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Comment 30 Jul 2015

I was supposed to be at that Nebraska game, but glad I wasn't, as it would have been painful. Had a friend I had been working with who was a Nebraska alum, and we were planning on going (already bought flights), but he had to back out due to work conflicts. 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

The OP of that post has an interesting profile page.. Looks like he hasn't had much to say for the past year and half, a.k.a right after The Game in 2013.

Michigan sucks this year, I still try to be classy and half of you act like rude ass douchebags, and you wonder why more than half of the kids in MI are picking Sparty over UofM.

I'm done with this blog. While it often showcases the best and classiest of the Michigan fanbase, it really highlights those of you assholes that makes the tough time even tougher.

Fuck you and your bullshit attitudes of arrogance and being flat out mean.

Go blue

Fuck you guys

In your asses

I'm out:

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Good stuff, and it will be exciting to watch it all throughout the year. One thing the article kept saying was that Noah Brown would be in the H-Back role, but I feel like this spring he was strictly working with the receivers., competing with Corey Smith to start opposite Mike Thomas. I think he shed 20 lbs (from 240 to 220), and was going to be taking on the role that Spencer played, i.e. primarily blocking, with some routes mixed in.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Interesting.. In that article a few weeks back you mentioned the class would likely be at 23-24, so adding 3 more DBs in this class would put us at 22. Assuming that Jackson is the man at DT, do they stay at 23 unless one of the "too good to pass up" guys wants in? What if two of those guys wanted in?

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Good stuff here. I am curious, 3M, where you live and where you are hearing about A&M fans being unhappy in SEC (I googled 'A&M unhappy in SEC' and only got stuff from 2011 when they were unhappy in Big 12 with Texas). I live in Austin, which isn't exactly A&M country, but there is plenty of Aggies here and talk about them. Everything I understand, is they are much happier in the SEC than the Big 12. 

As for Nebraska in the BIG, some were mentioning earlier in the thread about the realignment and scheduling having a negative effect (i.e. not playing the "Big Boys" from the East). I took a look at their schedule from 2015-2019:

2015: Mich St at home

2016: @ Ohio St

2017: Ohio St at home; @Penn St

2018: @ Mich; @Ohio St; Mich St at home

2019: Ohio St at home

Throw in a home-and-home against Oregon in 2106/2017, and those are some decent games.

I wouldn't say it's a crazy theory, I just remember the reasons they left and those would be some wounds that would need healing before they considered coming back to join the 'big bully,' Texas. Also, if Charlie Strong gets Texas going again (I would bet money on that, fwiw) soon, then they would potentially be walking right back into a situation that caused them to leave in the first place.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Based on the time stamp on your comment, it looks like  you asked prior to last night's Hurry Up, but he touched on that.

At this point, the Buckeyes would absolutely take Jones if he wants in, but the smoke around his commitment says Ole Miss is the leader and frontrunner.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

<opens link> <moves map to Austin> <sees it's already marked> My work here is done!

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Fall asleep early one night, and don't check again until the morning.. 400+ comments later.

I was just happy to see my name in the original post! Maybe they can make room in the premium lounge even if I don't qualify via HS, but am in the 100% club. I just don't comment enough, but I read just about everything on here.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Love these threads, as it's good to get a sense from the rest of the readers when their Buckeye story began. For me, it was Indiana in 1997, when I was a freshman in HS. Living and growing up in Austin, TX, there weren't opportunities to go to games, but as my Buckeye love grew (from my Dad telling me how great games were from the time they/we lived in Cbus for 10 years from 1975-1985 - I was born there in '82) it became a trip that my Dad and I were going to make. We picked Indiana because of the time of year (great fall weather/colors, something we don't get down here), and the opponent due to ease of getting relatively inexpensive tickets. Worked out great, as we got the bleacher seats on the 20ish-yd line (before the renovations that removed the track and lowered the stadium). We got to walk around on the field before the game, and I was feet away from the players as they came out/went into the locker room.

Ended up going in 1998 to see them play Penn State, and then again in 1999 for the Iowa game. Those three years ('97-'99) are what cemented my love for Ohio State football. My wife was born and raised here in Texas, and is a huge Longhorn fan. Funny thing is, when we met she really didn't like the Buckeyes (borderline hated) from the games we played in '05, '06, and the Fiesta Bowl in '09, but that quickly changed and now they are a strong #2 for her, as the Longhorns are for me.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

The least likely thing that will happen is Texas and OU leaving the Big 12 to different conferences. OU goes nowhere without OK State, and TX and OU aren't splitting up either. 

The most likely thing that will happen (but not necessarily right away - maybe 2 years from now) is the Big 12 will add two teams. If I'm in the Big 12, I wait a year or two and see which non-Power 5 program does the most to improve their "stock" and send out an invite.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

He's (coach Meyer) going to try and play all three of them, but I just don't see it working out. Braxton Miller should either transfer or red shirt. 

When has Urban ever said anything of the sort (playing all three)? And Braxton redshirted last year, so that's out. LET THE TRANSFER BS JUST DIE ALREADY!!

Glad I got that out of my system on this Monday morning.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

I like to play fantasy sports, baseball included, and in baseball the term that gets thrown around for these types of players is "post-hype sleeper." Basically, it's a player that comes in with a ton of hype, and maybe doesn't quite live up to the incredible hype and expectations, and then everyone begins to 'sleep' on said player. Then, all of the sudden, it's BOOM! I'm definitely rooting for Dontre. Like someone said earlier, the Samuel/Marshall/Wilson combo is going to be deadly. Most teams would kill to have just one of those three. It's a great time to be a Buckeye!

Comment 18 Jun 2015

The article links the scholarship grid to say it's at 84. I just counted 85. I counted twice. I think it's now 85, which is also what I had heard (that we were at 86 prior to this).

Comment 17 Jun 2015
Well even in my late 20s and currently in my 30s, I have brought a flask into both the Shoe and to DKR here in Austin. Not because I was planning on getting smashed, but because I like to have a beverage while I watch football. If they were to sell beer, I can afford $8 beers (even if it's begrudgingly) and would buy a few rather than go through the hassle of sneaking in liquor.