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Comment 21 Mar 2015

The one thing I missed in my calculations is that the third and fifth place matches are only worth 1 point.  I thought they were worth 2.  That actually helps the Buckeyes because it limits the points Iowa can score.  A BoJo win with bonus probably wraps it up.

Comment 21 Mar 2015

My thoughts:

125 - I think Garrett knocks Gilman into the 5th place match, where Gilman beats Youtsey.  Gilman could pick up bonus in that match as well.  I think he gets the major and that’s a total of 3 points for Iowa at this weight.

NaTo is 2-0 against Moisey this year, winning 19-5 and 15-10.  I don’t think this one features quite as many points, as NaTo has been wrestling aggressive but controlled.  Also, Moisey has a great cradle and I think NaTo has to be cautious of the positions he gets in.  I see NaTo winning a national championship with a 6-3 score.  4 points for Ohio State at this weight.

Difference: Ohio State +14.5

133 - I think Brewer is a man on a mission right now, and I think he takes out Clark in the finals.  No points for either team.

Difference: Ohio State +14.5

141 - Logie. Bear.  He controlled Port last time, and, on the biggest of stages, with Four national titles and a team title on the line, he will not be denied.  4 points for Ohio State

Difference: Ohio State +18.5

149 - Sorenson is a puzzle, as he could place anywhere from third to sixth.  I’ll split the difference and put him fourth.  A decision over Villalonga is 3.5 points.

Difference: Ohio State +15

157 - Neither team has a wrestler remaining at this weight.

Difference: Ohio State +15

165 - BoJo has an initial match with Sulzer, who was upset by Cooper Moore.  I think BoJo wins that one by decision (+3.5) and then picks up a pin over Ramos in the 3rd place match (+4).

Difference: Ohio State +22.5

174 - I think Storley beats Evans and Evans beats Crutchmer to take 5th (+2).

Difference: Ohio State +20.5

184 - I hate to say it, but I think Kenny is happy being an AA, and I think he takes 6th.

Difference: Ohio State +20.5

197 - I’m giving the edge to Gadson, who has a win over Snyder earlier this year.  I think Burak gets a major over Huntley, which is good for 2 points.

Difference: Ohio State +18.5

285 - I think Telford beats Medberry and McMullan to take third (+5.5).

Difference: Ohio State +13

Overall, I think Iowa could fare a bit better than I’ve projected, but, I don’t think they can make up enough ground.  If they take four 3rds this morning, and Ohio State takes 2 6ths, the Bucks might be in a bit of trouble.  I don’t think that’s likely.  I think 95 points wins this and I don’t see 22 points left for Iowa.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

My thoughts: 

125 - Nathan Tomasello v. Ethan Lizak. Conoway majored Lizak and Clark teched him. I’m giving NaTo 4 here, but 5 would be better and is not out of the question. 
4-0 Ohio State 

133 - Johnni DiJulius v. Chris Dardanes. Dardanes is on a roll, winning everything close right now, beating Bruno by 2, Richards in OT, Gulibon by 1 and Clark by 2. I think this is a match that JDJ can win, as I don’t know if these 2 have ever wrestled in an official match. JDJ is difficult to adjust to the first time, as most guys aren’t ready for his offensive attacks. I’m giving Dardanes the decision, but this will be close. 
4-3 Ohio State 

141 - Logan Stieber v. Nick Dardanes. I know Dardanes gave Logie_Bear a tough match over the summer, but this isn’t freestyle and it isn’t the summer. Logan by major. 
8-3 Ohio State 

149 - Randy Languis v. Jake Short. A year ago I feel like I legitimately could have picked Languis in a match like this. This year, I’m hoping he doesn’t give up bonus. 
8-6 Ohio State 

157 - Josh Demas v. Dylan Ness. This is either a decision for Ness, or a fall. Looking at his results this year, he has more pins than majors. Demas has good enough defense that he can avoid bonus. 
9-8 Minnesota 

165 - Bo Jordan v. Brandon Kingsley/Nick Wanzek. This is big, as it could be a 2-3 point differential. Kingsley wrestled against Iowa and was pinned by Moore. Wanzek beat Hammond from PSU. I this Bo gets a major/tech against Kingsley and a decision against Wanzek. I’m predicting Wanzek goes. 
11-9 Ohio State 

174 - Mark Martin v. Logan Storley - Storley hasn’t been putting up a ton of points, only getting bonus on a tsun backup in 2015. I’m giving him a decision. 
12-11 Minnesota 

184 - Kenny Court v. Brett Pfarr. Pfarr won 7-2 in Vegas. Courts then missed the next month. If healthy, I think this match is closer, but giving Pfarr the decision. 
15-11 Minnesota 

197 - Kyle Snyder v. Scott Schiller. I like Snyder in this matchup because I’m a Buckeye and I’m not picking him to lose a match this season. I think this is a toss up and won’t be surprised by any result. 
15-14 Minnesota 

285 - Ray Gordon v. Michael Kroells. Kroells, with bonus. Kroells actually majored Tav last year. While I wouldn’t expect that again this year, he is the favorite. 
19-14 Minnesota. 

Overall, one switch/upset could win the dual for Ohio State. JDJ or Courts coming up big could be the difference. However, this could get ugly very easily. Ohio State could give up bonus at 157, 174, 184, lose at 197 and give up bonus at 285. That would make it an ugly score. Wish I could be there, but my daughter has her first gymnastics class and I have to take her. I guess I’ll just have to wait until B1Gs. 

