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Comment 27 Jan 2016
He's been out of college five years and you haven't heard of him being anything other than a model citizen. If him dancing is the only thing that people can complain about, he's doing alright. You calling him Scam is evidence enough that you're holding him hostage to his past. I wonder how judgemental you'd be if somebody drug your skeletons out of the closet, because nobody's perfect. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Good day sir.
Comment 27 Jan 2016
This is year FIVE in Carolina and you're still holding on to what he did at Florida and whatever his dad did at Auburn? What you're saying is there's no redeeming yourself? One mistake and throw a kid away? He hasn't been in any more trouble since then and it looks like he turned it around to me. I'm a fan. Dab on 'em Cam!
Comment 10 Jan 2016
Defenseless or not, hitting someone with the crown of your helmet is a penalty. Since when is it not? Intentional or not when has that not been a penalty other than last night? I'll wait.