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Comment 9 hours ago

Beckman is, without question, the worst coach in this league. He's a walking cliché. Tim Brewster redux...

Comment 11 hours ago

Hate, hate, hate it. I'm an old guy (50) and I just cannot understand why Ohio State is letting Nike "fix" what isn't broken. The subtle changes made the last few years are bad, IMO. The de-emphasis of the black on the pant stripe last season (terrible idea), and the complete change of the jersey stripe during the Tressel era (another terrible idea) is Nike slowly eroding one of college football's classic, sharp uniforms. I know, "the kids like it"… so what. This isn't Oregon where myriad different uniform combinations are part of the attraction. Ohio State is one of the five most storied and tradition laden programs in college football history. That, in and of itself, is more than enough to attract the best of the best. In addition, Ohio State's classic uniform is ALWAYS included in different publications lists of college football's best uni's. I don't mind the uniform worn for the Orange Bowl. I actually like those pants FAR better than the pants Nike ruined on last years regular uni… but I always will prefer the classic Ohio State uniform. The one worn by the 70's Hayes era teams and some of the Tressel era teams. The regular uni worn last season was essentially an exact replica of the Bruce era teams… and while it's still a good looking uniform, it is the worst of the Ohio State uniforms since the change to the current style in the 1968 season - in my opinion. 

Comment 14 Apr 2014

Wow, how quickly things change. Now Bo Pelini has "PR magic". Not even four months ago he was daring the Nebraska AD to "go ahead and fire me", and before that his 'fuck the fans' audio tape was leaked (wrongly I might add) for the world to hear. I like Pelini myself. I guess it's mostly due to his Buckeye heritage, but I also happen to enjoy his old school style and his open disdain for the SEC. I have to give him credit for making an obvious effort to lighten up (just a little) and enjoy the ride.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Nine 4 star commitments is a big deal… in April or any other month. I believe Ohio State signed 14 or 15 (???) four star kids last year, so Franklin is essentially 2/3 of the way to that number this year… and it's only April. Everyone saying Franklin and PSU are the 'flavors of the month' or that it's easy to recruit in the off season when your product isn't available for all to see are missing the point IMO. Franklin brazenly stated upon his hiring that he would have the fiercest recruiting machine in the country (or something along those lines) and he is making good on those brash words early on in the process. If you think Urban Meyer isn't taking notice of this or isn't bothered by Franklin's strong showing then I'd say you're wrong. Ohio State is not showing well RIGHT NOW in the 2015 recruiting derby. However, many of the usual suspects are; Alabama, Texas A&M, Tennessee… and PSU. Yes, it's "early", but you don't want to let PSU get too far ahead of you and build momentum that could be insurmountable in 6 months. It's like a football game; first it's 7-0, then 10-0, then 17-0 at half and everybody is saying "it's ok. It's still early". Well, early can turn into late in the blink of an eye so I'd like to see the Buckeyes get into the game sooner rather than later. I believe Urban Meyer is the best recruiter in the country and he has a top three brand to sell in Ohio State. I also believe he'll not only catch Franklin/PSU, but will pass them up by February of '15… but those who are diminishing Franklin's achievements because it's early or for any other reason need to give credit where credit is due, and admire the fact that someone other than Meyer (and Hoke) is bringing elite talent to the B1G

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Exactly what I was asking myself… I'm guessing he's referring to Rod Smith since he was the last player referenced in the bullet point above this quote.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Interesting stuff. I get what you're saying specific to Nick Conner, and I now have a better understanding of why Ohio State is 'slow playing' him. Having said that, I just have a feeling that Conner will be a winner wherever he decides to play college football. I do follow recruiting and I enjoy reading about the Ohio State class as it develops each year, but very seldom do I care about one player in particular. Nick Conner is the aberration...

Comment 07 Apr 2014

I posted the following (or most of it) this past Sunday in another forum thread… 

How long will Conner be okay with being Urban Meyer's second or third choice? I mean, is it wise for the staff to continue to put off a talent like Conner, a 4 star Columbus kid who obviously wants to be a Buckeye, while continuing to woo higher rated players who don't seem to have the same affinity for Ohio State? I'd hate to see OSU lose out on a kid who very much wants to be here while waiting on a few others who are just as likely to go elsewhere as to Ohio State. Conner feels like that special combination of talent and Buckeye wannabe, and before too long he might start to get offended (i.e. pissed) that he's being put on hold while Meyer looks for a prettier girl to take to the dance.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

Cynics would say it's grossly inappropriate and paternalistic for a million dollar man to shit on a group of kids who risk their bodies and pay his salary.

