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Comment 30 Jul 2014

I go into work, grab some coffee, and open up the skull session.  I think it's well though-out and very funny.  If I didn't and somehow was offended by content on the internet.  I would just not click on the link and read it.  I guess doing that though wouldn't get any attention.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

I think I am at a place now where I would like to see it, but I am not going to be upset if he doesn't come.  I honestly think that the Cavaliers actually have more to offer than the Heat do.  I want them to keep Andrew Wiggins and forget about this Love deal though.  Kevin Love has a history of injuries, and I think Andrew Wiggins will be a great fit with LBJ.  He could allow LBJ not to guard the other teams best scorer, and he would be a tremendous fast break threat with LeBron.  

I think Bennett could end up being an important piece if he returns as well.  I have seen the videos of Bennett this summer and he has lost a ton of weight and looks great.  He could be poised to take Thompson's spot and give them a stretch four that can shoot and he would be a great fit for LBJ and Blatt's offense.

Comment 21 Jun 2014
There is no way that they can even consider Embiid at this point. There are two more franchise players in this draft that you can't pass up for a risk like Embiid. They need to get this pick right and get a player who can help now. Wiggins is the better fit because he doesn't need the ball in his hands to contribute. He also plays the elite perimeter defense that they need desperately. I think Parker will be good too, he just isn't as good of a fit. They need to keep it simple and don't over think this. They don't need to make a trade out of the top 2 and get cute . They have a great coach, now just take Andrew Wiggins.
Comment 26 May 2014
Everything this guy does is going to be a story. I don't care what he does as long as he wins football games. Sports stars have always partied hard, now a days it's just easier to track with phones and social media.
Comment 21 May 2014

Parker is a great NBA prospect, I just don't think he is the right prospect for Cleveland.  Parker is going to score 20 a game in the NBA, probably as soon as next year.  His weakness is defense, the Cavs need some help with defense on the perimeter and Wiggins brings that now.  I don't think you can go wrong here though with this Top 3.

Comment 12 May 2014

I don't think McCarron is the NFL prospect than Bridgewater is, but he is also a pretty good value pick in the 5th round.  The Bengals needed to bring in a young guy, if only to motivate Dalton.  If you watch McCarron he is a solid QB and is a good game manager.  I wouldn't be surprised one bit if he turned out to be the QB in Cincy.

Comment 12 May 2014

I like the Fran Tarkenton comparison and hope that is true.  Also, Gil Brandt is the one who is really heavy on that comparison, actually he states that he belives Manziel is a better version than Tarkenton.  He has been around long enough to watch them both play.  They are both around 6 feet tall, and they both like to do the reverse pivit out of the pocket to by time and create some long crazy scrambles.

I think too many people focus on the negative things about this kid.  There are some things off the field that he could have cooled off on a bit, but its not like he is the only good football player to take media heat.  Mel Kiper said Clowney was one of the best draft prospects ever, but he also decided when he was going to play and how hard.  Johnny Manziel played every game and he gives maximium effort on the field.  Personally, as a Cleveland fan, I couldn't be happier that Manziel is going to get a chance to be the guy in Cleveland.

Comment 12 May 2014

George Whitfield has worked with Manziel for 3 years, they put in 9 hour days and Whitfield says he has tremendous work ethic.  I think it's easy for that kind of stuff to get out there because of how things went down after the Heisman Trophy.  The nation made him a celebrity after that, he was still a kid and made bad choices.  It became easy for people to dislike him and put negative things out there.   All he has done on a football field though, he has to put in some work.  

I completely agree with you Furious George.

Comment 12 May 2014

I think the Browns have to approach next years draft like Josh Gordon will never play another down. 

Comment 09 May 2014

Most likely came from rumors that someone else had an offer with the Vikings to come up and get Gilbert, or it could have just been the Vikings telling the Browns that we are taking Gilbert if we can't move back. This happens a lot in the draft, and the Browns decided a 5th round pick was worth the gurantee to get the guy they wanted.  I think the positive take is that Farmer proved to be a guy that knows what he wants and was not afraid to go get it.  

I agree that the Vikings probably stole that pick from  us though.

Comment 09 May 2014

Gilbert is an athletic freak.  He climbed up the boards because he is over 6 feet tall and he ran a 4.37 at the combine.  His tackling is his biggest weakness, but he has a lot of potential in coverage.  He was a little bit of a reach at 8, but they got the number one corner on the board and it was a position of need.

Comment 09 May 2014

Farmer had the best draft of any GM and it's not even close if you ask me.  I know everyone has concerns about Gilbert, but this kid has all the tools to be a very good CB.  The biggest knock on him is that he struggles in run support, well I believe Joe Haden and a guy by the name of Donte Whitner can help him there.  Also, the defense they play will put him in coverage more than it will have him up sealing the edge.  Gilbert was not the only thing they received with their first pick.  They also added a first pick next year that will give them all kinds of options.  Next years draft is going to be all about the QB's and teams are going to be willing to trade, the Browns now have two first round picks to play with.

Whether you dislike JFF or not, I think it's hard to argue the value of that pick.  He brings an excitement to the Browns and a chance for a futre that the fans deserve.  I would like to see the Browns either add another playmaker today in th e 2nd, or I wouldn't mind them taking Cyrus Kouandjio.  He is still just 20 years old and could help the line now and eventually replace Joe Thomas at LT.   If they go WR, I would like to see them grab Cody Latimer over Lee.  That would give Manziel two top WR that are 6' 3" to utilize.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

I agree on Nuernberger as well.  I was really impressed with how he drove the ball on such a windy day, and you could tell a big difference between the two kickers balls when they were in the air.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

I was a little more impressed with JT as well.  This might be because I expected a lot more out of Jones after hearing about him throughout spring practices.  JT is still a couple years younger and coming off a major injury as well.  I think Barrett has plenty of times to catch up to Jones and possibly pass him.

Comment 13 Mar 2014

I love Sammy Watkins.  I don't believe Manziel is going to fall that far either.  You can still have the best WR's in football, but it just won't matter until we can get a reliable QB.  I am not sure I believe Hoyer is a starting QB in the NFL.

I think they need to take long hard look at these QB's.  I keep hearing that there is not an Andrew Luck or RGFIII in this draft.  How often is there a QB like that in the draft? If they believe one of these 3 QB's can be the guy for the next ten years, they need to take them.  

Do they go WR 1st and QB 2nd, or the other way around.  I believe the WR talent drop off from the top of the round to the bottom is far less less than with the QB position.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

I voted for Yogi Ferrell.  He is very good on both ends of the floor.  He is 2nd in the conference in scoring, and he is only behind Harris by a tenth of a point.  He also is doing it while shooting better percentages than Harris in FG% and in 3PT%.

Stauskas is shooting with better percentages than both of them, but his play has slowed down in conference play,