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Comment 13 Oct 2016

I doubt we'll see that look outside of goal-line situations, but that's mainly because Wisconsin runs so much zone blocking that the key to slowing down their run game is not necessarily keeping gap integrity (though it is important, especially on the backside to avoid cutbacks), but rather, it's most important to get the D-tackles to occupy double-teams as long as possible and keep the linebackers free to fill those gaps and make plays. If the Badgers are able to consistently get their guards to the second-level and get their hands on McMillan and Baker, it will be a long day for the Silver Bullets.

Comment 13 Oct 2016

Yes, he'll almost assuredly be covered by the outside linebackers (Baker/Worley) or Webb. While his size may allow him to gain favorable position, almost like a basketball player on the block, that should only be scary inside the red zone. In the open field, all three Buckeye defenders likely to cover him should have no trouble at all running with him, making it unlikely Hornibrook will try to wedge the ball into such a tight window.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I, unfortunately, haven't gained access to the all-22 quite yet, either. So, my guess is as good as yours to this point, although I do think J.T. didn't want to force the ball, and for the most part I don't think he did.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I had initially planned on writing about this, but after re-watching the game it seems that J.T. was just off. Samuel beat his man deep twice, as did Clark and Campbell, but the throw was off-target on all four attempts. Additionally, the INT that set up this goal-line sequence was off a throw that was high, outside, and fast. Baugh did get his hands on it, so there's a chance he makes that catch, but the ball came out way hotter than Baugh probably expected, and was off-target.

I was glad to see the coaches continue to call pass plays in the 4th quarter to get Barrett back on track, which it looks like he may have on the TD pass to Wilson. That was a nice throw that came after he checked down multiple receivers. My only question came on the fact that after three targets on the first drive, Noah Brown never saw the ball come his way again.

All in all, the good news is J.T. was making the right decisions with where he was throwing the ball, he was just off physically. Hopefully, he finds the groove early against Wisconsin. Finding Brown on shorter throws can help with that.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

By putting extra numbers (slot receiver + tight end) to the wide side, it all but assures that the defense will line up with their strength to that side, meaning there is at least one less defender to the boundary who could potentially disrupt the play.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

Yes, Knarcisi is correct, these are designed end-arounds to Samuel and Campbell, although I expect the next constraint to be motion from that slot receiver while then handing off to the back inside. That motion will hopefully pull an outside linebacker out of the box, meaning there is one less man to block and giving Meyer the numbers advantage he craves without needing to put Barrett in harm's way.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

It could be him, Parris Campbell, or even Wilson or Samuel from the slot. All I know is OSU will need someone to get on top of the UM and MSU DBs the way Devin did.

Comment 19 Sep 2016

Good question, and yes, this is more man coverage than the Buckeyes have run since the 90s. Under Tressel, they ran a great deal of Cover 2 and Cover 3, which continued into the first two years under Meyer, where they then ran a fair amount of quarter-quarter-half zone coverage as well. Ash's Quarters scheme really gave dominated the past two years, although there was some man coverage against pro-style teams. This year's approach has been a big surprise given that they've played 3 spread teams, and the man coverage has held up well. 

Comment 12 Sep 2016

I think they did try to get the quick passing game going with short, outside throws to McLaurin, Campbell, and Hill (I believe), but hitting a 6-yard hitch isn't going to remove a safety from the box to stop the run. This offense works best when it's able to hit some inside runs despite what the defense is doing, then once the safeties are loading the box to stop the run, they hit a deep ball over the top (see: the Michigan State game in 2014).

Comment 15 Aug 2016

This was a direct shot at me, as I represent the 'elitist pizza snobs' in this country. While my opinion may not be popular around here, I will die on this hill.

I'm sure there is a good individual spot in Bexley or something, but as a whole, and ESPECIALLY near campus, Cbus pizza is trash. I don't like it, but it's a reality. I don't mean this to be the thumb in everyone's eye, I raise this point because Ohio's capital city deserves good pizza. The people should demand it instead of wasting their time eating a "pizza" that tastes like ketchup on saltines, even if it is the 'hometown' pie.