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Comment 26 Apr 2017

I'm guessing most will land on their feet. SEC needs lots of sports information people for those championship teams

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Can somebody tell me the last time Florida played a game north of the Mason-Dixon line?  Not in favor of these so-called "neutral" sites.

Bama played Penn State in Happy Valley some time back, but probably not in the past 10 years.  At least FSU has to plat some ACC teams over the line

Comment 19 Apr 2017

I hope that they make the right choice, whatever it is.  Not anti-JT, but he has not won a conference championship at tOSU and he was the QB in the biggest ass-kicking on some time. He's put up tremendous personal and team stats and deserves accolades.  I'm not convinced we win in 2014 with him and not sure we get to the promised land with him next.  Hope I'm wrong, but I just have this nagging thought that if he is the best we have/most deserving, we'll be watching someone else in the natty next January.

Like I said, hope I'm wrong.