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Comment 8 hours ago

Some "gender roles" are necessary, but they are dwindling because of a PC culture that's gotten absurdly fat and unreasonable. There are jobs that women simply cannot do as well as men due to their relative physical limitations, just as there are jobs where women naturally outperform men. I would not, under any circumstance, want a woman beside me as a U.S. special forces operative. I would not want a women as my partner in a police cruiser and have to depend on her physicality to save my life. I would not want a women beside me in a fire and have to rely on her to carry me out of a burning, smoke filled building. I would not want a woman coaching my son's football or wrestling teams. If my daughter had asked me to sign something granting her permission to play high school football I would have flat out refused. I would have explained to her that, while she's certainly capable of doing most anything she put her mind to, if I allowed her to physically compete against human beings who are a foot taller, 100lbs heavier, and are exponentially faster and stronger, I would be failing her as her parent and protector by putting her person in danger just so she could prove a point. Generally speaking, I don't take issue with what you said in your post, and I agree that Jameis Winston's comments were out of bounds, but there are still some gender specific roles in this world, and that a feminist somewhere is offended when she hears that women aren't going to be permitted to BUD/S(EAL) training, for e.g., is of zero concern to me. There are dangerous, physical jobs out there where a women's lack of physicality is a handicap. To ignore and dismiss this, at the possible expense of someone's life, because some groups take offense at the physiological fact that women are simply not as capable physically as men is as ridiculous as Jameis Winston's inane comment. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I saw Bishop Ready's Brady Taylor, playing defensive line, get absolutely dominated in a game a few years ago Vs Hartley by a kid who Taylor outweighed by 60lbs and had 6 inches on, and all I've been able to think about since Taylor de-committed from Va Tech and signed with Ohio State is that game. That he's done nothing at OSU to this point, I'm sorry to say, isn't the least bit surprising to me. I hope he steps up... but I won't hold my breath.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

This is just asinine. Parris Campbell, despite his speed, has severe shortcomings as a receiver... like catching the football. Predicting that Campbell will be a top 15 draft pick in one year's time really brings into question the validity of the mock draft because the player has done absolutely nothing whatsoever to garner such a bold prognostication. Now, Campbell COULD make huge strides this year, and I hope he does, but what about Parris Campbell and what he's done to this point makes Walterfootball believe he'll be the 11th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft???

Comment 24 Feb 2017

Yes, this was the acme of Led Zeppelin, because Presence, In Through The Out Door, and especially CODA, if you even want to include it, were far lesser works than PG. Obviously, CODA was lesser... it was just a collection of tracks unworthy of making the cut on any previous LZ albums. Interestingly, Van Halen used the same 'left overs' concept for their latest release, A Different Kind Of Truth, although I think ADKOT is FAR superior to CODA. I will say that ITTOD, for my tastes, was an under appreciated LZ album. It was dismissed for not being hard enough, but I thought the album was overly lambasted in 1979. I enjoyed it, and as matter of fact I have three ITTOD tracks on my iTunes that I listened to just yesterday. 

Comment 24 Feb 2017

 But a player like Barrett, with 451 career rushing attempts under his belt, would probably qualify for a tempered-down spring under normal circumstances.

Yeah, I couldn't care less if Barrett runs as much as one inch in spring practice... but he damn well should be at the point where they're closely monitoring his shoulder for fatigue from throwing passes, because, as everyone knows, that's where he desperately needs the reps.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

Accurate, imo, on all counts, Hove. In addition, Elliott Uzelac was the OC Herbstreit's junior year (I believe) and he ran an offense that STRONGLY favored a mobile quarterback, which Kent Graham was the polar opposite of, but was supposedly right in Herbstreit's wheelhouse... and Graham STILL beat out Herbstreit as the starter. Kirk Herbstreit simply does not belong on the list... and I'm not even ending this with the obligatory "in my opinion". 

Comment 20 Feb 2017

How long have you been a star around here, GB? First, you know one of the cardinal rules is to never ask why you've been DV'd, and second, down voting for offering fair and courteously stated opinions is a hobby for a third of the community... but here's an up vote for ya because you're a good guy with entertaining comments. Now, that's the last time you'll ever see me opine in a rap/hip-hop TIMH (I know, here I go again... on my own, goin' down the only road I've ever known, like a drifter I was born to walk alone...).

