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Comment 30 Dec 2016

Both Cook and Conner gashed the Tigers with outside zone from alignments with the QB under center, thanks in part to the fact that the defense had to account for play-action roll-outs on the backside, allowing for cutbacks. That lateral run action is different from the straightforward tight zone and Power-O between the tackles that OSU generally likes to call for Mike Weber, as well as Zeke and Hyde before him. 

So, my point was not that teams can't run on Clemson, but rather that they have to get out on the edges to do so.

Comment 30 Dec 2016

There will definitely be some Cover 1, but I can't imagine Baker playing the Robber role, given his athleticism. McMillan lacks the pure foot speed to run with Gallman or Leggett in the open field, but is a heady player that can read and react to Watson's eyes, making him best suited for the role. 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

That's true, I think Baker playing WILL forced that transition a little quicker than I expected, though. Against 11 personnel, WILL is still lining up over a B gap and playing between the tackles, whereas the SAM is only doing that against two-back sets, which is rare. I agree with your reservations about Booker's vision and the Curtis Grant comp, but if he earned the WILL spot on day one, there's a good chance he's at least got the goods to play between the tackles.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I don't actually believe that perception is grounded in reality. While we all remember Darron Lee as being so good last fall, but he actually missed more tackles than anyone on this year's squad (according to the excellent McMillan, specifically, has improved since last fall, cutting the number of missed tackles from 10 a year ago to five so far this season.

I think part of this perception may have more to do with guys occasionally getting caught out of position, which was something Baker has had issues with until this past week. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

WR screens are tricky against man coverage since there is a defender with eyes on the intended receiver at all times, as well as one assigned to the blocker. 

As for your question about the play linked, the quick curl was basically the same thing as a screen, as JT fired it out almost immediately. They likely didn't have any kind of screen audible to call (due to the reason above), so this was the next best option. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

There's only so much a coach can do when the right tackle is getting beat like a drum and everyone in the stadium knows it. That kind of thing happens every week at every level (see: 'Denver Broncos Defense').

Don Brown just kept attacking that side with blitzes and stunts to keep Prince from getting comfortable, which had a domino effect down the rest of the line as they all felt the need to help. Prince is still only a sophomore, going up against a talented, veteran D-line. Sometimes the other guy just beats you, and there's only so much a coach can do there. Luckily, they found ways to run the ball the other way and squeak out a win.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

JT's mechanics ebb and flow with his confidence, as is the case with many young quarterbacks (aka anyone under 25). When he's feeling comfortable, his balance is much better as he transfers his weight forward into his motion, which seemed to be missing on most of those off-target throws in the middle of the game. 

Oddly, he seems to build confidence and comfort the better he runs the ball, so abandoning the QB run game because they can't throw is the opposite of what works for him. With no desire to limit his touches in the postseason, expect lots of carries for him early to get him going in the next game.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I think he checks Campbell first, but he's always intent on hitting Samuel leaking out of the backfield. Even though Campbell is even, Mich is in Man-2 coverage (man coverage with 2 deep safeties), so throwing vertically into that is always really risky. The play design was great for Curtis, in my opinion, but the contact at the line and the pressure around the left side forced JT into an off-balance throw.

Comment 25 Nov 2016

One easy way is to play more cover 3 buzz, allowing the OLBs that drop to the curl/flat zones to stay home against any cutbacks or misdirection. This also would allow the corners to play press coverage on the outside, at least until Michigan figures it out and starts running crossing routes. The only downsides to this approach are 1) a safety would be replacing Baker in run support inside and 2) this defense hasn't run a ton of it.