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Comment 28 Apr 2017

The Raiders organization, like the NFL itself, has access to/employs/contracts with elite investigators who have contacts within every police department in the United States. I have a good friend who played D1 football in the MAC many years ago. He had a good enough career that he had invitations from some USFL and NFL teams to join their camp rosters via free agency. He told me that, even as a potential free agent with a minimal at best opportunity to make a 49/50 man roster (rosters were smaller in the 80s), the information a few of the most interested teams had gathered on him was eye opening. I cannot fathom that Oakland made this selection without having someone within Cleveland PD who has direct knowledge of the Conley situation feeding the franchise enough information to make them very comfortable committing not just money, but using their first round draft slot on this kid. That draft pick, FAR more than any amount of money spent, means too much to just take a flier on the guy.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Agreed, Jwolfe... but there are plenty of us who take the side of the accuser prior to any concrete information being available in scenarios exactly like this. This topic has been dissected and discussed ad nauseam on this very site, and there are those, including some staff members, who go immediately to the woman's side. Who knows what happened here. If Conley actually did what he's alleged to have done then I hope he pays handsomely for it. If, however, this is another money grab, or a vindictive accuser attempting to right a perceived wrong, then I hope she pays a price unimagined by her at this point. It is absolutely dumbfounding to me, though, that a guy with his life's dream at his fingertips, a dream that will set him up financially for the rest of his and his family's existence on earth, would be so mind numbingly stupid as to involve himself in anything that would have even the most remote possibility of destroying what he's worked his entire young life to achieve. If I'm an NFL GM and I find that there's even a shred of truth to this, not even the rape accusation, just that Conley was soliciting a foursome with a stranger a few days out from the draft, well, I'm gonna have to assume that his judgement is very poor, to say the least, and I would pass on him this Thursday. This entire scenario is just absurdly stupid of Conley... unless the entire thing is fantasy. 

Comment 23 Apr 2017

I hear you, L15, and I do remember the Washington game in Seattle. The game before that was the Kickoff Classic Vs 'Bama in Giants Stadium in Jersey. I was at that game, and we watched the UW game on TV. The Alabama game was very close... but the Washington game was a disaster. 40 to 3, or 7 maybe?? It was bad, no matter the final score... but then they reeled off ten wins in the next eleven games, and if Matt Frantz hadn't missed a very makable FG that year on the last play of the game Vs TTUN it would have been 11 of 11. I agree that Earl Bruce, by a wide margin, was the worst recruiter at Ohio State in my lifetime (Im 53), and I also agree that Cooper, who I do not hate, unlike most on here, was a great recruiter. He was a bad fit at OSU from a personality standpoint, and that's too bad because he's a helluva nice guy. I lived close to him in UA about a decade ago and he was always very nice... like using his snowblower to clean off his neighbors driveways and sidewalks nice. Really good guy who was always happy to chat with you at Krogers or when he was walking with his wife and grandkids through the neighborhood. Earl Bruce had absolutely stopped recruiting his last couple years at OSU and I have no idea why. In addition, the team's weight program under Bruce was an embarrassment. Things had started changing dramatically regarding football and weight training at that time, and Earl Bruce just ignored the trend for some reason. Cooper was right... the cupboard was bare, relative to what he expected at a blue blood program like Ohio State, and there were a few lean years, like 88 thru 91, but by 93 Ohio State was again near the top of college football. It was an interesting time to be a Buckeye fan... but I prefer the past two(ish) decades. 

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Maybe it's just me, but you make it sound like Ohio State was on a ten year run of crap, similar to Alabama's decade of hell spread across four coaches prior to Saban arriving. Bruce's decade (9 years) here resulted in four conference titles, a couple Rose Bowls, and a 5-4 record Vs TTUN. His 86 team was 10-3, B1G and Cotton Bowl Champions. The 87 team was a preseason top 5(ish). They were a national title contender, and then it went to hell after that IU game you referenced... but I don't think the program was in a "downward spiral." We've been down the Cooper road before; great recruiter, really good to great football teams in the 90s, and a coach who, with a little luck, would have a completely different legacy at OSU, but it isn't like he had to revive a moribund program, ala Nick Saban at 'Bama or Lou Holtz at Notre Dame. 

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Well, Zach Smith might want to first get his position group to preform at least close to their talent level before he's elevated to OC. I don't meant to be snarky, but Zach Smith being named OC is something I would be shocked to see. If things don't dramatically improve in Smith's room for 2017 he might not even be around to promote. As for Guiton, who knows whether or not he'll succeed as a coach at the level necessary to garner interest from a blue blood like Ohio State. 

