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Comment 08 Sep 2014

It was not used this past weekend. Im fairly certain the last one was after the PSU game last year. For your enjoyment, below you can see the announcement from last October on Twitter:

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Another off the wall suggestion that mgoblog uses. In the case of extreme chaos on the boards, they have issued a temporary lockdown where they raise the requirements for posting on the board for a very short time period (such as 24 hours). In these cases, for a short period they raised requirements for posting a new topic to 500 points and the requirements for commenting at all to 100 points. This was invoked last year after the Penn State loss/meltdown drove the board into a "Fire Borges" state of chaos. I cant recall it being used since...but then again it probably moved closer to that point after Saturday. Its probably effective after a really bad loss to prevent the inevitable flow of negativity that always appears.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Here's even a link from April showing a game scheduled for that date...

This happens every year with lots of visits. Kids see an exciting game so they say they will visit a college on that date but then notice a conflict later. Given he plays almost all of his games on Fridays, it is understandable (to a degree) that he may have thought he would have had that date open but failed to bother to check. Obviously this has no reflection on his interest level in OSU but rather that he simply forgot to check his game schedule to see that was his only Saturday game.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Hoke in his press conference today said Kalis could start this weekend.Clearly his position on the chart is just because of his injury. Hoke had said Kalis was leading at that position before he got hurt. If healthy, Kalis will likely be the guy at LG and nothing has really changed.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Regarding the walkon question in original post, Glasgow started at C last year and was originally a walk-on but was on scholarship last year. Glasgow had started at guard for first couple games before switching to center. His position this year will depend on who else is in the best five as he has versatility to play a couple positions.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Everyone on all the M boards feels he should never play a down again and think that will likely be the end result.

York is already suspended indefinitely and he is not at fall camp or participating in any team activities as a result. I think most dont feel there is a harm in at least following through with the legal process and any formal school process as long as he doesnt participate in any team activities in the meantime. If the right decision is made in the end, there is nothing wrong with waiting until everything is investigated correctly to make that final long as he is not participating in anything in the meantime.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

Yes - thats him (now he is a BTN analyst too).

I was also pretty confused with why DJ had an issue with this. Ray was basically saying that right now MSU is OSU's biggest game now so if anything it could be read as an insult to Michigan. The first part was him just saying that MSU has what OSU wants, which is the B1G title that MSU won last year, so for now at least MSU is the big opponent for OSU.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

The issue is they dont have time to send the tickets out so they send them via email so you can print it out. But they do allow you to pick them up directly at the athletic ticket office if its a problem to give your email to get them electronically. Not to mention I assume most of the people getting tickets for this will be season ticket holders who they already have their emails.

I know you are just giving this a hard time because its a Michigan thing but some Michigan fans are using the same arguments as above which I cant understand. You have to admit that its just Michigan fans whining as even this argument is solved by picking up the tickets,

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Yeah.. I used to just have no avatar but I felt like half the time I had to write the line "From a M fan's perspective" or had to identify myself so somone didnt think I was trying to pose as an OSU fan while giving some info from the Michigan side. I finally realized it was just easier to put that M there so there was nothing hidden.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

You arent alone..there are a lot of Michigan fans that also have that bias and have complained about this event for some reason. Yes - the cynical view is that this may be largely a PR move to generate goodwill from the fans. But isnt that what a fan of a team should want - for tha AD to have events that will generate goodwill from fans?

Comment 11 Aug 2014

DJ was incorrect in his summary above. Michigan is NOT issuing assigned seats for the event - ALL of the seats are general admission. This explains why it is a benefit for season ticket holders to get in 30 mins earlier as they can claim better seats in that time. They are making you register to get the tickets just so they have a sense of the numbers for crowd control, etc.

I dont understand why there is any hate for Brandon for this (some Mich fans complaining also). 1) They are giving out free tickets to a scrimmage, 2) they are letting the first 300 student season ticket holders who sign up get to watch from the sideline, and 3) there is free parking in all university lots near the stadium.

I understand sometimes why people complain about him...but this is free and has free parking. Other than an outright bias against everything he does, what is the complaint here?

