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Comment 27 Jun 2014

I'll say this. Soccer (Futbol) can be either the most boring or most thrilling sport. Played at the highest level it is a beautiful and exciting game. But I find it very uninteresting when played at a lower level because the sloppiness negates the sport's essential fluid play. It takes an incredible amount of time and dedication to develop the requisite soccer skills to play at a top level. It's not farfetched in American football for an athlete who's never played before to begin playing in high school and earn a D1 scholarship. That could NEVER happen in soccer. In soccer athletes must develop sufficient skill in their feet to do the same thing the hand does in other sports. Ever try to drop a ball that's rocketed toward you within a couple of feet of where you stand? Could you also do the same while on a full sprint? It's the combination of skill, speed and split second decisions and reactions that make soccer, when played at the highest level, the most thrilling sport.

Comment 25 Aug 2012

Mickey may be asking a bit too much from Buckeye fans/students at the outset. After last season the first thing supporters need is a refresher on how to clap.