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Comment 29 Jan 2015

Noah Brown gonna hold it down for the O - Town

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Before it was about how the SEC dominated bowl season now it's about how they beat each other up so bad that they limp into their bowl games. If that's the case they should have never won any national championship games or bowl games the past 7 years.

That's pretty pathetic journalism right there.

Comment 25 Jan 2015

While we're on the topic how many guys can we take? I'd like three. K.J. Hill, D-lineman Beckner and/or Hamilton and Gustin. 

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Three NFL starters. Dominated Alabama and Oregon's defensive lines. Ohio State's not a bad option.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Yep I agree with that. I expected for him to talk about Ohio State the one night and for it to be over with. But now I believe he's going to carry this all the way up until next fall.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Mostly how Urban Meyer's a scumbag. Ohio State is an inferior team in an inferior conference. They talk about how Urban Meyer ran away from the SEC because of the competition. If Ohio State played Alabama 100 times Alabama would win 99. That sort of stuff but with a whole lot of venom. It's sad

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I read that I didn't put much credence into it just seems like something fun to say on twitter to live in the moment.