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Comment 22 hours ago

I've said this for a few years now... Beckman is the worst coach in the B1G. I wouldn't let that guy in my front door if I had a son who was being recruited to play major college football. He was a horrible hire... the worst B1G hire since Tim Brewster at Minnesota. 

Comment 28 Jul 2015

If the Buckeyes would happen not to get in I really have no strong preference for anyone else (with the possible exception of MSU). It would, however, sicken me if the following teams advanced: TTUN (laughable, I know), Miami (I can't possibly have to justify this pick for anyone on here, right?), Baylor (Art Briles is an ass, their fan base is delusional), TCU (their fan base is delusional, Gary Patterson is an ass)  or FSU (Jimbo Fisher and his cadre of thugs are the current day Miami). 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Old guy here (51). I ALWAYS abhor changes to Ohio State's traditional uniform (like Nike screwing up the pants by de-emphasizing the nice black stripe that we see here from the Tressel / Hayes eras). But THIS is unbelievable. I absolutely LOVE this uniform combination. This uniform, if it were real, would be the best looking uni in all of college football, in my opinion. Make this the alternate jersey to be worn a few times a year, leave the pants and helmet EXACTLY as they are in this Laurinaitis photo, and keep the traditional home scarlets and road whites and you'd have a great set of uniform combinations. Unrivaled for my tastes. That is stunningly sharp. If I could up vote you x1000 I most certainly would.

Comment 12 Jul 2015

I hate to be small minded and/or foul mouthed... but F*%k Cincinnati. I'm so sick and tired of their BS as it pertains to Ohio State. If I were Urban Meyer, the next time Ohio State played UC I would do everything within my power to hang 100 on 'em. Very few fan bases bother me as much as UC's. That football program has accomplished just about nothing in its unstoried, non tradition having history. The UC Bearcats are average personified. Just go away...

Comment 12 Jul 2015

 I wouldn't want to compete against Urban Meyer. I certainly wouldn't want to compete against him after giving him a three-year head start.

In my opinion, it seems like you believe that Jim Harbaugh thinks like you (or me). I'd bet that he doesn't. What is intimidating to us isn't to guys like Harbaugh (or Urban Meyer). This guy achieved as a college player and coach, and as a professional player and coach. I would bet that Harbaugh feels as if he's every bit as good as Urban Meyer... probably better in his mind. There is a big talent gap between the Buckeyes and TTUN right now, and maybe it's because I'm 51 years old and experienced the "Ten Year War", but I think Meyer Vs Harbaugh is going to be something today's kids will refer to when they're my age. It's gonna be classic, however long it lasts. To be clear, I HATE TTUN. No team in all of sports do I detest more than them. I'm a Columbus resident, Ohio State alum, and I live and die with the football Buckeyes... but don't mistake Harbaugh's awkwardness for ineptitude. If you think he's afraid, I would say you're sadly mistaken. 

Comment 10 Jul 2015

I detest FSU and Jimbo Fisher, and hitting anyone, not just a woman, unprovoked and/or without cause is wrong and not to be tolerated... but the Johnson surveillance video, from my perspective, clearly shows the female hitting him first. I simply do not subscribe to this blanket philosophy of 'hitting a woman under any circumstance is always wrong'. The entire D'Andre Johnson story is unclear to me. Should he have hit her? No, I don't believe so... but that opinion is from the comfort of my couch while watching the video completely removed from any involvement whatsoever. Just because one is female does not give one license to punch with no repercussion. If, as a woman, you choose to ball up your fist and punch a man without cause, i.e. defending yourself, you're opening yourself up to being punched. If you punch a man and he punches back, well, playing the 'I'm a girl and you can't hit me" card carries no weight, in my opinion. I believe a dangerous situation is being created by the 'you never hit a woman' philosophy, and the danger is that there are more and more women who clearly feel as if they can physically attack a male and he won't do anything about it. More often than not, as a woman, you can probably get away with hitting a guy and him not retaliating... but every once in a while you're gonna hit the wrong guy and you're gonna get hurt. If you pick the wrong man to hit and he punches back, hurting you in the process, in my opinion you've lost the chance to be sympathized with. Here's a better blanket philosophy: unless you're defending yourself and/or someone else who is being PHYSICALLY attacked, not verbally attacked, don't hit/punch/kick anyone at any time. That goes for both male and female. If you can't solve the problem with words then just walk away...

Comment 07 Jul 2015

The amount of red, white and black on the sleeves should be in the same proportion as the red, white and black in the stripe on the helmet.

I'm curious, based on your statement above one would assume that you prefer the uniform worn the last two seasons to the uni worn during the Tressel era and the first year of the Meyer era. Is that a fair assumption? The pant stripe during the Hayes and Tressel era's (and in 2012) is not in proportion to the helmet stripe and I MUCH prefer that. In my opinion, the pant stripe now used (and in the Bruce era) negatively impacts the uni as a whole. I'm just curious if I'm in the minority with regard to that...