Who are you kidding? These "kids", these teenagers are playing a game. It's a freakin game. A rough and physical game (I played organized, tackle football from the age of ten through high school), but a game nonetheless. These "kids" aren't 30 years old, faced with rent/mortgage, groceries, healthcare, utilities and providing in general for themselves and/or a wife and "kids" of their own by working at an actual job in a factory or mill of some kind. Not one of these "kids" is forced to play football. Not a single one. Not one of these "kids" is forced to accept a free four (or five) year life experience in Chicago, or Palo Alto, or Los Angeles, et al. Not a single "kid" is forced to workout in a state of the art facility under the direction of the finest personal trainers in the country, travel to cities the country over, stay at first class hotels, eat at first class training tables or take fabulous, all expenses paid bowl trips to warm weather locales every January where they collect iPads, team clothing, shoes, rings and watches. All this in addition to a FREE degree and a lifetime advantage and resume piece. 

As an aside, I'm in a union. A national, dues paying union… and I'm proud of it. We have a union because the politicians with whom we negotiate for pay, benefits and working conditions would have us in the cheapest gear, working with the minimum number of crew and doing it with cut-rate equipment they secured at cut-rate contract prices if we as LABOR weren't unionized. If these "kids" want to start an NFL farm system, play for pay and be responsible for their own financial obligations then I will back their union efforts 1000%… but while they're college "kids" playing a game and going to school/living life for FREE while the rest of world pays its own way then I'm not too sympathetic to their cause.  What's "grossly inappropriate" is concerning yourself with the privileged college football player getting even more than he already has while the cost of a college education is now considered prohibitive for the regular student. 

Comment 06 Apr 2014

First, I'm an old guy whose bored on a Sunday between football seasons… in other words, I lead an uneventful life. Having said that, it sickens me that Paterno apparently will beat out Woody in the B1G coaches tourney. It's a pointless, stupid and meaningless ESPN time killer… but it bothers the holy dog $hit outta me that Woody isn't going to win. I've voted MANY times using "incognito", but the gap continues to widen. How can a guy who didn't come close to dominating this conference for the entirety of his time in the B1G beat the league's flagship coach??? How is that possible??? 

Comment 06 Apr 2014

How long will Conner be okay with being Urban Meyer's second or third choice? I mean, is it wise for the staff to continue to put off a talent like Conner, a 4 star Columbus kid who obviously wants to be a Buckeye, while continuing to woo higher rated players who don't seem to have the same affinity for Ohio State? It's just a feeling, but Conner seems primed to be one of those under appreciated players who wears that chip on his shoulder at the next level and excels beyond what is expected. I'd hate to see OSU lose out on a kid who very much wants to be here while waiting on a few others who are just as likely to go elsewhere as to Ohio State. I'm not calling into question Coach Meyer's recruiting strategy / ability… I'm just saying that Conner feels like that special combination of talent and Buckeye wannabe, and before too long he might start to get offended (i.e. pissed) that he's being put on hold while Meyer looks for a prettier girl to take to the dance.

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Respect your opinion but I disagree. I don't consider college students/football players to be "labor". That's the polarizing part of this entire debate to me. They play a game, and in return for playing that game they get school and life paid for by their university. They aren't depending on college football to meet their financial obligations (the school already meets those for them), put food on their table (again, the school takes care of that for them), provide their healthcare (once more, school provides that for them) or pay their mortgage (last time… school provides housing for them). If they want to bypass college and start an NFL 'B" league, unionize to ensure fair working conditions, pay, healthcare, time off, et al, then fine. Go ahead and do that and I'll be the first guy to support those efforts… but I do not support 18 - 22 year old kids who already have so much insisting that they deserve much more. The VAST majority of these guys will never play a single down on Sunday, and many play very few downs on Saturday. Those student/athletes are getting one helluva deal and to hear them say otherwise is an insult to all the kids who leave their university six figures in debt. 

If college simply isn't for you and you're only in "school" to showcase your football ability then go to Canada and play. The average salary in the CFL seems to be between 80-90k / year. If you're a five star stud coming out of an Ohio high school, i.e Braxton Miller, secure an agent, make it known you're skipping college and want to play for pay in the CFL (the CFL has no minimum age requirement like the NFL) and negotiate with all the teams lining up for your services. Put three years in and if you're as good as most of these kids seem to think they are then you'll be in the NFL once three years removed from high school… and you'll have made around a quarter million dollars honing your skill. You can join the CFLPA, a REAL union organized by actual LABOR; guys who are feeding their families and putting roofs over their heads via their JOB as a PROFESSIONAL football player. Listening to Kain Colter, in my opinion, is comical. Here's a kid who, by his own admission, would never have been accepted into an elite university like Northwestern if not for football. He has a DEBT FREE start in life and a degree from an academic bastion that will, all things being equal, serve as his personal tie breaker for the rest of his existence. He had a four year FREE life experience in one of this country's great cities, played B1G football and enjoyed all the benefits and accoutrements that go along with that, and was able to build a network that is unimaginable for the regular student and will benefit him for his entire professional life… all because of the chance to play college football. 

