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Comment 11 Mar 2015

LOL!  That was exactly my first thought when I read the topic.  

Comment 08 Mar 2015

My2sons....you may want to check your account.  I think Mark May hacked it.

Comment 17 Jun 2011

Linda...where is the delete button?  I just go this email from some lawyer in Columbus and I'm not sure what to do with it!?!


Too soon?

Comment 09 Jun 2011

LOL...the irony of it all is the kids initials are T.A.T (Tressel Andrew Tomcho)

Comment 03 Jun 2011

Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell and Einhorn, Fickell, Einhorn, Einhorn, Fickell, Einhoen and Fickell, Fickell and Einhorn....

Comment 28 Dec 2010

Yea JBUCKEYE come on these kids have learned that there are no losers in life by not keeping score at pee-wee leagues or getting real grades in school. They don't know any better hell I find it hard to imagine Tressel doesn't have to dress them in the morning.

Point is, the "they're Kids" cliché is getting old and they need to take responsibility for what THEY KNEW was wrong (maybe not wrong but breaking the rules none the less).


P.S. JBUCKEYE that was my best attempt at sarcasm since DAN ripped you a new one. :)

Comment 28 Dec 2010

I agree with you on the Pryor should have taken point.  I guess I'm not surprised at this point in his career.  I've been a Pryor lover for the past 3 years but its hard to stick up for a guy that doesn't seem to care for the team or school.