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Comment 22 Sep 2014

I remember when I was a kid and my dad was getting his car painted. I went with him to select colors, and I was enamored with this ridiculous color of blue. A color of blue that would have worked perfectly on a clown car… but not so much on the family sedan. I learned then that kids shouldn't be allowed to decide what's appropriate and/or tasteful, because they have no clue about such things. Same thing with this inane, ridiculous uniform bullshit. Just stop it. Here's what we wear. If you don't like it, or if you want to wear a different uniform every week then go to Oregon. Sigh...

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Ray Lucas? No. Gerry DiNardo? Now, that guy bugs me...

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Yeah, this league is a road block to Ohio State's national championship aspirations… and not just because of the B1G's national perception. The competition in the conference lulls Ohio State to sleep almost every single season. When you're used to beating up on Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern, Iowa, Minnesota, and now Maryland and Rutgers, and then January rolls around and Alabama or LSU is on the other sideline, well, it's a problem. Because of the financial advantage the B1G provides to its members, none of the schools will cede to another conference; be it Ohio State to the SEC (for example) or Purdue to the AAC… but Ohio State has long been paying a heavy price from a football perspective due to its membership in this long past its prime conference. 

Comment 15 Sep 2014

The staff continues to have difficulty gaining a commitment from an elite tight end. Is this tied directly to their refusal and/or inability to consistently involve that position in the passing game, or is it just a run of bad luck? If memory serves, OSU has lost top level tight end prospects to PSU (Breneman, Geiseki), ND (Heuerman) and TTUN (verbal pledge Clark) over the last three recruiting cycles. I know Ohio State has a verbal from Josh Moore, but he wasn't their first (or second?) choice...

Comment 13 Sep 2014

That's wrong. Ecstasy is a drug that produces dependency about half the time. In addition, about 6 in 10 ecstasy users have withdrawals when stopping usage. I don't know what your experience is with "X"… but this drug targets many of the same neurotransmitters in the brain that other addictive drugs do. 

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Agree in totality. This site is awash with 'negativity police', and it's comical. This is a forum to debate/voice your opinion, and it's being overrun by people who, if Meyer or the program is challenged in any way, act as if someone just told them their new born baby is ugly. Disagree, debate, argue even… but do it respectfully.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

I don't know what BD means by #Decent15… but I can guess. Urban Meyer unabashedly implies that being a great recruiter is THE single most desirable asset he covets in his assistants. In contrast to Meyer's philosophy are the coaches who value the ability to develop talent over recruiting skill. If recruiting is what you insist you do best, and if the number one class in the country is the goal of your program every year, well, when three star kids are dominating your top 20 class reality is now falling short of your stated objective. While Dantonio and MSU would be extremely excited to have the number 16 ranked class in the country, it feels like Meyer and Ohio State are falling short of expectations. Add to that the impression that some of the elite talent recruited to Ohio State isn't being developed to the degree that some expect and you have a little frustration within the fan base. Personally, the number of stars a kid has beside his name is meaningless to me. It's nice to sign elite classes, but there are too many programs that excel despite not recruiting at an elite level (consistent top 10 classes) to get too caught up in 3 star Vs 4 or 5 star kids. MSU, Wisconsin, Oregon, Stanford and Baylor are a few examples of schools that do not recruit a 247 or Rivals elite class year in and year out… but who compete at high levels consistently. But again, when you unequivocally state that the number one class in the country is your objective, then a number 16 (or so) class dominated by 3 star kids will disappoint some fans. Are we spoiled? Quite possibly...