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Great point… and I agree, though not in totality. The tone of the article does read as if it were written by a young(er) person, but so do most articles on 11W. The staff is young and their opinions tend to be college-centric. The daily skull sessions, to me, sound like the ramblings of an angry frat boy who has much yet to learn and experience about the world (I certainly admit this point of view could be attributed to the 'old man' in me). I enjoy the site and visit daily… but more so for the outstanding recruiting information and the forum debates than for the articles. 

As for the debate itself, I love college football and, selfishly, I don't want it to change. I suppose my opinion specific to the "pay the player" debate is based on experience; not experience as a college football player, but as a long ago college student/graduate (1986), and now the parent of a recent college graduate. In short, what my grandparents, parents and I paid for, once for myself and now for my child, is given to all major college football players on scholarship. Tuition, shelter, food, healthcare, tutors, books, lab fees... plus personal trainers, the best gym membership money can buy, expert training / preparation in TWO potential career paths AND a monthly scholarship check. It's all FREE to these players. They have, essentially, a free four or five year life experience, plus the once in a lifetime opportunity of playing college football in front of tens of thousands live and millions on television. They are idolized, exalted, admired and put on a pedestal. When it's all over they leave their chosen school, often times a university they would have no chance whatsoever of being accepted into if not for football, with a degree, a DEBT FREE start in life, parents who didn't have to sacrifice retirement accounts to pay for their education and the invaluable resume piece that says 'played varsity football at The Ohio State University'. In general, and depending on where one attended college / payed football, the four year experience is worth between 200k and 300k. 

It's very difficult for me to get behind a group who already has so much but who complains about wanting more. To me, it's laughable. In my opinion our time would be much better spent coming up with ways to make a college education more affordable for the average student and his/her family. There are studies that now say a college education is cost prohibitive. In other words, the cost of attending university is no longer worth the benefit. Now, I don't agree with that, but that numbers exist that legitimize that position is foreboding. To be concerned about Kain Colter and his team mates when Joe student is leaving Northwestern six figures in debt, living with mom and dad, waiting tables because the job market stinks and wondering how many decades he'll be paying off his college loans is an indication of priorities in this country. I just cannot get behind it...

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Academically? Yes. From a football standpoint, which is what we're talking about here, he is a second year player. 

Comment 26 Mar 2014

"Bobby Knight is an idiot ragecase who is pretty overrated by the establishment media".  

Yeah… whatever. The guy won, I believe, eleven B1G titles and three national championships, is the third winningest coach in the history of college basketball (was THE winningest not too long ago), has more NCAA tournament appearances than any coach in history and won an Olympic Gold medal… but he's "overrated". That could be the most inane statement ever made on this site. Knight is a pompous, self important loud mouth with anger issues… but overrated he is not. 

That Jack Tatum photo is sweet. Reminds me of the GREAT uniform Ohio State once wore; the one that NIKE kills a little bit more each year...

Comment 25 Mar 2014

He (Elliott) isn't a Freshman. He's played an entire season, had a full year with the coaches and a full year with Marotti. That Herman said "Ezekiel Elliott still plays like a freshman, which is unfortunate” is a blunt assessment of where Elliott apparently is. It's disappointing in that he was the clear second choice behind Hyde last season at tailback… I guess I'm just surprised, disappointingly so.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

Call it the "no fun league" if you want, and I won't disagree in totality… but the players going too far has forced the league's hand. I watched a replay of Super Bowl XIII, Cowboys / Steelers from Jan 1979, and the players simply played the game back then. There was little showboating, hotdogging or mouth running. Was there "trash talk" on the field? Sure, but it was wasn't the spectacle it is today. When Dorsett or Harris made a great run there was no spiking the ball, beating their chest and pointing at the opposition's sideline. They got up and walked back to the huddle. When Staubach made a great play (and he made plenty) he didn't get up and mimic opening his imaginary jacket to show the "S" on his chest. When Bradshaw completed a long ball he didn't do his "most muscular" pose and kiss his biceps. I'm probably just an old(er), grumpy dude (I'll be 50 in a month), but I miss the 1970's NFL. I miss guys playing with one franchise their entire career. I miss guys being more respectful of the game and of each other. I miss players who were well paid specific to the average amount of money people made back then, but who still had to consider working in their future career path during the off season. Again, the stars (i.e. Bradshaw, Staubach, Swann or Dorsett) made a few hundred thousand a year (I believe Bradshaw was the highest paid player in the NFL in '81 @ 300K (ish)), but they weren't making stupid money like players are now.

