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Comment 22 Jun 2017

 the local team hit (what I assume to be) the Jack Nicklaus-designed Scarlet Course

I'll confirm this much... it's either Scarlet or Gray. Tough to tell from the limited photos. I'll say this, most of these kids have probably never in their life held a golf club, so they would have been FAR better served attempting to play Gray rather than Scarlet. For a point of reference, the Scarlet track and the Gray track are about as different as Ohio State football and Otterbein football. Just FYI for the non-golfers here.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

I have zero issue with the kid's shirt. It's a PEACEFUL form of protest, and that's completely cool. The issue I do have, however, is with 11W posting an article on an issue that is socially polarizing while having a CLEAR commenting policy that demands contributors "Avoid politics, religion, and HOT-BUTTON SOCIAL ISSUES." This site, which I love and visit MULTIPLE times daily, is a microcosm (and always has been) of Cal Berkeley; "You're free to express yourself... as long as those in charge, and the majority, agree with what it is you're expressing." If they disagree, well, then the name-calling starts from the commentariat, and the jailing begins from the site police. The irony here is that those who cry loudest about our freedoms of speech are the very same people who think it's perfectly acceptable to censor opinions different from their own, or that they find offensive. And this absolute bullshit about being free to express one's opinion, but that there are consequences which may apply, is just that... bullshit. If what you say causes you to lose your job, your standing at a university, or your forum in which to opine then you are NOT free to express yourself. Freedom of speech should mean you're free to say whatever it is you believe with zero retribution for that expression. If there's a penalty for peacefully speaking your mind then we're simply circumventing the first amendment to justify our own opinions... like the students/staff at Cal Berkeley.

Comment 18 Jun 2017

Harbaugh, squirrelly tho he is, is a smart, cutting edge, elite coach. Yes, I know, he lacks titles... but he wins wherever he goes. He immediately transformed *ichigan into a program with which to contend. I'll take our guy ten times out of ten if given the choice between Meyer and Harbaugh, but this guy, in my opinion, is the embodiment of 'crazy like a fox'. 

Comment 17 Jun 2017

All you parents who bought your kids gaming consoles instead of actually parenting played a role in Utah's newest scholarship program.

The good news is that skin cancer rates will plummet in about 20 years because none of these ever pussies see the sun, except when they run from the basement to the car to go buy fast food to bring back to the basement so they can continue to strengthen their thumbs... while shoveling Wendy's down their gullets. Clearly, this is "a thing." Just as clearly, it's making kids fat, lazy, and soft (and their parents are allowing it to happen).

Comment 15 Jun 2017

I haven't looked it up recently, but I think Rose played 22 or 23 MLB seasons. He collected 4256 hits in that time. Williams played 21(ish) seasons and collected around 2500 hits. Tony Gwynn played 20(ish) seasons, I believe, and had about 3k hits. Rose, like him or not, is the best hitter in baseball history. 

Comment 15 Jun 2017

No conflict here whatsoever. Rose EARNED his way into the HOF on the baseball field. His resume is as every bit worthy as any player currently enshrined, and it's an exercise in spite keeping him out. He's paid his penance and then some. I've said it before x1000, I hope the writers preventing Rose, now officially an old man, from Hall enshrinement never in their life require grace, forgiveness, or dispensation for sins committed... karma is a bitch, as they say. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I love the show, everything about it, but this week Jimmy sorta crossed a line for me. I have a certain odd respect for people who cleverly get by on the grift. The art thieves who steal the Picasso out of the Louvre and then sew it in the roof lining of their van waiting for it to cool so they can fence it... these guys have my guarded and reluctant respect. After all, there is a LOT of skill in getting that artwork out of a high security environment and into that van. But the guy who cons the elderly woman out of her social security check, while it might take some skill, is a low life who deserves no one's admiration. Jimmy/Saul, this particular week, is a grifter MUCH closer to the latter than the former, and while the episode was still very good, it wasn't as enjoyable to watch for me. 

