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Comment 08 Aug 2015

That's a pretty horrific photoshop job. At least put his face straight inside the helmet. 

Comment 07 Aug 2015

I think JT will start. He's the better all-around QB. I know Cardale played well in the last three games and made some big plays but he didn't set those defenses on fire. I think people forget how amazing of a season JT had up until he got hurt, I don't have the stats but I believe he was over 2,500 yds passing and over 900 yds rushing with 45 tds. That's insane for a first year starter. I love 12 gauge but I think JT is better. 

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I, for one, couldn't care less what he does and I won't say anything bad about him but I think everyone on here is just calling it how they see it. I mean he's committed to a school and is looking around, which is fine. Now if he didn't want all the attention and spotlight on him then he wouldn't tweet things like was shown above. There is absolutely only one single reason to tweet something like that and the reason is attention, nothing else at all. I would love to have him only because he can make plays but I don't think he'll start at QB unless there are injuries.