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Comment 21 Jul 2016

I have feelers out to a friend of mine whose family has OU connections. If that doesn't get me in the door for face value, then I'm waiting until the week of/days before to secure a ticket. That's when the prices online (StubHub, TicketCity, etc) start to drop down closer to face value, as folks trying to get rid of tickets will be getting a little bit more desperate. 

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Ha, yep. I mean, I believe in what Charlie is doing and think it will show this year. The rest of the Big12 has huge question marks, haven't recruited as well as Texas, and can get pushed around in the trenches. I think they win the Big12 this year, and it could hurt the Buckeyes chances on all the Texas HS kids they are going after right now.

Comment 20 Jul 2016
Dobbins committed when Sibley was already committed, so unless the staff told him "we're going to ask Sibley to greyshirt and not add another RB in this class," it's strange this would come out now. Add in the fact that, as mentioned, Bama and USC already have RBs committed, it's even stranger. Oh well. My personal hunch based on no source or inside knowledge, is Texas has a big improvement year and IF he flips from the good guys it's to the Longhorns.
Comment 20 Jul 2016

Yea, the schedule is much tougher than last year, but I think in the end that will be a good thing. And the way it builds, as you mentioned, is good. I remember Urban talking about how much the team grew and matured by winning that game in Happy Valley in 2014 in double OT. I think a game like that in Norman would be HUGE for this team. And I think so win or lose, just hard fought and close. Win, and they know what it takes in a game like that (good for PSU, Wisc, and MSU road games). Lose, and then maybe the media and opponents dismiss them a bit and they build a chip on their shoulder like the VT loss did.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Talent is not the question. I think most think that experience is the 'problem.' I don't think it's as BIG of a problem as many, and here is why..

Get through OU with a win, and with all seriousness, 15-0 is a realistic goal. Win that game (and the experience that comes from winning in a hostile/road environment), and you are probably 5-0 going into Madison and Happy Valley. I like our chances in those if they get the 'experience' they need in Norman. Even with a loss at OU, it could be the 'VT wake up call' that this group of guys needs to put it all together for a run.

The beautiful part about the projected starters for this team, is most are 3rd or 4th year guys. Meaning almost all of them are guys who have been on BOTH the 2014 and 2015 teams. They saw what it took to achieve greatness in 2014 and they saw what happened to fall short of greatness in 2015. 

Comment 20 Jul 2016

They are in a rare window where recruiting, coaching, and scheme are all lined up perfectly and they should be expected to compete for titles each and every season while that window is open.

Exactly. My wife continually reminds me to "enjoy it while it lasts." Will Ohio State more often than not win 8+ games in any given season? Absolutely. But the windows that line up for them to operate at this level are not easy to obtain, regardless of experience and personnel losses from the previous season.

The Big Ten title isn't the goal. Its a road marker.

Get there, and you are on the path to where the true goal is located. Playoffs.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Hmm.. Sounds like you just need to work out the kinks in your hiring process. Speed things up or drag the hiring out a little longer. Could have missed those by at least a day if the timing of the hiring was better.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

what good is NES if you don't have to blow on the cartridge?

One of the first thoughts/memories when I think of NES is just that.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

They aren't going to change anything before the end of the 2018 season for some unknown reason. Evidently they want 2 more years of shit ratings.

Well it's only one year, this year. Next year is back to Rose and Sugar on New Year's Day. Since it's too late to change this year, they are looking at changing as soon as they could, which is 2018. 

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Saw a chat transcript with Alex over on 247 today, and a question had to do with 2014 recruits that could graduate in 3 years and then do a graduate transfer before 2017 fall camp. 

WPBucki: Alex, are there any members of the 2014 recruiting class that are academically ahead of schedule, and will graduate prior to the 2017 fall camp (and be eligible for graduate transfer)?

AG: There definitely are some guys I am hearing will graduate early from that class and could end up transferring elsewhere as grad transfers. Prefer not to throw names out yet, but there are some. 

I would guess this is just yet another way that the numbers could work out, in the end.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

Urban has raised the standards and expectations, no doubt. Which is crazy, because it's not like they weren't fairly high under Tressel. I think they were tempered by some big game losses at times, but they were high nonetheless.