Comment 11 Jun 2017

 But to say he played against tougher competition is wrong.

We'll agree to disagree then. The talent pool is deeper today, yes, but the top end is not even close to as good. How many players did Woods compete against who won more than a couple majors? Mickelson, Els... and who else? Player, Watson, Palmer, Trevino, Ballesteros, Norman, all Nicklaus contemporaries, all HOFers, combined for 40(ish) majors. Tiger Woods simply did not compete against the elite winners that Nicklaus compete against. 

Comment 11 Jun 2017

Jack Nicklaus finished in the top ten in majors 73 times in his career. Think about that... 73 top ten finishes in the four majors. He also had a nearly 40 year span between his first top ten and his last top ten in majors. The 18 major wins is the best ever. The 19 runner-up finishes in majors is the best ever. The 73 top ten finishes in majors, by a wide margin, is the best ever. In addition, Jack dominated hall of fame players, whereas Tiger had to beat Phil Mickelson... and a bunch of guys who made millions by finishing in the top 15 every week but who rarely won. Jack had to beat Palmer, Trevino, Watson, Miller, Weiskopf, Norman, Player, Ballesteros, et al. I have no idea how anyone can say Tiger Woods is the better player. The data, the facts, prove otherwise.

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Smith has a couple glaring screw ups, in my opinion, during his time as OSU AD. First, and most conspicuous, would be the handling of the Tressel investigation/dismissal. I thought he managed that poorly and scapegoated Jim Tressel beyond what was just. Second would be his solicitation of Bowl committees and acceptance of the Gator Bowl invitation following the 2011 season, a disastrous year by Ohio State football standards. Many believed he SHOULD have envisioned the 2012 NCAA bowl ban as part of the fallout from the Tressel affair. Many also rationalize that had Smith self imposed a bowl ban following the 2011 season that Meyer's undefeated 2012 team would have most likely advanced to the title game Vs Notre Dame. In addition to these examples, Smith took heat, if I recall correctly, for negotiating a contract that paid him extravagant bonuses for titles won by individual athletes, i.e. wrestlers winning B1G and/or national titles. I think, generally speaking, Smith has done a solid job and served the university well... but it hasn't been perfect. 

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Bauserman was the worst I've ever seen. That he was Ohio State's starting quarterback for a while, albeit brief, makes it all the worse. Fickell's biggest mistake in his season long head coach audition in 2011 was not starting Braxton Miller day one. That, as they say, was a grave tactical error. Hackenberg stinks, but at least he got paid as a second round pick... which is stunningly unbelievable. 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Bob Huggins. He can get the program back on track very quickly, and then, in 5-7 years, Ohio State can go through an intensive and well thought out search for a younger coach who can direct the program into the future. Mike Brown? Tom Crean? Greg McDermott? Chris Jent? C'mon.. Huggins is a proven winner with OSU ties. Get him and let him do what he does... win. 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

I'll admit I'm not a big basketball fan. I casually follow the bball program, but Football is what I love. This coaching 'search' is a perfect illustration of the VAST difference between OSU football and basketball. One is arguably the most storied and tradition laden program in its sport's history, and the other is just another program. A guy at Creighton, who hasn't won big anyplace he's been, has turned down the Oho State basketball job. If and when there's an opening for head football coach at Ohio State, well, Smith (or whoever the AD is then) won't be searching for a coach as much as he'll be taking his pick of the most elite names in the business. I'm glad this guy passed on the job because it would have been a tremendously underwhelming hire, in my limited opinion, but that a guy of McDermott's mediocre stature in the college basketball world said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to this job should tell you something about the perception of the job. I hope Smith hits a home run with the hire... but clearly it isn't going to be easy.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

I agree with you here for the most part. Dantonio, if another down year on the field is the only issue, can weather that storm, yes.  However, the difference between Dantonio and Ferentz is that Dantonio's team has had FAR more, and far more serious, off field trouble in the last year than Ferentz has had at Iowa in a decade. If Dantonio has another .500(ish) record, coupled with another serious criminal investigation/violation among his players, well, I don't know that he's going to survive that. 