Comment 19 Feb 2017

Bon's last ever U.S. concert appearance was right here in Columbus at St John Arena. I was there... 10/21/79 (I believe). I enjoy the Brian Johnson led AC/DC and Back In Black is one the ten best rock genre albums ever recorded... but AC/DC's best work, by far, was with Bon Scott fronting the band, imo. For my money, AC/DC with Bon Scott was one of the three greatest rock bands of all time (along with the Roth fronted Van Halen and the Ozzy fronted Black Sabbath).

Comment 18 Feb 2017

That's right. Criss placed the RS ad and Ace answered the V V ad. KISStorians we are...

Comment 18 Feb 2017

I believe Ace answered the ad in the Village Voice and Peter answered the Rolling Stone ad. Gene and Paul had already connected and were looking for a lead guitarist and drummer... at least that's as I remember it from my KISStory lessons. 

Comment 18 Feb 2017

I feel you, Dog. In about three years I'll be trading in the plain protein shake for one with a little doobage oil added for effect... and I'll be MUCH more careful about spitting it out and wasting it when someone calls you an ignorant wretch.

Comment 18 Feb 2017

Not a very familiar KISS tune, but a great one nonetheless... one of my favorites off of Hotter Than Hell

Comment 18 Feb 2017

Some ignorant wretch like Grateful...


Sorry, GB, but that made me spit out my protein shake (I'm easily entertained, admittedly).

Comment 17 Feb 2017
MMeaanMeanwhile in Ohio, it's as f San Diego and Columbus have switched identities...
Comment 15 Feb 2017

I hear you, TB... it just seems incomprehensible to me that a staff of HIGHLY paid professional football coaches couldn't figure out a way to help a player who was being embarrassed game after game Vs better competition. In my opinion, it's just not a logical conclusion to draw... that Meyer and his staff were too stupid, week after week, to make simple and glaringly obvious adjustments specific to Prince. In addition, everything is ultimately Meyer's call. There could be a quarter, a half, or even a whole game where Meyer deferred to Warinner/Studrawa/Beck rather than make a switch on the fly, but after that it would be ALL on Meyer and his inaction. I don't know what happened relative to the O-line, and Prince in particular, last season, but I just can't agree with you that the fix was a simple adjustment, and that a coach the entire football world considers one of the all-time greats was too obtuse to recognize it and adapt as needed. That makes no sense, imo. We'll agree to disagree...

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Yes, Conley and Decker both struggled, as you said, on more than one occasion... but they continued to improve as their seasons wore on. Prince continued to regress as a pass protector until he peaked, or rather reached his nadir, in the ttun game. As for your implication that a simple adjustment with a TE would have closed the gaping hole on the right side of the offensive line, but that Urban Meyer was just too stupid and/or obtuse to figure it out... well, I disagree. You're saying, essentially, that despite Meyer being a three time national title winner and future first ballot college football hall of fame inductee, that he (and his handsomely paid staff) were incapable of making a simple, basic in game adjustment to help out a player who was CLEARLY getting abused game after game after game. If that's true, then we better hope Meyer never loses his Midas touch as a recruiter because his actual football coaching acumen must really blow.

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Conley getting beaten Vs MSU a few years ago, one game, is not a good analogy relative to the way Prince struggled throughout 2016 as a pass protector. Taylor Decker got embarrassed Vs Khalil Mack a few years ago too, but it was one game (like Conley), and he gradually improved throughout that season. Prince got worse as the season went along. Projecting Isaiah Prince to the NFL after next season, while certainly not impossible, is a stretch, imo, based on past performance. Having a tackle in the NFL who can run block but who flounders in pass pro simply won't work, and Prince, as of today, is exactly the player just described. Watching him attempt to protect Barrett in the pocket last year was, more often than not, cringe worthy. If he's gonna "bounce back" and have a season befitting leaving early for the Sunday league then he had better bounce VERY hard... and I certainly hope that he does.