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Comment 15 Jul 2014

 I want to know how California didn't make this list. Ridiculous cost of living, smog violence. Ridiculous. 

Well, 320+ days of sunshine a year, zero humidity, the most gorgeous mountains you'll ever see and an ocean to play in. The cost of living isn't what's bad in SoCal, rather it's the cost of property that is "ridiculous". California is a great place to live. It has its issues like everyplace, but its benefits far outweigh its negatives, IMO. San Diego is the cleanest city I've ever been in. San Francisco is a cultural bastion. LA, altho big and dirty in many parts, is as fun a city to live in as exists anywhere in the country. 

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Generally speaking, college football coaches must be great recruiters for their team to succeed at an elite level consistently. Not many B1G coaches are great recruiters. Conversely, Saban, Miles, Sumlin, Spurrier, Stoops, Jones, Richt, Malzahn and Muschamp are all good to great recruiters. That's nine of the 14 coaches in the SEC. 65% of the coaches in that league can recruit their ass off. In the B1G, coaches Meyer and Franklin are elite recruiters. Hoke is a good recruiter (a lousy coach, but a good recruiter… a la Muschamp). After these three there is a helluva drop off from a recruiting standpoint. While Dantonio, Pelini, Ferentz, Anderson and Fitzgerald are very good coaches, as recruiters they simply don't stack up with their SEC counterparts (Dantonio is a bit of an aberration in that he develops talent better than just about any coach in college football. He's so good at developing the kids he has that he can get away with not recruiting at an elite level… which I think might contribute to his lack of success in consistently bringing top-drawer talent to East Lansing). Kill, Wilson, Flood and Edsel are average recruiters at best. Boeckman and Hazell should not be in the B1G (or any BCS conference)… either as recruiters or as X'ers and O'ers. They're horrible. So, 20% of the coaches in the 14 team B1G are good (Hoke) to Great (Meyer and Franklin) recruiters, while 65% of the coaches in the 14 team SEC are good to great recruiters. Like the OP said, "the truth hurts…"

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Nike has significantly downgraded one of college football's great uni's by trying to "fix" something that isn't broken. It speaks to the aesthetics of the OSU uniform that Nike can 'F' it up and it's STILL one of the best in the NCAA.

I'd love to fly to Nike HQ and punch in the throat whichever skinny jean, designer glasses wearing guy (or girl), who sometime last offseason, decided to turn that great combination of the Hayes era and Tressel era uni into a tribute to the Bruce years. Refer to my Tom Cousineau picture icon to see the uniform that Woody Hayes himself helped to design and approve. Now that is a great college football uni… who the hell is Nike to change what Woody created? 

Comment 12 Jul 2014

I would imagine that Urban Meyer, if he doesn't see some recruiting "success" from a few of his current assistants, might look in another direction following this season.

Who isn't pulling his weight? It can't be Johnson or Ash. We know Warriner isn't going anywhere (unless hired as HC by someone). That leaves Fickell, Coombs, Drayton, Smith and Hinton. Coombs is unlikely to leave as his connections in Ohio, Cincinnati in particular, are of great value. Hinton is tremendously underrated and unlikely to move on. Smith has improved dramatically as a recruiter from what I've read on here. Fickell, and I'm on the 'not an LF fan' side of the fence, but by all accounts he's a solid recruiter. Drayton is also a very good recruiter, but If Drayton was Baker's primary recruiter, well, that cannot be good to lose an elite Ohio kid who grew up a Buckeye fan and whose family preferred OSU. They all seem to be solid recruiters… I'm curious who is considered a weak link???

Comment 12 Jul 2014

My reference is from having stood next to both on a few occasions. In college I was 6'2" 210lbs. I was a big, very recent HS football player. Standing next to Schlichter I felt small. He was every bit of 6'3" and much bigger than my 210lbs. I also stood next to Troy Smith at the '07 national title game in New Orleans. If Smith is 5'10" I'd be stunned. In reality, I'd say he was much closer to 5'9"… at best. He was thick, but Schlichter is just a much larger man with equal athletic ability. In football, assuming the ability is equal, the bigger man usually wins. You are right in that comparing players of different generations is difficult. I just believe that Schlichter's athleticism, coupled with his size, translates perfectly to any era of football. 

