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Comment 23 Feb 2014
One of my absolute favorite shows growing up was You Can't Do That on Television.  From the ad lib skits to the crazy characters, it was hilarious.  One of the actors who really made the show was Les Lye.  He played over half-dozen adult characters and was a staple of the show (RIP):


Comment 13 Feb 2014

That picture from the road to Mt St Helens is pretty freaky!  

The drive along highway to Mt St Helens is absolutely gorgeous, and I suggest everyone - if they have the opportunity - to make that drive.  There are 3 different places along the road where you can pull off and take spectacular pictures of Mt St Helens in the distance.  The highway literally ends at the Johnston Ridge Observatory, where you have a view *into* the crater of the volcano (you can see the new growth that has been forming since the eruption.)

Comment 28 Jan 2014

Best site in the land!!!!

Best *Damn* Site in the Land!!!  There, corrected it for ya. ;-)


I couldn't agree more, BuckeyeJ!  Huge thank you to all the people who keep this site humming as beautifully as a Ferrari.

Comment 17 Jan 2014

The map of where football players come from looks, in essence, similar to a basic map of the largest cities in the US (with the exception of Miami, which produces a larger volume of football players per capita).  Is the explanation really as simple as "more football players come from areas containing larger populations"?


Comment 05 Oct 2013

Love your profile pic, Scarlet.  I've never tried lutefisk, but since a friend of mine warned me about what it really was, I probably never will!  (***shudders***)  :-)

Comment 04 Oct 2013

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between the two plays.  First and foremost, in regards to the OSU-Cal gif, the Cal player is not only facing the blocker, but also the blocker is directly in front of where the running back is at that moment.  Looking at the Texas player, he was attacking the defender from a blind angle *in addition* to being completely away from the play...

Comment 10 Sep 2013

Those roundabouts were crazy!  I drove up the A1 from London to Yorkshire and had to go around a few of them.  I could never get comfortable darting out into those two-lane monstrosities!  

Comment 10 Sep 2013

Cameron Johnston may struggle with driving on the right side of the road – literally

I had the opportunity to live in London for a summer (it was 12 years ago).  Interestingly enough, driving on the opposite side of the road wasn't the most difficult adjustment for me while I was there - crossing the street was.

It sounds silly, I know; such a basic act of crossing the street.  Yet I had to constantly tell myself to look the opposite direction when looking for cars.  It always felt weird to look right when crossing initially, instead of looking left as we do here.

Comment 06 Sep 2013

I sure hope you're right about the Browns, DJ.  I'm trying to be as positive about this season as I possibly can...

Comment 05 Sep 2013

A big thank you back at ya Miles.  It was a pleasure reading your stuff on 11W and I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

Comment 01 Sep 2013

It's gotta be a Fig Thing...


Edit:  Maybe that shoud read "It ain't nothin' but a fig thing, baby."

Comment 29 Aug 2013

Nice, Central!  For what it's worth, I always thought Delaney looked like one of these guys:


Comment 15 Aug 2013

I have suddenly become a big fan of the Allouettes...

Comment 12 Aug 2013

Wow, those people in Northern Kentucky really take their public access tv seriously, huh?