Comment 07 Jul 2015

The Ohio State uni, especially with BLACK ACCENT stripes emphasized (not deemphasized, Nike) on the pants, and the gray and white stripes worn for decades on the jersey's (with interruptions in the Bruce era and part of the Tressel / Meyer ers's) is a classic. The absolute best in college football. Nike's tweeking the last two years has downgraded the uniform, IMO. I was watching something with James Laurinaitis on BTN the other day; the uniform pants from his era (Tressel/Hayes era's) with the playoff jerseys from last season, along with the traditional helmet, is the perfect combination... PERFECT. Leave it alone. 

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Cowherd is arrogant. It's just that simple. Is he bright, sometimes funny and interesting? Absolutely... but when anyone, not just an on-air personality, is all of these things AND arrogant, well, arrogant is what most people remember. Arrogant, like Herbstreit. Arrogant, like Johnny Miller. There are those who can articulate their point, positive or negative, and not be abrasive. Cowherd and Herbstreit simply do not have this ability. They rub people the wrong way. Not everyone, but more than their competitors and/or peers. I can't listen to Cowherd for any length of time because of his abrasiveness. I'm assuming most people who dislike him feel similarly.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

I admit to being a star gazer (taboo to some on here, I know), but what I look at most closely is the prospect's offer list. This kid's offer list is VERY impressive. He may be 'just a 3 star', but he holds offers from UCLA to Alabama to ND to Ohio State. He has his pick of college football's blue bloods. That is impressive. Hope he comes to old Columbus town...

Comment 21 Jun 2015

This kid got screwed, in my opinion. And by "screwed" I mean his world was turned upside down and he now has to sit out a year at his 'second choice' school after his favored school opted to take his football opportunity away from him. We, as Ohio State people, can rationalize it all we want, but the standard by which all orthopedic surgeons are measured, Dr. James Andrews, cleared the kid to play. That Chris Kaeding (who operated on both of my knees) supposedly wouldn't clear Dean to play is odd, especially relative to Andrews saying 'sure you can play... no problem'. It's just a strange scenario and one where Ohio State, in my opinion, comes out looking less than above board. Was there anything at all unethical about this situation from Ohio State's perspective? I don't know. I certainly hope not. But all the people thinking this doesn't quite pass the smell test, I think, can't be faulted for feeling that way. If I were this kid I'd be very angry/bitter/resentful; whichever adjective you care to use, that'd be me. I think anyone saying they wouldn't feel that way (or that Dean has no reason to feel that way) are clearly viewing the situation through their scarlet and gray colored glasses. 

Comment 18 Jun 2015

It never fails... someone makes a valid point/creates interesting discussion, i.e. the OP, and it's followed with replies inferring that anyone who questions the staff is a complainer/whiner/negative/et al. This is a great site and I enjoy it tremendously, but those who come out of the woodwork when someone dares to disagree with coach Meyer and/or his staff specific to the way they're recruiting/coaching/play calling are tiresome. If you disagree, fine... but the OP, in my opinion, makes several valid points. The staff seems to have whiffed and/or failed to develop elite talent at the interior D line positions to this point. There are obvious needs at these positions and one would think that the staff would be able to land interior D line players better than Landers and Hamilton. If there is an overt need for D tackles at one of the five most storied and tradition laden programs in college football history, a school that is coming off its eighth national championship by the way, one would think "pipe dream" wouldn't be the phrase of choice when discussing the potential commitment of one of these elite, 5 star talents. 

Comment 16 Jun 2015

Schilchter was an All-American, I believe, in 1979. Second team maybe... but an All-American nonetheless. Possibly in 1980 too. Again, not unanimous, but Art Schlichter was on All-American teams multiple times in his career. 

Comment 13 Jun 2015

I hate to be the über serious poster... but I'm gonna be just that this time. People who assault, lay hands on, hit, punch, slap, kick other people and/or animals are the absolute worst pieces of dirt on this earth. As an adult, if you're not capable of resolving your issues with words and you have to resort to physical violence, well, you're an asshole of the highest order. I was in fist fights as a boy, especially in football practice... but I've moved on. What's even more vile than these physically abusive people is the court system that fails the victims. The prosecutors in this country are interested in drug dealers, murderers and rapists... and everyone else is crap out of luck. You can't make a splash by prosecuting some dumb ass who punches a guy over a parking spot. The court system, the police and the lawyers who are supposed to help, turn a blind eye to people like Solo. Put her in prison. Period. You wanna act like an animal? Fine, you're going to live amongst them then. Lets see how tough you are now, Hope. F you and every single piece of crap like you. I hope you rot...

