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Comment 14 Apr 2014

I agree on Nuernberger as well.  I was really impressed with how he drove the ball on such a windy day, and you could tell a big difference between the two kickers balls when they were in the air.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

I was a little more impressed with JT as well.  This might be because I expected a lot more out of Jones after hearing about him throughout spring practices.  JT is still a couple years younger and coming off a major injury as well.  I think Barrett has plenty of times to catch up to Jones and possibly pass him.

Comment 13 Mar 2014

I love Sammy Watkins.  I don't believe Manziel is going to fall that far either.  You can still have the best WR's in football, but it just won't matter until we can get a reliable QB.  I am not sure I believe Hoyer is a starting QB in the NFL.

I think they need to take long hard look at these QB's.  I keep hearing that there is not an Andrew Luck or RGFIII in this draft.  How often is there a QB like that in the draft? If they believe one of these 3 QB's can be the guy for the next ten years, they need to take them.  

Do they go WR 1st and QB 2nd, or the other way around.  I believe the WR talent drop off from the top of the round to the bottom is far less less than with the QB position.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

I voted for Yogi Ferrell.  He is very good on both ends of the floor.  He is 2nd in the conference in scoring, and he is only behind Harris by a tenth of a point.  He also is doing it while shooting better percentages than Harris in FG% and in 3PT%.

Stauskas is shooting with better percentages than both of them, but his play has slowed down in conference play,  

Comment 07 Feb 2014

I have a feeling we are going to work our way into a 4 seed.  This team is such difficult to follow.  It would be so much easier for them to be either really good or really terrible.  Instead, they always give us a little bit of both.  I don't know what to think anymore to be honest.  I wouldn't be surprised if we went on a roll and only lost one more game in the BIG.  I also wouldn't be surprised if we only one two more games.

I have said this before, but is really hard to bet against Craft.  He has been a lot more aggressive lately, and this kid can will them to a win against almost anyone.  These next couple of weeks are going to tell us a lot.  Maybe that players meeting they had lit a fire in them.

Comment 07 Feb 2014

I work in software development and I deal with this a lot.  Anytime you have something that you have been used to for so long, it is going to take some time for you to adjust.  

 I can't imagine all the coding and testing that was put into this new design. I think the navigation is actually easier because you don't have to scroll as much to see what is there.  They layout is generally the same, but with and upgraded feel to it.  Just my opinion, but so far I love the new site.  

Comment 22 Jan 2014

It is refreshing to hear a parent speak up and just not try to make excuses for his child.  That tells me that this kid has good role models at home.  I hope this is just a bit of having a little too much of that first time living away from home that a lot of us had and not dependency problem.

I wish him the best of luck, there is still plenty of time for him to turn his life around.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

I love how he is a natural leader at such a young age already.  This is a perfect setup for JT IMO.  The start of 2015 he will be the favorite to take over the starting duties.  He will have had 2 full years to get healthy and master the offense.  I am really excited to see him throw the ball in the Spring.

Comment 13 Jan 2014

The zone did kill them.  It has been a problem too since the Notre Dame game.  They seem to decent when they can get into Ross in the middle of it. 

Comment 13 Jan 2014

I think they need to come up with a better game plan on offense.  Q has a lot of ability on the offensive end, but creating off the dribble is not one of his strengths.  He has the ability to get to the bucket and make a nice finger roll, but he is at danger of losing the ball every time he puts it on the floor.  I would like to see them run him off more screens and make an effort to get him open catch and shoot opportunities.  They do run a successful pick n roll with him, but they need to use him off the ball more.

Aaron Craft also had 6 TO's in this game, and they are going to have a tough time winning when he is not taken care of the ball.  I think Matta should consider giving him a breather even when the game is close.  I think Scott is more than capable of running the team while Craft gets a break.  I also think Loving needs to start seeing 20 minutes a game.  This kid has been very efficient when he is on the floor.  I have shown the numbers before, but he is possibly their best player at getting to the line.  He is also a good stand still shooter.  He is going to make some freshman mistakes, but who cares at this point because the Juniors and seasons are making those same mistakes.

I still think this team can make a deep run in the tournament.  We just need to make adjustments.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

There is some real positives that came out of that heart breaking loss.  Bell and Bosa played very well on a big stage as true freshman and give us some real hope for the return of the silver bullets.

I don't want to forget about Marcus either.  I think they are going to have to find a way to get him on the field.  He was everything Urban described him to be.  I love how that dude goes after every play like he plans on hurting someone.  It's almost like anything that happened good on defense that night involved a #11, #97. or #34.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

I try not to complain about the coaching and play calling too much because they did put up a lot of points this year, but this is all spot on.  I really just had one feeling about this and it's how I felt every game.  Carlos Hyde was our best player, and we were undefeated from riding him when it got tough.  Why not go out doing the same thing?  They might have stopped him, but I would feel confident that #34 was never going to let that happen.

You also had Miller publicly complaining about getting too many calls to run, and you have another in Hyde who begs for it.

Comment 07 Jan 2014

 This game is going to be so fun to watch.  There is a lot of very good individual matchups that will decide the game.  The strength of their offense matches up with the strength of our defense.  

Craft/Scott vs Appling/Harris

The biggest individual matchup will be Amir defending against Payne.  I think Payne is going to try to get him out of the post.  Ross and Smith are going to have to crash the boards because we can't afford to give them second chances.

Comment 06 Jan 2014

I have been really impressed with Loving as well.  He seems to always be in control and doesn't look phased by anything.  I also love that he is shooting 83 percent from the free throw line as a freshman.  A very interesting stat on Loving as well is his free throws attempted.  He is 5th on the team in attempts.  He has more attempts than Scott and Thompson, who both play a lot more minutes.  This tells me that he is aggressive and makes thing happen.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Absolutely.  Since he committed so early it's easy to forget how important he is toy his class.  He is at a position of need and it's a bonus that they we took him out of Michigan.