Unlike some on this site, I love the NFL as much as I love college football… but money has changed both levels of the game for the worst IMO. When Archie won his second heisman in 1975, I vividly remember my dad taking me to port columbus so that we could greet him after his plane landed. There were a few hundred people there that night, and it was a special memory I'll never forget. It just seemed so much more special back then than it does now. There was no ESPN, no heisman trophy show, no sitting through Herbstreit interviews with parents and/or high school coaches, no pomp and circumstance for hours before the dinner… just a crawler across the bottom of the TV announcing that Archie had won his second trophy and what time his plane was due in. It was far, far simpler… but far more special too. It's become "too much" at this point, and the pageantry is now overshadowing the game itself. The NFL, I think, is trying to reign in some of this craziness and bring the spotlight back to the game and the concept of team. Just an opinion...

Comment 24 Mar 2014

This is a no brainer IMO… Pryor. Braxton Miller, despite what we hear from Meyer and Herman, is an athlete playing quarterback. Pryor, while also an athlete playing QB, was a more polished passer (and that's saying something), every bit the the athlete that Miller is, far bigger and significantly more durable. In addition, Pryor won big games. The bigger the game, the bigger he played. Rose Bowl MVP, Sugar Bowl MVP, 3-0 v TTUN and the games were blowouts. For me, this isn't even close… but the debate is what makes this site fun.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Respect your opinion, but disagree. Meyer hasn't won anything as yet. Had you told me the day Urban Meyer was hired that two years into his tenure OSU would be three years removed from its last B1G title I would have laughed… but that's exactly where they are. In addition, he has presided over the worst defense I've personally ever seen at Ohio State (I'm 50). That the defense is so far off is still very concerning to me. Listen, I'm thrilled that Meyer is the head coach at Ohio State. I love that he's a Buckeye, born and raised, and that this job is in his DNA… but to increase his 5mil a year compensation before there's reason makes no sense. Someone created a thread a week or so ago asking where Tressel ranked as a head coach during his OSU career. The answers pretty much mentioned the same people: Carroll, Saban, Meyer, Brown, Miles, Tressel. I said that I couldn't say for sure if I would take Meyer over Tressel. I probably would based on Meyer being a top two recruiter, but I was going to reserve judgement until seeing if Meyer can accomplish what Tressel had in his decade leading the program. If I'm Gene Smith I wait to bump Meyer's compensation until he wins at least a B1G title. I think that's fair and smart. 

Comment 23 Mar 2014

No way Ash took a demotion in title and a cut in pay to come to Ohio State to be a DB coach. He has ambition, he wants to be a head coach… Fickell has the title of "Defensive Coordinator", but if the 2014 defense turns into the 'Silver Bullets' then Ash will have been the one most responsible. Johnson seems to be a great hire. Renowned position coach and top recruiter… but Ash has the authority and title. He will run that side of the ball IMO, so he will have the biggest impact. Good or bad, Ash will be the most impactful of the newcomers. 

Comment 21 Mar 2014

No, he wasn't. Bill Sheridan was hired and then shortly thereafter left for Tampa Bay as their defensive coordinator... I believe. 

Comment 19 Mar 2014

Yes. A meniscus tear is a pretty common injury in sports with quick bursts, lots of stopping and starting. Football, basketball, tennis… The surgery is pretty basic stuff. This should in no way have an impact on his football season. If you're gonna tear something in your knee the meniscus is the best option...

Comment 19 Mar 2014

Meniscus, not MCL… two different things. Meniscus is a tear of the cartilage of the knee. MCL is a ligament tear. Meniscus tear is painful. I've torn both and had surgery on one. Quick lateral movement was difficult at best and fast starts and stops were even worse. The recovery after surgery is about three weeks, but I can't imagine, even if he's having the surgery as I type this, that it would be possible for him to participate anymore this spring. Rarely, although it's possible, but rarely does a torn meniscus heal on its own. Surgery is essentially the only option. He's had his injury issues to be certain. I hope for his sake he isn't an injury prone player… but it's sure looking like he could be. Frustrating.