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Lifelong buckeye fan. That is my actual tattoo in the avatar pic.
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Comment 22 Jan 2017
Did you listen to any of his first two albums? I ask because his most recent album, sailors guide to earth is a concept album that includes some jazz and big band elements. Whereas his original two albums are sound much more like oldtimey outlaw country.
Comment 21 Jan 2017
Wow...... I was 10 days late reading this shitshow, but it was worth it. I wonder what that guy's problem was......
Comment 14 Jan 2017

Love my note 5. 

i highly doubt you'd be able to buy a note 7 now. Unless from a shady person on ebay.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

However, the flip side of the negative perception that comes with firing a coach after an 11-win season.


Ohio State's offense just got shutout and embarrassed on the biggest stage, for the entire world to see.

Anyone with half a brain would understand the reason for changes on the offensive staff.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

Actually, those who believe in satan believe any harming of children is wrong.

Sorry mods, just wanted to point this out.