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Comment 19 hours ago

which endzone will we be in?

Trying to figure that out too.. It appears the sideline 105-112 will be our sideline, so just need to figure out what endzone to consider when looking at tickets.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

The more games that are scheduled for the state of Texas for 'recruiting purposes,' the better for me to be able to attend. I'm all for that.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Who to root for? *scrolls games, no Buckeye game* Don't really care who wins any of the games.

That being said, I think worst-case scenario is if Penn State dominates Wisconsin (like 2-3 TDs) and OU gets dominated by OkSt (like 2-3 TDs). Those two results, paired with Wash, Clem, and Bama winning, and that is the only way we might get left out. Odds of those 5 exact things happening? I'd say <2% chance. 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Part of me is kind of hoping, for macabre curiosity, that Penn State routs Wisconsin and sneaks into the playoff as the Big Ten representative over Ohio State. Roll with me before you flame me in the comments. It would just mean Penn State sneaks in as playoff No. 4, gets Alabama in a bowl game, and loses by 70. It would be the second-straight year Alabama desecrated the third-best Big Ten team in the playoff.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

it's incredibly tough to go 13-0

Exactly what I was thinking. If they lose and Navy wins, I think they should just put Navy in the Cotton bowl and have zero stipulations on the Army-Navy game next weekend. Just one man's opinion.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

if you're an Ohio State fan hoping to watch your favorite team have a chance to knock off Michigan for a second time in one season

Who would possibly want a rematch? If it happens, so be it. But I refuse to root for that to happen. Just like I'm glad we don't have to beat Wisconsin twice, I don't want to have to beat any team twice in a season.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Curious your thoughts, Navy, on the idea that the committee wait on the Group of 5 representative for an extra week? I think if WMU wins on Friday, just put them in there. Alleviates a lot of the headache. Would be cool for Navy to go to the Cotton bowl, but they also have 2 losses and WMU would be undefeated.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Having LSU at #6 is impossible to believe and completely unconvincing (they're 7-4, with zero quality wins).

LSU has had a weird season with the coaching mess and distractions. You know who is neck-and-neck with us in the 4 year recruiting ranks? LSU. They have as much talent as anyone else in college football. My guess, is at times throughout the season they have played like that talented team they are, but due to the coaching mess they are dealing with have been a bit inconsistent. 

I would take them on a neutral field to beat a lot of teams below them. 

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Back for some picks. I didn't have much time last week with the holiday (thanks for still doing the weekly post!), and admittedly only picked WSU to upset UW because I wanted it to happen and less because I actually thought it would happen. That, and I felt like I needed to pick at least one different from you to try and make up some ground..

Alas. 4-1 last week brings me to 27-12. Onward.

MAC: WMU big 48-17. It would be funny to see a team from Ohio beat a team from Michigan for the second week in a row (pun not intended), though. 

PAC 12: This one is tough. A lot of metrics and the styles of play make it seem like it could be close. Also, neither team has really played a grinder of a schedule, so they might get tight in a big game. Neither team's fan base travels particularly well (at least I wouldn't imagine they do), but perhaps UW fans have had more time to plan this trip and thus it might be more of a UW crowd. Either way, I would think CU's best chance would be at home. Long story short. UW 35-20

AAC: Temple's improved play you speak of is against teams with a combined record of 14-34 over the past four weeks. F/+ and S&P+ both give the edge to Temple, but Vegas might know something here. That and home field as you mentioned. I'm torn, but feel like I gotta go with the author of the post. Navy it is, 34-27.

Big XII: Numbers favor OU, plus I think they are the better team. I also think it really helps our cause (if there is any shadow of doubt in the committee room, for whatever reason) to be in the playoff, should they win. Sooners 45-31

SEC: Florida sucks. Bama huge, 38-7

ACC: A good friend of mine here in Austin is a Hokie, and I'd love for them to win for him and for a little chaos to ensue. It's not happening, though. VT offense can't get anything going on Clemson, 31-13.

BIG: This one should be fun. Saw Gameday will be there, and of all the games it certainly should be the most competitive. I like your reasoning behind your PSU pick, and I can certainly see that happening. Another factor in their favor that you didn't mention that I think might be a factor: the crowd. For some reason, I have a feeling PSU fans will travel better. Just a hunch, but when is the last time they played for anything important like this? Wisconsin, meanwhile, has already played in 3 of the 5 BIGCGs. All that being said, I'll take Wisconsin in a close game due to the defense. 21-18

Speaking of BIGCG appearances. Did you know? Michigan has still not appeared in any BIGCG (this is year 6). That's right, Michigan is right there in the same class with Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Purdue. All the teams in the BIG conference who have yet to appear. #theystillsuck


Comment 30 Nov 2016

LSU and Auburn are still outliers in the F/+ Top 10, and I have absolutely no explanation for it with four losses. It doesn’t matter, because they’re non-factors.

