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Comment 10 Aug 2014

My take is that Stewart was trying to scare him and things went wrong. No way Stewart would run him over on purpose.  Stupid moves by both drivers but more with Stewart for even getting that closeto him. Stop the car and have it out like real men.

Comment 10 Aug 2014

McIlroy going for 3 wins in a row.

Comment 10 Aug 2014

Getting out of the car after an accident is fairly common nowdays in racing along with using their cars to settle things.Why they do that is stupid and just asking for something bad to happen. Like to see the old days  of racing where they settled their differnces with their fists and not their cars.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

The championship game.

Be part of something special.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Spread may be too big if you buy into the saying that the defense is ahead of the offense early in the year. Oregon does have the better offense.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Using the TE.

Short passing game. Especially hitting the WRs on the move.

Tackling from the DBs.

Punt return team.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Bring that talent to the good guys.