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Comment 19 Dec 2014

I don't know if he's a good guy or not. He's obviously, at the least, a good/solid coach. However, the way he's handled this entire situation has been classless. The way he left, the timing, the subsequent interviews and his evasive "answers"... all bad, all phony. That his own son didn't know this was happening is the icing on the cake. How could you do that to your own flesh and blood? How could a father not share something so important with his own son... who, by the way, also happens to be a player. That, IMO, is very odd. If I were the AD somewhere and Anderson somehow made it onto a list of potential candidates for my head football coach opening, I would quickly draw a line through his name because of the way he handled this. In addition, I'd have serious questions about how competitive Anderson really is. He left a name program that plays in Rose Bowls and competes for conference titles for a program that hasn't played in a Rose Bowl since the 1960's and competes for league titles about as often as Vanderbilt does. Anderson killed his career... and I have no idea why.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I dont understand this. I heard Schefter this morning on Cowherd's show, with my very own ears, say that Harbaugh is leaning towards staying in the NFL and that Harbaugh's agent is using the "supposed" TTUN offer of 8 million per as leverage in negotiations with potential NFL suiters. Schefter went on to say that if Harbaugh wanted to go to TTUN, and if the 8mil offer was valid, that he would have accepted by now. Schefter closed by saying Harbaugh is leaning heavily towards staying in the national football league. Those were Schefter's own words not six hours ago. Cowherd then went on a little arrogant rant, as he's prone to do, challenging TTUN fans who are insisting that they will land Harbaugh and that it's a done deal. Cowherd said, essentially, that they don't know what they're talking about and that the media (himself included, of course) is on top of this. The link to Schefter saying that Harbaugh's family is encouraging him to take the TTUN job, etc is not at all in line with what he said this morning on Cowherd. 

Comment 18 Dec 2014

F the B1G. Let me tell you something; all this BS about conference brotherhood, fraternity and loyalty is just that... BS. Everyone, and I mean everyone in this world, has their own agenda. They're brotherly until it no longer suits their needs, then they turn on a dime. Connor Cook, being an Ohio guy, is bitter (and I don't blame him) that Ohio State didn't recruit him. I get that, but it doesn't mean he isn't jealous. He is, and so is every other player in the conference. The entire conference hates Ohio State to varying degrees. Why? Because they've all been getting beaten up on by the Buckeyes for decades. First Paul Brown did it, then Wood Hayes was the bully on the block for 28 years, followed by Bruce/Cooper, then Tressel and now Meyer. Ohio State hasn't had an off decade like 'Bama, USC or Oklahoma. OSU has consistently bullied the B1G for a century. All the other members are tired of it and it sometimes comes out when players and/or coaches are interviewed. Hate on, haters... 

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Putting Stanford's "band" anywhere on the list invalidates the entire thing for me. Their whole goal is to appear goofier with each successive week. To me, giving attention to the Stanford band is an insult to all the legitimate bands that work hard. 

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Prefacing my comment by saying I know nothing... but I don't completely see the logic in sitting Barrett, a guy with three years of eligibility remaining and a legitimate quarterback, in favor of Miller, a tremendous athlete, but a downgrade at the QB position, imo. Barrett seems to read defenses better, throws the ball better/more accurately and is more durable. Having said all of this, Cris Carter said on Mike&Mike last week that "Braxton Miller will be Ohio State's starting quarterback next season", to which Greeny argued essentially the same thing I said above; Barrett's a better passer, three years left, et al. Carter reiterated emphatically that "Braxton will start at QB for OSU next year... take it to the bank". Stunting Barrett's growth for a year in favor of a player who has one year of eligibility remaining and who will not have played in a game since Jan of '14 by the time the first game of 2015 rolls around makes little sense to me... but as I said, I know nothing.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

I hate to sound preachy, but at 50 years old I've learned a few things that maybe some of the younger people on here have not. One of those things is that it's far better in life, FAR, FAR BETTER, to make 80k and enjoy what you're doing than to make 150k and hate your job/life. Here's the thing; the Ohio State coaches get paid excessive amounts of money (by most people's standards) to do something they all absolutely love to do. They call it "work", but it really isn't. That doesn't mean it doesn't require intense effort and lots of time away from the family... but it isn't "work". They aren't toiling at the factory, or working construction outdoors in January. They all make very nice (Smith @ 170k) to elite livings (Fickell/Ash/Herman @ over 500k), and they all get to live their passion every single day, getting paid handsomely to do it. Relatively speaking, I guess they're "under paid" when one considers production... but I have a hard time mustering any sympathy for them (not that they themselves are asking for sympathy). They're very fortunate men. Very, very fortunate...

