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Comment 42 minutes ago

Ohio State has the traditional look as well. The Buckeyes haven't made a significant uniform change in half a century (the minor changes have been bad enough, I couldn't take a major change). The difference between OSU's uni and the others you named? Ohio State's traditional uniform is a sharp and classy look. Bama, PSU, USC? These unis are traditional... and ugly. 

Comment 20 May 2016

Kingpin is an absolute American classic. It makes me LOL, as the kids say, every time I see it. Kingpin, Joe Dirt, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles never, EVER get old. 

Ish: God blessed my brother to be a carpenter

Roy: Yeah, well he blessed you too, and I'll give you a clue what it is... it's round, has three holes and you put your fingers in it

Ish: You leave Rebecca out of this, Mistser!

Comment 19 May 2016

Didn't Jeremy Birmingham, a few months ago, predict a four loss season, including losing to TTUN? I thought he was joking, but maybe not... Me personally? I see a probable loss early to OU, but then I see this team maturing fast and rolling through the conference season. 

Comment 19 May 2016

I haven't been to a festival setting for a concert in decades. Let me understand something... are the shows at places like the Schott or Nationwide seating festival style on the floor these days??? The last time I saw a concert at the Schott was Van Halen in 2007, I believe, and I paid handsomely for a pair of seats in the ninth row, center. Inside of a basketball arena, packed with 15,000 people, is when festival seating can (and will, if allowed) turn deadly. 

Comment 19 May 2016

You're right, another tragedy will happen. Although VERY unpopular to say on here, I was just waiting for the tragedy that happened at Mirror Lake to occur. I KNEW that it was simply a matter of time. I've worked those events many times over the years, and the alcohol consumed there is in excess of any concert I ever attended as a high school and/or college kid. Trust me, the city's ERs are pushed to their limits the night of Mirror Lake jump. That Ohio State University not only allowed the event to continue, but publicly encouraged it, was unfathomable to me. I know, and support, that most events shouldn't be stopped because the potential exists that one person or persons might hurt themselves... but when you're creating an environment that just begs for a tragedy, like Mirror Lake or festival seating at rock concerts in the 70's, it's sometimes inconceivable that the event organizers allow the show to go on, so to speak. 

Comment 19 May 2016

Interesting... I had no idea festival seating was allowed today, or even existed today. I rarely go anymore, but when I do I'm fortunate enough to be able to purchase seats in the first several rows so I just assumed that every seat was still assigned and sold. I will say this; there were two times in my life that I was actually afraid for my safety... the first was at a festival seating concert for Black Sabbath (a new band called Van Halen opened for Sabbath, btw, and they were like nothing I had ever seen to that point) in 1978 (Cincinnati, I believe), and the second was being on the field after Ohio State beat TTUN in 1984. 

Comment 19 May 2016

I was at The Who concert in '79 in Cincinnati... it was the end of festival seating at rock concerts. What a decade/time/era it was. In addition to seeing The Who, in 1979 I was also lucky enough to have seen Bon Scot's very last U.S. appearance with AC/DC at St John in Columbus, and then witness one of Van Halen's very first world headlining tours at Riverfront Coliseum. 

Comment 17 May 2016

Good for Jerry. That Minnesota couldn't figure out how to accommodate Kill when the two sides engaged in discussions/negotiations specific to Jerry remaining involved with the program in an administrative role speaks volumes. Kill is THE reason Minnesota football is where it is... a solid program with a chance to compete in the upper half of the B1G and go to a bowl game. I don't expect them to stay there. The Tracy Claeys hire was a bad move, imo. I cant imagine him excelling as a recruiter. In addition, they made a grave, tactical error in letting Kill go, and to add insult to injury, he wanted to stay... but the powers that be at Minnesota were too inept to keep the man who revived their moribund football program from moving on. 

Comment 17 May 2016

And Ohio State was a national #brand before Urban Meyer sauntered through Columbus' saloon doors—spurs jangling and a loose-leaf cigarette dangling from his lips—but there's no denying he's elevated that #brand in his four years.

I love, love, love Urban Meyer, and I certainly recognize that he has raised the bar specific to recruiting since his arrival... but as one of the more 'seasoned' members of this community I sometimes worry that the younger people on here aren't crystal clear that Urban Meyer didn't build Ohio State football. Ohio State's program was built a century ago. Many, MANY titles, conference and national, were won long before Meyer arrived. In addition, the standard at Ohio State is Woody Hayes. Maybe one day Urban will set a new standard, but that's at least four more national championships and twelve more B1G titles in front of him right now. 

Comment 15 May 2016

The Matt Brown "fight" was, by a wide, wide margin, the most boring MMA contest I've ever seen. It consisted of Brown being taken down within the first few seconds of each round and then both fighters sitting against the chain fencing while Brown attempted to escape the holds in which Maia had him. This was essentially the entire fight. I cannot believe that Brown traveled that far to give that performance. It was horrible...

Comment 15 May 2016

Same here. I took two screen shots. Samsung offered the product for an advertised price of $100.00 and then refused to sell the TV at said price... I'm gonna try to play that card.

