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Comment 14 hours ago

Really hard to single out one player, so I'll try to just name a few. JT, with an offseason where he is healthy and this is his team, with no #QBGeddon to distract. Noah Brown was getting a ton of love from the staff prior to last year, so he has to be up there. Curtis Samuel, KJ Hill, and Torrance Gibson should all contribute heavily.

On Defense, I'll start similar to offense with JT, and it has to be Raekwon. This is his defense, and he should be an absolute stud and force. After that, it's really hard to single out one player, so I'll go with the Hubbard/Lewis DE combo. They've got experience and plenty of talent.

Comment 07 Feb 2016
I work in auto/home insurance, and there's been a few good posts of advice already. Without explaining over the phone in an actual conversation, basically the best I can advise when a car is worth $3K-$5K, just decide whatever fits your personal preference for tolerance in a loss. If saving $30/month is worth it and a total loss wouldn't set you back financially, then get rid of the coverage. If you would be shit up a creek if something were to happen, keep the coverage since you probably already have the $30/month built into your budget. Cars worth less than $3K, drop the coverage and save the money. Set that money aside for a replacement car, if you think that's necessary. If the car is worth more than $5K, it's probably always worth it to keep it.
Comment 05 Feb 2016

My wife absolutely hates Valentines Day. So I get her nothing. A couple of years ago (maybe last year) we went to the brewery nearby our house and had some beers for Valentines Day.

If I feel like getting her flowers or chocolate or any of that crap, I sure as hell better NOT do it for Valentines Day. Any other day, and she'll appreciate it. She's pretty awesome.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

and I now feel like less of a man. At least I didn't start a new thread though...

Tough times at 11W haha. Have you heard anything about a recruit who has a twitter account, and might have posted something worthy of it's own thread?

Comment 21 Jan 2016

The numbers certainly are tight, and it definitely hurts to think about it, but I could see a couple (2-4) transfers and/or medical hardships. I also could see at least one grayshirt possibility. That makes it easy to see the 3-5 more spots in this class.

While it's super far away to even think about, looking at the numbers after next year is mind boggling. Only 5 (or 6 with Corey Smith) Seniors gone after 2016, and I can only see 1 or 2 guaranteed early draft entrants, I'd imagine we'll continue to be selective on the 2017 class for now. I guess you could see anywhere from 8-12 early entrants with big years in 2016.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

Read the HU, as always, but didn't peruse the comments.

Usually same here. Sometimes what I'll do is skip through them and look for responses to questions from Birm. Usually some good questions that I might have myself that get asked and answered by the man himself.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

I felt like it was mentioned that Arnette would be a safety while being recruited to replace Dean, who I think was also going to end up at safety (all from what I remember, definitely not verified facts). 

I did notice that 11W has Arnette listed under safety on their scholarship grid. So there's that. I also believe that Damon Webb and Vonn Bell are basically the same size (5'11'' 190-200ish)

I also forgot to mention one of my reasons for not being as concerned about DT as I am about safety. I remember Urban's final press conference after the Fiesta Bowl he mentioned Dre'Mont moving inside. I am really exited to see what that could look like. 

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Assume that everyone is trolling.  Always.

I sometimes wonder if these recruits tweet something somewhat vague, and then go to the fan websites/blogs to see what is analyzed about it. Deep, I know..

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Good breakdown, Phi. I agree with TomD and you, in that Safety is my biggest concern going into next year. Both our 2-year starters are gone, and behind them we have two guys who have experience but had some injuries (Burrow and Smith), and two guys with very little experience (Hooker and Arnette). I have seen Birm say that Felder and Davis are pure corners, and the next guy most likely to commit (Fuller) says that we are recruiting him as a corner. Wint, from what I remember is likely to end up at safety in college, but might not be ready to contribute in year one (could be wrong, though). 

I'd imagine that there could be another DB/CB currently on the roster that they would consider at safety though (Webb, Lattimore, Norwood, EGW, Ward). Seems like plenty of options, just not a true safety that has a good amount of experience or hasn't had any recent injuries.

A lot on here will constantly talk about DT like it's a huge (no pun intended) problem. We at least have a few, who haven't had a recent injury, and who have some experience currently on the roster (Hill, Munger, Sprinkle) to go with our inexperience (Alabi, Hamilton, Landers, Barrow). 

Other than those two positions specifically, it seems like the past 2-3 recruiting classes (2016 included as you showed) have done a good job of filling out depth across the board to fill in when a guy graduates or leaves early for the NFL.

Comment 19 Jan 2016

I was thinking about this on my way home from work yesterday, as I wasted much of the day refreshing this site instead of working. "11W didn't crash or get crunk today. Must have been the 12W Juice." I drank to that, and I hope the rest of you 12Ws did too.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

No. OU isn't leaving the Big 12. 

I see this every so often on 11W, and being down here in this region I can promise you that unless there is a complete overhaul of the Power 5, OU and/or Texas are never coming to the BIG, nor would they leave the Big 12.

The much more likely scenario of some change in the Power 5 landscape is the Big 12 adding two teams. They just can't figure out who the right teams are right now. Because we all know it's about money, but there aren't a lot of options for competitiveness right now, they are probably going to take their time to try and make the right decision. Houston has always been dismissed because it doesn't add any major TV markets they don't already have, and the ones that add TV markets (BYU, Boise St, Cincinnati, UConn, etc) make no sense geographically and hardly any competitively speaking.

OU's President is saying something that just about everyone in the Big 12 is thinking. Dissolve the Longhorn Network, create a Big12 Network, and everybody makes a lot of money (just like the other Power 5 conferences). Problem is, with the current 10 teams and TV markets associated with them, there isn't enough money on the table right now. They need more TV market money.

I think the the possibility of Texas giving up the Longhorn Network is greater now that there is a new administration in place from when it was originally conceived and implemented (new Pres, new AD), but they aren't going to do it until the Big 12 Network is designed and can replace LHN financially.

Comment 13 Jan 2016

Any chance Tyquan adds 20+ lbs and tries to move inside (when I see him on TV, he just looks 'bigger' than most DEs already)? I hear Dre'Mont mentioned as potentially moving inside too, and a few have mentioned Jashon as another possibility. I know a lot on this site like to bemoan the DT recruiting and depth/performance, but I feel like any of those three could bulk up a bit and become great in the middle (with the quickness and athleticism of a DE - sounds a lot like a guy graduating this year - Adolphus - who came in as a DE). Not to mention as well, I heard Landers name as one that impressed many this season. 

Getting someone like Lawrence would be GREAT, but missing isn't the end of the world. I think we should all just assume he's going to LSU, and if he ends up choosing the good guys - awesome. 

Comment 12 Jan 2016
Not sure how I missed your final post for the year/season on the rankings, but it's been a crazy last three weeks for me with a newborn, the holidays, and trying to get the new year started off right at work. I appreciate all the work you put into these, and the accuracy and reliability shows late in the year. Nothing will ever be perfect in predicting the crazy mess that can be college football, but these are fairly reliable.