Comment 12 Jul 2014

I was at Ohio State as a Freshman during Art's senior year, so I'm sure I'm biased. In addition, you're probably correct, RE: only 10% of Buckeye fans believe Schlichter to be the best QB in OSU history. However, I think that low number is driven by Schlichter's criminal past. I also believe his past trouble/gambling/criminal activity was what drove his failed NFL career. This guy had, through his own doing, the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was in debt to organized crime for God's sake. Imagine, with a clear mind specifically on football, what this guy could have done after accomplishing what he did (B1G MVP/Silver football winner 1981, 4th overall pick '81 draft) while Tony Soprano was knocking on his door trying to collect money Art didn't have. Let me rephrase my original thought… Schlichter was the most naturally gifted quarterback in OSU history (Pryor a very close second). I personally believe he's the best QB in Buckeye lore and if I had to pick my starting TTUN game quarterback Schlichter would be it. I do agree that he under performed, however, what's most amazing to me is that he performed to the level he did given the unique circumstances in his life. 

Comment 12 Jul 2014

The final quarterback, Art Schlichter, makes the cut though I believe he was always a bit overrated...

I'm gonna guess that you weren't around to see Art Schlichter play. The GM's in the NFL obviously didn't think he was "overrated", making him the 4th overall pick in the 82 draft. Schlichter, at 6'3" 220, was the best athlete I've ever seen play football at Ohio State. I've said it before; Schlichter could do all that Troy Smith could do… but he was a half foot taller and much bigger. Schlichter's football legacy is usually overshadowed by his personal shortcomings. While Art Schlichter is certainly not a model citizen, he's the best quarterback in OSU history, in my opinion. 

Comment 11 Jul 2014

The biggest reason we hate losing Baker is cause he's an Ohio kid that's a star. If he was from Georgia, we wouldn't be nearly as angry.

That's right. And it's for good reason too. Ohio high school football is the lifeblood of Ohio State football and keeping elite players like Baker at home is important. The 'national recruiting perspective' this staff has is great and the results clearly speak for themselves… however, it seems that the tradeoff is losing the elite Ohio kids a little bit more often than has happened with recent staffs. OSU isn't a just great program in an average high school football state (i.e. Oklahoma or Nebraska). Ohio State is a great program in a top 7 high school football state. That's why, when the Nick Conner threads were lighting up this site, I kept saying I'd take Conner over a slightly higher ranked kid from out of state. Conner is home grown. He's a Buckeye… intrinsically. And it's that important, in my opinion, to keep the elite Ohio players in Ohio at The state university. Ohio HS football is better than the HS football played in MOST other states. That is a fact. Keeping the elite Ohio players at home is vital. 

Comment 06 Jul 2014

Leave the helmets alone and change the pant stripe back to accent the black; i.e. make the black part of the pant stripe thick again (think the Ginn, Troy Smith years or the 70s era teams prior to Earl Bruce uni changes). This black pinstripe stuff has gotta go… in my opinion. I have no clue what "icy" means, but I will say of the three parts that make up the uniform (helmet/jersey/pants) I would be the most flexible with the jersey. 

Comment 04 Jul 2014

My answer to your hypothetical question does not take into consideration weather or not these guys were good people and/or admired team mates. You asked who I would choose, not who beat TTUN the most or who was the best citizen… and Schlichter is who I would pick. I've seen all of these players in person. I was at Ohio State with Art, and he was better than Troy Smith; Schlichter was the 4th overall pick in the '82 draft. As far as his "personality", that wasn't a consideration. My decision is based on who can line up under center and give Ohio State the best chance to win. Schlichter, in my opinion, is that guy. Is he a good citizen? Obviously, the answer is no. Is he the standard by which Ohio State QB's should be judged? Yes, I believe so. Again, he was every bit the athlete Smith was… except he was about a half foot taller and much bigger. 

Comment 03 Jul 2014

I agree with your comment specific to MSU fans and their unwarranted arrogance. MSU is a solid, semi traditional program. Nothing more, nothing less. Their fans are delusional if they believe otherwise, or mistakenly believe that their program is comparable to Ohio State's. From time to time is MSU on par with Ohio State? Sure, but the OSU football program, by a wide margin, is vastly superior. Look no further than the NCAA and B1G record books for proof. Facts are facts, and all that… However, specific to your "the stars aligned for them one lucky night…" comment, well, I disagree completely. MSU was a very good team last year. I believe they could have played with and beaten anyone in the country in 2013. Their offense was solid and their defense was spectacular. Ohio State fielded half of a very good team last season, but the defense was abysmal. The OSU D was responsible for the loss in that game, entirely, and as much as I love the Buckeyes I honestly believe that the better TEAM won the B1G title last year. 

Comment 03 Jul 2014

 It's the only time of the year I "cheer" for Michigan.

