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Comment 13 Feb 2014

Did Mickey sign a NLOI and if he did, wouldn't tOSU have to release him?

Comment 20 Nov 2013

Russell Wilson set the FBS passing efficiency record that year he was at Wisconsin. I love Braxton, and he's got better feet, but he's not the passer Wilson is. 

Comment 15 Nov 2013

How as everybody forgotten about Michigan State? Absolutely relevant in both basketball AND football.

Comment 02 Jan 2013

If we don't find a legitimate second option, this is going to be a very long season. Thompson and Ross have been underwhelming, at best, even against inferior competition. What's going to happen now that conference play is about to start, because there are no easy outs in the B1G. My money is on Smith, but he has yet to show any consistency and Williams doesn't play like he's 6'11". Craft is going to be Craft and I'm fine with that because I don't think anybody expected him to light it up; just run the offense and play smothering defense. Teams are going to roll their defenses towards Thomas and make Matta miserable. I hope I'm wrong and somebody emerges, but I haven't seen who it will be yet.

Comment 26 Dec 2012

A.J. Green is in the argument for best receiver in the game and is leading all receivers in pro-bowl votes. Cut it out!

Comment 28 Nov 2012

I still can't believe there's still all this venom for TP, but none for Tress. You can't have it both ways. Get up on your soapbox saying the 5 selling their own things shouldn't have resulted in that type of punishment and in the next breath condemn Pryor while making Tress out to be saint. I don't agree with everything TP did while he was a Buckeye, but you're talking about a kid. To wish that he fails in life is a bit much. Tress covering it up is what really killed us and they carried him off the field on their shoulders Saturday. I've got no problem with that, but I can't whitewash history and pretend it was all Pryor's fault.

Comment 25 Apr 2012

I'm all for a good joke, but that's completely foul. Go Bucks!!!