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Comment 19 Mar 2016
If I had to guess the lineup for next year. 125 - NaTo 133 - Luke Pletcher 141 - Ke'Shawn Hayes 149 - Micah Jordan 157 - Isiah White/Jake Ryan 165 - Isiah White/Jake Ryan 174 - Bo Jordan 184 - Myles Martin 197 - Kollin Moore 285 - Kyle Snyder/Nick Tavanello The only thing I'm not sure about is if Bo and Myles move up. If they don't then I assume White takes a RS, Jake at 157 and, well, no idea at 184. I think Snyder will wrestle a limited schedule again next year and Tav will get 10-15 matches or more.
Comment 04 Mar 2016

Trackwrestling also has live updates and a nice interface.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Curt, not to be "that guy", but didn't MyMar get a win against Illinois, even though it was a backup.

Also, Coach Ryan tweeted that they found out Bo wasn't going in the morning and that some guys had already been sent to the Purple Raider Open.  (Side note, Jose Rodriguez, Ke'Shawn Hayes and Kollin Moore all won titles.)  There was apparently no one else there who was on weight.

Comment 03 Jan 2016

No Courts this match, eh?  After last year's run I thought Kenny could go 1 of 2 ways, dedication to being the best every match, or thinking he can turn it on in March and get that second AA finish.  I know he has a tough pull, but would have liked to see him get this match in after plenty of time off.  He might end up having seeding issues at the B1G tourney.

I see NaTo with a tech, JDJ pulling out a close one, Micah with a major, whoever goes at 149 gets revenge for Langenderfer being a complete @$$ at B1Gs last year, IMart getting a major, Bo with a pin, Myles announces his presence with authority (think Nuke LaLoosh), Koepke picks up the decision, Martin picks up a decision, and a healthy Tav avoids the footsweep in the last 5 seconds this time.

That puts the final somewhere around 30-7. Go Bucks!!!!!

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Both are injured.  Apparently JD Bergman said on the webcast that Hunter was out until January.  Not sure about Bo.

Bucks wrestle two dual meet matches on Saturday, first against Army and then Arizona State.  Neither should be much closer than this match was, even without those two.

Comment 01 Nov 2014

The NWCA All Star match is tonight at the Palestra in Philadelphia.  Logan is wrestling Mitchell Port.  Port upset Hunter Stieber in 2012 in the semifinals and got second that year.  Port lost to Devin Carter in the semis last year and took 3rd.  I believe is streaming the match, not sure if you have to be a pay member or not.  Intermat is having a live blog of the event as well.

If you are on twitter, @wrestlingbucks is the official account of the Buckeye wrestling team.  I believe they have a Facebook page and an Instagram account as well. is a great website which often has live results of tournaments and dual meets.

Season tickets are only $42.00, and individual tickets are $7-$8 per match, so it's not too bad if you want to try to make a home match.  The Bucks have a phenomenal home schedule this year.  Kent on November 13th, Missouri on December 14th (featuring phenom Kyle Snyder v. J'Den Cox, who beat Heflin in the national finals), Iowa on January 4th, Penn State (4x reigning B1G and National champs) on January 11th and Purdue on January 30th.

The B1G Championships are also in Columbus this year(March 6-7, 2015) and tickets for both days ran around $45.00 (total) as well.

Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Nov 2014

Ordered my season tickets and my B1G Championship tickets already!  Can't wait to see how Logan does tonight and the rest of the team tomorrow at the MSU Open.

You can follow the Bucks tomorrow at the Michigan State Open on  I think everyone except Logan and Johnni DiJulius will be there.