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Ohio native but currently reside in Atlanta. I am a lobbyist and run a trade association for small businesses. Married to a Spartan. Dog named Archie after the Great One.


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Comment 24 Aug 2012

Hey man i wasn't criticizing or casting aspersions your way, but we've also seen a lot of other Florida fans who feel very bitter and betrayed by Urban.  Not everybody has been able to step back and recognize the 2 championships, the SEC titles and the other accolades he brought to the program.  I get where some Gator fans are coming from and on some level I'm sure I'd feel the same way.  Maybe you don't feel that way.  I just thought maybe some of your takes, while I'm sure very accurate and spot-on, maybe come with a slight bias due to the circumstances.  Maybe not though.


No need to throw down the all caps on me bro.

Comment 24 Aug 2012

Interesting though not surprising that the group isn't so bullish on the 2012 squad as most OSU fans are.  I wonder how much of that is driven by how bad the team looked last year.  I also think Spencer is a tad jaded and angry at Urban because of the way he left Florida. 


Nice piece though.  Great work in lining up such a good roster of opinions.

Comment 26 Jun 2012

Penn State's football program hasn't been punished much from what I can see.  Sure this is embarassing but they are still getting some really good recruits and last I checked they could play for a B1G championship this year (yeah right with McMoxie at qb) and can play in a bowl game.


I think if anything, we can clearly draw from the Sandusky trial that there existed a culture of denial, coverup and subterfuge at PSU.  That culture directly contributed to more little kids being molested by Sandusky, some of which took place at PSU inside their own football facilities.  We know the NCAA has sent them a letter of notification and it very clearly mentioned Lack of Insititutional Control.  They may not have paid recruits, engaged in academic fraud, or had any players selling memorabilia for tats (Oh God! The horror!  Also that would require them to actually win the B1G or play in a BCS bowl) but to me I don't see how the NCAA can just ignore the fact that a member institution's athletic department directly contributed (by not engaging law enforcement and treating Sandusky like a Catholic priest) to kids being harmed in the worst of ways.


I agree PSU is one of the better programs in the B1G and if we are to topple the SEC then it will take all hands on deck, but I don't think looking the other way and actiging like awful things didn't happen in Happy Valley is a recipe for the kind of success the B1G should be striving for.

Comment 07 May 2012

I would echo what you said about Urban.  I saw him here in Atlanta last Friday at a Chick Fil a event on leadership.  He's very straightforward and no BS.  Tebow was there too and you can tell those two are very close.  Say what you want about Tebow but the guy is a gifted public speaker and I really enjoyed the panel discussion they had with CNN's Soledad O'Brien.


Urban has that magnetic type of personality, intense, but if you are a competitor and like to win you are draw to him.  It's easy to see why he's such a good recruiter.  Part of the reason I don't think OSU is out of it with Anzalone is that I truly believe Urban can salvage any relationship so long as the kid wants to compete and win. 

Comment 01 May 2012

Why does anyone care about Notre Dame at this point?  They can't even qualify for a BCS bowl bid much less contend for a national championship and we are worried about making if "fair" for them (and other non conference teams).  You choose to not be in a conference. 


Sorry but I think winning your conference ought to carry some serious sway with whatever body chooses the top 4.  That's not to say the SEC or B1G runner up should automatically be eliminated (as in this past year with Bama and LSU or in 2006 with OSU and Michigan) but winning your conference should matter and if you choose to not be in one tough shit.

Comment 19 Dec 2011

I'll say this for Tim Tebow, the guy wins the right way and he's a good role model.  Religous beliefs aside, aetheist or devout Christian, its hard to find a better pro athlete today to point to and tell your kids (if you have them, i don't) that this is the kind of guy who you want to idolize.  Not LeQuit.  Not Vick.  Not A-Rod.  Not Tiger.  Tebow may never be a hall of famer or a pro bowl qb but he is a seemingly good dude who has all the intangibles anyone could ask for.  ESPN has done him a dis-service by the unending hype, conjecture and bs about him.  But then again that's what they do.  We know all too well they love to saddle a story that impacts a large fan base or at least invokes passion and ride into the ground.  Tebow has been Spice Girled by ESPN.

