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Comment 27 Aug 2015

It's definitely an interesting factor that I wouldn't have considered, and as you mentioned getting some of their recruits in and on the field contributing immediately is definitely plays into that success.

Another factor with the first term coach, just has to do with the energy and enthusiasm they can bring to a program, especially one that is down or hit hard times. Think about the some of the programs those coaches came into and started winning immediately: Oklahoma in the 10 years prior to Stoops was 61-50-3; LSU was 33-24-1 under Dinardo before Saban; USC was 37-35 in the six years before Carroll; Florida was 23-14 under Zook before Meyer; Alabama was 26-23 under Shula before Saban; Auburn was 33-19 under Chizik; Florida State was 27-13 in Bowden's last three years.

All of those programs had had traditional success too, so they were already getting good players/recruits, they just needed some energy and enthusiasm from a new head coach. Sounds like what *could* happen with a certain school up north.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Awesome, Remy! Does this qualify for a #BOOM?!?!

Comment 26 Aug 2015

My parents were originally from California, but after they got married they moved to Worthington and were there for 10 years (mid 70s to mid 80s). My older half brother was raised there and ended up going to Ohio State. Me and my closer-in-age brother were both born there at Riverside while we lived there. We moved to Austin when we were young (I was 2 and my brother was 5 - half brother was finishing HS and going to OSU), but my Dad went to enough games in the Horseshoe while we were there to get a good taste of Buckeye football (I believe his first game was 1974 The Game - which was in the middle of the 10 Year War).

To try and make a long story short(er), growing up in Austin in the late-1980s-1990s, the football was apathetic at best (all prior to Mack Brown and post DKR - the David McWilliams and John Mackovic eras). I was told enough stories about Buckeye football from my Dad, that I started watching and rooting for them in the early 90s. I was then promised that he would take me to a game in Columbus. First game was in the 1997 season, and from then on was a die hard Buckeye. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

As he enters his 14th season as a head coach, Meyer's philosophy has evolved to the point where he believes chemistry and culture trump schemes and star rankings.


Comment 25 Aug 2015

I typically go to at least one Texas game a year. My wife gave me a hard time about last year, as we made it to 4 Buckeye games and zero Longhorn games some how. She is a Longhorn, so that was unacceptable for her. I will change this year.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

Nice work. Checked spreadsheet to make sure 2010 counted (since we did win the game), check. Mine is only one Buckeye victory less than the OP, as I was born the next summer.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

Urban didn't recruit Braxton Miller, does he prefer "his" guys over Miller? Meyer has been on record saying how much he loves Miller.

*Technically, he did. He tried to recruit him to Florida. But..

Meyer has one three National Titles by putting the best players on the field..if he cared how they got there he wouldn't be the coach he is.

This, 100% true. And at the end of the day (as pertains to this topic of who the team is 'better' with as a starter, JT or Cardale), that's what will win this argument/discussion. Urban will put the best player on the field. It could be either, and I think that should be the point at the end of the day.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

Man the trolls are out on this Friday morning. You can use cherry-picked stats to form your opinion if you like, but that doesn't mean it's the correct stats to use. You know what might be a better criteria to choose? Seeing them compete for the job at the same time, with the same players surrounding them. Kind of like they did last spring and fall (when JT won the job) and like they are doing right now (and I believe the same outcome will prevail - I'm not on "Team JT," just what I believe).

How many days until September 7th?

Comment 20 Aug 2015

HBD 11W! I'm going to celebrate for you by playing an afternoon round of golf. Just don't tell DJ.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

Good list. One of the reason's that Ohio State is getting so much love, is obviously because of what returns and how last year played out, but another reason I would be high on them even if some Juniors had left for the NFL and last season had ended differently, is because there is so much uncertainty around all of the possible contenders.

ACC: FSU- new QB; Clemson- are they really that good? (darkhorses VT and GT)

Big 12: TCU replaces over half of their defensive starters and Baylor replaces their QB

SEC: Bama replaces half their starters and all their best playmakers; Auburn - new QB and new Def Cord

Pac 12: Oregon- new QB; USC- proved nothing yet

Notre Dame: seemingly always overrated 

I'm going to make a somewhat crazy prediction for my playoff teams:

1- Ohio State




Big 12 on the outside looking in again, but this time because they all have 2 losses or more, and the only other conference champ with 2 losses is the SEC. Rematch of the 2007 NC against LSU, with a different result this time in the desert and not in a de facto home game for LSU.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

This is going to sound crazy, but initial of first name, my last name, and city I live in/grew up in. Avatar is/will always be changing, but I've had this for a bit since Bosa's walk-off game-ending sack of a RB into the QB was one of the greatest plays I can ever remember (in my opinion, of course). And this was him right after that play.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

My advice is this.. Wait till the last minute on the tickets. Book everything else (flight/hotel) early, and try and book ones that you could easily cancel or at least transfer. Unfortunately, for big game events, buying early doesn't get you the cheapest option. I went to the Natty last year, and bought my ticket about 24 hours before kickoff for $100 less than face value. I know it can be nerve racking waiting until the last minute, but that's when ticket prices for big games start to drop as people just want to get rid of the tickets.

EDIT: Just saw your post about living a few hours from Phoenix. Everything I said still applies, since you are basically doing what I did last year (I drove up the morning of the game, and home the next day). All you need to do is book one night at a hotel since you can drive up the morning of. Stubhub usually has a tent set up across from the stadium for big events, so you can buy from their site the day of, for usually less than face value.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

I was supposed to be at that Nebraska game, but glad I wasn't, as it would have been painful. Had a friend I had been working with who was a Nebraska alum, and we were planning on going (already bought flights), but he had to back out due to work conflicts. 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

The OP of that post has an interesting profile page.. Looks like he hasn't had much to say for the past year and half, a.k.a right after The Game in 2013.

Michigan sucks this year, I still try to be classy and half of you act like rude ass douchebags, and you wonder why more than half of the kids in MI are picking Sparty over UofM.

I'm done with this blog. While it often showcases the best and classiest of the Michigan fanbase, it really highlights those of you assholes that makes the tough time even tougher.

Fuck you and your bullshit attitudes of arrogance and being flat out mean.

Go blue

Fuck you guys

In your asses

I'm out:

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Good stuff, and it will be exciting to watch it all throughout the year. One thing the article kept saying was that Noah Brown would be in the H-Back role, but I feel like this spring he was strictly working with the receivers., competing with Corey Smith to start opposite Mike Thomas. I think he shed 20 lbs (from 240 to 220), and was going to be taking on the role that Spencer played, i.e. primarily blocking, with some routes mixed in.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Interesting.. In that article a few weeks back you mentioned the class would likely be at 23-24, so adding 3 more DBs in this class would put us at 22. Assuming that Jackson is the man at DT, do they stay at 23 unless one of the "too good to pass up" guys wants in? What if two of those guys wanted in?