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Any insight on how "cost of attendance" will apply to all of the sports that have partial scholarships (where the limit is on sum of partials allowed as opposed to sports like football where all scholarships are full)? In first line, it mentions full ride scholarships so perhaps it wouldnt even apply to the other sports. Currently the only sports that all full ride are football, mens basketball, womens basketball, womens volleyball, womens tennis, and womens gymnastics so makes it sounds like it may only apply to those sports. For sports like baseball where a player may get a 1/2 scholarship I didnt know if it wouldnt apply at all or maybe they would get 1/2 of the cost of attendance stipend.

Comment 05 Aug 2014

Agree with you that abolishing the NSD making little sense. Allowing recruits to sign at any time just sounds like we will see scenarios where coaches are trying to pressure someone into signing it before they really think it through (even if there is small cooling off period of 48 hrs like Pelini suggests). There is really no upside to a kid having to go to a school that he no longer wants to attend. That said, i do think an early signing period would be good as it would force the issue of allowing official visits earlier than fall of senior year (which would be a good thing for B1G schools to get visits from recruits in south and west). 

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Hand's tweet is getting some negative feedback now...

@bomani_jones: if a coach wants to pull an offer over social media, fine. but broadcasting that stuff on twitter like that is so unnecessary.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

i would term it as "coach claims to drop prospect for his social media presence" rather than prospect actually dropped. Sometimes things like these are more trying to deliver a life lesson message to recruits and its a more effective message if recruits hear a message that they can miss out on a scholarship. Whether a prospect was actually dropped in this case, we will never know.

Hand apparently thinks it is of value to send this tweet out either as a lesson to recruits or to show people that the PSU coaching staff values morality and ethics. His tweet then has that same value even if the dropped recruit thing never actually happened.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I think there are varied opinions on him. I think you probably are very familiar with the snarky blogger type view from mgoblog writers but he has done alot of positive things in terms of investing heaviliy in nonrevenue facilities and the student athletes love him. At the bottom of this, I linked some comments I made last week in a thread about Brandon here as it gives a different perspective than the complaining you mainly hear. I think when it gets down to it there are alot that have similar opinion to what I wrote in that link (which is generally positive) and then some very negative opinions (mgoblog writers and the viewpoint that gets the most noise in the press).

At the heart of it, I think Dave has created a much larger athletic program both on the revenue side (squeezing more revenue out of football) and on the expense side (heavily investing in upgrading every single nonrevenue facility and has added sports. He has made it an emphasis to improve the experience of all student athletes of all sports. So I think a fan's opinion of him will somewhat be colored by what they value. If all you care about is football, then you look at higher ticket prices and a subpar record on the field. If you value the athletic program in its entirety, then you put value on softball, volleyball, etc and you recognize that he is improving all the facilities by raising the amount of revenue raised from football.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

If you are interested in the Brandon saga, there is an extremely long, candid interview with him in the Detroit News today (link below). He addresses many issues including how the schedule got changed to face MSU on road twice in a row, the fireworks, the skywriting, Hoke's status as coach. This is the first time recently we've really got Brandon's extensive views on some of these issue and he admits some mistakes. I criticize mgoblog often on their coverage of Brandon as i think they rely on criticizing one line quotes from him (often out of context) and never consider the full story.|topnews|text|Sports

Comment 27 Jul 2014

Im surprised he was able to do such a good job getting around the system as the security here is pretty tight. One thing I like here is how you have a "cooling off" period for any new members so it takes a couple days to get your login credentials as this eliminates trolls who just come over to write some garbage after a loss or after a big recruit commits. By the time it takes to get the login those type of people have lost interest.

In addition, I have a good story here as to when I applied for a user id here. I applied for the same user id as I have over at mgoblog (where I am also a reasonable poster) and I quickly learned that Jason must cross-check against mgoblog user id's. After a few days of not hearing anything back about getting login credentials, I sent a message to check on the status. I received a nice message from Jason back that I was denied as all the message said was: "The simplest answer is that we reached our UM fan quota for this quarter. Please try again later." My email account was a generic gmail account so the only way he could have possibly known I was Michigan fan was checking that user id against mgoblog names. A few months later I wanted to comment on another article so i tried again (with a new user id) and it worked.