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Comment 29 Mar 2014

Student athletes want to be defined as an employee? How about the schools then elect to add language in the "offer" that binds both parties into an at-will employment scenario? I can quit, you can fire at any time for any reason. It's how my employment is governed.

Go with the stipend kids. The grass is not always greener.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

The real issue is quite simple: this isn't about money, at least not for now or the next decade. It's about who controls college athletics, and the people in charge believe they know what's best for athletes better than the athletes do.

I work for a company where the people in charge feel they know best for the employees. How bass-ackwards is that?


Comment 27 Mar 2014

Tough choice this morning. Armstrong is rightfully an American (global?) hero. But an argument can be made that without Edison's inventions and patents Armstrong and the NASA'ites behind him wouldn't have even had the chance to fly to the moon let alone step foot on an alien surface. Have to go with #1 seed on this one.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

Heuerman was a top 14 TE last year based on receiving yards, despite only playing in 10 games. Niklas from ND? 13th.

Urban's pitch isn't that difficult.

...edit to fix link.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

Padrino, I heard back from tOSU Athletic Office re: the email I sent this past weekend. Copied below. Who knows, with more voices perhaps a statue around the "house that Chic built" may actually become reality.


Your letter was sent on to Athletics from Interim President Joseph Alutto's office.

We appreciate your thoughts and passion about Ohio State football and Chic Harley.
Our historic Ohio State football program enters into its 125th year this season.
We have several opportunities and special events and presentations that we have started to propose. 
And yes, Chic Harley is one that has been targeted for recognition.
Once we have completed our planning, we will circle back with you to communicate our events for the year.
Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.
Diana Sabau

Comment 02 Mar 2014

Breathe deep my man. I guess you won't be joining me for a Friday night slate of Milbrooke v. Leesvillle. It's all good.

PU will suck until they decide to invest in the program and increase the recruiting effort. A televised Friday night game won't change that.

Comment 02 Mar 2014

I'm not claiming HS ball will suffer. My opinion is that the uptick in perceived advantage to recruiting wouldn't amount to much, based on adding a Friday night game. Let the HS kids in the Midwest keep the Friday night spotlight.


Comment 01 Mar 2014

Not an excuse, rather my personal opinion on the matter.

that people are using HS football as an excuse to say that a Friday B1G game would be bad.

My premise is this tool will not have a significant impact on the overall product. Investment in coaching and balls-to-the-wall recruiting will have a far more greater impact than a Friday night game. What recruit isn't aware that Purdue fields a football team?

We cannot sit there an complain about other teams not getting betting and not be open to a tool that could help them get better. 

EDIT: TTUN was mentioned as reference to the OP. 

Comment 01 Mar 2014

Random versus die hard. Some (most?) die hards would miss their own wedding if the Bucks were playing. The interest in HS football is growing as evidenced by the games now being televised on a weekly basis, the upward trend of interest in recruiting and the $60MM HS now-crumbling-stadium in Texas. Hell, I'm a casual fan raised in Cleveland now living in Raleigh without any kids in HS. Yet, several of us from the neighborhood find ourselves at local HS games on a Friday night. It's football man! 

I'm not saying the Shoe wouldn't fill up, Buckeye football is a religion. That isn’t my point. My point is TTUN won't fix the current apathy around their program by scheduling a Friday night game. That's akin me putting a poster of Farrah over the hole I punched in my bedroom wall as a kid.  Guess what, Dad still found the hole.

There’s also the notion of maintaing respect for the kids. We're inundated with content around college and pro ball let the kids keep the spotlight for one night out of the week.

Comment 01 Mar 2014

I don’t consider myself a homer traditionalist in any sense and, even at my age, I adapt well to change. But please, keep Friday nights for the high school kids. It’s their night, not the “random fan’s”.

This year, the University of Michigan drew the most fans of any school for the 16th year in a row. But 26 percent of students who paid for their tickets didn't show up at an average home game this season. That's an increase from 25 percent last year and 21 percent in 2011.

TTNU students not showing up to games speaks more to the apathy around their program then it does to Saturday games being the issue. It's the game day product, not the day, IMO.

We didn't win the proposal we submitted last Tues. If only we delivered it on Weds instead. DAMMIT!!

Comment 20 Feb 2014

But I'm pretty sure Dirk Diggler is still available.