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Comment 4 hours ago

Without Pete Rose the MLB HOF is incomplete to this point. To continue to exclude this guy is beyond infuriating. When guys like Bud Selig and/or a bunch of baseball writers, many of whom have never played an inning of baseball in their life, can keep out the all time hits leader in history of the game, at this point simply for spite, someone with a sense of fairness and compassion should be able to step in and say 'enough is enough'. Rose has paid a steep, steep price for betting ON his team to win, and the right thing to do is to let this elderly man back into the game he's lived his life for, and to enshrine him into the hall of fame where he clearly deserves to be.

Comment 11 hours ago

This is, quite possibly, my personal favorite post ever on 11W. Without question, this is my favorite all time posted quote on this site:  "His other favorite thing was to tell guys to put a skirt on and go practice with the soccer team." 

Comment 12 hours ago

I'm almost always the first guy saying football, which I played from age 10 through high school, provides a different environment than most other sports. It's a tough, aggressive, intimidating setting. It is not for the meek or the timid… but these are 8 year old kids we're talking about. The father making the accusation comes off as very believable, imo. He isn't ranting, demanding or out of control. He's confidently and articulately telling us what he saw. Of course, that doesn't mean Krenzel is guilty, but doing anything that approaches what this guy is saying happened during a football practice for 8 year olds is hard to understand. Krenzel, to me, comes off as arrogant on air. Maybe that's why I don't have to stretch too far in believing this guy's accusation. CK once told a story on air related to the 2002 national championship. He explained that 'men twice my age often come up to me and tell me that day (the title game) was one of the greatest days of their life'. He went on to say 'I'm thinking when I hear this that you haven't had a very interesting life'. He was talking down to everyone, as he tends to do on the radio, and implying that everyone needs to put football in perspective. Sounds like it's possible that he was ignoring his own advice if he's actually done what this man is accusing him of doing to his 8 year old son. Having said all of this, there are two sides to every story and if I were Krenzel and completely innocent I'd issue a statement telling anyone who'd listen that this father is wrong. I'd be very detailed and offer these "witness accounts" to back me up. 

Comment 20 Aug 2014

So glad they're reconstructing that tunnel. I love and grew up in the shoe (first game with dad in 1971)… but the previous "tunnel" was, to me, embarrassing. It didn't look appropriate for a high school team, let alone one of the five most storied, tradition laden teams in college football history.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

If Barrett leads Ohio State to a title, conference and/or national, it'll be very difficult for Miller to regain his starter status, in my opinion. First, he will have done something Miller hasn't - won a title. Second, if the Buckeyes win the B1G and advance to the playoff, Barrett will have had to have played a major role in that success. I think Barrett may well prove to be a better passer than Miller… more accurate, better able to read defenses and involve more weapons in the offense. These things are not Braxton Miller's strengths. Braxton is a tremendous athlete. One of the best I've ever seen play college football. Losing that athleticism and experience is a dramatic blow… but by seasons end OSU could possibly find itself with a better QUARTERBACK under center than its had the past three years. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Why ANYONE on this earth gives one damn about what Cowherd says is beyond me. He is paid to 'poke the bear'. He is paid to get people talking, agitated and tuning in. He is THE MOST abrasive radio personality on air today, IMO. His voice is made for radio about as much as Don Knotts' was, and his point of reference specific to football is no different / better than my sister (who, just like Cowherd, never played a down of football in her life). Listen to Dan Patrick on 1230AM... you'll be more entertained and far, far less agitated. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I dislocated my throwing shoulder in high school… and subsequently dislocated said shoulder many, many more times. Without surgery, Miller will NOT be able to play quarterback, for any length of time, ever again. It's just that simple. Dislocating a joint is devastating in that it will not heal. Ever. It's not a broken bone that heals as good as new over time. Once your shoulder is dislocated, the sac's / tendons / ligaments that hold that shoulder in place will NOT repair themselves. Surgery can repair MOST of that (it cannot replace the sac) and a QB can go on (see Drew Brees) to a great career… but it is not an injury that you can rest for a month and then play through it. Certainly not as a quarterback who dislocated his throwing shoulder. IF Miller dislocated his shoulder (a subluxated shoulder is one that pops out of joint and then quickly pops back in without manipulation) then that shoulder would have had to have been manipulated back into place by medical personnel. If it was subluxated and popped back in on its own then POSSIBLY he could sit for several weeks and come back… but I highly doubt it as without surgery, even for a subluxation, his NFL dream is not going to happen.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact football is a brutal game. How many kids will actually play in the NFL, after all?