Go Bucks.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

My thoughts: 

125 - I think Nate majors, at worst, Youtsey. If he can get 1 turn he could get a tech. 

133 - JDJ split with Bruno last year. I think he takes this one. 

141 - Logie Bear sticks whomever. 

149 - Pantaleo is solid, but he has no elite wins this year. Even his run to the finals at CKLV included no great wins. I think Hunter gets the solid decision. 

157 - Murphy is alright, but has lost to most of the good wrestlers that he has faced this year. I think Demas picks up a 3-2 decision. 

165 - BoJo takes down Massa again, Massa takes neutral this time, and BoJo adds another. 

174 - I honestly think that Prezzia could beat either guy at 174 for tsun. Complete toss up. 

184 - Courts lost to Dom the first two times they wrestled, getting hit with the same 5 point move both times. The third time they wrestled he didn't get hit with the 5 pointer and won. I think he gets the decision. 

197 - Snyder beat Huntley 10-5 earlier in the year. Could be a major this time. 

***So, I could honestly see OSU sporting a shutout of tsun at this point. Again, do I think that OSU will win the first nine weight classes, no. But I would be more shocked if they lost this dual than if they won 9-1.*** 

285 - Coon pins a backup, beats Tav by decision. If Tav is hurting it could be bonus. 

I think, nay, HOPE, this one gets UGLY, and quick. 

Go Bucks!!!!!

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Some updates and my thoughts:

The first round is almost over, and the Buckeyes are undefeated (so far)!

125 - Tomasello picked up a quick pin in his first match.  Looking at his draw as the 6 seed, I believe he should beat the 3 ( a returning AA) and face Dance again.  I think he wins and makes the finals.

133 - JDJ got a tech in his first match and a likely matchup with Rossi Bruno, whom he split with last year, awaits.  I think Vegas brings out the best in Johnni, and he makes the finals.

141 - Logan picked up a pin in his first match and he could have an NCAA finals rematch with Devin Carter.  I don't expect him to lose, to anyone.

149 - Languis is here and he picked up a nice win in his first match.  I think he can place here and pick up important team points.

157 - No one is here for the Bucks with Demas taking some time off.

165 - Kresevic picked up a win in his first match.  I don't expect him to do much more, but every point counts.

174 - Martin majored his first round opponent, which is a good sign.  He needs a good tourney here more than anyone on the team.  Placing is a must, and I'd love to see him outplace his seed.

184 - Courts won his first match, but didn't look great doing so.  He needs to step it up if he wants to wrestle to his seed. I'm calling for a 3rd or 4th place finish.

197 - Snyder also won his first match, starting well, but struggling in the second period.  He has 2 of the top wrestlers in the nation in his bracket, so he needs to cut down on the mistakes.  I think he loses one match, somewhere along the way.

285 - Tavanello just won his opening round match.  I think he can outwrestle his seed, and would love to see him have a good tourney.  He has wrestled well since his first match upset this year.

The @wrestlingbucks twitter account is providing updates and Intermat has a live blog of the entire tourney.

Go Bucks!!!!!

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Both are injured.  Apparently JD Bergman said on the webcast that Hunter was out until January.  Not sure about Bo.

Bucks wrestle two dual meet matches on Saturday, first against Army and then Arizona State.  Neither should be much closer than this match was, even without those two.

Comment 01 Nov 2014

The NWCA All Star match is tonight at the Palestra in Philadelphia.  Logan is wrestling Mitchell Port.  Port upset Hunter Stieber in 2012 in the semifinals and got second that year.  Port lost to Devin Carter in the semis last year and took 3rd.  I believe is streaming the match, not sure if you have to be a pay member or not.  Intermat is having a live blog of the event as well.

If you are on twitter, @wrestlingbucks is the official account of the Buckeye wrestling team.  I believe they have a Facebook page and an Instagram account as well. is a great website which often has live results of tournaments and dual meets.

Season tickets are only $42.00, and individual tickets are $7-$8 per match, so it's not too bad if you want to try to make a home match.  The Bucks have a phenomenal home schedule this year.  Kent on November 13th, Missouri on December 14th (featuring phenom Kyle Snyder v. J'Den Cox, who beat Heflin in the national finals), Iowa on January 4th, Penn State (4x reigning B1G and National champs) on January 11th and Purdue on January 30th.

The B1G Championships are also in Columbus this year(March 6-7, 2015) and tickets for both days ran around $45.00 (total) as well.

Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Nov 2014

Ordered my season tickets and my B1G Championship tickets already!  Can't wait to see how Logan does tonight and the rest of the team tomorrow at the MSU Open.

You can follow the Bucks tomorrow at the Michigan State Open on  I think everyone except Logan and Johnni DiJulius will be there.

Comment 13 Oct 2014
I understand the depth chart argument, but, honestly, Harris may be second string next year and the starter the year sheet. Elliot is the starter next year and Smith is gone. Neither Dunn nor Ball has lit the world on fire. Harris could jump right into the two-deep. And Elliot could easily be an early entry candidate. Back to back 1,000+ yard seasons and he may not want to put more tread on the tires. Another thing to consider is that the more success Stoops has at UK, the less likely he is to still be there when Harris is playing. Ask James Quick.
Comment 27 Aug 2014

I am a member at Scout and I think the info that Bill Greene and nevada give is worth the money.  Not always the recruiting stuff, but the inside information from practices and things like that.

I can honestly say that stars don't matter to me as much as some.  I think ESPN is the worst, and I like the composite the best, but Scout and Rivals are toss ups.