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Comment 10 Oct 2014

We found enough guys to go....No thanks to you pricks.....

Comment 22 Nov 2013

The Heartland Trophy is between Iowa and Wisconsin, according to the trophy in the picture.....So something about eating cheese along with corn should be added as well........

Comment 06 May 2013

I'm not in the diamond buisness, but what are the chances some of these are cz?  I mean, UNC probably doesnt make money off their football team and they are buying these rings for over 100 people?  I'm sure they are getting a great deal, but I would love to know how much they pay for each ring.....

Comment 24 Jan 2013

It was in one of the skullys, maybe elsewhere....where I first realized other fanbases think he is a dirty player......This blew my mind.  Hard working, scrappy, annoying......All yes, but I never thought he was dirty, or gets away with hacking all game.....Maybe Im just being a homer but I think if anything, he gets called for touch fouls as much as anyone else.......

Comment 23 Jan 2013

Ok, what happens if we sign more than 3 guys....Wont that put us over 25 guys, and therefore be "oversigning"?  Basically, what is the final number we can sign before we get labeled as oversigning?  I know some guys left the program so that factors in..........

Comment 10 Jan 2013

I know these rankings are a crock, but how can one service have Mitchell at 24 (rivals) and the other have him at 124 (espn)......Apple wasnt even in the top 100 for rivals and he is 11 on espn?......Crazy...I guess these guys are like the weatherman....

Comment 11 Dec 2012

Look at it this way.  Either BOB is pumped about this award, and is content with 8-4 bringing home bs hardware ......Or he is like us and knows it is a crock and hides the trophy in his closet so he doesnt have to tell people how he "won" it........I'd like to hear what he said when he was told he won......

Comment 27 Nov 2012

I coached baseball at the hs level and its the same everywhere......The last place team in the conference, who had 1 win, voted 8 of his kids to be all conf....Its unreal....These post season awards are becoming a laughing stock, especially in MLB.  Lets just give everyone an MVP trophy and be done with it!!! (kidding)

Comment 13 Nov 2012

I think Jean-Ralphio stole his hair style from Amedeo Della Valle......Also Amedeo needs a nickname.....and is there any footage of him dancing in the middle of the circle during introductions....I missed the start of the replay last night....

Comment 13 Mar 2012
The picture above looks like cheese cubes falling on fred, just as he requested for his post game snack.....