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Comment 03 Oct 2015
Bwahahaha at "Zero fucks will be given". My thoughts exactly. I'm in the who cares crowd. It's only one game and apparently the kids love them.
Comment 26 Sep 2015
I guess no one remembers that we looked really inconsistent around this time last year also. People were baffled about Tom Herman's play calling. I still believe by the end of the year this team will roll.
Comment 10 Sep 2015
I watched that dance and KNOW i saw the universal sign (hand down into the crook of your elbow) for F-you. It was quick at about the 1:13 mark, but I saw it. Lol!
Comment 09 Sep 2015
They never disputed whether the VT player had possession. They reviewed whether his feet were in bounds. If it's ruled incomplete, as Campell's was, it's not reviewable. Two totally different things. I don't understand the logic either. If Campbell is a DB in that same scenario they would review it to see if he had possession even if the call on the field was no catch
Comment 21 Aug 2015
I almost had an aneurysm i laughed so loud at this. I was thinking the same thing. +1 homie.
Comment 12 Jun 2015
Mr. Fatpants I beg your forgiveness. Scrolling down on my phone i accidentally fat finger DV'd you. My sincerest apologies.
Comment 12 Jun 2015
I love the OH-IO chant and harbor ill will towards people that say they don't like it. People who whine and cry about alternate uniforms grind my gears too.