I think it's fair to have high expectations if they are warranted. My expectations going into 2014 were tempered after the way we lost to Sparty in the BIGCG in 2013, after losing Braxton, and then especially after the loss to VT. But I never lost hope that we could somehow put it all together and make it all the way. I think my expectations this year will be somewhere between what they were for 2014 and what they were for 2015. Not too high, not too low.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

This makes sense. They just did a rule similar to this in Basketball, where the underclassmen can declare for the draft, go workout for the scouts/teams and get feedback, then decide to return to school if they don't think they should leave. They just can't hire an agent, if I remember correctly.

I'm glad Urban is voicing his opinion on this. I know there are fans outside of Ohio State fans that tend to knock Urban for one reason or another, but I'm glad he is using his powerful voice for something like this. Just like he did with the NCAA helping to pay for families to attend the CFP in the first year. Stuff like that should be a no-brainer, just like this.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Yea, I saw all the names listed in the OP. I was merely accounting for how many years in the program when comparing them to the two-year starters who entered early last year. I think it matters, but that's my opinion.

The NFL teams will have something to say about that -

I remember something about Urban mentioning how he relayed information about some of our early entrants to the draft to NFL teams. They value his opinion. So if they come asking about a first-year starter who has been in the program for 3 or more years, and he says "take him," they will draft him with confidence. Especially knowing that the only reason they weren't starting was because other NFL talent was ahead of them.

Obviously the six seniors are there. Even though we are one under right now, I don't know if that accounts for Chrisman yet. So starting with those six spots, then adding the 4 likely guys you mentioned (JT, McMillan, Lewis, and Conley) and adding in Price (or perhaps Pridgeon instead), that gets you to 11. If you say 5 of those 13 (I couldn't count in my original comment, apparently) mentioned earlier leave, that gets you to 16. As for the other 4 to get to 20, I have heard a few names that the staff is concerned about health-wise, then maybe a transfer or two, and potentially a 5th year guy(s) not getting a scholarship if they aren't contributing and/or have already graduated (4 or more from those categories isn't too much of a stretch). I know you are asking about over 20, but I think there are one or two greyshirts in this class - potentially (Clark and Haubeil come to mind). So even though class size may be 21 or 22, we only really need to account for 19 or 20 'spots.'

Do I think 5 of 13 is a stretch to leave early? Perhaps. But that's really the only way I can see some of this numbers crunch working and us still have a class of 20 (or more). Which is the OP question to be answered/discussed.

I could see one of the two LBs (Worley or Booker), one of the DBs (Webb, Smith, Lattimore, or Hooker), one of the DL (Hubbard, Sprinkle, or Hill), and two of OL or skill guys (Baugh, Jamarco, Samuel, N Brown) leaving after a big year. My guess for the 5 would be Booker, Webb or Hooker, Hubbard, Baugh and Samuel or Brown. Jamarco might be chomping at the bit too. 

Comment 06 Jul 2016

So many I wish could be reversed, but the way it *could* change history makes you think for sure. Since I don't have too many memories of games pre-Cooper era, I would choose from him on through today.

1993, 1995, 1996, 2011 Michigan game(s); 1998, 2013, 2015 MSU game(s); 2005 Texas; 2006/2007 National Championship Game(s); 2009 USC

The one that would seem to have the least impact on the course of history (there is no guarantee that we win the natty last year if we beat MSU - that team needed a wake up call and it probably would have happened at some point - Up North, BIG Champ, or Playoff; or how it will affect the team's mindset this year), would seem to be the National Championship against LSU. Although at the time, I wasn't really expecting us to win, it sure would have felt great and erased some of the misery from the year before against Florida. That's the only one I would consider. Side note to that one changing: Beating Bama in the Sugar Bowl felt THAT much better after losing twice to the SEC and then that conference going on it's run for almost a decade. It still would have felt great to be Bama, but I think it felt that much better because of consecutive losses less than 10 years prior.

