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Comment 08 Oct 2016

 I can't watch the game today on television so I will be live streaming it to my new iPhone, so I hope this works. I'm not very tech savvy but I guess ESPN can live stream games anywhere if you are a customer of a cable or dish network.  Does anyone know how much data I will use if I watch a three hour college football game? Go Bucks!!

Comment 04 Oct 2016

Too much turnover in the NFL these days. Careers cut short do to injury or players are seeing the writing on the wall. These guys are in bad shape after the many violent collisions they encounter. Plus nobody really cares about the players anymore. It's a cut throat buisness. Just my thoughts. 

Comment 03 Oct 2016

 You were more than generous with your time, food, drinks ,and hospitality.   I dislike mooches, dumb drunks, and loud mouth kids who  aren't  appreciative.  You did great my friend. Next time start swinging. 

Comment 01 Oct 2016

I have to admit the people I ran into from Jersey when I took the family to Disney, were the nicest ones down there. We met up with both families after every day. I asked a ton of questions about Jersey and they changed my mind about that state and the people. They aren't all like Snookie. Lol. Go Bucks!!