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Comment 16 hours ago

Not sure what you mean. what I posted is on topic,  it is about the game with Clemson. You going to try and tell me if our pass attack doesn't improve we will win? If so I am not seeing it, and I want what you having. We need to improve that aspect of our game plan and simple. Without it this revenge game will be a loss and I do not wanna see that happen.

Comment 23 hours ago

Do not forget the weather and  the fact that PSU had 2 weeks to get ready for us at their place after a game that Wisky had 2 weeks to prepare for also both at night primetime. Amazes me how the media forgets the little facts that helped PSU win that game that they shouldn't of. As for Kerry Combs, well Meyer is the one that did not call the time out before the kick, instead rushing the kicking team out to kick.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Yes you are right with JT being the reason ( or at least one of them) we have enjoyed so much success. But watching him play it is hard to deny he is also one of the reason a lot of us have like a dozen years shaved off our lives too. With all the over throws to wide open receivers and backs, all of those games that were close, wouldn't of been if he had only been on target. JT is a awesome leader and person, and when times get tough he is one that you can count on. I look back at the 2014 season when JT looked so much more on target. Be it be a coincidence or some other act of faith. JT's problems with accuracy looks like it started about the same time as , Yup going to say it, Tim Beck was hired as his position coach. Going back farther looking at Beck's time in Nebraska at the same position, I see a lot of the same problems JT is having now. Again, coincidence, or just act of bad luck. you decide.......

Comment 01 Dec 2016

God no.......... Hairball cried and bitched and whined about not winning the game Sat, imagine who he would blame when we beat them again..... Trump, Clinton? Though it would be funny, don't think the world can take round 2.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

JT needs to get the ball out of his hands faster also. One of the reasons why our defense got to their qb so few times was because he got rid of the ball quickly, why JT can not do that I do not know, but since the Beck is in charge of coaching up the qbs, I do not see a day ,while he is still on the staff in same position, that JT or any other qb we have gets better at passing. Beck really needs to be replaced with a better position coach.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I have watched that PI many times now, the one Hairball was crying about. I believe that he would of had a chance to catch it if it wasn't for the fact that the defensive back was grabbing and holding him from even trying. It did not look to be so high that CS couldn't of gave it a 50% chance to get it. It was thrown high  but CS never had the chance to jump and grab for it to see.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

To be fair, Baugh was not playing healthy for a long time. I noticed him limping around a lot, no excuse for the others though.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

It showed me and the world how much of a cry baby he truly is. That being evident, it now runs down to the players acting the same way. I can not remember Meyer acting in such a way and believe you me, there were plenty of calls that seemed a little shaky going against the Buckeyes in the past games and a few no calls on holding from the weasels that went uncalled too not to mention the no call that just maybe of  been a reason why we lost the PSU ( the PI no call in the fourth) That being said, even after the baby sees the game footage, he still will prolly swear up and down the refs were out to get him.