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Comment 14 hours ago

Underrated how hot and talented this young lady is. I would like to watch one of her standups. Love her in the cell phone commercials.

Comment 14 hours ago

It really is impossible to know, except for Herman, how much of his thoughts will be on the future job vs the current job. I would think the present chance to help win a Nat. Champ would dominate my thoughts, but nobody but he will know that. 

And it doesn't matter... if the Buckeyes are shut down by Bama, everybody will say Herman was distracted. If the Buckeyes have a great offensive game, he showed his genius. Herman is a smart guy and knows how important the Buckeye's performance is to his legacy, so I think he will be locked into this challenge.

Comment 15 hours ago

I will bet anybody that if you asked Kwon, he would give Curtis Grant a lot of credit for his success. Curtis took Kwon under his wing from day one, which is not often the case with Seniors with star Freshmen. It reminds me of how David Robinson invited Tim Duncan to his home for offseason training after the Spurs drafted Duncan. The Spurs won the title the next year, and Duncan became an all-time great. I hope it is the same with Kwon.

Comment 15 hours ago

I personally don't think he Cook will be a successful NFL QB next year, so he should return for his senior year. As far as unfinished business, the only things not on his college resume are a Heisman/Maxwell and a Nat championship. He is already one of the most decorated QBs in Sparty history, but if that is where his heart is at... 

I am just glad that Kurtis Drummond is taking his talents to the NFL. I love his game - he plays safety with the attitude that he is going to make a play every down. Vonn Bell is turning into that kind of menace. Happy trails Kurtis. 

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Congrats coach Herman. This is a great opportunity for him. I am really hoping he has great success there. Houston is a great 2nd Tier program. The school is located near a wealth of talent in an area Herman knows very well. He could really turn that program into a Boise State type contender. Best wishes and happy trails.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I think Kwon has so much natural instinct that he often gets in better position than Grant. I think Grant has become much better, but Kwon has that LB instinct you are either born with or you're not. Spielman and Laurinaitis had incredible instincts as a LB. I think it is really hard to learn once you are in college.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I think Darron Lee can eventually elevate his game to Shazier's level, and at times he has been close this year. My one knock on Lee, and Shazier when he was younger, and now in the NFL, is their abilities to get off blocks. Lee really struggles when he gets locked up by a blocker, and that has allowed some pretty big plays to his side. That aside, when he has a chance to close on a back or QB, he usually does so with reckless abandon. He also has a knack for big plays. If he keeps working, he will be a great one by the time he is done.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I think if you watch any game in the first half of the year, you will find Mike Bennett being double or triple teamed. Some were saying he was playing not to get hurt, but he was drawing a lot of attention, opening up lanes for the other DL and LBs. I think he had a great season.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

What a great link. I had never seen that. Thanks for sharing it. I am about to troll some Canes' boards.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

If you watch that 4th quarter, the game should have been over in regulation. The refs seemed to be on a mission to extend it in overtime. I know one play when Gamble was practically tackled with no PI called. Bottom line: Best team that night won the game. Only Canes' particians or Buckeye haters would argue otherwise.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Too many comments to go through, so if my opinion was stated previously, for for the duplication. 

Tom Herman has deep roots in Texas, and as a young coach, Houston would be a great starting HC job. I know we would all love these guys to be happy assistants, but they all have their own personal ambitions and goals. We should all cheer and love them, trusting Meyer will replace them with equivalent replacements. That is our control... Coach Meyer. He chooses these great assistants.

Our current core of ACs are great, but we must view them as individuals with their own personal goals and ambitions. Herman seems destined for an HC position, so let's hope he lands in a great position for his family, and leaves us with a program that develops QB talent. I wish him all the best.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

I would love to give them all raises, but I think the three most important are Herman (in recognition of his Broyles award should be close to Fickell/Ash $$$), Warriner and Johnson, who I think should be at least $500k. 

But if you look at how this program is running right now, and how close the team is, I think they should all get raises.  

Comment 11 Dec 2014

That is the narrative of people who don't watch the games, or consider the circumstances of a week 2 team vs a bowl team. A great example is Jerry Kill's Minnesota team was terrible when they played TCU, but were much better when they played the Buckeyes. If you watched both games, it was clearly evident, yet the talking heads never mentioned it. Also, Wisconsin dominated LSU for 3 quarters in a game in Dallas, which was basically a road game. Their offense sputtered after Gordon was dinged up and their defense tired. I watched them fall apart. There is no way LSU was better than them except for the benefit of the individual circumstance. Oregon beating Mich St was the same thing. All these "terrible" B1G losses, if you actually watch the games, showed week 2 as an outlier. By the end of the year, the top 5 teams in the B1G were comparable to the other conferences. So this whole narrative of the SEC being so much better is silly.