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I never understood why my family hated Michigan so bad until i had to go to that state and talk to those people. Thank God my parents raised me to be a Buckeye.


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Comment 03 Oct 2015

But we don't know how Herman ran practices and the film room. That could be the difference here. Not sure about our QB coach yet. It's been five games already and we can't keep making excuses. But Go Bucks!! A win is a win

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Never live chat, for some reason buckeye fans can't handle it. I have been saying this for two years. Total disgrace. Just watch the game on the television and enjoy. Put your phone or whatever else you troll on away. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Some people go negative no matter what. I tend to stay positive and be glad I saw a really good game even if it was Indiana. Go Bucks keep winning!!!

Comment 21 Sep 2015

Not sure how they pick them so fast but i really think our quarterback should read what the defense is giving him and audible something different sometimes. Just my opinion. 

Comment 20 Sep 2015

I guess if i had some studying I needed to do i would buy your tickets. You know how quite it is in the shoe during games and all. Lol?

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Colin Cowherd said that poor Nicky is getting very unhappy at Alabama.  I hope he leaves soon and takes his excuses with him. Man up and admit defeat. 

Comment 17 Sep 2015

I guess I am glad there was no Twitter around when i was 15 years old. My goodness i was immature I'm sure, who isn't at that age, especially boys right?  It's a different world out there I suppose. I guess i can see both sides of it but wow they are just kids. Here's another idea, parents tell your kids to get off thier phone and be a kid. Sorry for the long rant. 

Comment 15 Sep 2015

I will be watching in my warm home with the fire place crackling eating some hot chili rooting on my buckeyes no matter what time it is. Hoping it's an 8 pm game. Nothing like  anticipation all day. Go Bucks!!!