You SEEM to have this overriding opinion that football is essentially legalized criminal behavior. You often make reference to football being brutal, or that its participants are putting their lives on the line for your entertainment. I played football, organized, tackle football, from the time I was 10 through high school. Never once did I consider it "brutal". Never once did I feel I was putting my life on the line on a friday night for the entertainment of others. You're overdramatizing. In my opinion, football's participation numbers trending downward can be directly traced to an American phenomenon - soccer moms babying and placating their little boys.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

In my opinion, Waters was jobbed. I couldn't care less who directs the band, but I care tremendously about injustice and people being made scapegoats by the powers that be. I would bet that Waters sues the university and wins millions in a wrongful termination suit. I haven't heard anything in this process that would justify the sudden firing of this man. Nothing. In fact, he was given "glowing" reviews by his superiors as recently as June of this year, and many of those cited in the university's investigation as being "sexualized" and/or "demoralized" have publicly come forward to say that simply isn't true. A band member's mother became upset over decades old band traditions and a nickname given to her daughter. She certainly has the right to be bothered by anything that makes her daughter uncomfortable… but it baffles me why this parent simply didn't request a meeting with Waters and voice her concerns there. If that meeting happened I have yet to read about it. This entire incident has been poorly handled by Drake and the university, in my opinion. Waters seems to be paying an incredibly high price for Gordon Gee's having put his foot in his mouth on multiple occasions and the university now being über sensitive in the hope of avoiding another PR disaster. 

Comment 10 Aug 2014

Negative!! You are not allowed to voice any "negativity" on this site. The negative police will DV you for any opinion they interpret as negative, anti Buckeye, anti ass kissing of recruits… anything that doesn't cast a rainbows, puppy dogs, sunshine and balloons light on Ohio State and their recruiting targets. Don't you know Gibson will read your comment and be offended to the point that he'll drop OSU in his top 5??? 

I like Spielman's recruiting pitch: 'You wanna come and be a part of something special at Ohio State? Great. If not then go to Nebraska (or wherever)… Ohio State is far bigger than any one player'. 

Comment 08 Aug 2014

I actually called in and got on air and, I may get some hate for this, but I was 100% for the Cavs game.

I think you've logged too many hours in the Key Club open bar… Football>>>>>>>>>>basketball. The Game>>>>>>>>>>>any basketball game in the history of life… LeBron or not.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Don't know how long you've been married… but it's best to set the standard now. Ohio State football, silly or not, is incredibly important to me. My wife always knew that. Any vacation plans were generally made in months not named Sept/Oct/Nov. If, however, she insisted on vacationing during those fall months then she knew that I would be watching the Buckeyes for three hours on one of our vacation days (she never scheduled vaca time during the season. It was just easier that way). Give in to this and it sets a precedent. Give her options; another week, another month, or 'I'll do whatever you'd care to do the entirety of our west coast trip… except for three hours on game night… if you'll respect my point of view here no matter how silly you think it might be'. Relationships are give and take. If you want to keep the family peace and see the game then give her options. If she cares at all about what you want then she'll be receptive to being flexible. If she doesn't care and won't be flexible, well, you might be in for lots of "really" responses to requests you make that seem unimportant to your wife. I'm not saying you should be an ass, but I am saying that she should respect how important this is to you and that you should stand firm while being VERY flexible with regard to the rest of the trip. In other words, this is far bigger than a football game. It's about respecting each other and realizing that, now that we're married, it isn't 'all about me' any longer. 

Comment 05 Aug 2014

Jalin Marshall is big. All the talk since Meyer arrived about different people in the 'Percy Harvin' role has always been just that… talk. The reason, in my opinion, has been that the players we've always hoped would 'play' Harvin have never been as thick and strong as Percy Harvin. Marshall, though, appears to have really put in his time in the weight room and with his diet. Wow, he looks like a beast.

