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Comment 8 hours ago

Good stuff, Ramzy. I'm not going to pretend to have answers like some fans do (especially on this site), so I'm going to simply trust what Urban Meyer is doing - he's earned that right. I doubt that his love for Earle Bruce would keep him from moving on from Zach Smith if he felt that he wasn't getting the job done, but as you mention, he's one of the best recruiters for the program. 

You know who was a WRs coach for 10 years as an assistant before becoming a head coach? That's right. Urban Meyer. Perhaps bringing in a guy like Wilson to run the show on offense will allow him to spend a little bit more time in the WR room than he has in the past 2 years.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Missed that, but I'm positive nothing is set in stone. I have read on multiple occasions and in multiple places that Okudah, Wade, and Riep can all play either CB or S. Okudah and Riep were even listed as S in recruiting services early on. So it wouldn't surprise me if one or two of them end up there.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

He can lead us to victory against good teams, but when faced with an elite defense, he hasn't gotten the job done.

Wisconsin and Michigan were top 5 defenses by most metrics this past year. I would argue that despite the OL/WR play and the play-calling/game plan, JT was the only reason we were able to win those games.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

The constant JT bashing/questioning on these boards is interesting to me, and their is a group who think they might have a better grasp on our QB room than Urban Meyer himself. I remember a certain poster (name escapes me right now) on this site back in the summer of 2015 who was ADAMANT that Cardale had to start over JT and tried to bring all the cherry-picked stats to back up his case. This situation arising now is similar (and some of the arguments are as well - namely arm strength/deep ball effectiveness). "We need to open up a QB competition in Spring/Fall practice."

Nothing except for perfection and 62-3 beatdowns will please some, I guess. I am happy with the coaching changes, and my belief is that play-calling and offensive predictability lead to more of the awful (at times) offense we saw during some games. That, and the other two variables that impact the passing game other than the QB.. The WR play and OL blocking.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Lewis is the second defensive end to announce he will return to school, joining redshirt sophomore Sam Hubbard.

Holmes doesn't get a front page story when he returns, and gets forgotten in the ones that do!

So basically, our entire DLine is coming back (anyone who played), and we're adding (at least) three more incoming freshman. 

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Please no. Haven't we seen how terrible CO-OC goes already?!?! It doesn't work.

Pretty sure Herman and Warinner had those titles (one has OC and other has Co-OC title). It worked out. Chill

Comment 29 Dec 2016
The Big 12 is 2-1 currently, and if this Alamo Bowl holds, they'll be 3-1. If TCU and OU can defeat SEC schools, they'd go 5-1. I'd call that a good bowl season for the supposed worst conference.
Comment 27 Dec 2016

So nice work CFP. You had a perfect situation the first time around with games on New Year's Day. So you switched, and your ratings plummeted.

They didn't switch anything. It was planned to be NYE in Year 2 and 3 (and going forward on years that the Rose/Sugar aren't the semifinals). They tried to sell it as starting new traditions. It backfired. They already said they were moving them off of NYE going forward after this year (it was too late for them to change when they decided this earlier this year after last year's shotty ratings).

Anyway, I had a 2-week old at home last NYE, so we watched the games. This year, we're going to the game. NYE is a bit overrated, IMO. To each their own.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

I checked right before I posted that earlier, and there was nothing. I planned on checking periodically up until the day or two before to try and get that hotel. Would save us an expensive cab or Uber on NYE to get back to where we are staying.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Looking to use Hilton points to keep the cost down, and only coming in for the one night.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

But while there is solid depth at the position, the Tigers have been hurt at times by long drives as Lawrence and Watkins tire quickly. Run/Pass options that force these big athletes to pursue ball carriers laterally tire them out quickly, forcing backups without the same skill sets to take over as offenses hit the red zone.

I think that's the key. Their first 4 is as good as it gets, but not sure about the depth behind them. Playing confident and with some tempo should help neutralize their front 4 a little, as they get tired trying to keep up with our Offense. I noticed that in the Michigan game as well, late in the 4th qtr. Can't remember who it was on their defense, but it certainly seemed like he might have been 'faking' a cramp to slow us down. I could see their 1st string starting to wear out a bit. They had no depth and after 4 quarters, it was starting to wear on them. Same should apply here.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

I've read online that 114 is a "family" section at the stadium, and they don't allow alcohol in that section. Not sure if it applies to Cardinals games and not bowl games, but worth noting.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

Yea, there has been a few Ring of Honor for $125 or so, but further in the endzones. I've seen club as low as $175. Just hoping to see something along the sidelines for that price. Otherwise, I know I won't have an issue getting a ticket for around $100 week of the game.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

Keeping an eye on tickets. Hoping to snag club seats, or ring of honor upper level, for a decent price (below $150). Otherwise I'll just get an endzone or corner (upper or lower) for $100 or less the week of the game.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

So why would the B1G voluntarily play one less game per year than other conferences?

We don't. Every major conference team plays a 12-game season. The other three teams in the playoff all played a 13th game in their conference championship, and all three played a team that they had not already faced in the regular season (thus adding to their opponents games played too).

Had we made the BIG conf champ game and played a team we had not already played during the regular season (say Iowa), then we would have added 13 games to our opponents games played (but lost two from his table by Penn St and Wisc sitting at home).