To be honest, I'm not a huge Luke Fickell fan, but this is his moment to shine. If he wins consistently at UC, and wins big, then Ohio State being interested when Meyer steps down is a no brainer. 

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Kids like Snead, and JK Dobbins last cycle, who are quiet in their recruitment and stay loyal to their commitment are the kinds of kids/personalities I would target every year. The players who live on social media announcing that they will announce their top 10 schools with a soon to be tweeted announcement, or the kids who commit randomly and frequently, or publicly change their top school after every visit they take, are personalities I'd avoid if at all possible. There are examples of the right way to go through the recruiting process, like Dobbins, and there are examples of the wrong way, like Kareem Walker, and my opinion has absolutely nothing whatsoever to with the schools Dobbins and Walker ultimately chose to attend, rather it's all about respectfully and quietly taking your visits, keeping the social media BS to a minimum, and committing when, and only when, you're 100% certain of your choice, and then honoring that commitment by staying loyal to your pledge. 

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Talent has to produce, it's that simple.

I agree, Hove... but the guys getting paid hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars are responsible for getting that talent to produce. When we see the talent failing on the field we're also seeing the coaching staff fail... they're handsomely paid, some might say obscenely paid, in large part for their ability to get these players to produce via preparation, motivation, and teaching. 

Comment 20 Apr 2017

JT Barrett takes a beating for the passing game's failures last year, and he certainly deserves some of that, but the offensive line and zone 6 are also equally culpable for last season's poor showing, at least relative to expectations. Of the three aforementioned areas of blame, the wide receiver group has the most to prove, imo, followed closely by the o-line and then Barrett. I'm cautiously optimistic that the WRs can step up their game, and that their leader (Zach Smith)  can teach them how to do that... "cautiously" is the operative word there. If this group doesn't show considerable growth this coming season, well, even being Earl Bruce's grandson probably won't save Smith. 

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Word of the Day: Perfidy.

I know we've had a confrontational web-based relationship over the years, but the "Word of the Day" is something I look forward to every morning. I thought I had a reasonably decent vocabulary, but after missing on far too many definitions of those words I'm being forced to reconsider what 'reasonably decent vocabulary' means... 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Competition, per Urban Meyer, is the foundation upon which everything in his program is built... everything except the starting quarterback spot in 2017. This is not a bash Barrett post, rather, it's just an observation relative to Barrett and his unbreakable hold on that position despite struggling quite a bit the past two seasons through the air. I'm not saying he isn't the right choice, he probably is, but it seems like competing for it through fall camp would be fair, especially the way 2016s passing offense faltered significantly relative to expectations.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I agree with everybody posting here... Haskins appears to be a star in waiting. I posted yesterday that, imo, Burrow will start next year, Martell will be a significant player at quarterback after redshirting this season, and that Haskins, despite being uber talented, will be the odd man out... because there has to be an odd man out. There are too many players in that room. Today, however, I'm finding it difficult to see a future where Haskins leaves Ohio State and stars elsewhere. The QB room here is phenomenal. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

To be fair, it is Los Angeles that we're talking about. There is a LOT to do... whatever your mind can imagine it's likely available for you to do in LA. Having said that, those 23 SC fans in the colosseum make Miami of Florida's 500 or so spectators seem enormous by comparison. With USC, the disinterest in the program in general from locals, especially when it's anything short of being a top 3 national title contender, would have to be a negative for any recruit, I would think. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Tate Martell, imo, is the PERFECT fit for this offense. Martell is the blueprint quarterback Meyer had in mind when he developed the offense. Barrett is not, nor is Haskins, both for different reasons, and that is not to say those guys aren't great players relative to what they do best (Barrett run/Haskins throw). Burrow is a nice blend of Barrett and Haskins... a guy who can run the ball effectively and who is an accurate thrower with a much better than average arm. I think Burrow starts next year, despite Meyer falling all over himself when he talks about Haskins. I think Martell redshirts in 2017, and has 2018-2021 to play... and play he will, I believe. I think Haskins is the odd man out, ironically, despite Urban Meyer being enamored with the kid. I just cannot see a better fit athletically than Martell. That kid has "it"... terrific arm, phenomenal athleticism, competitive nature that is off the charts, confidence that takes over the room. In addition, I mentioned this the other day... I stood next to Martell this spring at a local store, and the kid is not the little midget he's made out to be. He's shorter than what is ideal for the QB position, yes, but he's very close to 6'0. I'm 6'1" and he just wasn't that much shorter than me. At this level, I don't see his height being a huge detriment. As for the NFL, well, different game, different story, but I would not bet against the kid.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I cannot stand Trent Dilfer... but I don't understand how Dilfer's comment is going to crush Tagovailoa with unreasonable expectations. All he said is that Tagovailoa is a better passer right now than Rodgers was as a sophomore at Cal. It's safe to say that Aaron Rodgers has made enormous strides between his second year at Cal and last season's NFL playoffs. Urban Meyer said Dwayne Haskins is "the best I've ever seen at his age since I've been coaching". Both are statements that come with expectations. Such is life for elite high school football players...

