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Comment 24 Aug 2016

The last two games I attended?

Sugar Bowl and National Championship ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As much as I would love to 'go out on top,' I'll be in Norman this year.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

I have a feeling that there will be at least 3 of the Power Five conferences that will finish with 2-loss champions. With that being said, I think beating Michigan and winning the BIG should be the baseline every year. Hell, I even thought that going into 2011, knowing all the possible outcomes. But if we accomplish the baseline, I think we have a good shot of getting into the playoff, regardless of zero, one, or two losses at that point. Once we are in, winning it all is the only acceptable outcome. I don't want to go to the playoff and not win it all.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

Woody ain't got time for an OU road trip..

Comment 17 Aug 2016

If unsubstantiated rumors are your criteria

Several (not just one) of the most inside and reputable sources in the business and here in Austin reported it as fact. Also, in fact, that it was Mack Brown who did everything he could (not stepping down when he originally promised/said he would) to keep Nick Saban from being the next head coach to follow after him. Saban was Texas bound. It wasn't a rumor.

Comment 17 Aug 2016

Texas is a total mess, and while their money is still working for them, they have fallen harder than TTUN and I am not sure they are going to make it back soon.

That may be one of the worst statements I have ever seen on this site. Harder than TTUN?!? REALLY?!? They won the national championship barely 10 years ago, and played in another more recent than that. When has Michigan done that recently? Let's not equate Harbaugh winning 10 games in his first year to winning a title and playing for another. They aren't there yet.

Texas wins 8-10 games this year (and I'll go on the high end of that projection based on a good performance against ND - low end with a bad one). Charlie finally has his players in place, and an innovative offensive mind to handle that side of the ball for him (which is what he was lacking in his first two years - that and his players).

The fact that ONLY teams the B12 is even targeting are current mid majors tells you everything you need to know about that conference.

The fact that every other major conference is locked up in grant of rights contracts is why those are the ONLY teams available. 

Look, I'll go on the record as saying that the Big 12 will most likely be splitting up in 2024, but they know that for the next 6-8 years they can all make a little bit more money and give themselves a better playoff shot by adding two teams like Cincy and Houston, why not do it?

Comment 16 Aug 2016
Houston might get in, but it has nothing to do with Herman. Texas wants to build a satellite campus in Houston and by pushing for the Cougars to get an invite, that's what they get in return. Actually right now, it seems most of the Big 12 schools are in agreement on Cincinnati getting in. OU wants BYU to be the 2nd school to get an invite, and Texas wants Houston.
Comment 16 Aug 2016

There are currently six spots available with maybe six guys ready to go to the NFL (and that's being generous).

I could see as many as 8 that are/will be ready to go to the next level (some of that is admittedly me 'projecting' huge years from a couple of guys). I have read in places (not sure if here or other sites) that there is rumblings of a couple of 2014 class guys on pace to graduate in 3 years, that maybe aren't going to see the field anytime soon, that are looking at perhaps the graduate transfer option. Also, at least one or two that aren't close to being healthy enough to ever play meaningful snaps. Some of this is speculation on my part, but for the most part it's just bits and pieces of things I read and gathered at different times and cobbled together to form my speculative theory.

All of those put us somewhere in the 18ish range as far as available spots. I think from the current commits, at least one or two don't actually sign, and at least one is greyshirting. So even adding 6 to the current 16 commits, one or two not sticking with commitments and greyshirting one gets us to about 20 spots needed. Only 2 or so spots off, which is probably a typical year, and like you said - Urban knows what's going on there.

Is this different for us than it used to be? Yes. Uncomfortable for some? Yes. But I'm going to be alright with it until I start hearing actual stories or reports about guys getting forced/pushed out. This is part of big-time college football now.

Comment 15 Aug 2016

"Jake Hausmann has moved ahead of, he's pretty close to being in the mix."

Wonder if he was going to say "ahead of AJ." Meaning, he is about to be 2nd team behind Baugh, and will be in there on the 2 TE sets.

Victor will redshirt to add some weight, and WR being so deep right now. I would imagine the plan is to redshirt Haskins and Williams, barring a significant injury in the RB or QB room.

The rest sound like they could at the very least see playing time on Special teams, like Ward and Baker last year.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Predicting the Buckeyes to go 11-1 through the B1G championship game, they'd obviously be a playoff lock then we'll see what happens from there. 

My baseline prediction as well. 11-1 regular season. As long as the loss isn't to another team in the BIG East that happens to have zero or one-loss, then we make the BIGCG and destroy whichever opponent the West throws at the wolves. Hopefully it's Iowa, and they are highly ranked. That would be fun.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

while Nick fills the exact same role Hubbard played last year – coming in as a pass rush specialist lining up inside on obvious passing downs, with rotational/spot duty to keep Hubbard and Lewis fresh.

I'm really excited and intrigued to see the 'rushman' package this year. Lewis, Hubbard, Holmes, Bosa, Jones, and Cornell, the last two converted DEs to play on the interior. Should be fun, and we should get a look early with the first three opponents all teams that like to throw and spread the ball around.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

The bonus of this whole thing is that I was also on the fence about Zeke being able to be a bell cow in 2014 and we see how that worked out.

If he stays healthy, and this squad at least makes a bowl game, that's 13 games. Possible BIGCG and playoffs? 14 or 15. For a 13 game season, he only needs to average 77 yards/game to get to 1,000. I'll take the over.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Do you plan on doing the F/+ rankings analysis again, Navy? I hope so. Also, isn't about week 6-8 when they start to stabilize and really show the true rankings for the current year? That would put it about mid-October..

Comment 04 Aug 2016

#3 and #7 are the most intriguing. Plenty of talent in both areas (DB and WR), but who will step up?

OL should be fine, and in my opinion, will be better overall than last year's unit. LB should be fine as well. I see one of the two (Booker/Worley) having a good enough year to go early to the NFL after one year starting. At RB, I believe Weber will do just fine, and I think Samuel and Wilson will get carries and do just fine there as well. JT will be fine, as long as he's healthy. Performance isn't the question with him, it's health.

#6 and #11 will be interesting to watch as well. Much more intrigue going into camp this year than last year.

Comment 28 Jul 2016

But if 9-3 is as bad as it gets, for one year, Buckeye fans may be able to handle that.

I certainly have higher expectations than that, and it's clear after media days that the team and the coach have higher expectations than that. However, if we are all being totally honest, it's not out of the question and fans should be going into this season knowing that it's a possibility given the lack of game experience.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I think Kevin nailed mine with his last one, on playing the what-if game on the Sparty game last year. If they eek out that win, they lose to either Michigan, Iowa, or in the playoffs. Losing that game and stomping Harbaugh and ND (after missing the playoffs) was probably better than the alternative.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I have feelers out to a friend of mine whose family has OU connections. If that doesn't get me in the door for face value, then I'm waiting until the week of/days before to secure a ticket. That's when the prices online (StubHub, TicketCity, etc) start to drop down closer to face value, as folks trying to get rid of tickets will be getting a little bit more desperate.