Comment 10 Sep 2014

I voted D. Unlike some on here, I just don't see "major improvement" from last year. First of all, how anyone can say, after 8 quarters played, that there is major improvement from last year is dumbfounding to me. I'm seeing linebacker play that is weak against the pass, and tackling problems among the back seven. The D line has played solid… but for a unit that's supposed to be the best in the nation I was expecting more. Dave Wannstedt said on BTN that he was 'most disappointed in the Ohio State defense' after the Va Tech game. He referenced the D line not playing up to the high standard that was expected of them, and the fact that the defense must win some games for this team while the offense matures and that did not happen on Saturday night. He lamented the fact that the defense, when it HAD TO HAVE A STOP, simply couldn't make it happen… again. The defense, to me, looks like the same old same AT THIS POINT, but with a few new faces (not enough new faces IMO). Like it's too early to say there is major improvement from last year, it's also too early to say the defense blows again… but so far not so good based on what I've seen. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I'm not trying to be glib, but I'm wondering if anyone still questions why recruiting the tight end position is an uphill battle for Meyer and Herman? The TE's contribution (as pass catchers) ranges from underutilized to ignored. I don't get it...

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Agreed, Optimistic Buck. The DL played hard, physical football. However, while I certainly respect everyone's right to their opinion, I just don't see how the OP can say "Our D did play well". This defense, continually, could not get off the field. They gave up ridiculous third down conversions. The linebackers, in my opinion, remain a liability in pass coverage and the secondary reverted to playing soft and giving up way too much in the process. The O line's obvious problems are the primary issue here, I believe, and for a change the defense was not the reason this team lost the game… but it was certainly not an improved, aggressive, overhauled unit with the play callers taking chances. In my opinion, we have Urban Meyer 2.0 at Ohio State. Urban 1.0 was the guy seen tearing through BG, Utah and winning titles at Fla. Urban 2.0 is the guy who signed a contract with his family promising balance, and the coach who no longer allows a loss ruin his day. The offense is very, very young in all areas, without its B1G POY in Miller, and has been pretty solid in previous years under Meyer and Herman. I'm hopeful that it will get worked out (although it's now painfully obvious to me why this staff has trouble recruiting the tight end position). The defense, however, has been a disaster since Meyer (and Fickell) took over and before the season started I had little hope that that unit would be the silver bullets of old. After two games, I have even less reason to believe that the defensive staff will fix a whole lot. The point is that Urban 1.0, in my opinion, would have long ago changed defensive leadership, while the new and 'improved' Urban is patient to a fault. His patience with his defensive staff, the coordinator in particular, is coming back to haunt him. Is Fickell The man, or is Ash the top man? We still don't know. Who has final say on which kids play and which ones sit? Fickell, Ash... or Meyer? It's early in the season, but as of this morning and specific to the defense I'll quote The Who; meet the new boss, same as the old boss. They have to get MUCH better and give the kids on offense time to mature and grow. 

Comment 06 Sep 2014

By a wide margin, FOX is THE WORST network for college football. Horrible… Gus Johnson and Charles Davis. 

Comment 06 Sep 2014

There is an area between these two where reality exists. Herbstreit is polarizing among Buckeye fans because he's gone out of his way in years past (admittedly, not so much this year) to demean and criticize Ohio State in order to prove that he's a 'serious analyst' and not a homer. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Howard, who, quite obviously, isn't the least bit concerned with being labeled 'homer' and has picked TTUN in games and/or ranked them in polls where they had absolutely no business being picked and/or ranked. In the middle is where professionals reside. Go ahead and pledge your allegiance to your alma mater, but to be taken seriously as an analyst you can't go to one extreme… which both of these guys have trouble understanding. 

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Who knows what's going on specific to this kid and his relationship with the OSU staff. Generally speaking, however, this staff does not seem to place the same emphasis on Ohio kids as did previous staffs. I believe that's a mistake, and one that will create problems for Ohio State once coach Meyer retires. 

Comment 30 Aug 2014

1) the offensive backs. Barrett, Samuel, Wilson, Zeke… they were all, to varying degrees and for various reasons, impressive. 

2) the defense giving up almost 400 yards rushing. So disappointed in that… and surprised. I know Navy runs an unusual offense, but that was bad, IMO.

3) the linebacker play (again). It's just not good enough.

I also clearly understand why Urban has such a difficult time recruiting the tight end position. They were ignored, again, all day. 

Comment 30 Aug 2014

I thought the offense, especially considering having to replace 4/5th's of the O-Line and Miller's injury, played decently. The play calling held them back, IMO. Barrett, I thought, was quite impressive for a first timer. Curtis Samuel was very solid, Dontre had some electric moments and Zeke was good, as we knew he would be. The Offense will build and become very good.