Comment 19 Dec 2011

Yeah me either.  I'd welcome him back but some OSU fans are knuckleheads and would rather cut off their nose to spite their face.  We need offensivle lineman and high quality guys.  Period. 

Comment 19 Dec 2011

Seem like good people who in addition to their very talented son will be a great addition to the Buckey family.


PSU fans harbored some infereiority complex before PedoGate and the loss of Schutt and now Spence.  I'm guessing they will be extra dickheadish for the forseeable future.

Comment 19 Dec 2011

100% agreed but it just seems like that ship has sailed and I've not seen any recruitniks claim he's even remotely in play.

Comment 18 Dec 2011

LeCharles is all Buckeye but he's been pretty hands off on recruiting issues.  He's built a rep as a great skills coach and the fact he's a Buckeye helps but I don't think he stiff arms kids.  Kalis is a talented kid and i don't blame him for stepping back and evaluating his commitment during a bad stretch of OSU news.  But he's a Michigan man now and he's actively recruited for UM and talked smack about OSU.  Que sera sera.  We do need to close with some high quality o-lineman.   Corch's d-line haul is pretty epic at this point but we need quality tackles to close out this class.


I willl say that I am thankful for Corch Meyer and Luke Fickell staying on staff.  I have the distinct feeling that offseason this year will be much better than last year (NCAA bombshells witholding).


I also find some poetic justice in us stealing two highly touted PSU leans/commits as their fans were some of the most insufferable/hypocritical when the Tat5 shit hit the fan.  I think the B1G is better off when PSU is good but they've got a big ole helping of humble pie coming courtesy of the law NCAA and maybe even the B1G.



Comment 15 Dec 2011



Comment 14 Dec 2011

I call poppycock on that top 50 album list.  No MMJ "Circuital?" 


Comment 12 Dec 2011

My heart goes out to that guy.  Yes he's financially set for life but he's also the type who wants to earn his paycheck and seems really bothered by letting the fans and the Blazers down.  There are so many assholes in the NBA yet one of the truly nice guys just can't seem to get healthy.  Sucks to be a Blazers fan with Roy being done and Oden probably being done.  A couple years ago they looked like the next big thing.  Hopefully Oden finishes his degree and becomes the world's largest accountant.

Comment 29 Nov 2011

I like that they made academics and APR score an incentive.  Also like this whole notion of the Fellowship for Ethics and Leadership in Sports.  I could see him helping to drive the conversation on how to best reform collegiate athletics for the better. 


Side note: Anyone know where to get that snazzy tie he was wearing?  That thing was awesome.

Comment 15 Nov 2011

This season has been a total bummer.  Suspensions, injuries, frustrating lack of offense, shit show in Miami, the collapse of a once-great and proud defense at Nebraska, more suspensions, some more injuries, Purdue, realizing for the first time in a long time we won't be favored to beat Michigan, picturing how much it would suck to not beat Michigan, hating Michigan, hating Brady Hoke, wishing for a respectable finish, hoping for good news from the NCAA, expecting bad news from the NCAA.


But the silver lining in all of is that we can say with almost certainty that Jim Bollman, his piss poor schemes and playcalling and his lack of player development (come in as a 4 star lineman, leave as a 2 star lineman) will be no longer coaching at our beloved university.  That friends will be a sweet day.

Comment 15 Nov 2011

If Bret Bielema becomes the face of the B1G I will be forced to openly root for OSU Independence.  That guy is a classless ass clown and that's me being kind.  He's the ultimate doucher.

Comment 14 Nov 2011



Seriously another great piece Ramzy.  Part of me wants to believe Paterno "did what he needed to do" if for no other reason its really hard to stomach the thought a grown man would actively coverup or obfuscate child rape to extend his own career.  Its just sickening and sad.

Comment 12 Nov 2011
Look on the bright side. Bollman may suck but no children were harmed in the process. I am so ready to out this season and this staff in the rearview mirror. I want to send a big fuck you out to Terrelle Pryor who's wanton greed and utter stupidity and selfishness brings us to our current shitty offensive output. Fuck you TP.