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Comment 20 Apr 2016

I've worked in a few hotels, PD.  Aside from going online - which will get you rates better than anyone at the hotel can - the biggest trick is understanding room availability.  If there are a lot of rooms available, asking for the "Best Available Rate" can get you a better rate than AAA/AARP, which is only 10% off the Rack Rate.  (FYI, Rack Rate is the regular, undiscounted rate.)

Also, if you know the area is going to be busy when you are travelling, check prices well in advance at multiple hotels.  That way you might be able to benefit if one of the hotels is slow to up their prices in anticipation for the high demand.

Comment 05 Apr 2016

intensive purposes,

I think you mean for all "intents and purposes."  Unless the purposes are actually intensive...haha

Comment 01 Apr 2016

Not to be too technical, but a "proof of concept" would be actually applying it to the field and showing that is successful.  Until they actually do it in real life, there is not "proof of concept."  This is simply showing what the "concept" would be.

Comment 29 Feb 2016

I use Chrome, and while they fixed the "Loading Comments" issue, I still get an error message when I try to upvote comments.  

Comment 22 Feb 2016

I hear you, Bucknut.  To me though, it's about a university getting as much information on a potential athlete as possible to make an informed decision.  

With the recruiting budget that Ohio State has, I'm not sure how much more information they would glean from a background check that they didn't already know.  Then again, a smaller university might not have the manpower to be able to dig into a potential recruit's background to uncover past issues.