Comment 02 Aug 2014

50 yard line seats in Sun Devil stadium on January 3, 2003. Press row was directly behind us and Archie Griffin's family box was one row above the press. Being at the stadium that night was priceless, and sharing the experience while sitting a few feet from Archie the entire evening was the cherry on top. It was the acme of my Ohio State fandom. Four hours of Buckeye utopia that, for me, will never be topped.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

I've never in my life consistently read the opinion's of someone with whom I disagree more than DJ Byrnes… never. He says 'black' and I think 'white'. We are diametrically opposed on so many issues I can't even begin to count; the Jon Waters firing fiasco being the latest issue on which I vehemently disagree with Byrnes. I could go on and on. I live in UA, own a Corvette and despise soccer. All thing's DJ loves or loves to hate (what red blooded American man doesn't love Corvettes? The soccer loving kind I suppose). Having said all of this, I have to say I appreciate the effort that goes into his daily skull sessions, and I wish I had his talent and wit. I'll finish with this; I start every morning with the Eleven Warriors skully… I guess that says it all.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I'm curious, at which recruiting site is Moore rated a "four-star?" I checked all the sites for information as I don't know a great deal about this kid; 247, Rivals, Scout and ESPN all rate Moore a 3 star prospect. And just to clarify, it's only a question for the 11W staff, not a denouncement of Moore/his star rating/Urban's ability to judge talent or any other "negative" thing people might want to accuse me of saying. 

Comment 25 Jul 2014

This guy is a DUI waiting to happen. He's so far from comporting himself like a professional quarterback it isn't funny… even after Haslam expressly requested that he (Manziel) "tone it down". Johnny Arrogant is a self important, immature, all about me rich kid. I hope he falls flat on his face while Brian Hoyer cements himself as the starter.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I thought Cousineau was coaching at St Ed's. I know he's an alum of Ed's, having both wrestled and played football there. Didn't know he was coaching at SVSM… but I certainly could be wrong.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

 I want to know how California didn't make this list. Ridiculous cost of living, smog violence. Ridiculous. 

Well, 320+ days of sunshine a year, zero humidity, the most gorgeous mountains you'll ever see and an ocean to play in. The cost of living isn't what's bad in SoCal, rather it's the cost of property that is "ridiculous". California is a great place to live. It has its issues like everyplace, but its benefits far outweigh its negatives, IMO. San Diego is the cleanest city I've ever been in. San Francisco is a cultural bastion. LA, altho big and dirty in many parts, is as fun a city to live in as exists anywhere in the country. 

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Generally speaking, college football coaches must be great recruiters for their team to succeed at an elite level consistently. Not many B1G coaches are great recruiters. Conversely, Saban, Miles, Sumlin, Spurrier, Stoops, Jones, Richt, Malzahn and Muschamp are all good to great recruiters. That's nine of the 14 coaches in the SEC. 65% of the coaches in that league can recruit their ass off. In the B1G, coaches Meyer and Franklin are elite recruiters. Hoke is a good recruiter (a lousy coach, but a good recruiter… a la Muschamp). After these three there is a helluva drop off from a recruiting standpoint. While Dantonio, Pelini, Ferentz, Anderson and Fitzgerald are very good coaches, as recruiters they simply don't stack up with their SEC counterparts (Dantonio is a bit of an aberration in that he develops talent better than just about any coach in college football. He's so good at developing the kids he has that he can get away with not recruiting at an elite level… which I think might contribute to his lack of success in consistently bringing top-drawer talent to East Lansing). Kill, Wilson, Flood and Edsel are average recruiters at best. Boeckman and Hazell should not be in the B1G (or any BCS conference)… either as recruiters or as X'ers and O'ers. They're horrible. So, 20% of the coaches in the 14 team B1G are good (Hoke) to Great (Meyer and Franklin) recruiters, while 65% of the coaches in the 14 team SEC are good to great recruiters. Like the OP said, "the truth hurts…"