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Comment 20 May 2015
I used to dabble with beard-growing, but it was never very full so it never looked right. About a year ago, I tried again and it came in glorious and full. Can't imagine shaving it now.
Comment 19 May 2015

Maybe you could beat me in a one mile footrace. If we did 100 of them back-to-back, however...

Comment 17 May 2015

Yellowjackets have always frightened me. They get bad in southern California, especially in the desert, in the fall just like they did when I lived in Ohio. I was monitoring a construction project for a year in the desert and those bastards were everywhere, and I was getting stung all the time. You didn't even have to do anything to provoke them... they just attack.

Mosquitoes are horrible where they are dense. Really, any biting fly is something that I loathe. Deer flies are the worst.

Ticks. They can f themselves. 

Comment 17 May 2015

I've had one. I tried to let it grow (it was in my shoulder) as a little science experiment. It got too painful. Had to have someone pop it out.

Comment 16 May 2015

I have not, but will on your recommendation. Hell, the wife and I could very well be going there today. We're about to head to Old Town Pasadena to walk around and do whatever comes up, and we haven't eaten lunch yet. I could use a Firestone Wookie Jack right now...

Comment 16 May 2015

Yes to Yardhouse. I usually push for independent restaurants and not chains, but Yardhouse was once a one-location thing, and it was great, so now it has expanded all over. I've been going there since I moved to Southern California in 2003. It's actually my favorite place to eat, both because of the food and the ridiculous beer selection. Their ribeye is awesome.

Comment 15 May 2015

I thought I'd try to answer when I saw the title, but I avoid Anaheim as much as possible. Most people in OC get insulted if you associate with them Los Angeles. I live on the northeast end of Los Angeles, but there is nothing here worth fighting traffic from Anaheim for, especially with the construction on the 5. Trust me.

Comment 12 May 2015

I run trail ultras up to 100 miles. Some people call that extreme. I call it burning calories for my REAL extreme sport: IPA drinking.

Comment 11 May 2015

I would have to assume, looking at some of the southwestern cities, that a "wet day" is any day where it rains. "Precipitation" is the inches of precipitation per year. You'll note that LA and Denver have very nearly the same precipitation, but there are a lot more wet days for Denver. That would be because LA gets most of its rain from Pacific storms that often dump a lot all at once, then clear out.

Comment 28 Apr 2015
I forgot this little nugget: my wife and I never really go out (as in clubs, bars, etc.) Her cousin is a hard partier and foodie who used to live in a condo in downtown LA. He took us out to the hidden spots that most people don't know about. We hit some restaurant at 1am and he ordered a "lobster grilled cheese" that he'd been raving about all night. I can't wait to have that again. I was so drunk I can't remember where that was, though...
Comment 22 Apr 2015

I heard his next feat is running the Mohican 100 in Ohio in June.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

While you are correct to a point, agricultural allotments have been slashed pretty drastically already with devastating effects in many agricultural areas. The attempt to cut residential allotments is based on the overwhelming waste there. While it is not the largest area of consumption in the state, at least 50% of residential use is for keeping the lawn green. Drought or no drought, lawns have no place here.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

We've torn our grass out and landscaped everything with drought-tolerant plants years ago. We keep open areas for the dog, but those are just covered in mulch.

Comment 10 Apr 2015

This just prompted me to look at it for the first time since the change. I like the initial view. I don't like endlessly-scrolling sites.

Comment 04 Apr 2015
I don't know who will win, I just know I won't like the coach of the winning team...
Comment 04 Apr 2015
The game opened looking like Sparty was going to run Duke off the court. Now, it looks like Duke will run Sparty off the court. I'm sure things will turn around soon.
Comment 03 Apr 2015

For steaks, I sometimes use olive oil, but the steaks often catch fire when I use that. Then, I'll use some combo of any or all of salt, pepper, onion salt, or Nature's Seasons. I try to buy quality steaks, which are pricey, but make a big difference. Also: don't be afraid to use a meat thermometer. The frequency with which your end result is cooked exactly as you want it will increase dramatically with a thermometer. I also let steaks rest on a plate wrapped in aluminum foil. 

Comment 02 Apr 2015

I moved to Belize for two years (it was going to be permanent) after graduation from OSU, and moved to southern California from Ohio in 2003. While I had work lined up in both cases, it was still a big deal. For Belize, I had to move with what I could bring on a plane. For California, I had a yard sale and sold almost everything I owned, and just kept the important stuff that would fit in my Isuzu. I can't imagine what life would have been like if I hadn't done those things. Not sure I want to imagine it. I love Ohio, but never really saw myself living there for the rest of my life.