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Comment 20 hours ago

Hey Curt,

Sorry to reach out to you on an older blog, but recent events in Ohio State wrestling has made me a little curious in some areas.

With Rosselli being hired at Oklahoma, would you think any of our wrestlers would follow him? I know Andrew Howe followed his coach from Wisconsin to Oklahoma a few years ago, and I know how close some of our wrestlers were close with him.

Would Tomasello leave? What about Snyder? How do you think this will impact the recruiting of HS wrestlers who saw him as not just a college coach, but an elite FS coach?

Sorry to bombard you with so many questions, but I am quite curious.

Thanks, Curt!

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Just have to hope that Texas continues to struggle and the chaos continues at A&M.
This can make staying home less glamorous and widen Ohio State's chances.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Thanks, Chipmunk! 

You are very correct about being bored at work....for an entire week haha 
Here's a link to my original post with my original research:

Comment 28 Apr 2016

If all five of the players in attendance tonight are drafted, it will already put them past the half way point for the ultimate goal. And that's with nine players left.

Should a 6th or 7th player sneak into the 1st (perhaps Thomas, Bell, or possibly Miller), it will set everything up perfectly for the record to be broken.

Thanks for reading, Flyer!

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Rams: Cardale Jones
Eagles: Braxton Miller
Chargers: Joey Bosa
Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott
Jaguars: Eli Apple
Ravens: Jack Mewhort
49ers: Michael Thomas
Browns: Darron Lee
Buccaneers: Noah Spence
Giants: Joshua Perry
Bears: Vonn Bell
Saints: Nick Vannett
Dolphins: Tyvis Powell
Raiders: Adolphus Washington
Titans: Jalin Marshall
Lions: Ummmmmm?
Falcons: Are There Any Buckeyes Left?
Colts: Can We Just Get Dibs On McMillan For Next Year?
Bills: What The Colts Said...
Jets: Elflein, we'll take Elflein!
Redskins: Seriously, there has to be more Buckeyes...
Texans: Can We Take Hubbard Next Year?
Vikings: How About We Trade In The Next Three Years Of Picks For Austin Mack When He's Eligible?
Bengals: J.T., anyone?
Steelers: Weber looks worth the wait....pass.
Seahawks: Did someone already say J.T.?
Packers: Can we draft a coach? Urban will be our pick.
Chiefs: YES! They all forgot about Boren! We'll take Boren!
Cardinals: That Jerome Baker had a sweet catch. Can he leave early?
Panthers: Eagles, 49ers, Saints, Titans? Any of you want to trade? We do pretty well with Buckeye receivers.
Broncos: Dude......Of course all these Buckeyes come out the  year we win the Super Bowl.

One can dream, right?

Comment 19 Mar 2016

Hindsight is 20/20, but given that they will not repeat as team champs, it would've been better to keep Bo at 174. I know I sound crazy since Martin is in the finals, but Bo would've run through that weight class. Early in the year (when he was at 74) he was looking amazing. Last year at 165, he looked jacked and aggressive, but this year, he looks skinny and slow. He was cutting way too much.

Curt, do you think NaTo will stay at 125 next year?

And assuming he does, and this is next years lineups:

125: Nathan Tomasello
141: Ke-Shawn Hayes
149: Micah Jordan
157: Jake Ryan
174: Bo Jordan
184: Myles Martin
HWT: Kyle Snyder

Who do you think fills the slots?
I was thinking Rodriguez or Pletcher at 133, White at 165, and Kollin Moore at 197, but aside from Martin this year, red shirts are usually what freshman are destined for. Your thoughts?

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I have yet to watch the recording. Can anyone explain to me why Bo only won by a point? Is the cutting of weight finally wearing him down? From the matches I've seen of him, he doesn't seem as dominant this year as he was last year.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Yes, unfortunately I did it all manually. 

I took 34 teams and inserted (one by one) every number. The most surprising thing to me was how low Texas was. They ranked 16th in total draft score, but made up for it with the quality of their picks.

If this were a stock market, I'd start buying Stanford (27th), Clemson (21st), and Notre Dame (12th). And I'd sell USC (4th), Nebraska (10th), and Penn State (13th).

Perhaps one day, I'll have the time to learn how to make the job easier, but we'll see.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

I could (and still might at some point) go further back. The only reason I began in '94 is because before that year, there were more than 7 rounds. Any scores prior to 1994 would be skewed due to a larger chance of more players not being drafted. Also, I'd have to change the score system (1st Round would have to be worth 8 points and so on) which would alter how I could properly rank draft classes.

Still, stay tuned. I just may do it anyway.