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Comment 11 Jul 2014

You're dead on. OSU had more than a few 3rd and Longs that came up short by only a yard or two. More often than not, they were the result of Braxton checking down to a safety valve like Hyde and hoping they could get yards after he catch. Definitely a safe play, but we'd all like to see completions beyond the sticks.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

If anyone can find one, I'd love to see it. Sadly, I did this all manually, going through the play-by-play of each OSU game last year. has a downloadable database of every play last year that I'm terrified to break into, but doesn't have it broken down by situation on the regular site, sadly...

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Completely, 100% agree. The 2013 team was excellent at avoiding 3rd and Longs (they didn't face a single one against Northwestern). But, when they did face 3rd and Longs, they became a different team.

I'm all for focusing on getting into good 3rd down situations, but there has to be improvement in the drop-back passing game for the Buckeyes to have any shot at beating an "elite" defense.

Comment 04 Jul 2014

You guys are both paying attention, which I definitely appreciate. I'll try to clarify these two points a bit:

  • Against a "pro-style" offense (like the one in the diagram), OSU will likely run the version of the "Under" front I showed. I say this with confidence since that's what Arkansas ran a ton last year (and Wisco before that) under Ash, as well as what OSU has run under Fickell. 
  • Against Spread teams (like OSU's offense in the Spring Game), the D-Line will line up in an "over" front, which is what Ross usually calls out. In this case, the SLB becomes the "walk-out" LB, aka "Star" from the past (played by Lee/Worley). The defensive line will line up like so:
  • In that situation, Perry lined up at the "WLB" spot, which is effectively an inside linebacker, next to the MLB. However, I would be surprised if OSU regularly kept Lee/Worley in as the SLB lining up over the TE this fall. Ash has said in the past that the SLB on the line needs to have size, and the WLB is the best athlete. His words, not mine. Perry has played in that spot for a couple years now, and fits the criteria. I wouldn't be shocked to see him lining up there against pro-style teams.

There is no way to know for sure yet what the defense will do, as we won't see the "base" defense for OSU the fall. 

Hope that helps. Keep asking questions.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

Thanks. I understand the desire to give it to Hyde from an emotional standpoint: Good OL + Good RB = more than 2 yards

But they tried to do that 2 plays before and were lucky to get 3 yards. MSU was looking for that play, and knew how to stop it. You have to try and give your players the best chance to succeed.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

With the twin receivers to the wide side, OSU knew Sparty would put two guys out there. By using the width to their advantage, it started those defenders even further from the ball. You can see Taiwan Jones shaded that way before the snap as well, so it helped with the numbers advantage.

Comment 08 May 2014

Yes, that's the Midline Option I talked about in part 1. Behind the triple option, that's the concept Navy relies on most.

Comment 30 Apr 2014

On that note, my diagram of the Midline looks like the Nose is playing a 2 technique, directly over the guard. This is obviously not an alignment you see very often. 

I've corrected the diagram to properly convey the gaps of the DL, in case this diagram starts floating around that giant set of tubes we call the internet.

Comment 30 Apr 2014

Excellent point about the midline. I didn't get too deep into the gaps with this write up, as that can be a bit overwhelming to a lot of readers. Apologies for the diagram not properly conveying that though.

As for the Veer, Navy (and GT) will run it on either the 1 or 3. They have so many variations of the inside/outside veer that I saw, that we could run an entire series on just breaking those down. Either way, I don't envy Ash and Fickell for having to understand them all.

The point about packaging them together is really important too. Just another way they will try to make you wrong, no matter what you're doing.