Comment 10 Jun 2015

Adding a little black accent a few years back was a good move. I was skeptical at first, but it just pops – a nice addition to an old classic. - See more at:

Who is this muldoon? Ohio State has had "black accents" since Woody Hayes helped to design the current uniform way back in 1968. Nike has decided to deemphasize the black on the uniform for some moronic, idiotic and stupid reason... but the black has been a part of this classic uniform since it's debut, including the silver helmet, in 1968. What a dope...

Comment 04 Jun 2015

I'm sure you're right, re: Bomani not being the only one who views the McCoy/Kelly situation as racism. I'm also certain that Bomani, like Stephen A. Smith, is a race baiter who believes white America is against anyone of color. Dan Le Batard is very much in this same vein. Le Batard,  Bomani, Smith, Jemele Hill... they all have a chip on their shoulder, and their arrogant, insulting and disparaging commentary on their ESPN platform is what's racist. That's the irony. They scream racism at every turn, but the vile thing they detest is the very same thing they're promoting. They're just too stupid to realize it, and Le Batard is the most stupid of all.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

I despise Le Batard MORE than Cowherd... and that's saying something. Good lord that guy is a tool. Le Batard, like Cowherd, is sports' version of a chickenhawk; a guy who never played organized anything in his life but who runs his mouth as he were a multi sport four time state champion. I cannot fathom how he continues to be employed at ESPN. I simply can't wrap my mind around his success. It's baffling to me. 

Comment 29 May 2015

I'm just saying, if I was a Va Tech fan, I'd be confident as hell we would trounce the buckeyes for a second straight year

What? That can't possibly be the way their fanbase feels. This team is a far cry from the group that lost to VT early last season. A far, far cry. If VT fans are actually "confident as hell" regarding a blowout Vs Ohio State in '15, well, that's just pure folly. Thinking their fanbase feels that way is silly, in my opinion.

Comment 29 May 2015

Maybe Miller doesn't care about "ending all this". Maybe he likes the media/fans playing the guessing game. In lieu of Braxton Miller publicly commenting, here is a way to end all of this... stop caring, or at least stop giving attention to it. Whether Miller stays or goes, the Buckeyes will be in Blacksburg on 9/7/15 and the QB position will be well represented.

Comment 29 May 2015

When I was 11, the summer of 1975, my mom dropped myself, my buddy and my sister off at the movie theater that used to be in "University City" at the Olentangy and Ackerman intersection. Great film, great memory, great time to grow up in America. I genuinely feel sorry for all those who missed experiencing the 1970's. Today is certainly a golden age for Ohio State football, but the 70's, minus even a CONSENSUS national title, was THE golden age of Buckeye football for me. 

Comment 28 May 2015

Strike three. Unreal. It's dumbfounding how arrogant and just plain stupid some of these kids can be. Maybe some team will "take a flier on (Spence) based on potential alone", but if I were a GM I wouldn't touch this guy with a ten foot pole. Spence is no better than James Winston or Johnny Manziel. Same kid, different name. People were begging to help him. He had/has access to elite substance abuse help and still can't summon enough discipline to move past this issue. 

Comment 19 May 2015

My dad is a Buckeye fan of 40 or so years, who has gone out of his way to make some snarky remarks about the OSU football program when he feels they're not living up to the tradition on the field (which is rare as of the last couple of decades, but happens). That's his way of venting. Would you also say that he's not a true Buckeye fan?

When your father makes snarky comments there aren't millions of people listening. He's talking to you or a friend... I'm assuming. Herbstreit is in a position to influence people's opinions, including recruits, and his snark specific to OSU, in my personal opinion, can be classified as a betrayal of sorts. In addition, your father probably isn't a former Buckeye captain and owes nothing to the program (if I'm wrong here then just say so). I've never once in my life said that anyone who criticizes Ohio State isn't a real fan. Never. I criticize the program at times. I'm a huge Fickell detractor, for example. But my criticisms are between me and a buddy, or this community. They aren't for the ESPN viewing audience, or Mike&Mike's radio listeners. Herbstreit can criticize all he wants... but the way in which he demeans and critiques OSU football (especially in years past) smells of a grudge he's holding against the fan base and/or someone within the program in my opinion. I'm not saying he should be a homer and fall all over himself when talking about the Buckeyes, but he certainly doesn't need to go out of his way to demean and belittle the very program to which he owes his career... and that's precisely what he does (or used to do with frequency). 

Comment 17 May 2015

I appreciate your post and I certainly respect your opinion... but I disagree specific to Herbstreit being a Buckeye through and through. Kirk Herbstreit, many times over, went out of his way to make snarky remarks about the Ohio State football program. I'm not going to rehash all of them, but there have been myriad comments and/or actions (dropping OSU in the polls after 2010 Sugar Bowl win, for e.g.) that cannot be taken back. There is an Emerson quote, one of my favorites, that applies here: "Your actions speak so loudly I can't here what you're saying."  In other words, Herbstreit's belittling of OSU so many times over the years means that his recent jumping on the Buckeye bandwagon carries very little weight... in my opinion.