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Comment 06 Jul 2014

I'm not being naïve I know for a fact you can blow a .09 with 2-3 drinks. You might be the naïve one if you think you can drink a sixer and be under the limit. I would have to say that your breathalyzer is not working properly because if you drink 6 beers in 50 minutes you sure as shit will blow more than .07. Next time you see a cop ask him/her.

Comment 05 Jul 2014

.09 is a joke that's basically 2-3 beers in an hour. The guy wasn't drunk. The whole breathalyzer to determine if your intoxicated or not is the worst system there is. It's just a money grab by states/counties. I'm not condoning drinking and driving but honestly the system needs changed.

Comment 30 May 2014

That's all fun and all but I'd like a tight end in general. No offense but if we don't have any tight ends to coach he doesn't have much of a job. So as long as this does some help getting tight ends to commit I'm all for it.

Comment 28 Jan 2014

I'm thinking the dv come from the people that don't know you have very unbiased opinions when it comes to tosu and you guys. I appreciate everything you input to this website and truly as much as I hate to say it look forward to your opinion on everything that is ttun.

Comment 24 Apr 2013

I understand all of that it was more wishful thinking rather than thinking that this would happen. I know there is no way in hell that the BIG would do this just thought I would throw my 2 cents in for what it's worth and show another scenario that to me would be ideal.

Comment 24 Apr 2013

The perfect number in my eyes for a conference schedule would be 11 which in turn would need the league to become a 16 team league. Which each team plays one out of conference game like a MAC school to simulate as a warm up game then your 7 teams in your division then half (4 teams) from the other division. This would mean we get to play 4 teams in the other division every other year. In my eyes this would be way better then playing a UAB and whoever else every year and play against 3/4 of our conference.