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Comment 17 Oct 2014

It is all about what you have done lately and how you looked doing it.

Comment 15 Oct 2014

Final 4.

Take the power 5 champs. Have selection committee decide which 2 champs must play there way into the final 4. That would be 1 extra game for only 2 teams.

Comment 14 Oct 2014

Which recruit (when he commits) would help us the most in landing  more recruits?

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Weber did block in his video and you have to block to play for the Buckeyes.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Robert Smith just said he thought a half game was good enough.

Is he turning into another ESPN ASSCLOWN?

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Wilson was letting too many punts hit the ground and I think that is why Marshall got to return some punts. A punt should always be caught unless it is some strange situation.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Here I thought King James was our #1 recruiter but looks like Lisa Ann can claim that spot now.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

C.Grant to DE, McMillan plays LB 

Comment 11 Sep 2014

dropped balls, poor punt, FGs missed, bad snaps from center, mental mistakes. They all can be fixed but we still need to open the Offense up and make adjustments to their defense cause I still think we have the talent to do all these things.