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Comment 21 Nov 2015
OSU is getting small and fast at the skilled positions like Florida during the end of Urbans reign there. This has been my concern for the past couple of years. It creates small windows on the outside and makes you very predictable. Tim Beck was a huge mistake last winter and hopefully it is rectified this winter. It will be interesting to see where the team goes from here. It was unbelievable to me that Zeke didn't get more than 5 carries in the second half.
Comment 12 Nov 2015

I would sell on Stubhub or Vivid Seats. Each take a 10% cut off the top. Vivid allows you to sell up until the final hour before kickoff but stubhub shuts it down 18 or 12 hours beforehand. If you price them competitively after the last week of the season you will sell for the most money. 

Comment 03 Nov 2015
PAC 12 teams won't travel. Most others will. If it is Bama or LSU and OSU or Clemson should be good to go. May have some issues if Baylor or Tcu make it. Need some blue bloods to be there. I'm interested as well.
Comment 01 Nov 2015
I'd go with Oklahoma because they have some semblance of a D. After them I'd go with Baylor.
Comment 24 Oct 2015
I believe he got the starting job because of injury. With that said, his play has allowed I'm to keep the position. Not sure he would have started over apple or Conley but would've probably made the two deep.
Comment 18 Oct 2015
No but the sugar bowl was a good example of a crazed fan base. Alabama fans were standing the whole time. I was unfortunately on their side in the endzone. They were also very loud.
Comment 18 Oct 2015
It's unfortunate that the coaches run two different offenses with the two qbs. Cardale is often looking at 3rd and long because they want to put Braxton at qb and run the wildcat. The poor guy cannot get into a rhythm because of all the tricks the offense wants to run. The coaches also do not play to Cardale's strengths of deep outs and deep passes. With that said JT looked really good last night. I just think the play calling is not great at this time.
Comment 22 Sep 2015

Willie Mae's Scotch House has some of the best Fried Chicken. I go there every time I am in New Orleans. That place is such a treat. Sorry to see her pass but she has created a legend down there and her food will always be there for us to remember. I was last there the day after watching the Bucks dump Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. A Bama fan asked me if I wanted his hotel reservations in Dallas. I politely refused and let him know I already had mine.

Comment 19 Sep 2015
I get that for the offense. The defense is playing it's ass off and they aren't getting the support they deserve. Turnovers are deflating but they don't mean you stop cheering because you can do your part to help the team by cheering and being loud and engaged.
Comment 19 Sep 2015
No I'm actually comparing their fan base to ours. They get up for every game. Fans are standing and cheering during all of their games. People want to talk about music being played in stadiums ad what not but that is trend across the country. If people organically would get loud then music wouldn't need to be played.
Comment 19 Sep 2015
Definitely feel bad for him. I wish they would utilize his skill set a little more when he is playing. They didn't run a single pass play over 20 yards this game until the incompletion by JT. You can say there is no deep threat but I find it incredibly hard to believe that with all the receivers they have there isn't one who can run deep routes.
Comment 19 Sep 2015
Great defense. Pick one qb and stick with him. They're looking over their shoulders and can't get into a rhythm. Get the running game going. OC needs to call a better game. The middle of the field is completely ignored. They will be fine but they need to make a decision at qb and live with it.
Comment 18 Sep 2015
Stubhub and vivid seats I believe guarantee your tickets. If they are fake the seller gets charged double and the site then finds tickets to replace yours. If buying from the secondary market I would wait until the day before or day of if possible.