Comment 14 May 2016

Respectfully, I vehemently disagree with Seabass. I spent much of my youth in SoCal, and San Jose is about 300(ish) miles north of LA. The weather, if you enjoy arid, absolutely zero humidity and 320+ days of sunshine per year, is perfect. The mountains are stunning, the pacific is close by and anything else you could possibly want to do or see in any life is within a 4(ish) hour drive. You're gonna love it, I predict. Give California a chance... it's a lifestyle unlike anything Ohio or anywhere else in the east, including Florida, can offer. Remember, as far as costs associated with housing, you're not just buying/renting a property, rather you're buying/renting a home AND California and all it has to offer. In other words, when you spend 300k in Columbus for your house you're getting the house and not a whole lot more. When you buy or rent in California you're getting a place to sleep, shower, watch some TV and store your clothes because you're going to be outdoors living the California lifestyle most of your time there. It's really all in how you approach it... give it a chance. You just might find that you wouldn't move back east even if you could.

Comment 09 May 2016

LOL. Bradford is an underachieving, dramatically overpaid and chronically injured player who has more nerve than anyone on earth if he thinks that he can control the comings and goings of quarterbacks for the Philadelphia Eagles. Bradford has zero, none whatsoever, leverage. If I'm Howie Roseman I'd have laughed him out of the building over his little bitch fit. 

Comment 06 May 2016

I just read Cook's father's tweets... and I'm stunned that someone could be so flagrantly stupid. It's now VERY easy to understand how Connor Cook became such an insufferable, arrogant ass. Cook's dad, much like Johnny Maziel's father, is a 16 year old loudmouth trapped in a 50 year old man's body. If I were an NFL GM, in all likelihood I wouldn't have drafted Cook BEFORE reading his father's thoughts... but after reading the tweets I would have absolutely passed on the kid. Cook and his father are bad apples. I'd want him nowhere near my locker room or leading my team.

Comment 06 May 2016

 ...but Stephen Collier's injury may have cemented Burrow's status as a backup.

I could not disagree more with this statement. In my opinion, Joe Burrow is going to be the backup because he earned it. Collier's injury will have no impact on a "battle" that Burrow has already won. Burrow is just better than Collier. I know, Collier's a great kid, comes from a terrific family... and I'm sure all of that is true, but I just don't see him ever being the quarterback at Ohio State. 

Comment 05 May 2016

I have one talent in life: judging character. I never miss. I always thought that Paterno, a fellow Italian, a man who, prior to the Sandusky scandal, was nationally revered, was a bad apple. I never knew why and I could never defend my opinion of him other than to say, 'I just have a feeling about the guy'. I wish I had been wrong about him, but it seems I'm still batting 1000.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I hear you, and I agree to a certain extent, however, Tunsil missed multiple games (including the Bowl, I believe) due to injury as a sophomore and, if I remember correctly, half the season last year due to suspension. He's just one of those guys that trouble (and injuries) follows. How many games did Decker miss? I don't remember any. How many times was Decker arrested? Again, I don't know of any Decker arrests. How many 'pay for play' scandals was Decker involved in? None that I know of. Tunsil, from a pure talent perspective, is the better player... but so much more goes into this than just pure talent. If you developed a 'Pros and Cons' list specific to Tunsil and Decker, Taylor Decker would win every single area of comparison, with the lone exception being natural talent. With Decker, a team is getting a solid citizen AND a very good player. With Tunsil, a team gets a guy with an arrest record, a guy who missed several games in his college career for a variety of reasons, none of them good, and a guy who seems to gravitate towards trouble. To me (and to you, as you said you would take TD over Tunsil as well), the difference in talent between the two players isn't great, but the difference in character is tremendous. I'd rather invest in Decker...

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I'm not sure why Tunsil was drafted in round one... not after yesterday's revelations and his obvious and chronic injury problems and psychological issues. Tunsil isn't Orlando Pace, he's not a sure thing. Myles Jack fell out of the first round due to concerns over possible micro fracture surgery following his meniscus tears, while Tunsil, who had injuries in each of his three years in college that caused him to miss games and/or stretches of games, in addition to being arrested after domestic issues, on top of playing for pay at Ole Miss, gets taken in the top 15 picks. I wouldn't touch that guy with a ten foot pole. Why would you pass on Taylor Decker in favor Tunsil? That makes zero sense to me, even after taking off my scarlet colored glasses.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Thanks for posting. I had forgotten all about this tribute album to Ace. What a fantastic piece of work. All the tracks, with the exception of New York Groove, were written and arranged by Simmons, Stanley and/or Frehley... and even though Ace didn't write New York groove, he certainly made it his own. These songs are from the golden era of KISS (KISS thru Love Gun 1973-1977) and they're only a fraction of the great material that make up the first six albums (plus Ace's first solo record). Talk about song writing range... Paul Stanley wrote Rock Bottom (with Ace) and also penned Hard Luck Woman. I maintain that if Gene Simmons weren't such an ass AND if the merchandising hadn't gotten to the point of such utter absurdity that KISS would be far better though of and infinitely more respected. The complexity of their music will never be on par with Rush, Van Halen or Led Zeppelin... but my goodness those songs are catchy. And there aren't just a handful, there are dozens and dozens of KISS tracks over the years that are just really good songs.