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Comment 02 Oct 2014

We don't throw to our tight ends, but our o- line can sure as crap block other people. We need both of those kids for our bookends for the next 3 years.  

Comment 30 Sep 2014

This whole thing is getting just plain weird. If your a recruit, you have to be re-thinking going to this whack ass school. This only helps us though. Just dont fire Hoke the joke.   

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I would rather our defensive backs pulled the receivers face mask to the ground before we let up a 78 yard touchdown pass. That was pathetic. Pass interference can be your best friend sometimes. Get it together defense.   On a side note- our d-line is sick. Wish we had Spence back. 

Comment 20 Sep 2014

I'm torn here, i hate _ichigan but i don't want to lose fat Hoke. I wonder if theres anyway Utah could dial up Scum but they give Hoke an extension after the game. 

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Its pretty simple, the auto industry and all the jobs that go along with it like the steel industry, parts manufacturing, and basically all factory jobs went down south. There for the population is depleted and more people live down south. There is just more players that live there then up north.  

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Kids these days dont want to play in cold weather and basically anything north of Columbus. And i guess i dont blame them, Michigan girls are butt ugly. 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

How about we try out Cardale Jones, Demetrius Knox, the Jones's on the line, McMillan, and maybe Dunn at running back. Also Vonn Bell and Damon Webb in the secondary. Lets mix it up a little. Make the starters work for it a little more. We signed all these 5 star guys, now lets play them.  

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I am never watching ESPIN ever again. They are all glowing over the BIG losing last night. My goodness it's pathetic to listen too. Isn't there any other news out there.