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Comment 25 Jan 2016

Great question, it absolutely works as long as the guys on the line follow the keys laid out. The video actually shows exactly how to attack a 3-4 specifically, so it's definitely doable. It's honestly less on the tackles than it is on the interior line to understand who has what LB, and how they'll manage their initial double-team before one breaks off to take on the LB.

Comment 11 Jan 2016

I'll get more into this next week, but although Schiano has been exposed to countless schemes throughout his career, he isn't a guy that seems to over-complicate the scheme from week to week. As I mentioned early in the piece, his focus has often been more on teaching technique instead of adding more for the player to remember.  

Comment 11 Jan 2016

Cover 2 is basically extinct in college due to the fact that every team runs four-verticals and would pick apart that look out of any three or four-receiver look if run regularly. I'm not saying OSU will stop running quarters next year, far from it. However I do think that when someone finally counters the Cover 4, Schiano's experience will allow the defense to quickly diagnose what's happening and call a counter-to-the-counter, like in chess. 

More on this next week though!

Comment 04 Jan 2016

Great question, and one that I've asked myself. I think a lot of it has to do with the style of the opposing defensive front. Against MSU, for instance, their DL is great at penetrating gaps and trying to make plays in the backfield, which would likely eat this kind of play up. The DE that Price takes out probably isn't waiting and instead is attacking the backfield action, screwing up the timing. ND's defense looks to occupy blocks up front so that the LBs can make tackles after going unblocked. That's a great philosophy against zone schemes, but can be beaten up by gap schemes that overwhelm the defense with blockers at the point of attack, as we saw here.

Comment 04 Jan 2016

I wondered the same thing at first, but I think they were in Cover 3, and his responsibility was the flat to that side with the corner bailing deep like that. He'd then have outside contain, so if Zeke bounced it out that way, he's the only one there to make a tackle, hence why he's trying to fight off Thomas' block. Had everyone played their responsibilities properly, the other safety would've been sitting in the middle of the field, but obviously, that didn't happen.

Comment 22 Dec 2015

VERY good. I know I showed him missing a couple plays in this piece, but make no mistake, this dude can play. He reminds me so much of Shazier, making up ground and covering up for mistakes in a way that doesn't seem physically possible.

Comment 21 Dec 2015

It's always possible, but I doubt it given that they aren't going to show up with Michigan State's personnel. The Irish are what they are, which is Jaylon Smith and a bunch of other guys. I'd be shocked if they did anything other than try to make him the focal point, as he is the best athlete on the unit.

Comment 14 Dec 2015
  1. He has always looked for the big play, but given that he dropped 20+ lbs to play WR this year, he may have also been trying to avoid taking big shots
  2. Improvising has always been a big part of his game though, dating back to his days as a QB. He often mis-read option plays, making the wrong choice before trying to juke an opponent in an effort to break a long run. It's just in his nature apparently.
  3. I would've tried to get him the ball in space as often as possible. Knowing that he can easily make one man miss, why not get him the ball in an area where beating one guy means 30 yards of open field in front of you. That is why the lack of screens is questionable at best, egregious at worst.
  4. No, nor should he have to. There are two very capable quarterbacks on the roster, there is no reason to risk it. I understand the temptation of what would be a gimmick, but if there is any threat of him injuring himself by throwing, it's not worth the risk.