Comment 11 Dec 2014

...making what is at best a lateral move to Pacific Northwest obscurity.

Enjoy your writing/work on here. The above quote, however, is puzzling to me. I don't understand how anyone could consider Oregon State a lateral move from Wisconsin. What am I missing? Looking at the last three decades and comparing the two programs, Wisconsin has enjoyed infinitely more success... bowl games/wins, conference titles, rankings, award winners, players in the NFL. It's not remotely close in my opinion, so I'm wondering if you could elaborate on why you (and some others) have referred to this as a lateral move. Thanks...

Comment 11 Dec 2014

You certainly could be right. Alverez, though, is seemingly one of the brightest stars in college football. He's a tremendous AD, has the respect of not only the entire conference, but the entire college football world. It's hard to believe he's the issue from my perspective. To me, Barry Alverez is one of the reasons to come to Wisconsin, not one of the negatives there. 

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Question: Last nite on BTN, Dinardo said specific to the Wisconsin coaching situation that the reason he felt Anderson left, at least in part, was due to Wisconsin's admissions requirements. He essentially said that their tougher admissions policy makes recruiting more difficult than at most other B1G schools. I had no idea that Wisconsin was considered an elite academic university. I thought, and still do based on some brief research I did, that Wisconsin is a good, solid public university... but to say that their academic admissions policy puts their football coach at a disadvantage makes no sense to me. Does anyone have any insight specific to these comments from Dinardo???

Comment 11 Dec 2014

You're absolutely correct here... but the Gary Anderson deal baffles me. I know, he wants to live out west. I get that. I spent time in California and I would walk back there today if I weren't obligated to be here... but Corvallis isn't San Diego, or even Provo, and I'm not a major college football coach who, in theory at least, wants to win conference and national titles. Wisconsin, thanks to Dave McClain and Barry Alverez, has become a really good program. McClain got there in the late 70's and they've been on an upward trajectory ever since. Wisconsin is a place you can win B1G division titles regularly, and on the rare off year for Urban and the Buckeyes, Wisky can win a B1G championship every now and then. Going from Wisconsin to Oregon State is a decent step backwards. He'll have very little chance to win PAC12 titles, division or otherwise, and essentially a 0.0% chance at a national title. I just don't get it. It looks like a career killer. If I'm Oregon State, AND I"M BEING HONEST WITH MYSELF, I have to wonder how motivated a guy is to win if he's gonna leave a program like Wisconsin for the one in Corvallis. Are the mountains and arid weather more important to Anderson than winning football games? Apparently they are. If I'm an AD at any 'destination job' school and Anderson's name somehow makes it onto my list of potential candidates, I'm gonna remember how he basically bolted Madison in the middle of the night, leaving a team high and dry, to go to a place with FAR less pressure, far less opportunity and for less money. 

Comment 09 Dec 2014

What? It's about 900 miles from Columbus. About a 12(ish) hour drive. I've made almost identical distance drives from Columbus to Carolina many times in about the same amount of time with young kids in the truck. I'm not sure from what city your calling this a 5 day round trip, but it's not even close to that from anywhere in Ohio. Pack food, leave at 4am Monday the 12th and get to N.O. by 5pm that day. Game's at 8:30. Sleep in the car after game, drive home the next day and arrive back in Ohio by midnite on Tuesday the 13th. Is that gonna be tiring? Yep. Is it gonna be as much fun as staying in a nice hotel in the city and partying for 3 or 4 days and then flying home? Of course not... but if you want to see your kid play in a game that will provide a lifetime of pride and memories, and you can't afford to do it "the right way", then this is an inexpensive option. It's doable on the cheap. It just is...

