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Comment 11 May 2015


This was absolutely the case with Grant and McMillan, and seems to be taking over the thread with the Erick Smith comments. He could very well be a good player someday, and Powell isn't perfect, but he's a guy that this team can depend on based on his play in the back half of the year.

Comment 04 May 2015

Yes, adding in the screens and check-downs aren't something you can add in on the fly with a young team like that. Unlike when you and I play Madden, real coaches are constrained by what they've practiced all week in their limited time to prepare. With their backs against the wall, they'll often go the other way and call plays they've run a dozen times, as the team on the field is more comfortable and more likely to execute properly. 

Comment 13 Apr 2015

I think that's the same question I still have. I'd imagine that tight zone will always be the first play installed in Meyer's offense, but it remains to be seen how often it gets called once the games start in the fall. Elliott's style fits well with the tight zone, as he's physical enough to run through arm tackles and handle the contact inside. But, he's also quick enough to get to the edge, as the run against Alabama showed. It's a waste not to get him out there at least on occasion.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

That's a really good call. It would take crazy precision from that kicker and a return team that really falls asleep, but there is enough speed on the edge of that line with Samuel, Conley, and Bell.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

I'm not aware of any names for the punt team, but I'm happy to break them down in the future if there is any interest. Honestly, the sample size isn't huge to work from though, since Cam Johnston rarely seems to take the field.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Though it was called back due to a hold, Oregon broke a long return in the national championship thanks to a kick that missed to the middle. If you miss left, the amount of damage that can be done is strictly limited to 35 yards. Missing right can result in 6 points. Clearly one is better than the other.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

Nor would OSU. Amir/Trey/Loving etc all set screens just like the ones seen above, as do 99% of screeners.

It's similar to the idea that there is holding on every running play in football - It has to be pretty egregious to get called.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Numbers at DL aren't a problem, it's production. Meyer consistently called out the backup interior players in the media this year, which tells me that the staff believes they have the talent in place already without moving someone over. I think it also showed that the staff views each of the 4 DL spots as a unique position. Washington is the rare exception that could be moved between them, but I don't expect that to be common. 

As for Hubbard/Brown, coaches as a place like OSU have to make sure they're setting the kid up for success in the long term, meaning they won't move them to a different spot unless they feel like their future is there both once they're an upperclassmen, but also potentially in the NFL. For Brown, he may move to TE because that's where the NFL sees him. For Hubbard, I think they might still be trying to identify how to best put him in a position to succeed. Luckily OSU has plenty of talent at each spot right now (Baugh at TE, Holmes and Tyquan Lewis at Weakside DE), so they have the luxury of taking time to make these decisions.