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Comment 08 Mar 2017

I've been away from the site for awhile, and am saddened to come back and see this. Best wishes to you guys, his family, and what I'm sure were many friends.

Comment 31 Jan 2017

My next race is the Leona Divide 50. I tried to go out to run on that course on Sunday, expecting the same warm weather that was forecasted at our house. When I got to the trailhead it was 50 degrees with 40+ MPH winds, and all I had was short shorts, a tshirt, and a light running jacket. I got back into my car and went home.

Comment 31 Jan 2017

Sorry about your dog. My dog was my hiking and running partner everywhere for years, until she started limping one day. It's been a recurring problem since then with a lot of different tests and diagnoses. It seems to really just be arthritis in the joint. She just gets short walks now, for the most part.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

I suddenly realize I forgot the best (and touching?) part of the marathon story above. That was my first run longer than a half marathon. Leading up to the race, I wasn't sure I could do it and I was a little scared. My grandmother died a slow death from cancer a few months prior to the race. I spent a month in Findlay at her side through the end (I was very close to her). We talked about my race. I told her I was scared and wasn't sure I could do it. She told me "you have always been able to do anything you set your mind to. I'm sure you can do this." I promised her I'd finish the race. That was the *only* reason I finished the LA Marathon with the skin entirely falling off my feet. I thought of that constantly as I struggled (it's bringing a tear to my eye thinking of it), and as I made the final turn at the ocean toward the finish line with the cheering crowds I completely broke down and cried.

I did it for Grandma. She would've been proud.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

They're pretty much the same as always. I've been out running a few times since I've been back. I did 10 miles with 3,000 feet of climbing with my wife yesterday. I always get pains in my knees at random points in my runs. Sometimes really bad and nearly crippling ones, but they usually slowly go away. Beyond the injury I'm theoretically recovered from, the docs said I have pretty good quality knees for my age. The pains I always get in my knees tell me otherwise.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

Yeah... I struggle with the heat, too. My first 50K was during one of the hottest days in the history of southern California. It was 113 degrees. There was a phenomenal amount of carnage on the course. I finished in over eight hours, and only with the help of others (a bunch of us stayed together to help each other through our suffering). I went back a couple years later and ran the course in 90 degree heat with a time of 5:30.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

I've known a runner or two wearing their shirts. A lot of ultra folks run marathons on a regular basis. Many say running one for a fast time is harder than running a hundred miler. I don't know if that's true or not. I've just run the LA Marathon and that was the year we got biblical rainfall during the event. I finished, but spent much of the second half in medical tents dealing with my feet because the course flooded.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

Thanks, Forrest. Glad you appreciated it. My wife didn't like how I wrote it... she doesn't care for the style of going back-and-forth between separate stories. Anyway, to each their own.

Organizing the site was a challenge. I don't like things to be busy, but I have a lot on there. It took me a few iterations before I got to where I organized it basically as separate subsites, some of which have their own web domains.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

Thanks, BuckeyeCWRU. I had a few different iterations of it before I finally found a WordPress template that had enough flexibility to work well for both my bio and art stuff. Creating all the components to get the look I wanted took awhile, though.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Haha... I had SPAM wusabi rice cakes at the aid stations. It was one of my favorite foods. I also got the local "special" for breakfast two days after the race.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Altra Lone Peaks are my shoe of choice right now. I'm wearing them in the pic above.

Sure, I'll hit you up when I'm in town.