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Comment 6 hours ago
  • During a two year period before a recruit’s enrollment and a two year period after the recruit’s enrollment, schools will not be allowed to employ individuals associated with said recruit in a non-coaching staff position.
  • Satellite camps are being banned, camps will be required to take place on campuses or in the facilities used primarily for practice or competition by member schools

Sounds like someone was not very happy with the way scUM has been running their program... at least, they come to mind immediately when reading those two bullets. 

I believe another rule change that was proposed was in regards to eligibility:

  • A student-athlete would be able to take a redshirt season in any year in which he participates in four or fewer games.

Also, re satellite camps:

  •  For satellite camps, annually a hot-button topic on all levels of NCAA football, maintaining the current status quo in terms of scheduling: Schools will be able to hold such camps during the first three weeks of June and during the last week of July.
  • Coaches will be given 10 individual days within that window to attend camps. The camps must be held either on campus or in partnership with another four-year institution.

Exerts are from this article

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Cooper is on the original list, but he is often looked over and forgotten about for some reason. I'm excited to see how much he gets on the field this next season, not forgetting that he just barely missed the cut as a composite 5-star (247). Also, there is Jashon Cornell (another very high 4-star)

Think about it, the DE backups are 4/5-star guys (Bosa/Cooper/Cornell) and will have another 5-star guy behind them even (Young). LJ is gonna be having fun with these guys for a few years, at least. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Add Young to the DE; he's a freak and it will be hard to keep him off the field.

You could add Garret and Cage to the DT (more likely that Garret will get playing time over Cage, probably), and don't sleep on Barrow either.  Also, grown and sexy Sprinkle will be back. 

Hubbard is good at DE, and we don't really need more depth at the MLB spots (Booker, Baker, and/or Hilliard... also depth with possibly Borland, Browning, and Werner). Note: we have depth everywhere.  

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I think the expectations at Alabama are currently even higher than they are at tOSU... its national championship or bust. There are some super salty Alabama fans right now, even though they very narrowly lost the championship game.