First of all, lets not use that word, please. Second, I'll never understand how any Ohio State Buckeye can "cheer" for TTUN… EVER.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

Best Spurrier quote of all time:

Assistant coach to Spurrier, "what play you got called Coach?"

Spurrier, "Touchdown"...

Comment 27 Jun 2014

No problem. Debate is part of what makes this site interesting. I guess we'll agree to disagree, but how someone can say playing soccer takes the same amount of courage as going across the middle in the NFL or trying to bring down Earl Campbell when he has a head of steam is something I'm unable to wrap my mind around. Again, I never played soccer so maybe I'm missing something, but when you have to have your head on a swivel playing football, not only for the purpose of catching the ball or looking for a hole to run through in the D-line, but to avoid being hammered senseless by someone like Chris Spielman or Bill Romanowski… I see nothing comparable in the sport of soccer. Nothing even remotely close. But I do enjoy the conversation/debate...

Comment 27 Jun 2014

Disclaimer: I played organized football from age 10 through high school. I've never played (nor had any interest in playing) soccer. Having said that, in my opinion American football separates itself from most other team sports, especially soccer, with one undeniable facet; football requires more guts/balls/toughness/courage… whatever adjective you care to use… than baseball, basketball and soccer combined x1000. No one in soccer (or baseball & basketball) needs to be concerned with someone trying to do them bodily harm every time the ball is in play. Football players require world class athleticism and world class courage. Hockey is the team sport closest to football in terms of the necessity of blending athletic ability with toughness to become an elite player. You can be a great athlete, but without physical toughness you won't last a down in the NFL. Soccer simply doesn't require that toughness. Conditioning, hand eye coordination, athleticism? All necessary in soccer - but the mental and physical toughness and courage that are mandatory in American football are what separates it from the most of the other team sports… specifically and especially soccer. 

Comment 27 Jun 2014

I have no idea whatsoever how what you posted somehow merits being down voted by 4 people.

Comment 24 Jun 2014

I don't know why anyone who wasn't seriously interested in PSU would make the trip to Happy Valley. UCLA, Miami, USC, ASU and other warm weather and/or beach schools? Yes, make the trip for trip sake… but PSU, far more than many, is located in an area that is a detriment in terms of getting kids who are just vaguely interested in the program to travel to campus. It isn't like Columbus; large city, easy access, major airport, lots to do. It's just my opinion, but if he isn't interested in Penn State then making this trip makes little sense.

Comment 21 Jun 2014

"Which is doing the better job?"

Really??? No need to turn this into a fire Fickell thread… but asking whether Fickell or Herman is doing the better job is just silly, IMO. Fickell, for whatever reason(s), has not performed. The defense has been a huge liability since he's been in charge (2011 - 2013) while the offense has been consistently good during Herman's two years as coordinator. 

Comment 19 Jun 2014

Good God, who thought up this poll question??? Would you support Ohio leaving the U.S. to join Russia? Same difference… It isn't leaving the B1G that I oppose (altho I certainly don't want that to happen), but joining those barefooted, bib overall wearing, pitchfork carrying, moonshine swilling rednecks is about as appealing as watching TTUN day on BTN.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

I'm sure happy to read you survived your time in 'heeby jeeby' UA, DJ. It's a dingy, drab little burg with subpar schools, mediocre city services and an abundance of young men wearing Beech-Nut hats and tee shirts with the sleeves cut off. A community that Woody Hayes, Jim Tressel, John Cooper and Chris Spielman would never choose to call home … oh wait, that's Marion. Never mind.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Because someone comments on the lack of verbals, or doesn't get overly excited when a specific player commits doesn't mean they're "naysayers". Are there naysayers on here? Absolutely… but they're few and far between. Are there sunshine pumpers on here who think Coach Meyer is going to cure cancer in his spare time and that Luke Fickell should be canonized because of his program loyalty? Yes… and there are more of the latter than the former in my opinion. I try to stay in the middle. I don't usually comment negatively on a recruit by name, but I also don't pretend that everything the staff does is beyond questioning. I commented, along with many others, about the staff's refusal to offer Nick Conner (until yesterday). I thought those of us questioning why Conner was being slow played were fair and respectful… but we were often times labeled 'negative' or 'arrogant' in thinking we know more than Urban Meyer. No one on here could possibly be so stupid as to think he knows more than Coach Meyer. Sometimes, however, people have opinions different from those of the staff and should feel free to express those opinions without the name calling and down voting that almost certainly follows. That's part of what this site is; a community for all who love Ohio State to gather and debate. Let people have their opinions. Disagree if you like, but do so respectfully and constructively.