The other one that stung the worst for me (2013 MSU), was avenged ever so sweetly the next year in East Lancing. That's good enough for me, plus I don't think the 2013 Buckeyes beat FSU in Pasadena, unfortunately.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

And since every early departure we had this year had started for two seasons before entering the draft - it may be unlikely we lose that many of this season's new starters to next year's draft.

The only counter to that point with regards to this year's 'new' starters that could depart early, is the total amount of time in the program (I think that matters, as wear and tear on the body from high level college football and the ability to earn a living in the NFL and the wear and tear there). Many of the guys that left early last year as two year starters were still only in their third year in the program (E Elliot, E Apple, D Lee, V Bell, J Bosa, J Marshall). Many of the guys that will be first year starters this year will be in their third (or fourth) year in the program (C Worley, T Sprinkle, S Hubbard, M Hill, M Baugh, D Webb/ E Smith, D Booker, M Lattimore, J Jones, C Samuel, N Brown, M Hooker - 12 guys - obviously not all leaving, but any could be possible with a great year). So while they may only have one year of starting under their belts, they have the same amount of "time in the program" as many of those that left early last year. Also, many of them would have been starters if not for such talented guys ahead of them.

Comment 24 Jun 2016

I listen to the Horn on the way to and from work every day. Good station, and I like both the morning and afternoon guys. I remember driving to work and them saying he was coming on that day, but was already at work before he came on. I have heard him on there in the past (one of the two morning guys coached Griffith at Illinois). Thanks for the share.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Born in Columbus and raised in Austin. Long story, but basically the 10 years my parents lived in Columbus did enough to make my Dad appreciate all things Ohio State football, and that was conveyed to me growing up. I learned even more on my own, and have been a fan since as long as I can remember.

My parents never really had any pro sports affiliations to pass on to me, and since there aren't professional sports here in Austin I never gained any professional franchise affiliation. I typically just root for former Buckeyes and Longhorns to do well in their professional careers. That and I want to see great games and performances in the playoffs.

Given Lebron came back to Cleveland and supports the Buckeyes, I was rooting for them this year. Glad to see it, and the city of Cleveland deserved this.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

Another note.. As far as game day atmosphere, it is really hard to beat Texas/OU at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas every year. The stadium is situated within the Fairgrounds for the State Fair of Texas, and always takes place during the Fair. Doesn't hurt to have a crowd that is literally 50/50 divided on the 50-yard line. Super cool. I would recommend/suggest that as a trip at some point for everybody, regardless of how you feel about those schools.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

Haven't been to any true road games sadly, but that changes this year when we go to Norman this year. All the Ohio State away games that I attended have been neutral site games (I counted Navy in Baltimore as neutral, especially considering the crowd was 75% or more Buckeyes), such as bowl games. Both recent Sugar Bowls I attended, and it's hard to beat either one of those (pre-game in the French Quarter all day - with large amounts of fans from both teams everywhere).

Over the next 20 years or so, my wife and I want to make one true road game every year for either Ohio State or Texas (her team) or both. This year is Norman. Next year depends on a potential Baby #2, but if that doesn't get in the way it will probably be Texas at USC (Ohio State doesn't even have an OOC road game next year). 2018 will be Ohio State at TCU. 2019 is tough, as neither team has a good OOC road game and if there is a baby #3 that could put a dent in plans. Hopefully some scheduling changes are made, because 2020 could make for an interesting conversation. Right now, Sept 12th, 2020 is Texas at LSU and Ohio State at Oregon. Haven't been to either, and really want to go to both. This post made me look forward to schedules until I just realized that potential conflict in 2020.

Long time away, but 2022 and 2023 is the Ohio State and Texas series. I plan on being at both. Hard part is the ND series is those same years, and I want to go to those two. Might have to save up for the next 6-7 years just to be able to go to all of those.

Comment 14 Jun 2016

Any reason you started another Lindsey threat just for this Tweet? 

Threatening recruits just for a tweet seems like a violation of all kinds of stuff..

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Trout Creek. A good friend of mine is marrying a girl from Missoula, and her family has a cabin in Trout Creek. Will be my first time there, and I can imagine it's gorgeous. Flying into Spokane and I've been told driving through Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint is beautiful.