The defense, however, was disappointing, IMO. I thought Navy would run the ball somewhat effectively because that's what they do… but the D giving up close to 400 rushing yards is bad. The 'Navy's offense is unusual' excuse is getting way too much play. Yes, it's an odd offense at this level, but 400 yards rushing (I believe 374 actually) is just not good no matter the offense, the weather, the injury situation or any other excuse we can think of. I'm hopeful it gets better… much, much better.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I desperately wanted to put Woody on there, but I'm trying very hard to at least appear unbiased.

Five national titles, 13 B1G titles and 238 wins over 28 years in an era LONG before 12 and 13 games seasons and bowl games as a reward for mediocrity were commonplace. There is NOTHING biased about Woody Hayes being on this list ahead of Bowden, especially, and Osborne too. I like and respect Tom Osborne and his inclusion is certainly not bothersome… but Bobby Bowden over Hayes is just insulting, in my opinion, despite his all time win total. 

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Ohio State has a classic AND very sharp uniform… and that's AFTER Nike greatly reduced its "cool" factor last season by de-emphasizing the black accents in favor of making the white more prominent. The black on grey (silver in the case of the helmet) is stark and sharp. OSU almost always makes these 'best uniform lists' despite taste and aesthetics being a personal thing, so it's undoubtably one the college football's best, but Nike just cannot leave well enough alone. Thanks Nike...

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Yes to all the above tweets. I don't care for Cowherd, and that's putting it mildly. Nasally, self important, arrogant, preachy, abrasive and absolutely zero football perspective on which to draw and form his opinions. I just don't get how he's still on the air. Apparently he's pulling the necessary ratings… but every time I acquiesce and listen to his show for five minutes I regret it. I end up wanting to put my fist through the radio.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Without Pete Rose the MLB HOF is incomplete to this point. To continue to exclude this guy is beyond infuriating. When guys like Bud Selig and/or a bunch of baseball writers, many of whom have never played an inning of baseball in their life, can keep out the all time hits leader in history of the game, at this point simply for spite, someone with a sense of fairness and compassion should be able to step in and say 'enough is enough'. Rose has paid a steep, steep price for betting ON his team to win, and the right thing to do is to let this elderly man back into the game he's lived his life for, and to enshrine him into the hall of fame where he clearly deserves to be.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

This is, quite possibly, my personal favorite post ever on 11W. Without question, this is my favorite all time posted quote on this site:  "His other favorite thing was to tell guys to put a skirt on and go practice with the soccer team." 

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I'm almost always the first guy saying football, which I played from age 10 through high school, provides a different environment than most other sports. It's a tough, aggressive, intimidating setting. It is not for the meek or the timid… but these are 8 year old kids we're talking about. The father making the accusation comes off as very believable, imo. He isn't ranting, demanding or out of control. He's confidently and articulately telling us what he saw. Of course, that doesn't mean Krenzel is guilty, but doing anything that approaches what this guy is saying happened during a football practice for 8 year olds is hard to understand. Krenzel, to me, comes off as arrogant on air. Maybe that's why I don't have to stretch too far in believing this guy's accusation. CK once told a story on air related to the 2002 national championship. He explained that 'men twice my age often come up to me and tell me that day (the title game) was one of the greatest days of their life'. He went on to say 'I'm thinking when I hear this that you haven't had a very interesting life'. He was talking down to everyone, as he tends to do on the radio, and implying that everyone needs to put football in perspective. Sounds like it's possible that he was ignoring his own advice if he's actually done what this man is accusing him of doing to his 8 year old son. Having said all of this, there are two sides to every story and if I were Krenzel and completely innocent I'd issue a statement telling anyone who'd listen that this father is wrong. I'd be very detailed and offer these "witness accounts" to back me up. 

Comment 20 Aug 2014

So glad they're reconstructing that tunnel. I love and grew up in the shoe (first game with dad in 1971)… but the previous "tunnel" was, to me, embarrassing. It didn't look appropriate for a high school team, let alone one of the five most storied, tradition laden teams in college football history.