Comment 16 Apr 2017

  Everyone has the answer for Urban.....

That's kind of the point of the forum threads, isn't it? I mean, it's OUR area to vent, debate, opine... respectfully. If everyone were like you (there are quite a few, I know) and believed that any opinion contrary to Urban Meyer's is blasphemous and better kept to one's self, well, then these threads wouldn't be very interesting, would they? I don't think anyone on here thinks of himself as a "quarterback whisperer", or believes that he knows half as much as Urban Meyer relative to this team's roster... but contrary opinions are what make the 11W forum threads go 'round. 

Comment 16 Apr 2017

Personally, I believe that Barrett's name has been etched in stone as 2017s starting quarterback. I don't think there is, or ever will be, any competition whatsoever for that spot... until Barrett is forced to move on after this season. The only contest going on in the QB room is between Burrow and Haskins. I certainly wish there were an open competition at quarterback, because I don't believe, in the long run, that Barrett is the best option there. Barrett has some outstanding assets; great leader, athletic playmaker with his legs. He also has a glaring shortcoming, and that weakness is at least part of the reason the offense struggled mightily last season, reaching embarrassing levels Vs ttun and Clemson. Urban Meyer seems to LOVE Barrett. I get it. Barrett's familiar, having been here most of Meyer's OSU career, and again, Barrett has some really admirable qualities. Meyer also loves Tim Tebow... so much so that Meyer finds it hard to believe that Tebow isn't a starting quarterback in the NFL. That not a single head coach or GM agrees with him hasn't stopped Meyer from saying how surprised he is that Tebow isn't playing on Sunday. The point is that Meyer isn't an infallible quarterback evaluator, and that with Barrett, Meyer is making the safe choice. I don't pretend to know 1/1000th as much football as Urban Meyer, however, it seems to me that he has a weakness for certain players, and Barrett is one of those players. I think the Buckeyes are gonna win a lot of games this fall (as per normal). I think Barrett will be the starter, barring injury, in every game, and I think that was decided long ago. I also think that unless Barrett has a dramatic turnaround as a passer (along with the O-Line and Zone6), and unless he proves that 2015 and 16 were season long aberrations, the disappointment we felt last January will make an encore appearance next January. 

Comment 15 Apr 2017

Haskins gets all the praise, and he certainly looks to be deserving of it, while Burrow just keeps grinding... rarely being recognized, at least publicly, by his head coach. It almost feels like Burrow remains number 2 against Meyer's better judgement. For a guy who Meyer had to be talked into recruiting, and for a player who gets no acclaim relative to Dwayne Haskins, Burrow is doing pretty well for himself. They both looked really good today...

Comment 14 Apr 2017

Being enshrined into the HOF has nothing whatsoever to do with being allowed back into MLB. I don't care what Major League Baseball does; keep Rose out, don't let him have anything to do with baseball, whatever... but to keep an old man out of the Hall, when not a single soul on earth can deny that Rose earned his way into that fraternity on the field, is nothing more than spite on the part of sport writers, imo. Pete Rose f*&ked up, and then he lied about it. Rose, by almost all accounts, is a bit of an asshole... arrogant, conceited. All of this is true. Here's what else is true... Pete Rose collected more hits than any player in MLB history. He was a winner, and a central cog in one of the greatest professional baseball teams of all time. He absolutely deserves to be enshrined into the National Baseball HOF, which is an entity unto itself, and does not exist under Major League Baseball's umbrella. 

Comment 14 Apr 2017

Blackmore is, and always has been, a difficult, abrasive weirdo... but he can rip on a guitar. DP and Rainbow were two very successful rock bands, and Ritchie Blackmore, the impossible, eccentric rock star, was the driving force behind both of them. 

Comment 14 Apr 2017

I hope the sports writers, many of whom never picked up a ball and bat in their lives, keeping Pete Rose out of Baseball's HOF will never require someone to extend to them grace, forgiveness, or mercy. If they do, they had better hope that karma is nothing more than some theory created to help all of us cope with injustices suffered. Pete is now closer to 80 than to 70, and it's been three decades since his banishment... it's time for Pete to assume his rightful and earned place in baseball's Hall Of Fame.