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Comment 25 Aug 2014

If I am not mistaken that is a Buckeye in the middle of that Bama picture...He sure looks a lot better in his new uni !!  Go Bucks

Comment 20 Jan 2014

Damn...this is just amazing, I must be missing something. This is the first four game losing streak in what four or five years. Teams go into slumps, I think these guys will figure it out. Man I hope I am right for once in my life!!!! Go bucks!!!!

Comment 20 Jan 2014

I know the media likes to make a big deal out of Witherspoon and Sibert being leading scorers for their respective teams... they likely would not be big scorers playing in the BIG. I personally hope to see Loving get more minutes as he seems to be a good offensive player. Thad will get it done!!!

Comment 20 Jan 2014

I can't believe so many have turned on Thad...short fricking memories!!! He will get this figured out and get the Bucks in the tournament. Even if he does not get it done this year I would still not trade him for anyone. Craft gives every ounce of energy he has...and yet some of the "fans" turn on him. The guy has to be running out of gas trying to carry this team!!!

Comment 19 Jan 2014

Williams is a piece of shit that bailed on his teammates for a fricking joint... I was a lifelong Dolphins fan that quit giving two shits about pro football because of this douchebag...ok...I got that off my chest.  Go Bucks!!!! And Ricky "it's all about ME" Williams can go F$%^ himself...he ruined my Sunday's

Comment 16 Jan 2014

Ohio State can Thad find some you wait on the upper classmen or go with the young guy Loving. I hope he goes with Loving and prepare for next year. It is painful to watch but I still love the Bucks!!!!

Comment 13 Jan 2014

There is more to the game than just points and turnovers...Amir has definitely improved but he lacks the fire that he needs to play with the entire time he is on the floor. He has shown flashes of it and has been dominant at times but the next time down the floor he gets pushed around like a rag doll. Ross is an even worse example of much talent and seems like such little interest.

Mikey is spot on on least he was hustling and trying to make something happen.

I have confidence that Matta will make all the pieces work as best he can. The Bucks will be much improved when tourny time gets here!!!

Comment 02 Jan 2014

MSU and Dantonio are a great story but along with success comes the reality of the great assistants getting job upgrades. I hope Sparty can replace them consistently as that is what keeps you at or near the top. If Narduzzi is not a head coach next year I will be shocked...he did with two and three star recruits what OSU did not do with four and five star.

Comment 04 Sep 2013

The only concern I have over the Buffalo game is the way all of the talking heads are burying the Buckeyes and telling everyone who listens to these idiots ( I am guilty) that the Bucks are not even top ten...How much can this hurt the good guys when recruits and polls hear all of their commentary? It seems as if style points are becoming more and more important every year.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

I am with you ChiTown...Craft and Scott are serious game changers and Scott won't have another bone head technical that seemed to turn momentum against ISU.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

I hope this game is fast paced as I really think that would favor the Buckeyes... they seem more fluid when running. I keep hoping that the light will turn on for Amir"Lackofhands" Williams but hope is fading fast. Man you can just see the potential. I hope somebody says something to really piss him off as that seems to be the only time he shows what he is capable of. Thomas should be licking his chops as I can see him being a serious matchup problem. Craft will be Craft and take care of business. Q...all I can say is keep strokn it Thompson, Rav and Scott just need to give the normal solid minutes. The real worry is being on the west coast...GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 25 Mar 2013

If you line up every point guard in the country and had to pick hesitation it is Craft all the way. He does so many things for this the guy just has that "IT" factor that is soooo much fun to watch.