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Comment 25 Nov 2014

Sometimes I just wish writers and so forth would just keep their mouths shut. Every time it seems they say tOSU is favored by x amount of points  it just seems to put a curse on us and give that much more momentum to the other team. Part of the game,  maybe, but history shows in a game like this, nothing is for certain. Hope the players keep last years game as proof on the top of their minds.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

How can we go from a good run defense last year to this one this year? Herman playing the same 4 or 5 play calls for offense after opening it up at MSU. I love our Buckeyes to the end, but I'm so confused on the play calling of Herman. They take out the slants this week or what?

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Same old 4 plays over and over. One week Herman opens the play book the next he closes it. We need a OC that isn't afraid to run the book wide open with different plays called to keep the defense on their heals. No slants called  no screens.. I don't get it.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

I agree, It was very cold and snowy. Add Minn. A good football team and then take away the fumbles.....OSU did fine. Like Meyer said, let them come up in Minn. and play them in that weather and see if they can do better. TCU almost lost to Kansas today, and they had nice weather, compared to what OSU played in. To hell with what everyone else says, tired of all the talk too. Just keep winning Bucks, keep winning......Go Bucks

Comment 04 Nov 2014

Hmmmmm, I have to disagree. Though I do believe the play calling did sputter, it was the defense that lost the game , games last year. More precise, it was the pass defense that let us down. You take away most or all of those pass completions and yards after the catch then we win those. So  yes even though the offense play calling was horrid, make no mistake about it, the pass defense lost us those games.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

What I am most puzzled about with the play calling is when there was a 3 rd and 5 and they had Wilson on a wildcat. I am no guru on play calling, but seeing Wilson in a wildcat only says one thing, he is going to run. I am not sold on Wilson, sure he has speed, but to me he seems to make the run harder than it is. I just don't see him using blocks and looking for a path. He just seems to run right into the defenders most of the time. Maybe I am wrong but...

Comment 19 Oct 2014

Parole Tide jumps 3 spots, total bs......why isn't MSU higher, why isn't OSU any higher. Even some of the haters on ESPN say that OSU is playing some of the best football atm. seems like it takes a major shift in events for OSU to climb no matter what and how good they play but yet if someone sneezes they drop. AP is total bias. Has even half of the so called experts played any football? If they haven't then how can they even rate a team.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Awesome game today, team played well for the most part. Though I didn't like seeing them run the ball like they did in the fourth. Something I am sure Meyer will address with the team. I know back ups were in but still seemed sloppy in the end on defense. Secondary, oh yes I can see improvement big time, so happy to see that.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Ok I really don't know why everyone thinks MSU is so much better. I mean they played Oregon and got it handed to them in the second half. What good is it to take control only to lose it in the second half. Look, I'm not taking anything away from MSU, far from it but when you get down to it, Oregon was the only team they played that was worth judging them against, and  they failed. So to say MSU is the team to beat, just makes no sense to me. OSU has played better teams than MSU has, and only lost to one of them. Sure they have work to do, what young team doesn't have. I believe OSU will be just fine as the season goes on.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

WHAT A WASTE, Stupid STupid STUpid STUPid STUPId F....... STUPID...... I don't get it, I went my life without even puffing a cig. And I went through some serious  shit in my life, is it that freaking hard to keep your ass out of trouble. SIMPLE just don't do it...believe me world doesn't end if you don't get messed up in that crap. Maybe he needs to find better friends  to hang with (not saying that is what it is but)..such a future for this kid and yet he opps to throw it all away over drugs...  UNBELIEVEABLE...........

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Classy Hokie. Hope you were treated well at the Shoe. See ya next year on your home turf. Exspect a much improved Buckeye team, I know that I am...Go Bucks

Comment 09 Sep 2014

i think over all, the D played ok. For the second game that is, but what I do not understand is why grant is playing on 1 st team and not mcMillian or whatever his name is. I hate to say it but Grant had his time, time to move on. Those 3 rd and longs they converted  OMG... so frustrating to watch.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

i am sure he had a nice long talk behind close doors to them about it. You cant do that in public. If the players lose trust in the coaches, then you are going to see much worse games in the future. No. it has to be done behind the closed doors. Thijk of it as managment in a place of employment. You get called to the office  not yelled at infront of everyone.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

hat is the same exact thing i said to my wife about Wilson, He needs to stop running into his blockers and start that wiggle. He looks a little clumbsy when he runs. thought it was just me, hmmm, maybe not......

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Now we can all sit at home nice and comfortable in front of the tv and act like a coach, I do it and you would be lieing if you said you didn't. by your post I can see you do. but for me or you to say we know more of what to call, how to coach in general is nothing but you, me, us, to do nothing more than rant and vent. Sure we all want to see our Buckeyes play like champions and win every game. But lets be honest here, I'm willing to bet Urban and his crew know what they are doing. There is a old saying, you can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink.....Well you can coach til all hell breaks loose but if the player doesn't buy into what he is being coached then it isnt going to happen. To say it was the play calling is reaching out there. The defense from VT was through our imaginary line before J.T. even turned to look at the recievers most of the time. You can't do anything without some sort of protection, if even for a few sec. No, from what I seen it was mainly the offensive line that lost the game. Again i am not a coach I just played football, never coached it. But when you see a defensive player in trhe face of the QB before he even turns around, then my friends you have a problem. No it wasnt the play calling  in my oppinon, simply there was no time to set any type of play up including screens and slants on alot of the plays. Again I am  no coach, just a fan, but watching the game it was plain to see the Offensive line needs total attention.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Right now i am thinking its a good thing he didnt carry the ball. I mean what would of happened. he gets the ball only yo be met at the same time the ball was handed to him from J.T. as the defensive line passes through out imaginary Offensive smoke screen and gets leveled for a loss on the play or worse.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Agreed, nothing you can do without the O line blocking. Hell even a screen play needs the o line to knowwhat they are doing. And lets face it, right now they havent a clue. Will they learn, god I hope so. love my buckeyes, always will. but damn that was so painful to watch. It even hurts today just as bad as I have had more time to think about it. Never have I seen a O line stink so badly as I seen last night. And that pains me to say, believe me on that. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD , Urban, get that O line FIXED.