Comment 07 Jun 2017

Dantonio had better tread lightly from this point forward. Losing, plus all of the off field issues, equal a potential dismissal. He'd better right the ship in 2017, or there might not be a 2018 for him at MSU 

Comment 04 Jun 2017

This cell phone video shows nothing of any real consequence. I saw nothing on this video clip that warrants much discussion, but I'm sure some group somewhere will make something out of it and ruin what's left of Lee's off season. No one knows what was said or done to Lee to provoke his excitement here, but because people assume that a woman was involved then he's guilty until proven innocent.

Comment 03 Jun 2017

I thought you were going to Clemson. Commit, don't commit... whatever. The only way anyone gets 100k re-tweets from Ohio State fans is if during TTUN week you tweet 'fuck *ichigan.' 

Comment 03 Jun 2017

This is inane. That old man (I'm an old man too, so...) should be told, as nicely as possible, that it was time to leave television a decade ago, and that his hanging on has reached pathetic proportions. GameDay, generally speaking, has become a caricature of its once decent self, but Corso has reached a new level of absurdity. He's tolerated... almost treated like a child whose opinions you don't want to dismiss out of hand so as not to discourage him. Go away, Lee. You had your turn in the sun, now it's someone else's turn. All good things must come to an end. 

Comment 02 Jun 2017

I can see your point about Gibson, but I'm lost regarding your feelings about Martell. That guy is tailor made for this offense, he's far more accurate / a better thrower than Gibson was, and most importantly, he has close/immediate local family who will help to keep him grounded away from football. I think Martell will be a star here, and I certainly could be wrong, but it'll be interesting to see what transpires in the quarterback room from 2018 forward.

Comment 01 Jun 2017

Everyone's development on this list takes a backseat to JT Barrett's progress, imo. If Barrett continues to struggle through the air, like he has for two years running, then however much progress the others make will be moot. Barrett is THE key. He either gets much better as a passer, which is AT LEAST 50% of the necessary skill set of any quarterback, or the offense will again falter... and it won't matter how good the defense is, because if you're one dimensional on offense, well, we saw how that worked last season.

Comment 31 May 2017

...Desmond Howard, who re-upped with ESPN yesterday.

This is nothing less than dumbfounding. Howard is, without question, the absolute worst 'analyst' on that network. He's buffoonish... an unadulterated homer with zero shame in his *ichigan prognostications. In addition, he's inarticulate, and laughs like a cartoon character. Desmond Howard, besides being an Ohio born traitor to ttun, is just a dope. I cannot imagine why ESPN would choose to retain his 'services'. Herbstreit must've gone to bat for him... again. 

Comment 28 May 2017

I love the recruiting work Meyer has done in Columbus. It's strong, to say the least. Having said that, and if I'm picking nits, I will say that slow playing Ohio kids not named Jackson Carman or Jaelen Gill is bothersome, imo. In addition, the big misses, and/or the out and out non offers of Ohio Players including, but not limited to, Jake Butt, Taco Charlton, Tommy Kraemer, Mitch Trubisky, et al., has been frustrating. You can't sign 'em all. Kraemer was going to Notre Dame, period, but Trubisky, Butt, and Charlton were simply overlooked or not chased hard enough in favor of kids from out of state. Had Meyer wanted to flip Trubisky, well, I think that would have been easily accomplished, but Meyer clearly preferred JT Barrett. Having recently seen Trubisky go number 2 overall it seems clear that this was a big in-state miss... but again, I'm just picking nits, or killing time, on a Sunday morning, because Meyer's recruiting ability, aside from Saban's, is unparalleled.