I'd still take them over a lot of teams below them in a head-to-head match up on a neutral site, fwiw. Both are capable of putting up duds, but both are capable of competing with just about anyone when they play to their potential.

Sadly, Notre Dame has taken the Rebels’ spot in the F/+ Top 40: the Irish are the best 4-8 team in CFB, maybe in history. SMDH.

I saw or heard something last week, that in all 7 of their losses (before this past weekend's loss) they were either: 1) in the lead, 2) tied, or 3) within one score at some point in the 4th Qtr of all of their losses. Talk about the opposite of clutch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I stand by my very first prediction in Week Six. Book it.

If you actually go back to Week 5, you made a similar-ish prediction. Not the exact seeding, and you didn't use the winner of the game. Just tOSU. The way it should have been all along. But, I have a feeling you didn't go back that far because of what you said after you named those 4 teams..

Just looking at the top four, undefeated teams leading a Power Five conference, the final four looks like ‘Bama, tOSU, Clemson and UW.  TTUN and Louisville have strong cases, but I just don’t see a way the committee sends a one-loss team that doesn’t win its CCG. The Buckeyes were the test case last year, and it didn’t happen. I’m betting that’s the case again this season.

Down in the comments, I had 3 of the 4 with you, and I was just waiting to see a little more from UW.. And I think the committee is still waiting to see a little more too. 

I started looking forward this week as well. I have Bama, tOSU, and Clemson in. The 4th is hard right now. UW has the inside track, but I want to see just a little bit more before I fully believe in them. Schedule sure looks fairly manageable for them, though.

Looks like we had this playoff stuff figured out almost 2 months ago. My picks are coming soon..

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Just glanced over at ESPN's latest bowl projections, and they have Michigan in the Orange against either Louisville or FSU. Louisville makes more sense, given same record and the head-to-head result. They actually have loser of BIGCG playing in the Cotton Bowl. Which makes sense now that I think about it.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

I'm trying to come up with a scenario in which Michigan plays Western Michigan in the Cotton Bowl.

If they miss out on the chaos and the playoff, they are in the Orange, most likely. That's also assuming that the BIGCG winner misses the playoff and goes to the Rose Bowl.

Basically, for Michigan, their options are playoff, Rose, or Orange. If they make the playoff, it's probably as the 4 seed and playing Bama (that would be fun). Rose, they play UW, CU, or USC. Orange, they would probably play Louisville. I think those are their options. No chance they end up in the Cotton, unfortunately.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

4 coaches had their bios removed on Houston's website.

A UT spokesman declined to confirm that anyone had been hired, but the pieces were clearly falling into place. Four Houston assistant coaches had their bios removed from the UH website — offensive line coach Derek Warehime, defensive line coach Oscar Giles, tight ends coach Corby Meekins and special teams/cornerbacks coach Jason Washington.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Texas has plenty of talent. It will make battles for the best players much more difficult, but outside of this current recruiting cycle (2017) we rarely get more than 1 or 2 players from Texas in any given cycle. I think that can continue while Herman is at Texas.

This year's class was more of a perfect storm to get in on so much of the top talent, as is was Ohio State making so many inroads in the state, IMO. Baylor's complete meltdown, coupled with Strong and Sumlin's struggles gave outside programs the chance to come in and steal some of the best. 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Yea, I've been looking at that the past few weeks. Pretty cool. I don't get how those projections think that we have a lower chance to make it if Wisc beats Penn State. Perhaps because Wisconsin has a better 'resume' than Penn State, so they'd be a better candidate for including in the playoff? Maybe those projections can't account for the fact that we beat Wisc but not Penn State.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Yea, that'd be the discussion. I know comparable results is part of the criteria, and TUN's result against us (on the road, double OT loss) is much better than OU's result against us (at home, thoroughly dominated). Kirk Herbstreit agrees that TUN could be the one to look at for that spot.

Comment 27 Nov 2016
Here is a scenario: Colorado beats Wash. Wisc beats Penn St. Clemson wins ACC. OU wins Big 12. 1) Bama 2) Clemson 3) Ohio St 4) ?? I think it could be TUN Think about it. TUN has wins over 2-loss Pac 12 champ and 2-loss BIG champ. So it's probably them against OU in that discussion. We're obviously in with those results with wins over both Big 12 champs and BIG champs.
Comment 24 Nov 2016
Used to commenting on this with my dual monitors at work, so I'll just make quick picks from the phone.. I'll take the upset in the Apple Cup, WSU over UW. We win The Game. Bama beats Auburn, though I'm rooting for the upset. CU takes out Utah and goes to the Pac 12 title, and FSU takes down the Gators. Happy Thanksgiving, Navy. And Fuck Michigan