Comment 09 Dec 2014

The immediate family will have tickets provided via the player for free. They can drive and eliminate plane fare. They can stay an hour outside N.O. for a night or two and find far less expensive accommodations. Will there still be those who are unable to afford to go? Probably, but if my son were playing in that game I would walk to New Orleans if I had to. Seriously, if my financial position was such that I couldn't afford the airfare and hotel accommodations then I would drive, sleep in the car for a night, and then go to the game with my parent ticket. Is that ideal? Of course not... but as unpopular as this might be I simply don't see it as the university's obligation to see to it that each player's family gets to and from the game and to provide accommodations. These families are already saving six figures on the free education, room and board their sons are getting as scholarship players. Having said all of that, I sincerely hope every player's family gets to attend this game. It's the experience of a lifetime... 

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Head Coach: W.W. Hayes (and it isn't close)


QB: Schlichter

RB: Archie

FB: Pete Johnson

WR's: Carter, Glenn

TE: Frank

LT: Pace

LG: Hicks

C: Steve Meyers

RG: Lukens

RT: Chris Ward


DE: Vrable

DT: Wilkinson

DT: Nick Bounamici

DE: Brudzinski

OLB: AJ Hawk

MLB: Cousineau / Spielman 

OLB: Gradishar

SS Tatum

FS: Doug Plank

CB: Winfield

CB Springs

P: Skladany 

K: Nugent

Comment 09 Dec 2014

If these had scarlet in the traditional Buckeye stripe on the pants I'd love em... but Nike just can't get it right. They simply cannot do it. They just have to push the envelope too far. Always too far. 

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Marvin Lewis should have been let go several years ago, and while I follow the Bengals I'm far more of an NFL fan than a Cincinnati Bengal fan. Having said all of that, I hope Manziel gets his teeth knocked out of his head... literally. 

Comment 08 Dec 2014

and that this is OSU biggest bowl game in 30 years.

What am I missing here? What do they mean??? Ohio State played in more BCS bowls than any other program, I believe. The 2002, 06 and 07 national title games weren't big? The 2010 Rose Bowl wasn't big? The 2011 Sugar Bowl. The OSU v ND Fiesta bowl wasn't big? I don't listen to Van Pelt's show and it has nothing to do with the moronic comment he allegedly made, but saying that this is OSU's biggest bowl game in 30 years belittles the program. Belittling one of the five most storied, tradition laden programs in college football history by implying it hasn't played in big bowl games over the past three decades essentially invalidates their argument. The fact of the matter is that Ohio State has played in more "big bowl games" than just about any other school over this 30 year span they pulled out of the air. How many "big bowl games" did 'Bama play in in the decade prior to Saban's arrival? You know, the decade long nightmare know as the Mike DuBose, Dennis Franchione and Mike Shula era. How many bowl games, not BIG bowl games, but bowl games did Alabama play in during this time??? Ohio State, during this dark era at 'Bama, played in Rose Bowls, Sugar Bowls and Fiesta Bowls... some being the national title game of that particular season. SVP, and especially this Rusillo dope, are ignorant if they actually made this statement. I cannot believe "sports broadcasters" know that little about recent college football history. They cannot possibly be that stupid... can they???

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Ebola's trying to develop an experimental Joey Bosa vaccine 

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Assistants ranked in order of who I'd personally like to see Meyer retain if forced to choose... and I don't think I know anything. Just my opinion.

Warriner (what he builds on the O line, year after year, is incredible)

Marotti (Urban himself has said he's the most important member of the staff)

Herman (he crawls into a shell in tight games... but I can't argue with the results since he's been here)

Drayton (Hyde, Zeke, Samuel... he builds winners)

Johnson (recruiter extraordinaire)

Ash (pass defense has greatly improved in his brief time here)

Smith (would've ranked him dead last a year ago... not now)

Hinton (I think Nick Vannett has improved tremendously under Hinton)

Fickell (I just don't get it here... and I believe it's unlikely he'll ever be given an FBS HC opportunity)

Coombs (another one I just don't get. Recruiting coordinator? Absolutely. FBS cornerbacks coach? No)

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Saw some of the all state teams in the paper today. Why in the world do the voters (AP writers???) vote as many as 5 or 6 quarterbacks onto a division's first team and as few as 4 O-linemen??? There are 5 O-line positions and one QB spot. This makes absolutely no sense. There are linemen in some divisions who made second team All Ohio because they only selected 4 offensive linemen on the first team. Pick one player per position. Twenty two first team all state players. Picking multiple quarterbacks and running backs but sometimes only 4 offensive linemen is cheating the kids who play the line IMO.