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Comment 11 Sep 2016

I would have to agree that the play calling was somewhat slow in this game. I found myself yelling at the tv hoping Coach Meyer would hear and get the plays in faster. The team seems to definitely play better and in control with a fast pace rather than the slow pace that reminded me of the MSU game among others last year. I am no coach and have complete faith in Coach Meyer and the team but really started to have flashbacks from the play calling from the past, and that scared the shit out of me  lol.

Comment 12 Aug 2016

I remember when we played Clemson in the Orange bowl was it?, When Miller had his shoulder hurt and we ended up losing to them with that aweful defense we had then in the secondary. The one where we had that other guy, cant remember his name, coaching the secondary. Anyway, we only lost by what 5 points to that high powered offense... Not saying it will happen, but we could hold them to 17 with the better coaching we have now. That being said, I would be lieing if I sais I wasn't worried about this one.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Beck and Warinner along with Meyer need to answer the questions as to why  they kept running things that just didn't work, over and over. It was painfully plain to see that MSU new what was going to happen. So predictable it was, even my wife who knows little about the game made comments to me why would they continually call those plays over and over and over when they didn't work the first 100 times. The offensive coaching let every down. The seniors to the freshman,  the school to the fans. Beck needs to go, he sucked at Nebraska and he still sucks after being hired here. Warriner needs to go back to OL coaching only. He just cant do both. The OL had 4 starters from last year for gods sack. Why and how can they of regressed instead of progressed. I think it is because he had to much on his plate. How can you coach up the OL when you are busy calling plays. There is no excuse to that horrid play calling. Heads need to roll over this. After this game was done I felt sick. Never have I seen such a poor performance from a coaching point of view to continuely put our young players in a place that was hopeless. Did someone bet on this game? Sure hope that isn't the case.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Play calling has been shitty all year, Ed maybe a good OL coach but sucks as a OC. We need to hire a another OC, one that understands it isn't just run run run. Hate to say it, but I miss the fast paced play calling from last year. Ed just has too much on his plate and it shows with both the offensive line and the play calling. Both have taken a step back wards this year. At times it was just too painful to watch. I am sorry guys, but that is the truth.

Comment 10 Nov 2015

I have no problem with where OSU is at in the rankings, I think they should play better and they can play better. But what I can not understand is Alabama in the 2 spot. Lets look back, OSU was what 14 or so with a loss last year? What justifies Alabama being the 2 team. Something sure smells rotten in that room with the play off committee. I am sorry but that is plain wrong when there are 0 loss teams sitting just behind the top 4.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

As Another person wrote in one of these articles..... Watching  our offense with Cardale at the helm is like pounding my head against the wall.... It is just painful..... No offense to Cardale, just that this offense isn't set up for pro style and it shows.

Comment 31 Oct 2015

So here we have it........ Foolish thing and stupid. , period. As a leader he should know better, as a kid, he should know better. He not only let himself down, he let his parents, coaches, team, school and fans down. And where were his friends at, I mean, I am sure he wasn't drinking by himself. They could of stopped him also. That being said, how well is Braxton, can he throw? If so, I would put him in over Cardale. No disrespect to Cardale but, well, we all seen it. guess we all we see how this turns out. being let go to go home instead of taken to jail, well that helps, I guess. just don't want it to turn into what happened at FSU with you know who....... Good luck J.T., your going to need it. This kinda of thing is taken very serious., and it very well should be.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

I totally agree with the Jones part, he isn't reliable. One pass he right on the money, the next its off. Missed 2 Td passes in one series. he just isn't reliable. Still think JT and the zone read is the way to go. Not sure what Meyer sees in practice to keep Jones in but we aren't seeing it in the games. He cant read the defenses as well as JT can. He waits in the pocket to long to get rid of the ball and worst one of all for Jones, is he turns the ball over too much. He maybe a QB sometime in his life, but I am just not seeing it right now.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

They seem to be better than last I will admit, but in all honestly, I wasn't impressed with Oregon when they played MSU, they are most deffinatly not the Ducks from last year, so for me I do not know how good Utah is by judging them against Oregon or BYU for that matter. In any case lets not worry about them just yet, we have plenty of games before them that need addressing by one game at a time. Lets not look past the next foe in line. One game at a time and we will be fine.

Comment 23 Sep 2015

Except, he did not win those. If it hadn't been for Devin Smith, a lot of those deep throws would of been intercepted or incomplete. The games were won cause of a team effort. J.T. helped make that team, J.T. won that Penn St game for us. Cardale just can not run the read option like J.T. can. Some of those reads I could not t ell who had the ball right away, and by the response from the other teams, they couldn't either. Cardale is bigger and taller thus making it harder to bring him down, but J.T. runs the read option a lot smoother. All that being said, I trust Urban, he will forget more about football than I could ever learn even though I played the game. He will right the ship, that I fully believe.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I don't think the problem lies directly on the qb  nor on the play calling, I think I t all starts with the OL. Our SLOBS aren't t he same Slobs as last year. They look like they just started their positions. I watched this one play and even our senior offensive tackle completely missed a few blocks he normally doesn't miss. I am beginning to wonder if ther isn't too much on our OC, is he spending enough time with the OL? That is why he is on the sidelines and not in the booth as he said, to coach the OL between plays and series. Now there is a issue with QB too, I think just letting JT start and get the most of the reps in practice so that the team gets used to him, it just seems to run smoother with JT in. I am not saying Cardale is a bad QB, but JT makes it click so much better in my opinion. Ther is a reason why he was voted a captain. the team respects him. But if the SLOBS cant get their blocks Zeke isn't going to get the holes. Just a thought.... Hope they get it together this Saturday.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

No, MSU did not look that great in their opener, and against Oregon, I am glade they won, but to be honest, Oregon isn't the same as last year. Adams is no Number 8, and if he wouldn't of over threw that one pass, MSU would of lost at their house. Still hoping MSU hangs where they are if not higher in polls when we meet them later. As for our QBs, until Meyer picks just one to start and other as back up and then makes it  so the other isn't looking over their shoulder, we wont see our QBs play like they can and should be. I really think J.T. is or should be the starter. The offense looks smoother and faster when he is in the game. Yeah he doesn't throw as far as Jones, but he is more accurate and can read defenses a lot better, not to mention run the option read way better. Not to mention J.T. arm can make some longer throws as well. We didn't play that great on offense, thank god the defense showed up, but I really hope that was to the point of having the very short week between games. We will see next Sat. And if nothing else, it gives Meyer and company bullets for their guns in keeping the teams ego down to earth. pointing at the  game film on what they did wrong and what needs improving greatly.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

Exactly, not to mention Purdue, omg, how long with their currant coach and still no progress? You would think that they would be winning some by now, just sad and keeps that black eye or helps with it along with Indiana,  I mean come on schools can we at least look like we are making progress?