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Comment 27 Aug 2014

I am a member at Scout and I think the info that Bill Greene and nevada give is worth the money.  Not always the recruiting stuff, but the inside information from practices and things like that.

I can honestly say that stars don't matter to me as much as some.  I think ESPN is the worst, and I like the composite the best, but Scout and Rivals are toss ups.

Comment 03 May 2014
It's been discussed, and a source has said it's a good possibility, that Penn State will be redshirting Mega and Zain next year. Only helps the Bucks. Here's the link to the live updates for Tomasello, Demas, Jordan and Karageorge:
Comment 30 Apr 2014

Buckeyes should be the favorite for the national title next year.  Could have 4 wrestlers in the finals, and everyone in the lineup has a legitimate shot to be an All-American.

I'm excited to see Tomasello, Demas and Jordan wrestle in the NE Regionals this weekend.  Especially glad to see Demas back on the mat after his year off.

Also, thanks for the shout out to my alma mater, the mighty Claymont Mustangs, in the article!!!!!

Comment 07 Mar 2014
My bracket predictions: 125 - 6 Auto qualifiers QF1: Mega over Roberts QF2: Taylor over Youtsey QF3: Lambert over Clark QF4: Delgado over Eppert Consi QF1: Eppert over White Consi QF1: Clark over Shepard Consi QF1: Youtsey over Lyon Consi QF1: Roberts over Brancale Finals: Delgado over Mega Third: Clark over Taylor Fifth: Lambert over Roberts Seventh: Youtsey over Eppert 133 - 8 auto qualifiers QF1: Ramos over Bruno QF2: Quiroga over Richards QF3: Thorn over JohnniD QF4: Gulibon over Graff Consi QF1: Graff over Nagel Consi QF2: JohnniD over Yenter Consi QF3: Richards over Duca Consi QF4: Bruno over Malone Finals: Ramos over Thorn Third: Graff over Gulibon Fifth: Quiroga over Bruno Seventh: JohnniD over Richards 141 - 6 auto qualifiers QF1: Zain over Thielke QF2: Dutton over Dziewa QF3: Dardanes over Sabatello QF4: Logan over Rodrigues Consi QF1: McCrystal over Rodrigues Consi QF2: Sabatello over Greco Consi QF3: Dziewa over Gibbs Consi QF4: Thielke over Moody Finals: Logan over Zain Third: Dardanes over Dutton Fifth: Dziewa over Sabatello Seventh: Thielke over McCrystal 149 - 6 auto qualifiers QF1: Sueflohn over Nelson QF2: Grajales over Grothus QF3: Tsirtsis over Paddock QF4: English over Dardanes Consi QF1: Dardanes over Trimble Consi QF2: Paddock over Roach Consi QF3: Grothus over Ervin Consi QF4: Nelson over Lubeck Finals: Tsirtsis over Sueflohn Third: Dardanes over Nelson Fifth: English over Grajales Seventh: Paddock over Nelson 157 - 8 auto qualifiers QF1: Jordan over Murphy QF2: St. John over Alton QF3: Ness over Walsh QF4: Green over Brunson Consi QF1: Griffin over Brunson Consi QF2: Walsh over Wildmo Consi QF3: Alton over Languis Consi QF4: Murphy over Sullivan Finals: Green over St. John Third: Ness over Jordan Fifth: Murphy over Walsh Seventh: Alton over Griffin 165 - 8 auto qualifiers QF1: Taylor over Wilson QF2: Morse over Yates QF3: Harger over Zilverburg QF4: Moore over Leblanc Consi QF1: Leblanc over Robinson Consi QF2: Zilverburg over Cox Consi QF3: Yates over Nash Consi QF4: Wilson over Grandominico Finals: Taylor over Moore Third: Morse over Yates Fifth: Harger over Leblanc Seventh: Zilverburg over Wilson 174 - 7 auto qualifiers QF1: Kokesh over Zeerip QF2: Storley over Dallago QF3: Martin over Evans QF4: Brown over Ligel Consi QF1: Ligel over Irick Consi QF2: Evans over Kacznowski Consi QF3: Dallago over Kissel Consi QF4: Zeerip over Balka Finals: Kokesh over Brown Third: Storley over Martin Fifth: Evans over Dallago Seventh: Zeerip over Ligel 184 - 7 auto qualifiers QF1: Ruth over Reyes QF2: Abounader over Dudley QF3: Lofthouse over Courts QF4: Steinhaus over Hein Consi QF1: Hein over Lynde Consi QF2: Courts over Berkowitz Consi QF3: Dudley over Rizquallah Consi QF4: Sheridan over Reyes Finals: Ruth over Steinhaus Third: Lofthouse over Courts Fifth: Abounader over Dudley Seventh: Sheridan over Hein 197 - 8 auto qualifiers QF1: McIntosh over McCall QF2: Atwood over Burak QF3: Schiller over Gonzalez QF4: Heflin over Polizzi Consi QF1: McDiarmid over Polizzi Consi QF2: Gonzalez over Goldman Consi QF3: Burak over Heald Consi QF4: McCall over Kolb Finals: Heflin over McIntosh Third: Schiller over Gonzalez Fifth: Burak over Atwood Seventh: McCall over McDiarmid 285 - 9 auto qualifiers QF1: Coon over Jensen QF2: Nelson over Telford QF3: McMullan over McClure QF4: Chalfant over Medberry Consi QF1: Medberry over Gingrich Consi QF2: McClure over Lopez Consi QF3: Telford over White Consi QF4: Jensen over Tavanello Finals: Coon over McMullan Third: Nelson over Telford Fifth: Chalfant over Medberry Seventh: Jensen over McClure Ninth: Tavanello over Gingrich
Comment 07 Mar 2014

Brackets are up on  You can follow the action there, on twitter with the @wrestlingbucks account, or if you subscribe to the Big Ten Digital Network they will have coverage.  The finals are live on BTN on Sunday at 2:00 P.M.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Given that it is likely that Cory Clark will wrestle for Iowa, that will reduce the number of automatic qualifiers to 6.  The auto qualifier spots are given to the wrestler, and, in Iowa's situation, Thomas Gilman was the one who earned the spot.  Puts Roberts in a tough position, as it likely knocks one other quality wrestler into the at large pool.

Comment 12 Sep 2012

Hmmmm...this week I think the offense clicks and we see the second 50+ point effort.


The D gives up a couple long passes, but plays well overall.