, heads would explode, Scanners-style, all over the state.

(Note to self: go to Home Depot, get goggles and a big roll of visqueen.)

Comment 13 hours ago

True story, and by no means trying to be political, but remember who was the head of George W. Bush's search committee for his running mate, which ended up being Dick Cheney?

Dick Cheney.

Lead committee, parlay yourself into a cushy job.

Comment 16 hours ago

The differences between 2006-07 and this team? Less hardware, less arrogance, angrier, hungrier, and the critical "Nobody Believes In Us But Us" factor.

Comment 16 hours ago

Definitely. It will be nice to see ol' Red McCombs eat crow when the "great position coach, maybe a coordinator" gets them into the playoff.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I'm sorry, I'd rather not embrace the single-mindedness of SEC Fan. While I'm sick and tired of the conference coming under fire, no one can deny that, by and large, the majority of such criticism has been earned over the past several years. Also, if I'm Jim Delaney, I'm not going to send memos to B1G athletic directors and tell them to tell their student-athletes to toe the "company line". These kids represent their schools first, and their conferences second. Do I like hearing Cook and Gordon picking against us? Not particularly, but I would rather hear their honest opinions than prescribed garbage to promote a  "B-1-G! B-1-G!" mentality.

Besides, I've only ever rooted for TTUN once, and that was when they beat The Holy Tebow in Orlando several years ago. It took several showers to get rid of the dirty feeling.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

It's clear that the gap between the haves and have-nots in major CFB is growing, It's time for everyone to acknolwedge that the smaller programs don't have the resources to compete. In order to avoid situations like UAB and (potentially) Hawaii, changes have to be made, and hard questions have to be asked.

  • Can the Power 5 break away in football only, or will they take the non-revenue sports with them? Certainly, breaking away in men's and women's basketball is out of the question, as the revenue from the NCAA tournaments is quite important.
  • If the Power 5 establish their own governing body for football, how can they reconcile their universities' missions with an obvious power/cash grab? Do they create Schools of Athletics within the existing curriculum, so that "Football Majors" have to complete certain requirements for graduation, including core college courses, and also courses in business and contract management, so that if they do go on to pro careers they will have some understanding of the potential monetary pitfalls?
  • Can the current landscape of college football be altered significantly to preserve programs in the MAC, etc., by tiering the Power 5 and Group of 5 schools, or should the Group of 5 be absorbed into the FCS?
  • If absorption into the FCS is a feasible option, should programs that wish to join the Power 5 be granted an opportunity to seek membership in a Power 5 conference?

Admittedly, I haven't given significant thought to these questions. Anybody else have thoughts?

Comment 18 Dec 2014

The only way to silence the doubters is to win the whole damn thing, and win it convincingly. If we lose to Bama, no matter the score or the circumstances, the question of whether TCU or Baylor would have done better will linger.

And kudos to Bennett and his kind heart. His parents are doing parenting right.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Am I the only one thinking that Barry Alvarez needs to step away from that program and let fresh blood make the decisions? Bert and Andersen left for lesser-profile jobs (sorry, but in the college football universe, Arkansas and Oregon State aren't exactly the big time) for a reason, and I'm betting their reasons were very similar.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Speaking of past Bears coaches, if I'm Lovie Smith, I go after Trestman to be my OC in Tampa Bay, since, you know, the Bucs didn't end up having an OC after Jeff Tedford got sick and the frickin QB coach had to call the plays all year.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I can't imagine him replacing a starter at this point unless it's due to injury. Pitt Brown lost his job, and given the secondary's woes last year, putting Bell in was the right move. I can't think of any under-performers among the starters this year that would prompt such a move. Maybe you could make a case for starting Raekwon over Curtis Grant, but that's about it.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Hurricane Firestarter... wait a minute... set fire to the rain???

Dammit, Adele!

Comment 16 Dec 2014

This is actually a good idea. If you want people in hurricane-prone areas to take storm preparation seriously, start naming them after Stephen King books. I'm personally looking forward to battening down the hatches for Hurricane Shawshank.